Principal Naima Cook

Murry Bergtraum High School For Business Careers

School Number:




School Hours
Student Enrollment:
Grades Served:

09, 10, 11, 12, SE


Parent Coordinator:

Carmen Munoz

PA President:

Ms. Kerr

Police Precinct:
Geographic District:
High School Office



333 7 AVENUE



Family Leadership Coordinator:
Julio Mora
Family Support Coordinator:
William Mark
Education Council President:
Shino Tanikawa – Oglesby




  1. Teacher for Real

    Principal taught for about three years before becoming principal. She is abusive, even didsdainful, of teachers. She runs the school like a prison for teachers. We are required to sign in multiple times during PD, if we should change rooms. She has APs hovering around and over us during PDs. Cook will attack when she experiences even a slight disagreement from staff, is petty and allows no latitude for staff as even a minor infraction receives attention as if it was a major problem.

  2. I've noticed that....

    Seems as if the teachers at MBHS cannot seem to catch a break after A. Lewis, L. Almonte, and now Ms. Cook!

  3. Ms. Cook is an outstanding leader that has compassion for children and staff. She has tremendous leadership skills and if given the opportunity to lead, she will bring Murry Bergtruam back to the school it once was considered a positive nurturing environment. There is a toxic non changing unwilling group of teachers that do not care about the students. Thus the culture of trust is dampened by the few that do not want to have change. There is a climate of fear from fellow union members (teachers) that prevents progress and growth. This group also creates lies and complains about everything that is positive or benefits students. It is time for the higher ups of the Union UFT to stop the ongoing harassment of the administration.

    • Whoever is saying that Cook is compassionate and good leader you are talking about a different Cook!
      Please if u are in MBHS please look around !!! You will see how evil is Cook!

    • This must be cook talking about herself

    • Please note that it was an administrator that wrote the above comment. I taught summer school at Bergtraum. Cook had sixty (60) students in a single classroom; there were not enough desks and chairs for them. She had no books or other materials for the students; she said that was the responsibility of the teachers. She had no idea what she was doing and – worse – could not have cared less. But this is because Cook is one of Supt. Marisol Morales’ myrmidons: hired not because she can think, but because she blindly obeys the whims of the superintendent. All hail cronyism!

  4. The person saying she is compassionate and a good leader is probably Cook. How sad.

  5. Oh, and of course, when in doubt, blame the union. Puh-lease, take some responsibility, admin!

  6. Naima Cook is clueless! She has no idea how to be a leader and lead a staff. She pressures teachers to pass students who have never come to class and In Her own words tells teachers that it is not necessary for student to be physically present to meet requirements and the teacher should come up with alternate ways to asses them! Not only is she an inadequate principal but it is criminal he way she carries out her agenda!

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