Superintendent Rose-Marie Mills

Superintendent Rose-Marie Mills



  1. Since Ms. Mills has taken over the OACE the program and morale has been in the gutter. From the very first day in which she introduced herself to the entire staff of OACE, Ms. Mills promised that heads would roll and indeed she has kept that promise. She has hired numerous people in administrative positions, created positions but has caused the firing, retiring, demoralization and humiliation of many dedicated teachers. She has spent money on inappropriate materials and has not listened to anything that the teachers have had to say. She has caused the program to go from 300 full time teachers to 130. In the year 2015-16 we had over 10% of our teachers U rated.

  2. She told a group of principals to U rate teachers and not to worry “They are not overturned in appeal.”

  3. Mills flipped her lid at a meeting with teachers and principals the other day. She almost threw her laptop.

  4. Ms Mills is a tyrant who takes pleasure in seeing others suffer. From day one in OACE she announced that her primary concern was her pension. She verbalized her delight in being able to demoralize staff and students. She destroyed one of the most successful nursing programs in the state of NY. Her actions deprived those in need of an opportunity to access a career in health care. Under her rule school administrators were used to fetch her lunches and run her errands. Someone needs to listen to the voices of the oppressed.

    • another outraged educator

      Superintendent Mills is the WORST thing that ever happened to adult education in NYC. Everything you read on all the blogs and blog comments and NYC newspaper articles are TRUE. She is a tyrant, arrogant, dishonest, and completely self-serving. She has demoralized the Office of Adult & Continuing Education programs. She has moved out almost every veteran, dedicated adult education administrator and replaced them exclusively with candidates who share two things in common with Ms. Mills. She seems to think the two most salient attributes in hiring new principals is that they 1) have not experience whatsoever in adult education, and are as arrogant and condescending as she is; and 2) they are almost exclusively women of Jamaican heritage, as is she. Which would be fine, if they weren’t arrogant, hostile, incompetent, and totally beholding to her.

      • You nailed it! You may well work in my region. (would LOL this but it’s no laughing matter…) What’s more, the UFT seems to be doing little to nothing about it….

  5. Mrs Mills, my God have I looked for you. I hope you get a chance to read this. Please reach out to me I would love to speak to you. It’s Emeli Monegro. It’s because of you I finished school, you made a huge impact on my life.

  6. Mills is the best thing that has happened to OACE. May God continue to bless her.

  7. You must be one of the lazy ones who want to collect a pay check and don’t work for it. Freeloader???

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