UFT Leadership Waters Down Member Support Initiatives

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  1. I truly hope something is done to put a hault to this disgusting way incoming teachers are disintinued.My niece would have been a spectacular special ed teacher.I am a retired teacher of 38 years and am horrified by the ability of one principal to destroy a career! If there is anything I can do to help please let me know.The UFT losses of potentially great teachers are sad.Some charter schools will benefit.

  2. I am a discontinued teacher and have my hearing coming up on 5-11-16. I, too, have been a part of a school, with an administrator who bullied and harassed me. This was done in front of other administrators and staff. Because I stood up for myself and the children of my classroom, I was told I wouldn’t receive tenure and later was discontinued. All of this was done with two years of Effective and Highly Effective ratings.

    I have been told that I will lose the hearing and I will not be allowed to work in the DOE. I still have yet to get an explaination from my former principal, administration, or union as to why I was discontinued. And what’s ironic is all whom I have met with have said the same thing about that principal and the superintendent; however nothing is done about it.

    Change needs to happen now as those who thrive in making a difference in a child’s life will lose all of their passion for what once was a beautiful profession.

  3. Please google Charlotte Danielson to read her comments about how she disagrees with the way her eval system is being used by the principals=even she is not happy with what is happening= keep on standing up for your rights= perhaps you need to get advice outside of UFT= this is just a hearing- keep strong.

    • Thanks for the info. I’ll be sure to check it out. I’ve read articles about how Danielson is unhappy with how the DOE is using her rating system because it is being used incorrectly. But, much of these issues are due to politics and people are too afraid to stand up to the issues, as their jobs will be in jeopardy. Such a sad reality. I hope change comes soon.

  4. ok here is the website CONCERNED is referring to:

    12 WINTER BLOG ” Danielson Framework criticized by Charlotte Danielson” Apr 2016

    Excellent blog to subcribe

  5. I read that principals attend informational sessions to learn the techniques of bullying, harassing, intimidating teachers in order to terminate teachers. I don’t understand that if bullying, harassment and intimidation is not acceptable for students, then why is it ok for principals?

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