Adonna McFarland

Adonna McFarland, IA Principal

Van Siclen Community Middle School



McFarland is a first year principal in a high-poverty East New York middle school. Staffers have been harassed and bullied by this tyrant into transferring to different schools. Some are not as lucky: many staffers were discontinued. There is no union presence in the school and countless students leave the school because of all the Special Education violations.



  1. McFarland is incredibly abusive; a tyrant of the worst kind. First year principal leading a first year middle school in a high poverty district. Toxic environment filled with fear and intimidation. Countless special education abuses; not adhering to special education mandates, special education class ratios ignored etc. Over half the staff have been harassed and forced to quit and/or discontinued during this first year. Total absence of union presence. Countless students dis-enrolled during the first few months.

  2. Normally I wouldn’t respond to posts like this, but I feel the need to get the facts right. First off this school is not a toxic environment where people are intimidated and harassed. Our school is a strong community in which both teachers and administrators work together to solve any and all issues that may arise, this is why you may have felt there is no union presence. I have taught in another school in which I witnessed the administrators openly berate and argue with teachers that they felt didn’t belong. People who have left the school in the last two years (this is not our first year) may have felt pressure to live up to the high standards that we as a professional community set for ourselves and that our administrators hold us to maintain.

    • You must be one of the teachers who came from the Walt Whitman with her! She is the absolute worst! Almost her entire staff quit the first year…she even made that quiet girl in the office quit. I know because I’m school safety and I witnessed it personally.

      • Yes-you’re school safety! So stay in your place and protect and serve!! If you were school safety you would know that there was never a quiet girl in the office who quit. Matter of fact if you’re school safety anyone who doesn’t gossip with you is quiet! Have a seat!

        • Poor Ms Mcfarland! Nothing better to do but come at me! Yes there was a quiet girl working in your office! I used to watch her walk tirelessly back and forth on the cameras! And I know she quit because I was there when she walked out crying! Maybe you should work on your attitude and learn how to talk to people! I am school safety and I do not gossip! But I will tell you this! You need to watch who you think your friends are! They are the ones gossiping about you boo!

        • Stfu u anonymous person ms.Mcfarland is manipulative on different levels

    • I can guess that either you got the boot or are kissing her ass

  3. I highly suggest you do not enroll your child in this woman’s school. I pulled my daughter out after seeing how “ghetto” this Principal is. Intimidating is not even a strong enough word to describe this beast. Only her second year in and she has lost more staff members than any school I know. I truly hope she doesn’t last in this school and they find someone way more professional.

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    FYI… I’m not school safety.

    • what a stupid story. whoever you are I’m pretty late to this Damn blog post. the story just don’t fit

  5. This principal has been able to throw away new materials because she did not want hand me downs. She was able to ignore seniority when retaining paras. She has been able to get away with so many things and seems to be immune. I think I know why: when I visited the superintendent for district 19 (Joyce Stallings Harte), I saw a picture of 3 smiling faces hanging on her wall. One of those faces was none other than Ms Mcfarlane. When I saw the picture, it did clear up why she was able to get rid of people at will, not keep any teachers from the closing school, get rid of safety agents and basically do whatever she wants due to her relationship with the superintendent.

  6. She is not a bad principle o.k.

    • Why are you lying. You can’t even elaborate as to why she’s not a bad principle. Stop It!!! Everyone know she’s a witch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that is the God’s honest truth….. Not to destroy anyone reputation, but this women Mrs. Adonna McFarland is horrible!! The worst, and have been getting away with it forever. Your child’s interest is not hers!!! #TheTruth

    • Great education you had: it’s principal

  7. All about the kids

    Adonna McFarland is the devil. She has no respect for her staff, students, or herself. Sadly she has people that follow her and back her up I’m sure due to fear. She is the most unprofessional, ghetto, bully that I’ve ever encountered. How she gets away with this I don’t know. The DOE needs to send investigators to speak with teachers both past and present as well as students past and present that have dealt with her. I know lots of people waiting for the day to come that she is held accountable for her cowardly wicked acts.

    • Please visit, I'd love to have a conversation in person.

      I am confused by the username you have chosen. Do you mean that Principal McFarland is All About the Kids, or that you are? Because as a current employee, I can confirm only the former to be true.

      I currently work under Adonna, and can honestly say that she has gone above and beyond to support me as an educator. She has stood up for me numerous times as I learned the ropes of teaching, both in New York State and in the neighborhood of East New York. Principal McFarland can tell when individuals are “All About the Kids.” I can name on two hands the individuals in this school, including administration, who are truly “all about the kids” – those who put the students’ needs above their own. Those who put in the extra hours after school and on weekends – NOT out of fear, mind you – but because we ARE all about the kids. I know none of them would post something like this. If you are wasting your time coming to this garbage website to trash talk someone who put her life, livelihood, and career on the line, calling her “the devil” – I pity you. You disgust me. You claim “she has no respect for her staff” – who gave you the right to speak for me? Principal McFarland respects me, and has respected me since the moment she hired me. Don’t you dare speak for me or accuse me of defending her out of fear. I know what I bring to the table in this school, and so does Principal McFarland. Our relationship is a mutual love for the students and a dedication to work hard for each other, with the understanding that she IS, at the end of the day, my boss. I will need corrections. I take my feedback and fix it. We don’t have time to be babied and coddled; I’m sorry if you, or any other begrudging former staff needed that. But here’s a newsflash: if you are an educator, you should SEEK feedback. You should STRIVE for constant improvement. If you don’t, this isn’t the place for you, and I mean that as both our school and this career.

      It’s pathetic you choose to spend your time “waiting for the day to come that she is held accountable.” What is it, exactly, that you hope to see? The closure of her school, in which dozens of staff have committed their hard work and lives? The school that hundreds of students call home, many from the hours of 7 am to 7 pm? There is no mistype there – we literally have students for 12 hours out of the day, who prefer to spend their time with us than go anywhere else. Can you say the same? Is there anyone who would cherish spending 12 hours with you, or in your home, that is not obligated to by blood or marriage?

      Don’t speak without first consulting those you attempt to speak for. I repeat, I am a current employee – the very same you attempt to, what is it, defend? – and your words disgust me. Maybe you could volunteer some of your time in our school tutoring kids – after all, aren’t you all about them?

  8. She’s the best principle others say she’s mean or rude but in my opinion she’s disciplining the students & growing them into better people.

  9. She’s not a bad principle❤️She stric because she wants her students to listen to her and have respect I would be that way to if students use to beat on me she just stric so we can listen and respect her

  10. Why you hating on her you just mad cause the DOE likes her & her school more than u wait I forgot you don’t own a school SO STOP HATING When you get in the big league like her than Talk

  11. I’m Am 2016 Graduate and I been there For 3 Years I Never Saw Her Do This nonsense You Guys Speak Of She is lovable Kind And Caring
    For Her Staff And Students Tayvin Teel

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