Principal Dominick D’Angelo IS 228


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  1. In the past 5 years, he has dismissed over 50 teachers. On June 10, 2013, when UFT teachers protested in front of Boody , he had the water sprinkler put on “full blast ” in order to deter the Teachers! The teachers kept right on marching! Principal D’ Angelo has been known to use intimidation, targeting ,and improper investigations against his own teachers. He is also a graduate of the famous, Bloomberg Academy, and is proud of it (had only 5 years as a classroom teacher).

  2. How can a banker become a Principal? How do we our expect our children to excell if the administrator in charge has no experence in education? Perhaps next we will alow teachers to fly aircraft without any training.

    • I agree with you the children don’t meet their goals. Every child gets great marks so he looks good the children are you the ones suffering. The teachers have no control.Also instead of being a teacher they ate friends with the students he gave up good teachers that really cared. He should realize he’s not a CEO of chase hes a principal of a school who should take a class on how to rum a school. He lies all the time the polictions ate going to have rt the day slops ass He useless and has to go the way he teachers go so he can mold the new teachers into lieing and pau them less what he had he lost he’s school is shit and so is he.The students would benefit with good teachers and a principal that really cares. He so big on bullying mean while he’s the biggest bully

  3. Yes Principal D’Angelo is the one who ordered the water sprinkler system on the teachers who were peacefully protesting against him.

  4. Big deal. So he turned on some sprinklers while teachers were not doing their jobs. What else has he done? I’m not impressed. I’ve seen worse principals.

  5. BIG DEAL! You don’t know what you are talking about !! Think before you write: This Principal used lies, coersion,& spies (he wanted me to spy for him on the 3rd floor teachers, but I would not play his game) in order to get rid of over 50 teachers,we have facts to prove this, more to come! Pro

  6. The problem with this Bully Principal from David A Boody is that he is being protected! More teachers need to write to the Chan.’s Office & the OEO( 65 CourtST. 11th Floor).There is a file on him in this Dept.many teachers have filed grievances against him! We need to keep on the pressure! This guy is a real ” wanna Be” !!!!

  7. At a recent Principals Meeting(2014-2015 school year) , some of the other Administrators found the Boody Bully to be rude, arrogant, full of himself, and even ” cursing like a truck driver”! This puppet principal truly thinks he can just do whatever he wants ! What a disgrace! The DOE is still protecting this John Gotti wanna be!

    • Bob,I’m not discounting your comments or observations, I do not work in the school, I’m only a parent. My daughter has been attending for the past 2 years, and I haven’t seen/observed any of the things written in any of these comments. Every time I had an issue I approached Ms D’Angelo personally and he has always been, respectful and polite, listened and directed me to the appropriate personnel to handle my issue. He is always soft spoken, never screams at children or personnel that I have heard of or witnessed. A huge difference from the principal of my daughter’s elementary school, which everyone hated, she was rude and disrespectful toward parents and children, was very arrogant and hid everything under the mat. I have never seen this side of Mr DAngelo that you guys portray. In these 2 years I have met many, many wonderful,capable and caring teachers, and my daughter’s grades are great, aside from a few very questionable ones who personally I did not like, I think the kids are doing fine at the school, if your child wants to succeed he/she will! There are wonderful programs and the school personnel is very involved. Again this is my opinion, and I’m a very critical person when it comes to my daughter but I have not many complaints about this school or this principal.

  8. There are tons of kids at this school whose behavior borders on the criminal. They hang out in the neighborhood vandalizing homes, parks and intimidating residents. The principal of Boody needs to address this problem

  9. Robert Provenza

    Dear Vicky , yes , I realize he can be nice , soft spoken , like a gentle Giant!!! Just an act. he fooled me in the beginning also . At the last minute , he wanted me to take over the piano keyboard program , I did , gave him a great show ,and then he asked me to Spy on the third floor for him . When I kindly refused , he turned against me . Then as a reward , threw me in the “rubber room . ” He later used coercion and blackmail , to try to get me fired . We proved his accusations were false , and I retired a year later . I understand he is still using bullying to get rid of teachers . Need more info on this dickhead , please , let me know .

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