Marion Brown, Principal, PS 399


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Marion Brown, Principal

Stanley Eugene Clark School (PS 399)



This principal has harangued teachers to the point where teachers have become mentally
unstable, ended up loosing their jobs or decided not to return to work.

From a former teacher:

“Concentration Camp Mentality
A concentration camp and a slave plantation: this is how PS 399 the elementary school where Marion Brown is the principal has been described.

This principal is a master at using fear and intimidation to strip teachers of their self-confidence, harasses them until they are mentally and physical ill and in some cases has been the catalyst that caused them to forfeit their chief means of making a living. Witnessing these results, most teachers are reluctant to take any action that will direct her reign of terror on them. And those who have the audacity to speak out and take action are assured of receiving an ineffective/developing rating.

One of the most infamous examples of her successful reign of terror is that of a teacher who after being harassed constantly (and who was actually told that she would be given a hard time if she returned last school year) decided to take some time off because she was so mentally stressed. Alas, when the teacher returned, the harassment ensued again with even more vigor causing the teacher to resign two months before the school year ended.

Using divide and conquer and the teacher evaluation process, this principal is continuing to wreak havoc with both teachers’ and students’ growth and development. This madness will only end when the teachers and parents find the courage to speak up, stand up and get the principal out!”

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