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We are sharing an email sent to us by a DTOE ATR member. All ATRs should have access to materials that all regularly appointed teachers have. Another ATR entered the room of an unknown teacher who they were covering. The ATR was about to connect their laptop to the SMARTBoard when the teacher turned it off and stated  “I’m sorry,  you can’t use my SMARTBoard.”

The ATR used it anyway since the interactive board was bought using taxpayer money.


Dear Site Supervisor (not presently known nor identified to me at this time):

I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. I am – – – – –  – – – – – – (File Number: – – – – – ),

My firm conviction is that students deserve the best education possible, always. Exploration of my current and past work shall resplendently evidence this assertion.

Hence, in order to be able to confer the most differentiated and high-quality instruction to all student learners, this request is submitted to jointly you, and relevant parties within the New York City Department of Education.

Access to Resources

I respectfully request:

Rulers, class sets of color pencils, graphite based mechanical pencils, crayons, markets (Including color sets of Dry Erase Markers), student portable white boards, adaptive group work wheelchair desks, (should I have students whom are physically disabled), colored construction paper, glue sticks, scotch tape, electronic pencil sharpener, electronic twenty page minimum capacity stapler for reports. Such tools would facilitate project-based learning in the classroom learning environment.

Additionally, red color pencils, red color pens, packs of three by five note cards, packs of five by eight note cards, in both while and color formats, electronic labeler, hanging two inch reinforced file folders, two drawer lockable file cabinets for each room (s) in which I am assigned, functioning wall clock, and chart size poster paper.

Classroom based library with resources organized by Lexile level.

Any and all adaptive learning technological devices, programs and software and associated user manuals for every student who has such device listed all Individual Education Plans.

Access to Data and Technology

I respectfully request:

– Full access to all school specific database and software programs on par with the access levels of an assigned teacher at the school site.

– Full access to all school wifi-networks.

– Full access to, but in no manner limited to; Networked smart board, both teacher and student iPads, monitoring software, and laser printer (s) and additional resources as needed.

As the Danielson rubric directly and explicitly references planning and preparation tailored to the individual student populations in a community of professionals, I respectfully request the proceeding:

– Advanced access to school site-specific faculty and student handbooks, professional expectations and rules, policies and regulations.

-Advanced access to the school safety plan.

– Advanced access to the school protocol, policy and procedure with regard to Fire Drills.

Access to Necessary Instructional Data

According the New York City Department of Education “Special Education” and “Instruction” webpage; “Every child and every disability is different. The purpose of the Individualized Educational Program is to tailor an educational approach to the needs of the individual child. It was once believed that children with disabilities should be taught together in small groups, apart from other children. Educators now know that all students benefit when students are educated together.”

As the Danielson Rubric speaks to inclusivity planning in each and every lesson, I respectfully request for each class I teach:

– Advanced electronic access to Individual Education Plans for every student I will teach.

– Advanced electronic access to Individual Education Plans for every student I shall supervise, assist or monitor in any manner whatsoever.

– Advanced and detailed assignment of teaching program and classes with denotation of level and student population.

– Advanced provision of electronic contact information (email address) for every teacher, for whom I shall cover or teach his or her assigned course.

– Advanced and reasonable provision of electronic contact information of any paraprofessional who may support a student I shall teach, assist or monitor.

– Advanced and reasonable assignment of keys for needed classrooms and professional areas.

-Advanced lists of students requiring mandated services, and listing of service provider intervention schedule.

– Advanced identification and contact information of all site personnel who assist any student who I shall instruct, supervise or monitor. While not exhaustive, this may be expected to include, guidance counselors, deans, college and career counselors, and related support professionals, assistant principals, and principals should I need to contact them.

– Advanced access to all anecdotal evidence including, but not limited to, student behavior, parent communication logs, functional behavior plans, student interests/hobbies, etc.

– Advanced access to all assessments: both class and school-wide in concern to initial Common Core reading/writing and mathematics assessments.

– Advanced access to all assessments pre- and post-tests, classwork, homework, essays, projects, entrance/exit tickets, and all other formative and summative data for each topic covered in the assigned class.

– Advanced access to all class rules/expectations/routines/behavior contracts.

– Advanced access to all class syllabus/initial parent/guardian letter and other communication with guardians.

– Advanced access to all students’ state/city assessment history.

– Advanced access to all students’ credit accumulation history.

– Advanced access to all students’ attendance history (class and school) for the current and preceding two academic school years.

For every and all preceding request, I request scheduled and appropriate allocation of time needed in which to read every Individual Education Plan and analyze the aforementioned data, on both a student specific and class specific level in order to develop appropriately differentiated learning objectives for each and every lesson.

For every and all preceding request, should any specific request herein not be provided, not applicable or otherwise unavailable, each and every request is hereby individually reasserted to jointly, the site supervisor, and the New York City Department of Education.

Due to the fact that I am as of yet to receive any assignment of program indicating the student cohort to which I shall educate, classes and subjects which I shall instruct or school assignment, no material or training request in the aforementioned communication should be constructed or interpreted to be exhaustive of any potential material request or training request which may arise post-obtaining a specific program and evaluation of student learning needs and profiles.

Lastly, please retain and forward this formal request to every and all administrator(s) as appropriate and applicable.


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