Principal Deon Lavigne-Jones

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P.S./I.S. 295

QUEENS NY 11428 Map
Phone: (718) 464-1433
Website: Click here
Principal: Deon Lavigne-Jones
Neighborhood: Queens Village
Grade range: PK-8
Parent Coordinator:
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Teach More says the following about Principal Jones: She is a ruthless and out of control leader. She uses extreme acts of intimidation followed with harassment and discrimination to the point where she uses parents in lies to discipline teachers where the UFT has done nothing about it; she even lied that I was going to kill her to have me removed where I was found innocent and returned to the same school where she then tried to make me a fifth grade teacher as opposed to the position that I am highly qualified to teach, Math. She is constantly violating not only the UFT contract but she violates human dignity and good ethos. She was rated inefective by the entire school community and when she learned that parents wanted to get her removed last year she told them that she is best friends with the superintendent and that no one can do anything about it. The school right now is in huge SpED violations where the students are not receiving the proper services. This principal also endangered the welfare of children when 8th graders were denied free lunch and went starving the rest of the day. She also discriminates against white teachers and favors the black teachers in this school. She only disciplines white teachers and never the black teachers. She even let one of the black teachers discriminate against me and won the grievance. She is a serious danger to this school community.
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