Joyce Pulphus

Principal Joyce Pulphus


Bronx Design And Construction Academy

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09, 10, 11, 12, SE


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LaShawn Tarver

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Family Leadership Coordinator:
Irving Roman
Family Support Coordinator:
Amy Mendez
Education Council President:
Danielle Poole


  1. Principal has completely undermined the school’s mission in less than one year. Sixteen teachers and several administrators have already left the school with more departures anticipated.

  2. This is by far the worst principal I’ve experienced in my time with the DOE. She has no clue what it means to be a principal and to create change to support students. She’s alienated virtually anyone associated with this school minus the folks at the superintendents office. Over 20 teachers walked away, with many more who were actively looking. She is going to destroy Bronx Design sooner than later.

  3. Joyce Pulphus has destroyed BDCA with the help of similarly incompetent superintendent Carron Staple. Neither woman has any interest in or respect for the school community or the building trades. Upon her arrival, Ms. Pulphus even told students that the school “wasn’t [her] dust choice.” Pulphus dismantled the culture team, communicated no vision for the school, yet consistently mocked the community for having “no culture.” She only communicated with staff via email and had only one staff meeting between November 2016 and June 2017.
    Besides being incompetent, Ms. Pulphus seems to hate kids; she either screamed at them in the halls or hid from them in her office. She even went so far as to threaten a parent with calling ICE if her child didn’t behave and laughed at a student when he was accepted into a college she didn’t think he was worthy of.
    During her time at the school, uniforms disappeared, gang violence took over, and attendance plummeted. Her utter and total disrespect for the community resulted in 80% of the staff leaving the school rather than have to work in such a toxic and increasingly dangerous environment.
    She even informed other administrators in the building that she doesn’t need to listen to them or take their advice because she would be a superintendent in five years anyway.
    This situation embodies EVERYTHING that is wrong with the DOE – a thriving school school, lauded by the Chancellor and the media just months before Pulphus’s arrival has collapsed under her poor leadership and the superintendent’s support of such a fool. Amazing teachers who love their students and each other were forced to find new jobs because she created such a toxic environment and then refused to take any responsibility for the chaos she wrought. Absolute educational malpractice.

  4. Truly is sad to see such an amazing school ruined by 1 woman. She started school the same day as Donald Trump began president and it is very fitting. Similar to our President she is very under qualified and not ready for such a big responsibility. She has 0 people skills, says whatever she wants and takes advice for no one. Yes I am talking about Joyce not President Trump. She has taken away all the things that made this school great. A CTE school in the South Bronx can play such a huge role in helping students get out of poverty. She does not see CTE as an asset but as a mere option that students can take as an elective if they want.
    Any school the foundation is built off of trust and especially schools that are located in the lowest congressional district in America. She has ruined any trust that has ever been here. Look at the 2016-2017 survey results BDCA is 66% lower than all other schools in the Bronx when looking at effective leadership. How can it be that a person comes in and does such a TERRIBLE job gets to keep her job. By enabling under-qualified and unprofessional human beings like Joyce stay in charge of schools we are only hurting the future of the children we want to help.

  5. Make BDCA Great Again

    Joyce Pulphus has single handily destroyed Bronx Design and Construction Academy and has completely undermined the mission of the school. BDCA opened to provide students in the poorest congressional district in America the opportunity to earn a CTE endorsed diploma affording them the ability to make an informed choice about their future; industry or post secondary education. BDCA was intended to prepare students to be successful “agents of change” within their own lives and the community. Under the leadership of Matt Williams and Abby Lovett, the school did just that. HOWEVER, immediately upon Joyce Pulphus becoming Principal IA at BDCA, this goal was thrown to the wayside.

