Ms. T. Williams

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Note: Once again, the report below are the opinions of teachers interviewed for this initiative. They described alleged misconduct done by the ANOI candidate.

The first time I heard about the East Fordham Academy for the Arts (MS459 (10X459) East Fordham Academy for the Arts, 120 East 184th Street, Bronx, NY 10468) and Principal Williams was back in the Fall of 2012, when I was a probationary teacher in the Bronx. I was sitting next to a young woman talking on the phone about an “observation from hell.” I chuckled over my grading, knowing I had inadvertently found a kindred spirit. After she hung up from her conversation, I inquired about where she was a teacher. She told me briefly about East Fordham Academy for the Arts and her dislike towards her principal, Tanicia Williams. This teacher adored her kids but was dismayed by many of the decisions Principal Williams made. As quickly as our conversation started, so it ended when she left to transfer for the local train, leaving me to make my way through Queens.

I pushed East Fordham Academy to the back of my mind….until a few months ago when after I spoke to a gentleman at the PEP meeting at Murray Bergtraum High School. I discovered he had worked at East Fordham Academy for the same Principal Williams and was very eager to share his story after hearing mine at PEP. In my opinion, Principal Williams should devote more time and effort in making sure her teachers are supported as she does for her rather pretty school website.



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