Targeted Senior Teachers Have a New Hero

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Targeted educator

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We do not know who this teacher is, but we imagine they wear a cape, are tech savvy and are not going to let their senior colleagues get bullied. Their ads are all over Facebook. You may have seen them. Retired or not, this educator has embarked on a new journey that transcends the four walls of the classroom. Don’t tread on them. Go! Go! Go!

See their Facebook Page that quickly gained almost 2,000 supporters already.

From this Educator:

NYC teachers over age 50 are being harassed, intimidated and forced into retirement through cruel and unorthodox methods by NYC Principals and administrators. Teachers who have dedicated their lives to students and have unblemished records are being labeled “INEFFECTIVE” in an effort to have them leave before they are ready. Public sentiment and the media have never been too teacher friendly but all this has to stop here and now. Please, as an educator if you are feeling the pressure to retire or if you have retired under pressure, please join the forums at Complete anonymity exists there. If you are in of need immediate help or advice please email us at  (ROST) For parents and educators who wish, in a sensible way to discuss principal effectiveness please visit This soon to be finished website will have a strongly moderated forum; it will be a place to shout out the good or bring attention to issues worth visiting. Its content will be scrutinized vigorously to maintain fairness. If you have ideas for that website feel free to email us at . Please like, share and, comment as much as you can with this post or its related pages and websites as this will only heighten our public profile and draw attention to this important cause.

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