Shweta Ratra

Shweta Ratra, IA Principal

Principal Ratra, first on left.


BRONX NY 10458 Map
Phone: (718) 561-8701
Website: Click here
Admissions: Students who have been in the United States less than 4 years
Principal: Shweta Ratra
Neighborhood: Belmont
District: 10
Grade range: 9-12
Parent Coordinator: JULIA RAMIREZ

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The Informant

Shweta has pushed out several teachers, guidance staff and even turned on the AP. She has falsified information to illegally keep students out of classes, especially African students (3 of whom she got arrested). She does not talk to students or parents and over one third of the staff are leaving, several students are transferring out. She harasses staff constantly, yelling at them or getting in their faces. She has gotten several 311 calls against her by families for unfair treatment.

Fair Education For All
Fair Education For All
This used to be a wonderful place to work with its focus on cooperation and transparency. When Shweta took over all of that changed. Teachers receive conflicting instructions from department facilitators, team facilitators, and e-mails. It is all very frustrating. She has no respect for anyone, and supports the horrible culture of students getting what they want when they want it. She does not comprehend the idea of teaching students more than academics such as social skills and respect for all. She is incapable of organizing anything starting with her own schedule. She double and triple books individual meetings at the same time, makes appointments with teachers when she ends-up being out of the building for official business, and fails to be in her office at other times that she has arranged meetings. She has yelled at teachers in front of students, regularly undermines teacher authority by contradicting the school or classroom rules, and bullies everyone to get her way. She does not back teachers in any capacity and attempts to bully them into signing paperwork to allow students to graduate although the students have not earned the grades. The woman cares about herself only and is very vindictive. The… Read more »

Totally agree!!! Shweta make that school a living hell.

Senior Student

As a student of Crotona International High School I Can testify that the school is getting worst everyday. This is my last year at the school and what it supposed to be wonderful it’s being an horror movie everyday. The grades of the students that were good getting low, bad behavior in classrooms, new teachers without the character to make a class interesting, school staff leaving, after school programs being cancel, just because we have a principal that just add more rules but don’t supply the needs of the students. The principal don’t support any of the senior activities and we can’t ask for anything because the answer will be always “the school budget is not for that” so, why is the purpose of the budget? Sincerely I’m very disappointed with my school right now and if the situation don’t change as many of the students I’ll get a transfer.

Expose Bullies

Call 311 every day to report her. Record threats and verbal abuse if possible. Go to the media. Get organized. Reach out to immigrants rights groups. Put her in the newspaper, on youtube, on tv. Expose any abuse and corruption. Go to the PEP and lodge a formal complaint with the chancellor, the borough president, NYSED, the Board of Regents, all elected officials.

It Gets Worse

I was warned not to apply for work here.