    Joyce Pulphus became principal at BDCA (which she admitted to the staff and students that she had no interest in doing) regardless of the fact that she had zero experience in high school or specifically without any experience with CTE. She was then appointed principal (moved from IA) alarmingly quickly despite a TERRIBLE C-30. In fact, it was revealed that Pulphus “failed” her C-30 and was given a “re-do” because someone allegedly walked in to the room during the process. If that’s not shady, I don’t know what is… She received several complaints from teachers, parents and students that were completely ignored. AND, under her guidance the schools graduation rate & credit accumulation plummeted. Yet, no action was taken;this is unheard of, and is clearly an indication that she is in cahoots with the superintendent and is being provided with immunity. Joyce Pulphus herself indicated to other administrators in the building that she did not need to listen to or take advice from anyone with experience because she was good friends with Caron Staple.

    In the 8 months Joyce Pulphus has been principal at BDCA, she:
    – Threatened to call ICE on a parent/child and have them deported because she was tired of having to write reports based on the student’s BIP
    -Got rid of the distributive leadership model at BDCA
    -Removed students from CTE, despite being on track and requesting to remain in the courses
    -Reprogrammed students for the wrong classes causing them to delay graduation
    -Disregarded IEP and Special Education Mandates
    -Disregarded ENL Mandates
    -Misused senior budgets, spending DOE funds on senior activities which is widely illegal
    -Refused to take disciplinary action after several gang assaults to minimize OORS reporting
    -Ordered thousands of dollars of new furniture for her office, but couldn’t find the money to pay for students to take their REQUIRED cte exams
    -Removed East Side House (CBO) who has been with BDCA for 4 years and has been actively helping students
    -Hired an AP of Special Education who, until becoming AP has NEVER been part of an IEP meeting and is unaware of compliance laws.
    -Altered STARS Reports (doe reporting system) to show classes were in Special Education compliance even though they were NOT.

    80% of teachers are moving on from BDCA because of Joyce Pulphus, the other 20% are only staying because they are too close to retirement to leave. She is a cancer to the school and the community. If she is allowed to remain at the helm of Bronx Design and Construction Academy the school will close and the South Bronx and NYC in general will suffer. It is an embarrassment that the DOE has allowed this incompetent and ineffective woman to remain Principal of BDCA solely because of her affiliation with the superintendent. Compare the 2016-2017 survey results with the 2015-2016 results; data does not lie. Joyce Pulphus has destroyed BDCA and she should be held accountable and removed immediately.

  6. BDCA is an amazing place with amazing teachers, and awesome students working hard toward CTE endorsed diplomas. BUT what a complete disaster BDCA has become this year. This principal has destroyed BDCA’s culture. Most teachers have left.

    BDCA teachers care about students and their post-secondary readiness for college AND careers, they believe in CTE, BDCA teachers are smart, hard working and committed to the community and students. They’re ALSO honest…here’s how BDCA teachers feel about Ms. Pulphus:

    12% of teachers agreed or strongly agreed that the principal/school leader at their school communicates a clear vision for their school. (Q11b)
    *Borough average is 85%

    10% of teachers agreed or strongly agreed that the principal/school leader at their school participates in instructional planning with teams of teachers. (Q11h)
    *Borough average is 70%

    12% of teachers agreed or strongly agreed that the principal/school leader at their school knows what’s going on in their classroom. (Q11g)
    *Borough average is 77%

    13% of teachers agreed or strongly agreed that the principal/school leader at their school understands how children learn. (Q11c)
    *Borough average is 75%

    In the 2015-2016 school year BDCA saw a 90% for “effective School leadership”. This principal came on board and received a 20% rating. In NO other industry would a leader be allowed to continue another day at work given these numbers. Come on, DOE!

    Source: 2016-2017 vs 2015-2016 NYC School Survey Report

  7. This is nice: Chancellor Farina exploits our wonderful students for a photo op when the school they will return to in September has been laid to waste by her henchwoman Caron Staples, over twenty teachers disappeared, all of their administrators relocated, every enrichment program they enjoyed jettisoned, and all their support systems utterly dismantled. Shame on Pulphus, Staples, Farina and Mayor DeBlasio. They all know this is going on and yet they continue to treat our students as widgets in their nasty power games.

