Principal Naima Cook

Murry Bergtraum High School For Business Careers

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09, 10, 11, 12, SE


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Carmen Munoz

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Ms. Kerr

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High School Office



333 7 AVENUE



Family Leadership Coordinator:
Julio Mora
Family Support Coordinator:
William Mark
Education Council President:
Shino Tanikawa – Oglesby




  1. Teacher for Real

    Principal taught for about three years before becoming principal. She is abusive, even didsdainful, of teachers. She runs the school like a prison for teachers. We are required to sign in multiple times during PD, if we should change rooms. She has APs hovering around and over us during PDs. Cook will attack when she experiences even a slight disagreement from staff, is petty and allows no latitude for staff as even a minor infraction receives attention as if it was a major problem.

  2. I've noticed that....

    Seems as if the teachers at MBHS cannot seem to catch a break after A. Lewis, L. Almonte, and now Ms. Cook!

  3. Ms. Cook is an outstanding leader that has compassion for children and staff. She has tremendous leadership skills and if given the opportunity to lead, she will bring Murry Bergtruam back to the school it once was considered a positive nurturing environment. There is a toxic non changing unwilling group of teachers that do not care about the students. Thus the culture of trust is dampened by the few that do not want to have change. There is a climate of fear from fellow union members (teachers) that prevents progress and growth. This group also creates lies and complains about everything that is positive or benefits students. It is time for the higher ups of the Union UFT to stop the ongoing harassment of the administration.

    • Whoever is saying that Cook is compassionate and good leader you are talking about a different Cook!
      Please if u are in MBHS please look around !!! You will see how evil is Cook!

    • This must be cook talking about herself

    • Please note that it was an administrator that wrote the above comment. I taught summer school at Bergtraum. Cook had sixty (60) students in a single classroom; there were not enough desks and chairs for them. She had no books or other materials for the students; she said that was the responsibility of the teachers. She had no idea what she was doing and – worse – could not have cared less. But this is because Cook is one of Supt. Marisol Morales’ myrmidons: hired not because she can think, but because she blindly obeys the whims of the superintendent. All hail cronyism!

  4. The person saying she is compassionate and a good leader is probably Cook. How sad.

  5. Oh, and of course, when in doubt, blame the union. Puh-lease, take some responsibility, admin!

  6. Naima Cook is clueless! She has no idea how to be a leader and lead a staff. She pressures teachers to pass students who have never come to class and In Her own words tells teachers that it is not necessary for student to be physically present to meet requirements and the teacher should come up with alternate ways to asses them! Not only is she an inadequate principal but it is criminal he way she carries out her agenda!

  7. Anonymous Math Teacher

    I am a former teacher at Murry Bergtraum High School. Today I have received an excess letter from a principal, Ms. Cook. I disagree with her decision. I think she and Ms. Locke are absolutely incompetent people who should not be a part of administration.

    I will explain why below. (If it is too long you can read summary at the bottom)

    1. Teachers are rated ineffectively too often. Also, I do not understand how teacher who was ineffective all year long at the end of the year turns out to be developing.

    2. I understand that as a first year teacher I could be ineffective, but I do not understand how math teacher with 20 years of experience ends up with ineffective rating as well.

    3. We are told basically to pass at least 80% of students even if they do not deserve it. If we are not going to do that, then we need to write an explanation why so many of students are failing. It sends a wrong message to a student – do not do anything all year and we will pass you anyway. As a result there is a huge gap in data between passing classes and passing regents.

    4. Ms. Locke is incompetent in her subject areas, especially if it relates to Math. I brought he a lesson once and she asked what is it about and I had to explain her that it is about Trigonometric Ratios.

    5. Some senior students and teachers claim that because of Ms. Locke a lot of good teachers are leaving the school. She keeps giving teachers ineffective ratings AND keeps writing people up for every little thing she considers as if teacher does not perform their professional duties. Throughout the year I had to bring a union representative three times and I do not think it was actually necessary.

    6. Six teachers got a letter in their files because they closed their eyes during a meeting this year.

    They only want to keep teachers that they like.

    As a result lot of teachers and some paras have received an excess letters today. This administration can not run this school properly. They are basically destroying Murry Bergtraum High School.

