James Memola, Jr.

James Memola, Principal

James Memola, Principal

Monroe Academy For Visual Arts Design

School Number:


BRONX, NY 10472


School Hours
Student Enrollment:
Grades Served:

09, 10, 11, 12, SE


Parent Coordinator:

Gloria Vargas

PTA President:

Doreen Banks

Police Precinct:
Geographic District:
High School Office






Family Leadership Coordinator:
Cleon Mclachlan
Family Support Coordinator:
Carolyne Baldassano
Education Council President:
Ilka Rois


  1. No respect for staff members. Uses others to do his dirty work.

  2. Thank goodness James Memola is cleaning up the school. New staff, new team, back on the right track. As a concerned parent, the old staff made the school dangerous. They cared about their own poket books and their contract rather than the kids. Too bad there are still a few left. Thank you James Memola and the new staff.

    • Its funny how parents really don’t know what a snake this principal james memola jr is just like his little puppet Ap Benjamin Markus its sad! Markus went from being a s.s teacher to going on military leave to coming in the end becoming a dean and is now the Ap. How does that happen how corrupt this man is. Markus knows how corrupt he is and memola. He will used the parents just so they can vote for him without realizing it. They used the staff from last year and continued to use the staff from this year if people think this school is getting better ha ha ha to all because its only getting worse if you think uniforms makes it better what ever fights there always going to be a fight with kids because it starts from the neiborhood. If parents allowed their kids to hang around in the streets thats what happens. Getting rid of old staff not the problem they’ve done great its not teachers fault it administration teachers have a leader which is the principal and he is not great man people poetry him to be.The principal knows how to manipulate people. So sorry the old staff all were great teachers have to hear horrible comments about them but they all happy where they are at. As for the new staff watch your backs cause no one is to be trusted. Im glad I’m no longer there its been the best thing for me.

  3. Veteran Bronx Teacher

    Memola is a snake. He has lied to his staff be telling them one thing and doing the opposite. He has incompetent assistant principals do his dirty work. He instructs them to write multiple bogus letters which are then placed in their file. While I would like to see this school succeed unfortunately I do not see it happening.

  4. Why is this little spine-less person still allowed to lie to people about his accomplishments.

  5. Thank you Mr. Memola!

    My kid has been at MAVAD now Monroe for a few years. He finally feels safe. He finally feels like people care about him. He is actually learning. I visited the school to see the changes this year. It’s a whole different place with a mostly new staff. Thank you “Monroe Academy” and Mr. Memola for cleaning up the school and making it a place where kids can learn again. Thank you for turning my kid’s life around.

  6. I go here. I liked my old teachers from last year. My new teachers don’t know what their doing. Can’t wait to leave. No way I tell my younger sister to go here.

    • I agree with you Jose that school sucks my mother would never send my little brother there. We went through hell towards the end thanks to both the old and new administration. We had many program changes I don’t know how I graduated but at least im out that horrible school.

  7. I see there’s some negativity towards the old teachers Some of the teachers from last year gave up with LLyons wrecking everything. Every single one is gone…
    The one teacher creating a lot of negativity among students at why some good teachers are gone but somebody bad is still here… is Skrine. A man who hated kids, believes the whole school is street kids beneath his dignity, hated working, hated lessons, hated everything. He sucked out the life of the gym. He made playing and activity torture, a punishment for being young. He’s gone and probably the one above commenting away on how awful snake and terrible the new regime is. Probably because they aren’t putting up with his nonsense.
    He’s the one giving Tenure and experienced teachers a bad name; a guy so bad word of him spreads to thousands of people who grow up to vote. Being somebody so close to retirement that discipline is impossible. People like him create the anger from parents and voters over taking away rights and protections away from all teachers, including good teachers, who needed it when confronted by snakes like Llyons.
    Not every kid is a street kid. Many of them could go either way; do school seriously or reject it. When there’s an angry, miserable, crazy obviously incompetent teacher? Who screams and doesnt even use a gradebook and fails the wrong kids every report card going from memory… Its NOT Helping. One administration was scared of him. Another administration was incompetent. This Administration; is all it took to rid the building of someone who should have retired years ago. As kids told stories to us of chaos during some lacrosse thing where they wacked eachother and fired the balls at eachother’s heads and one kid was nearly blinded.
    Kids talk. Insane incompetence is talked about regularly. Eventually; that crap won’t fly.

    • You obviously have not been in an institution of learning long enough to have experienced quality education. When the day comes that you are not succumbed by the lies and intrepidation of others to attempt to infiltrate the minds of those seeking knowledge . Remember these words ‘Where tyranny pervails’

    • It’s apparent that Shaquanna doesn’t exist, she has not responded to the request of her graduation date.

  8. It is a shame that an obese child who does not like exercise can black ball an outstanding gym teacher and coach.

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