William Jusino, Principal

William Jusino, Principal

Photo by Aashish Jethra

Jusino on left.


Progress High phys-ed teacher Bernard McIlwain (l. to r.), another teacher and Principal William Jusino stroll grounds of Mohonk Mountain House last weekend.

Jusino on far right.

Progress High School

350 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY


Sexual misconduct; subjective observations; ineffective leadership.



Greenpoint Gazette

Inside Schools (see comments)

Daily News and here as well

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  1. He manipulates the observations so that the staff he wants to keep has effectives and the staff he didn’t want to keep, ATRs, senior staff, and untenured alike, are in fear of him. It makes no difference how committed you are to the students. He pretends on the outside to be professional and care about staff and students. He really plays king with a DOE school building as his castle. He refuses to meet with staff members when there is an issue and he pretends to care about the voices of teachers. If you speak your mind and cross him, you are black listed and he tries to end your career or force you to leave or stay quiet without even saying a word. He has his minions, who do his dirty work for him.

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