Sharon Mahabir, Principal of PS 214K

Sharon Mahabir



Principal, I.A.- PS 214K

NYC Department of Education

– Present (5 months)PS 214K – The Michael Friedsam School

Middle School Achievement Coach; Instructional Specialist

New York City Department of Education

(3 years 3 months)Children First Network 211, Ozone Park, New York

CFN 211 - "Your Source For Success"

CFN 211 – “Your Source For Success”

Assistant Principal for MS 447

New York City Department of Education

(4 years 6 months)Brooklyn, New York

Math and Science Teacher

New York City Department of Education

(6 years)Brooklyn, New York


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brave soul
brave soul

She was a terror when she worked for the CFN. Loves to write teachers up as ineffective. Allegedly she has had 7 teachers at her D19 school reported to OSI. Scary!

Future Principal
Future Principal

Stay away from this school if you know what’s good for you. I subbed here for one day going against my rule of going to schools I know and got reported and put on the do not call list. All because during a transition in checking my notes/plans at the desk while students(kindergarten) were putting away their math books. The principal or assistant principal busted in the classroom and says “What are you working on?” No introduction or anything. Caught off guard I say “Math” even thought they had just finished math and I told them to put their books away as I checked my plans right before she came in. Then she goes “Well don’t you think you should be more engaged with them?” I then said that we were actually transitioning from math and I’m checking my plans and then I introduced myself and she said she was the Assistant Principal Mohammed or something, maybe I could’ve heard it wrong. I thought about talking to the UFT representative at the school, for her unprofessionalism and repramanding me in front of the class but I thought no I won’t be coming back to this school anyway. A month later… Read more »


She only taught for six years, 20 years ago. No wonder she’s clueless about how to run a school.