Principal Niefi Juan Acosta -IS 232

Principal Niefi Juan Acosta – IS 232

District 9

1700 Macombs Road

Bronx, NY 10453

To contact the PA President, Ms. Avery, call: 718-583-7007

To contact the Community District Superintendent, RODRIGUEZ-ROSARIO, LETICIA, call (917)-825-0478


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  1. Niefi Juan Acosta threatened to blow up the staff and placed war themed and religious bible verse posters outside of teachers rooms if they help in the investigation refuses to pay for covers of classes during prep saying they are In lieu of your prep for 5 years U-rates females base on “appearance” and gives letter to file base on how they are dressed made new hires to change their vote on extended time – gives parking spots to anyone of teachers who helps defend him in investigations like various allegations of sexual misconduct by staff and allegations of racial discrimination by parents under investigation by OEO, OSI and probably others…

    Allegedly this got him a letter in his file! But there are numerous SEX Harassment complaints too! However, he’s still at it …just told all of the new teachers to report to him first if they are called down to any investigation or interviews. Staff voted unanimously for restructured time and he called several untenured teachers in to have them “change their votes” so all would have to do extended day with full classes like last 5 years! For the past three years he has taken a small select group on international trips costing upwards of 45,000.00 each using money slated to help bridge the Gap for underperformers (as per the expenses and budget received via FOIL) Check out the comments to the article’s original run. he has a nice Henchman desiree Resto wife of the infamous BRONX MS URATING PRINCE

  3. That’s not even the full story about his trips. Why is it that he never includes African American students, students from the third floor and he only take young, new female teachers.

    • There are approximately fourteen teachers hired and out of the new staff only three males were hired. In addition, there is only one African American out of the total.

    • How does a high achieving school for five years, continue to be rated “A” with a high staff turnover rate every year?

    • Seventh grade students were disciplined for their classroom/school behavior. The consequences they endured was being placed in a six-grade classroom- no problem. But, to be illegitimately left in the six-grade class for the duration of the school year raises questions of student infringements. This is a common practice at M.S. 232.

    • Teachers were given their students IEP’s very late in the year. How does this happen given the large amount of funding for Special Education and given the fact that reports had to be completed within the deadline? Where is this money going?

    • The school is well under-staffed to the point that teachers were not paid (myself included) for coverage’s. For example, during the month of December I had the most coverage’s (14) of all teachers. Is there a reason why Acosta refuses to hire a permanent substitute? There is money for it; so, where is this money going?

    • Per UFT bylaws, a teacher with one year of service (Salary Step 1A) receives a 30-day notice for Discontinuance of Probationary Services. Here is another prime example of how Principal Acosta manipulates the due process procedural safeguards of teachers’ rights. At the time of my termination, I was at a Salary Step of 7A, which entitles me to a 60-day notice of Discontinuance of Probationary Services and not the non-compliant 30-days given.

    • Since my departure: three senior staff African Americans is all that’s left at M.S.232. How and Why?

    • Last year during the Easter Spring Break- M.S. 232 held a Literacy Camp. I placed my name on the list to be an instructor. The lesson that was given for all teachers to follow was a video of Martin Luther King’s famous “I Have a Dream ” Speech. It was a natural for me; one, being an African American who experienced and witnessed racial tension during the late 60s and the 70s, could have shared that practical life experience with my students along with the class.

    On the same note, as M.S. 232’s only Certified Social Studies Teacher within the whole entire school, who would have been more qualified to do so?

    I was never considered. And when I questioned this decision, Assistant Principal Resto told me that “We had enough teachers and that you were not needed.”

    So, you mean to tell me that, I, as a New York State/City Certified Social Studies Teacher, I am not needed to teach what is such an essential segment of my Social Studies Curriculum? I guess a Physical Education Teacher, a Speech Teacher, a Math Teacher, a Science Teacher, an ELA Teacher, and Art Teacher were more qualified than I. How and why?

    • I was the only Certified Social Studies Teacher within the whole school of M.S. 232. How does my departure affect the Social Studies Curriculum?

  4. I cannot believe this principal. 1/2 of the school is staffed by his own family members. He is very disrespectful to Teachers and to students. He has his preferences as well. I am not surprised his counterpart is not on this website as well. Female staff members are afraid to go into his office because he is intimidating. I cannot believe that the DOE has not put an end to his reign. People are literally afraid to do something wrong because he will make his life a living hell and ruin their teaching careers. He is totally unsupportive and pays more attention to his honors class rather than to the classes who actually need support. He is the worst principal that there can ever be in the department of education.

  5. As of yesterday, Acosta has been reassigned, but still continues to draw salary.

  6. Finally justice

    Acosta has finally been removed!!!!!!!!! Three years after the bomb threat and the years of his unfair rule. The few teachers that remain finally feel vindicated and liberated. It was a nightmare every day coming to work. We never knew what teacher he would go after or what lies he would make up just to get his way. For all the teachers that left or were fired because of him, I hope that knowing he is gone gives you some kind of peace. It’s a new day for IS232X!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Acosta was sent to the rubber room. Removed from his school June 2016.

  8. But now you have chaos in the school with students fighting in and out of the classroom and bringing weapons to school.

    • All clear. He kept students under control and they liked him. The students we’re disciplined and learning. Please notice the truth behind this from the beginning.

      • Mr Acosta cares about the students. He cared like he was their parent. My son is a student there and these words came from him.

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