Sara Tucci, PS 7


Sara Tucci, Principal

PS 7



Sara Tucci may claim to have the respect of parents but she is clearly a tyrant to her staffers. She has bullied staff members; has hit a School Aide; and tampers with observations and other documents of people she wants to get rid of.



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  1. Sara Tucci is the current principal of P.S. 7. She struck and injured a Teacher’s Aide, then punished anyone who came to that Aide’s defense. She coerced subordinates to lie for her. She forged letters of excess letting her staff think they had been excessed, when in fact they were not. She destroyed satisfactory observations of teachers she wanted to get rid of. She harassed and fired several teachers and two APs. She blocked the investigation of a series of robberies in her school. Ms. Tucci continues to pay large sums of money to maintenance crews who do little to make the air conditioning in the building effective.

  2. This is total lies. Yes, Ms. Tucci is strict, but she does not do anything that is devious or immoral. I know her to the point that if she feels you are mediocre, she will talk to you and tell you to perform your best for the students. She is there solely for the students. As should all teachers. Never seen her lay a hand on a staff member or talk down to anyone. The person above is slandering her name and image with absolute disgusting lies.

  3. Sara did not report seventeen robberies that took place in her building during her time as principal of PS 7. This is against Chancellor’s regulations, as all incidents are to be reported to OARS.
    That is not slander, that is fact.

  4. I neglected to say that she had a former AP destroy all the police reports that detailed the robberies. Sara’s teachers, in most cases, were the targets of these robberies. Her actions speak volumes about her personal obligation to protect them.


    Since she destroyed all documentation of the robberies, the custodian that perpetrated the robberies was not charged with any of the crimes that took place in the school. In an accountable environment, Sara would have been charged as an accomplice.

  6. I believe everything that is being said! Unless you are there and deal with her you have no idea!! People are scared of her, and that is why she gets away with everything she does. If everyone stood together and fought against her she would not get away with the things she has and does. But no one will fight for their rights. I know i would be fighting my rights. Everyone else can sit there and be abused, but myself will not sorry for all that have to deal with this drama. You should fight for yourself and your students. That is why you have a union to help and protect these incidents. She doesnt care of her actually student, parents, nor the staff at all.

  7. This last was taught to be corrupt by Casper Cacioppo at P.S 89. She is a disgrace and she is dumb.

  8. I believe everything everyone has written, except anonymous person. I am taking it a step further this week as my son keeps on getting abused by different students in the school. He is only 5 and she keeps on telling me sorry. I’m done with her appearance, as my sister has told her many times to retire. We have countless meetings and nothing is being done. She tells me how her school has never been in the news. I tell her because you keep your appearance neat and want everything on the hush. I’ve also told her how well funded she is and did not have any remarks to what I’ve said because she knows I’m right! As to staff, yes she is mean and will fire anyone which does not do what she says!

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