Throwback Thursday: Bronx Principal Stages a 21 Jump Street-Style Bathroom Drug-Selling Bust (2009)

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Questionable players in education

Introduction: The following OSI case file is a substantiated memorandum that came into our laps at DTOE by a concerned taxpayer and non-NYC Department of Education employee from a Freedom of Information Law request. According to FOIL regulations and policy, OSI only allows for substantiated memos to be released to the general public. The memo we received was heavily redacted. You will notice we intentionally gave the principal the pseudonym “Ms. Spider.” Why not keep her real name?

At DTOE, while we love exposing a “questionable player in education” and an “administrator in need of improvement,” we feel that the public’s best interest would be served without reveal the identity of the school, principal, or teacher witnesses who bravely testified against their supervisor. “Ms. Spider” surely is not the first or only dirty principal who did a 21 Jump Street Style on-campus drug bust. The purpose of posting this OSI memo is not to tar and feather this administrator but it is to show the systematically corrupt investigation practice IN GENERAL as Ms. Spider was not removed from her position as principal of her Bronx school for this incident. Something is deeply wrong with the way McLaren and Dalton treat administrators.

Without further ado!


Post-Script: “Ms. Spider” is no longer principal at her school. She is a notable “principal from hell” highlighted on many different educational blogs (and a popular entry on our Administrator in Need of Improvement form) for alleged improprieties and financial misconduct.





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