Principal Ari Hoogenboom


Phone: (718) 333-7400
Website: Click here
Admissions: neighborhood school/selective/ed. opt.
Principal: A Hoogenboom
Neighborhood: Brighton Beach
District: 21
Grade range: 9-12
Parent Coordinator: TIFFANY LEWIS


  1. Mr. Hoogenboom unfairly harasses teachers and belittles them with the intent of driving them out of the school. He especially targets veteran teachers

  2. The man is an absolute tyrant who derives pleasure out of destroying teachers careerers by unfairly handing them U ratings. He is a total incompetent who does not know how to manage a staff or let alone a school. The morale of the school is so low because of the toxic environment that he creates. He has been known to show favoritism only to young attractive female teachers who he often flirts with. He has also been known to ask students privately who their “favorite” teachers are and who their “least favorite” ones are and uses this info to go after the least popular teachers regardless of how well they teach. This is all the more reason why a new teacher evaluation if its passed will be deadly for many teachers who work in schools that have such abusive Principals. I advise all prospective teachers or those looking to transfer: STAY AWAY FROM LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL or you wlll regret it

  3. I worked in Lincoln for a few years and fortunately I was able to transfer to another school where the administration is so much more supportive. I thank my lucky stars that I’m no longer working in that hellhole Lincoln High School where everything said about Ari Hoogenboom is on point. The man is completely certifiable and deranged. He loves to use his power in destructive ways by harassing teachers. Just some of the things he’s been famous for saying: to the former payroll secretary: “Can you give me the list of teachers making top salary…Lets see which one of them I go after today”….Also he always tells teachers that they should look on the open market if they don’t do everything he wants them to do. He’s also forced teachers to change grades, something that was reported but nothing ever happened to him because he’s still there. Another nazi is the social studies AP. He was just a teacher when I was there but everybody knew he was gonna b the new AP because the Principal liked him and railroaded the now former AP out. The current AP’s name is Ryan Fanning and he’s bad news. I know for a fact that he’s anti-semetic and he hates women as well. I know this because I heard him making remarks about both groups. Too bad I didn’t have a recorder because I could have nailed him. But my point is that people like this are in positions of power and it’s scary because they are capable of destroying people’s lives and getting away with it because the powers that be such as the DOE support this crap and protect these monsters. It’s time that teachers do everything to fight back because nobody should have to take this abuse

    • DOE does not care about abuse as long as stats are good and there is no evidence that grades have been changed/inflated. Are you guys, especially the ones that are safe in other schools, willing to picket in front of Lincoln wearing T-shirts “Stop harassing teachers!” or similar ones? The monster has to go!

  4. I cannot believe that Hoogenboom has not been thrown out. Far better principals have been removed. I know that he had Domenic Recchia, city counsel, in his back pocket for years and also knows people from The New York Times to keephis school out of the newspaper for anything bad. The DOE is quite proud of his only accomplishments: driving as many veteran teachers out of the school as possible. I’m sure that he has received many a bonus for doing so.

  5. Everything written about this disgusting human being is true. He actually invited my students to have lunch with him in his office, and was bad mouthing me, telling them I was “too nice” and “not a strong teacher”. My students, came running to tell me this. He also kept trying to get my students to talk bad about me, but they spoke highly of me and he was so twisted he came in to observe me 2 periods later. So happy to be out of there!

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