Newcastle Algorithm Teacher Develops Trading App

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Clarice Cunningham, a mathematics teacher from the Excelsior Academy at Newcastle has decided to augment her salary by developing trading apps. The average salary for a Teacher in Newcastle stands at around £33,000 per annum. With rising costs and inflation there is no possible way a person can like on this type of salary alone. Hence, it has become very popular for many people to have multiple streams of income. One way for a Mathematics teacher to do that is to develop algorithms for investment apps such as

We have reached out to Clarice and tried to get a response, however our research staff was not able to get one. It’s worth mentioning that multiple streams of income also require you declare these funds with HM Revenue & Customs. Failure to do so can result in fines or even prison time. It’s quite possible that teachers are looking to supplement their income and refuse to disclose the amounts in order to avoid paying taxes.

It makes total sense since teacher salaries are low and in many cases paying taxes on extra income can make the whole effort pointless and economically unviable. Still, if you want to sleep well at night it’s always best to declare and avoid the potential backlash. In such cases, teachers can end up losing their day job as well.

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