    At the end of a school year we had 6 hours PD which we were not supposed to have contractually. Only Social Studies and Math had that PD. Other teachers could pack up their rooms and do what they were suppose to be doing. She asked why our results for regents went down. I think the answer is obvious.

    After the regents boot camp were to have 2 regents prep classes from 2 to 4 hours.

    When my co-teacher was sick three times I never had a substitute. However when regents were over there were two subs in the building literally doing nothing. Why I could not have a substitute when I needed one?

    Every week I had a so-called support meetings with Ms. Locke, which I called harassment meetings. I was treated with a absolute disrespect at those meetings. Every time she would find something she did not like and never supported me in anything.

    I think that Ms. Locke is mentally sick person that is completely obsessed with punishing teachers, but not students for every little thing. We do not deserve that treatment. Nobody does.

    She is obsessed with documents and meetings that sometimes she send documents at 1 or 2 am at night.

    Ms. Locke is a stalker and she obsessed with counting every minute of your time. She was watching me from the back door without entering the room.

    Also AP of Special Ed could not take it anymore and she has left in MAY. As a result Special ED teachers up to this date are not familiar with their final rating.

    Ms. Cook just sits in her office all day and can’t even get out of her office to greet students who enter the building. That what good principal would do.

    P.S. All of the school aids are nasty as well: person who picks up attendance, payroll secretary, guy who makes copies.

    P.S.S. On June 20 Ms. Locke had a whole crazy list for teachers to do and some of the tasks did not make sense, like plan emergency lessons for next year, plan a Fall/Spring field trip etc.


    “No discipline; parents and students run the school; released many teachers and some paras;

    Long, unstructured hours for teachers; two and three teachers assigned to one classroom; inconsistent and poorly planned school events (often canceled at the last minute);

    Poor communication between management,

    Admin supports student over staff; Admin put a pressure on teachers to pass students;

    Teacher evals done according to personal like/vendetta;

    Not all eval decisions based from principal observations;

    No curriculum maps; New Visions is not a good source to teach Math.

    Overabundance of frustrated teachers at the end of each day

    No reinforced school-wide cellphone policy; teacher are always blamed for students constantly on their cellphones”

  8. Teacher who cares

    Oh my; as a Murry Bergtraum current teacher you gave a very clear and detailed situation at MBHS. It is sad but more crazy things happen to teachers and students . Because also many students are victims of the incompetency in Bergtraum administrators : Cook and her AP’s.

  9. As a student at Murry Bergtraum, I feel like the teachers who are supposed to be let go are not and the teachers that are actually putting effort in teaching my peers and I are fired or leave before the school year starts. I had a teacher tell my class on the first day of school “I don’t even know why I’m teaching this”. That same teacher played cards in the back of the classroom with students he liked and ignored students who needed help. Towards the end of the 2017-2018 school year the administration tried to implement a new idea where teachers taught a regent exam. For example, An English teacher would teach students how to pass the global or US history regents. When this went on, Some classes were teaching the same exact thing for 2 or 3 days straight.Then, most of the teachers were telling us different things than what our other teachers would tell us. It was very stressful and conflictiong. I dont think anyone was sure how this was going to help students pass ANY of their regents. Sometimes, students are forced to take AP or college courses that they HAVE to pay for. I know a student who’s grades dipped because they forced her to stay in a class for a semester even though she wanted to leave from the first week of school. In my opinion, Ms. Cook only wants to make this school look better in the public eye, she doesn’t care about what students want or what we actually NEED to get out of that school. One thing I can say is that there are some staff who help us students and encourage us to succeed and be better. Those staff (past and present) make things happen for us; trips, new experiences and exposure to colleges and I wanna thank each and every one of them who stand up for us, teach us and encourage us. Maybe Ms. Cook and all of the abusive APs should take a note from you guys.

  10. Oh and students would be more involved if school was more interesting and we actually learned something in some of our classes. That would keep us away from our phones, I asked my whole class and they agreed. Plus if people like Ms. Cook motivated and had high expectations for kids who were known to have an issue behaviorally then they would actually attempt to come to school and not roam the hallways. Trust me, I know because I’ve been in that situation many times in Bergtraum.

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