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  1. What happens at a PERB hearing? what is the turn around time between when you send out the request for a PERB hearing and when you are actually scheduled for one? If your PERB hearing takes place before your appeals hearing with the DOE, what bearing (if any) does the decision from the PERB hearing have on your appeal?

    Is there anywhere to find a list of abusive principals? And have a track record for discontinuing teachers for petty reasons not connected to their job descriptions/performance.

    • PERB could take months. Appeals is a kangaroo court so they don’t care what PERB thinks.

      • Kangaroo court is still true! I recently went for a visit and was saddened by the lack of professionalism by the department counsel and hearing officer. Furthermore, the union is just as bad… Everyone just plays pass the buck!

  2. I am a veteran teacher who experienced excessive harassment by school administrators. Under the pressure (6 years), I resigned to save my health and sanity (any my marriage). Now I have no career, tried to get a doe job, but the 1 unfair “U” rating is hindering me from re-entering the doe. Any suggestions?

  3. Where's the hero?

    After an appeals hearing, about how long does it take for you to receive a written decision and the recording of the hearing?

  4. According to the UFT, you will hear the results of an appeal within a year.

  5. What would happen to your license if your were discontinued not as a tenured teacher in the DOE, but as a probationary teacher?

  6. Thanks under what circumstances could you lose your license though?

  7. I strongly encourage all teachers to know there rights. If you have been discontinued, you have 90 days to file a notice of claim if you were not given due process. You have 120 days to file an article 78. The department of education is the only employer that terminates you and blacklists you from all positions, including those outside the city. You are flagged as a risk to future employers in the field of education.

  8. Teachers are still being railroaded out of the system. There needs to be progressive discipline. Teachers should be able to resign and re-enter whenever they please. This is a hard job and lack of support, resources and proper training result in teachers being pushed out. Furthermore, a teacher should have a right to resign from a school where he/she feels administration is against them. I have heard success stories where teachers re-locate and are happier!

  9. I am a tenured teacher who was fired four years ago when my certificate was expired. 3 months later, I renewed the certificate. I thought I would be allowed to get my position back, however it was more complicated than I thought. UFT didn’t do anything to help. Attorneys said employers can hire and fire anytime they want. I probably am flagged as a teacher who should not be hired. I cannot secure a teaching position since, even with a professional certificate. I wonder if its too late to do anything now.

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  11. One of my dear friends daughter just started working for the NYDOE teaching 1st graders. What a disaster. These children should be in kindergarten. They do not listen, have no respect, come into class dirty and unprepared. The parents are not involved. Some cannot speak English, and because their grades are so low the teachers get blamed. The teachers have to be mothers and psychologists .How in
    the name of whomever are these children ever going to learn. They do not even know how to tie their sneakers or spell their name.Most of them are failing. I am appalled that the schools are not allowed to fail them and the children know this.This is disgusting and they should know that they have to learn and be responsible. But lets start with the parents who know that their child cannot be put back. The parents don’t care. Lets put pressure on the administrators who go around all day on a power trip. Hopefully I am long gone before these kids become adults. Because they are the future generation of this country. That is pretty scary. We are dealing with a different America. How dare you punish the teachers. You can have all the programs free meals and it is going to do nothing at all. Eventually there will be less and less teachers which I think will be wonderful.

  12. I was force to resigned. After doing so, the principal did not want me to come back even though I wrote the mandated 30 days of notice on my resignation letter. After about a month of being home, I got two checks mailed from the school. Since I was a new teacher to the DOE, I did not know if I would get paid for the 30 days. My question is, would the DOE come after me if I cash the checks?

  13. I am a new hire, but older and therefore, more experienced than most newbies. This makes me more expensive. The school hired too many new teachers this year and don’t know what to do with us. Since Sept. the administration has been trying to push me out, playing games by doing things just within contractual rules or completely violating them and then “correcting” them just before someone complains. Since the other teachers feel insecure about their own jobs, it is a “Lord of the Flies” atmosphere. I am being set up for failure and I can see what is looming ahead so that I will receive an unsatisfactory evaluation. The union reps are useless. They are 2 young teachers who are brand new to the DOE and know nothing about the system. I want out of this madhouse and before the stress kills me.

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  14. DO SOMETHING! Write the Governor, your congressman, state senator, contact the newspapers- be heard = it’s obvoious that this mayor could care less so go to the next level, Stop enabling these vindictive and horrible administrators by just complaining= take action

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