Superintendent Lenon Murray

Superintendent 9851898 618x400

Elementary and middle school superintendent: , (718) 264-3146

CEC: Community Education Council 29, (718) 341-5408

District 29 office
222-14 Jamaica Ave.
Queens Village, NY 11428 – Map
Mr. Murray denied the C-30 decision to hire a highly qualified competent principal and instead hired the least qualified incompetent principal that should of never been given the opportunity even for an interview because she did not receive the proper certificate of eligibility set forth by Chancellor’s Regulations C-30. She is not properly qualified to be the leader of a K-8 school. The principal even made it a point to express to parents that she is real good friends with the superintendent, so good that Mr. Murray showed the principal the scores that the C-30 rated her and then used that to attack teachers in the building. There have been so many 311 complaints by students and parents and all the superintendent does is let her hear the calls and allow her to take her own action against the community of this school. Mr. Murray corroborated with the principal to allow her to lie and say that I am going to kill her and in minutes had it in writing to remove me when all year long he has been hearing complaints about the administration as bad as endangering the welfare of children and he did nothing about it. Mr. Murray is black and so is the principal and I believe he has discriminated against me with the principal because I am white and even let the principal hire a new math teacher to replace, who is black, one week before they had me removed so there was motive. She was not even suppose to hire a new teacher in May when it was still my position.
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