Awilda Baez, Principal

Awilda Baez, Principal




  1. This principal is responsible for the high turnover of teachers and related service providers when she behaved as a tyrant, vindictive, bully principal. She gets high marks on school surveys because teachers are assigned to a computer room where we are monitored as we complete the survey. No one dares to deviate from the assigning of high marks for fear of retaliation; the surveys are a farce.

  2. Discontinued Teacher

    Is quick to throw people under the bus. Has spies on every floor of the building.

  3. It’s like Soviet Russia.
    The walls have ears

  4. Unfortunately, the DOE is plagued with incompetent bullies who call themselves School Principals, Educational Leaders, school administrators, etc. but who lack the basic skills in human relations, integrity and professionalism necessary for the job tax payers entrust them to do. More disturbing is the fact that our union (UFT) leadership is allowing this to happen. We need a change in our union leadership and ultimately a change in DOE administration.

  5. This toxic principal has such a high level of insecurity that she can only manage the staff though intimidation and bullying. She has effectively placed weak staff members, who she can manipulate, into leadership positions so she can reign supreme. The out of classroom positions are filled with ineffective teachers who have become her spies in exchange for their positions. The chapter leader is her favorite marionette. His classes are allowed to just watch videos all day with no consequences in exchange for his ignoring her humiliating, nitpicking and belittling teachers and paraprofessionals. Complaints about his lack of integrity have gone unheard by UFT. She gets rid of anyone who dares question her or voices a concern, regardless of how valid it may be, by using the observations as a weapon. She will intrude into classrooms repeatedly, rips up bulletin boards, dictates content and form of lesson plans and delivery of instruction, makes false accusations, targets senior teachers… she’s a nightmare.

  6. Harrassed Teacher

    -Mandates format of lesson plans/ dictating use of template
    -Mandates format/content of bulletin boards
    -Does “drive-by” “check list” observations daily
    -Mandates curriculum maps from teachers to be done on their own time
    -Mandates that teachers create supplement to teacher’s guides on their own time
    -Refuses to give the Galaxy budget to Chapter Leader or share budget information with SLT members;handpicks the members who she can pressure to push forward her agenda out of fear
    -Discontinued a young untenured teacher who asked too many questions at an SLT meeting
    -Targets senior teachers for dismissal
    -Eliminated Reading Intervention positions to force retirement of senior staff
    -Refuses to give Highly Effective ratings to anyone who is “not a team player” or labels them as ” rebel rousers”
    -Has teachers log in phony mentoring logs
    -Has science teacher use the exam from previous years to practice with students so they pass.
    -Recycles observation reports by changing the names of the teachers when she falls behind.
    -Pressures teachers to change IEPs
    -Uses special education, ESL, related service teachers to proctor and score exams thus depriving students of mandated services for months; delivery service records are doctored.
    -Her orders are arbitrary, sometimes nonsensical,”leads” from the top down; treats suggestions as insubordinate.
    -Humiliates, belittles teachers in front of their students and colleagues.

    Michael Bloomberg would be very proud of the petty, vindictive, heartless tyrant he created.

    • The Truth Will Set You Free

      As a Special Education teacher at this school, I can tell you unequivocally say that Ms. Baez does not pressure people to change IEPs. I’ve never even seen her at an IEP meeting or a SpEd meeting. The delivery service records for the related service providers is inside my classroom and she has never gone near it. If it didn’t have names of students I would post all of the service provider logs for my class so that you can see what complete made-up garbage this is. Also, curriculum maps are created by the so-called “weak” lead teachers, so that is also a lie. Ms. Baez is always taking suggestions from her staff; clearly you are either not making suggestions or your suggestions are terrible. Oh, and please find me a principal that does not mandate lesson plans and bulletin boards; as long as the components of a good lesson are in said plan, she does NOT mandate the format. And which is it – does she go after young teachers or veterans? Sorry, but I don’t find anything wrong with a principal observing her staff. If you don’t like being observed, then please leave the profession and let the rest of us hardworking, committed teachers DO OUR JOBS.

      • Were you sitting at her computer while she dictated this response? What were you promised in exchange: an effective rating, fewer observations, a pass on your poor classroom management, a “leadership” position, an invitation to have lunch in her office, more supplies or new books for your classroom library, are you working your way out of the classroom by becoming one of her spies? Of course she doesn’t attend SpEd meetings, that’s exactly the point of having puppets, she gets to keep her hands clean. How long were your students without ESL and other services because the staff was happily proctoring, packing, and scoring exams? The neediest students get picked up 1x or 2x week for 30 minutes for fake intervention by the teacher who had the worst classroom management in the building. You must have figured out that the number one requirement for an out of classroom position is being an enthusiastic brown-noser. Congratulations, you are on your way!

