Principal Monika Garg

Principal Monika Garg

Central Park East 1 Elementary School

1573 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10029. Phone 212.860.5821. Email


  1. holds all of the information.

    The school community, parents and staff, have rallied in front of DOE. We, parents and staff, have voiced our concerns at several PEP’s, CEC’s, and with the media and have received very little response.

    ANOI should also include the following people to their list:
    Superintendent Alexandra Estrella
    Deputy Superintendent Thomas McBryde

    They have given Monika Garg the platform to continue to undermine our voices as parents and those of our beloved teachers,

    Anonymous due to fear of retaliation against my children who attend the school.

  2. Because of Monika Garg’s actions at least 6 families have left the school and 5 teachers have either chosen to retire or leave the school. She lies, bullies and abuses her power. One of the best schools in the district destroyed in less than a year.
    Her support comes from the district office; they claim they cannot remove her or reassign her. Lies.

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