Shweta Ratra

Shweta Ratra, IA Principal

Principal Ratra, first on left.


BRONX NY 10458 Map
Phone: (718) 561-8701
Website: Click here
Admissions: Students who have been in the United States less than 4 years
Principal: Shweta Ratra
Neighborhood: Belmont
District: 10
Grade range: 9-12
Parent Coordinator: JULIA RAMIREZ


  1. Shweta has pushed out several teachers, guidance staff and even turned on the AP. She has falsified information to illegally keep students out of classes, especially African students (3 of whom she got arrested). She does not talk to students or parents and over one third of the staff are leaving, several students are transferring out. She harasses staff constantly, yelling at them or getting in their faces. She has gotten several 311 calls against her by families for unfair treatment.

  2. Fair Education For All

    This used to be a wonderful place to work with its focus on cooperation and transparency. When Shweta took over all of that changed. Teachers receive conflicting instructions from department facilitators, team facilitators, and e-mails. It is all very frustrating. She has no respect for anyone, and supports the horrible culture of students getting what they want when they want it. She does not comprehend the idea of teaching students more than academics such as social skills and respect for all. She is incapable of organizing anything starting with her own schedule. She double and triple books individual meetings at the same time, makes appointments with teachers when she ends-up being out of the building for official business, and fails to be in her office at other times that she has arranged meetings. She has yelled at teachers in front of students, regularly undermines teacher authority by contradicting the school or classroom rules, and bullies everyone to get her way. She does not back teachers in any capacity and attempts to bully them into signing paperwork to allow students to graduate although the students have not earned the grades. The woman cares about herself only and is very vindictive. The environment is one of fear and suspicion–very different from the environment Jesseca Long established.

    During a PD meeting, the discussion was about graduation portfolios, and Shweta announced that students needed to present a portfolio for CTE. This was within the last few weeks of school. When the teacher who organizes all of the portfolio presentations said that no one was told that they had to do this, and students who had already passed all of their graduation requirements did not present for CTE, Shweta stated that everyone who had not passed everything should present CTE. When the teacher pointed out that this was a lack of consistency, she was rewarded with a verbal reprimand stating that the conversation should have taken place in private, not during a PD.

    In the last few days of school, a math teacher was working extra time to assist students in passing math for graduation. A students gave this teacher his paper right before lunch. When the teacher returned after lunch, this same students yelled at her for not having it corrected. She explained that it would take some time, and that she needed to correct papers that had been turned in before his. The student went to Shweta and complained about the teacher. Shweta rushed into the teachers room and demanded to know why his paper wasn’t corrected. Even after the teacher explained the situation, Shweta told this teacher that the teacher was wrong and started asking her questions about her education philosophy as students stood by waiting for the teacher to continue helping them. Shweta told this teacher that this is the school culture.

    Students demonstrated against Shweta towards the end of the year chanting in Spanish: Shweta leave. This brought on a Principals Advisory to which certain students where invited. Some students refused to go because, as they put it, “Miss, I don’t believe anything she says.”

    Students trips were cancelled, and Shweta spent $15,000 on a classroom monitor for her own office for the sole purpose of monitoring hallways. A flat-screen TV would suffice for this task, wouldn’t it? She also spent school funds on three computers for which no one in the school knows the purpose or where they are now. According to a member of the office staff, Shweta constantly has arguments with the business manager in which the problem is always that the manager believes they have more money than they do. Shweta regularly claims they “did not receive that’ money.

    Restorative justice is no more. Shweta put an end to guidance meetings and circles. Too bad. They had the best restorative justice guidance counselor in the DOE.

    Sports are no more. Cheerleading came to an end. Guitar club is no longer. Yet, they keep all of these activities posted on the websites and the wall at school. Hmm. One counselor started Road Runners that was a huge success. Shweta approved the per session for the activity. However, after the first meet, Shweta told the counselor that it was volunteer from then on out. Students love this club. After the races, they wear their t-shirt and medals and more and more students keep joining. This counselor has also moved on, and who else will volunteer their early morning time on Saturdays to keep this going? Shweta has successfully put an end to most fun, after-school activities.

    This is a very ugly place that does not have a culture of learning, where the best students consistently transfer out, and the behavior problems continue and are becoming worse. Shweta supports this culture backing up each student against any teacher, so it will not change.

  3. As a student of Crotona International High School I Can testify that the school is getting worst everyday. This is my last year at the school and what it supposed to be wonderful it’s being an horror movie everyday. The grades of the students that were good getting low, bad behavior in classrooms, new teachers without the character to make a class interesting, school staff leaving, after school programs being cancel, just because we have a principal that just add more rules but don’t supply the needs of the students. The principal don’t support any of the senior activities and we can’t ask for anything because the answer will be always “the school budget is not for that” so, why is the purpose of the budget? Sincerely I’m very disappointed with my school right now and if the situation don’t change as many of the students I’ll get a transfer.

  4. Call 311 every day to report her. Record threats and verbal abuse if possible. Go to the media. Get organized. Reach out to immigrants rights groups. Put her in the newspaper, on youtube, on tv. Expose any abuse and corruption. Go to the PEP and lodge a formal complaint with the chancellor, the borough president, NYSED, the Board of Regents, all elected officials.

  5. Shweta is a terrible, mean vindictive person. She is someone who bullies and harasses those who do not follow quietly. Anyone who speaks up will be a target, ineffective teachers are promoted and celebrated for being quiet and lavishly praising Shweta. This is a toxic and immoral place. She only hired first year, untenured people so she can tell them what to do and they do it.

  6. I was warned not to apply for work here.

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