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Mansur Ahmed.

I worked with Adele Williams in the year 2014-2015. She was fantastic, and very prompt at all the schools I was assigned to. Very good supervisor.

Noe Aristil

She was scheduled to meet with on 12/22 at 1PM. She came in at 12:30.They told her I have a class. She came in to the class and pulled out her Iphone and started to take note.It was a terrible music class where 85% of the student are labeled special ed.I am waiting on her report. The worst thing is she did not wait for me. She told the secretary she will be back before 2:50PM. she did not come back. No email to apologize.NOTHING.
Ms Edele Williams is bad…

Jane Doe

She does not listen to anyones advice. Its her way or nothing at all. Teachers have asked to improve themselves and she has ahut them down. She doesnt know about anything she speaks about. Huge ego problem and very disrespectful. She practically lied to a superintendent but shes still working. How do you get a U rating and end up running a prek center!?