  8. I didn’t even know we had a principal at first , Mr.Tarver was actually running the school but he can handle 1,000 kids by himself. After she came the school has lost motivation kids are all over the place , this is not a professional school . All That principle do is brag how she from Chirag like if she’s hard , she sits in the room and eats Nuts all day . She mad all my favorite teachers quit she fired a dean for play fighting a kid and she fired all the rest of the good deans like Mr.C & Mr.Pento & Mr.Huck , sorry to say but your a B**** Ms.Whatever your name is

  9. When Joyce Pulphus became principal is basically when everything started to spiral out of control. Students lost all regard for the school rules to the point where there were two stampedes of children running through the halls. The children stop wearing their uniform and started to wear more gang paraphernalia. She never took the time out of her day to actually walk around the school she “ran” and see how it was doing, the most I’d see her is outside of the main office which wasn’t very often. She’s even taken away CTE time and for me(a senior) that’s on every of the most important things seeing how we’re about to leave into the field at the end of the year. Let’s not get started on the fact that 80% of the staff left, solely because of her. Not fired, the LEFT. This shows how horrible she is as a principal, the only good thing she has done is give us black pants which really isn’t an achievement because kids wore whatever they wanted anyway.

  10. Dont worry about my name

    Your a terrible principal, I hope you get fired.

  11. Just quit, your making things worse and worse everyday

  12. Quit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. As a former student …. I saw BDCA transition in various ways. I came in as a freshman in the year 2013. The school itself was flowing pretty well. From deans to academic programs to students and high school standards. Though the previous principal led controversial publicity during my senior year (2016-2017) things were kept interesting in the school itself. Programs demonstrated growth and families seem to participate in students’ activities. Approaching graduation, I saw myself along with my comrade writing speeches to be delivered. The others may have not cared but I did … as the top student in the building … I saw myself as the voice of everyone. I planned to make a point at graduation but time and place were not the right one. Forced to remove certain detailed information, I delivered my speech and though my speech didn’t follow the common ” we did it ” theme … I referred to the speech as a way to remember BDCA .. the BDCA from the good ol’ days. Consequences of principal actions have led to the farewell of amazing and incredible teachers.

  14. Fire Pulphus

  15. With all due respect, I feel as I can speak of the majority of BDCA students when I say Ms. Pulphus is a careless and naïve individual.Let us not forget of the former teacher whom was fired for RIGHTFULLY reporting misbehave students. I, a former student, even called out to this absurdity, only to be rudely hushed.

    I’m glad that many teachers mutually agree. Wishing all the teachers personally affected by this drastic change. The school will NEVER be the same without the teachers that helped shaped BDCA and many students.


  17. That’s a big fact
    Most people would only say the only thing that she is good for is probably

  18. You already know

    She don’t like uniforms because she likes to dress like a woman at a strip club. The skimpy outfits is extremely disgusting not professional at all. Not even her speech for graduation but she got a mean Jordan collection to go with them short skirts

  19. Truly honestly I wouldn’t lie, god bless for all the students going to BDCA

  20. Plumbing. Carpentry. Electrical. HVAC. Architecture.

    Long ago, the five trades lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when Ms. Pulphus attacked.

    Only Ms. Lovett, the peacemaker of the school, could stop her. But when we needed her the most, she vanished…

  21. We had a principal?

  22. WHEN WILL THE DOE DO SOMETHING? Every week is worst than the week before that. Fights all the time,programs changing everyday, all new teachers nobody knows. This is the worst school in the Bronx.

  23. Bronx Design Defender

    Two Bronx Design students were stabbed outside of the school on Friday. This principal never even brought it up with students or staff today. Shame!

  24. Ms.pulphus has truly messed up the school on many different occasions. Every other day there is something happening that puts people in potential jeopardy. Plus she a troll face rim job giving senior slopping individual

  25. Bronx Design Defender

    How is it even possible that this monster is still charge of a school after she tried to to cover up an alleged sex abuse case? What is wrong with the DOE?

  26. All of you f*cking haters are just mad that you’re not the principal. Go to school like I did and become the boss of your own school. Then talk to me. Otherwise students, teachers and parents can f*ck off!

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