3020-a and Grievance Hearing Tour at NYC DOE Office of Labor Relations

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Targeted educator

Francesco Portelos gives a tour of 4951 Chamber Street 6th floor.

For those of you who do not know what to expect when heading towards a Step 2 Grievance or 3020-a termination hearing, this short tour is for you.

This dismally decorated floor of 4951 Chambers Street NY, NY is the location where many innocent educators lost their careers and their rights. “Full and Fair Hearings” are words used here, but they mean nothing to the corrupt and incompetent employees who run the Office of Labor Relations and the DOE Tweed headquarters across the street.

The small little closet-like rooms are where the “magic happens.” I once came down that long hallway only to see OLR Director David Brodsky coming out of the  bathroom. He looked at me and headed towards the elevators. I caught up to him just in time to see him frantically hitting the down button and looking behind his shoulder and then suddenly escaped to the quickly closing doors.

NYC DOE Grievances and 3020-a Rooms. Office of Labor Relations 6th Fl 4951 Chamber Street Tour from Mr. Portelos on Vimeo.

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