Steve Dorcely, Principal

Steve Dorcely, Principal

Urban Action Academy



  1. As of last February this small school was under-enrolled by 120 students.
    Placed ATR in charge of ninth grade classes where the students had driven out the previous two teachers without informiing the ATR of the circumstances, including that the second teacher (the school’s parent coordinator) was removed because students made allegations of corporal punishment (verbal abuse including the “n-word”). Requires teachers to be in lunch hour meetings daily. Did not respond in a meeting when asked about the reasons ninth-graders were so resistent to learning. Failed to act when ATR was shoved three times by students. Held a meeting with one student,without informing the ATR, then returned him to class. ATR developed permanent A-fib, had to leave school; subsequently hospitalized for six days.


    THIS SCHOOL IS A JOKE…THIS IS DANGEROUS! if you’re a parent keep your children away, if you’re a teacher you’d be better off anywhere else. If this man is still Principal it’s a problem.

    • I agree. This is a great school. Bad teachers have no chance. Expectations for adults and students are at the highest level. Don’t even think of applying for a job, if you can’t teach inner city children.

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