        • Not Interested in Lies

          1. My classroom managementnis great, thanks.
          2. I don’t need to make deals to get a good rating; I’m a great teacher.
          3. I have never had lunchnin her office or been given money for supplies. I buy my own.
          4. My kids get picked up for mandated services.
          5. I am not in, nor do not want, an out of classroom position. Thank you for the advice, but I don’t do favors or brown-nose for things in my career. I work for them. I suggest you do the same.

  7. Where is all of this discontent coming from?
    Just joking I was discontinued from her school and was happy to get out of Dodge.


    I’m guessing most of the comments written here are from ineffective and LAZY staff members who spend their time complaining instead of working on perfecting their teaching skills.As a staff member in this school for more then a decade I’ve seen many administrators come and go and by far Ms.Baez has been the most supportive and open with us. The garbage these morons spew doesn’t even make sense!!! If you’re so unhappy LEAVE!!! and by the way please leave the rest of us out of your personal hang ups. We as a collective community are extremely happy with our administration. Maybe you guys should get together and open up your own school then turn around and talk sh$&t about each other!!!

  9. I cannot believe the things that I am reading. Ms. Baez is an excellent principal and supervisor. I’m guessing that most of the comments here are made by people who are too busy squawking around the school instead of putting extra time into their profession. Maybe that is why you are getting bad ratings and getting a lot of observations. I have had the displeasure of working with actual terrible principals, and Ms. Baez is by far the very best! If you think pushing your staff to do better instead of resting on their laurels is wrong, then you do not belong working as a teacher. It’s extremely sad that this is what you are spending your time on instead of working on being a better teacher. Another thing, please do not group us together as having the same opinion. The overwhelming majority of the staff love Ms. Baez. If you don’t, please just find another school to work at and let our school go on in peace. The CHILDREN deserve that. Remember them??

  10. The Reality!!!!

    For those defending this unskillful principal.
    The truth of the matter is that Mrs. Baez is an ineffective and a bully administrator. This principal enjoys going after teachers who can’t speak up for themselves. PS 28 is slowly deteriorating.
    – As far as the curriculum goes, no one is on the same page. Administrators do not offer support with curriculum or students behavior. Their main response is always “I dont Know” “Its not my grade”.
    – Teachers are often put on the spot for lateness, absences or personal days. Yet, administrators often take time off before and after holidays.
    – Mr. Ramirez (supervisor) is constantly late and does not clock in as teachers are required. His name does not appear on the daily bulletin when being late or absent.
    – Mr. Ramirez disappears for hours during the day. leaves the building during school hours. He is always on his personal phone during working hours and does not comply with his responsibilities as an administrator.
    – The lack of working computers, printers and supplies in the building is unexplainable.

    Having said all of the above, please revisit the meaning of a “Leader”
    A true leader ensures fairness and equality for all.

  11. Tired of this nonsense!

    It is disturbing to see that fellow coworkers have so much time on their hands to notice all these things about Mr. Ramirez, as educators we should not have that much free time to keep tabs on Mr. Ramirez as much as you letter writers do. Unless you are on prep all day how do you know when he comes in, when he is “missing” and when he is on his phone. It saddens me that I have to work with such cowards and that our students are exposed to them.

    Ms. Baez is an exceptional leader who has been there to support the staff in anything she can. Furthermore, she has courage to stand by her beliefs unlike you letter writers that hide behind these ridiculous comments.

    The truth is you letter writers are never satisfied with any administrator, these anonymous letters have been happening way before Ms. Baez became ur leader. Clearly it is evident that you all lack the skills and knowledge to become your own leaders so you rather criticize those who were able to do it.

    Lastly, If you hate P.S 28 so much LEAVE your toxic to our school anyway.

    • Tired of which nonsense?
      I guess of all the injustice occurring at P.S 28.
      I worked at this school for many years (glad to be out) and everyone knows that Mr. Ramirez is one “LAZY” INDIVIDUAL, who does nothing but sit on his behind. This administrator is basically stilling from the DOE. Mrs. Nunez as well as Mrs. Baez have allowed for this to go on for years.
      As far as Mrs. Baez being an “exceptional” principal????
      Please, like myself many know that this principal is incompetent and a bully. Her time will come SOON….


    If you think someone is doing something wrong in this school, contact the NYC Special Commissioner of Investigation or call 311.

  13. What is really sad and pathetic regarding these comments is that the negative postings are from the minds and hearts of the very people in her inner sanctum; her “collaborators”, trusted “leaders”, spies, gossipers, right hand, the “chosen ones” who publicly pretend to defend her and support her but privately loathe her to the core. Yes, the “writers” have been around since the unfortunate day she started her dictatorship. But, contrary to what she so childishly believes, it’s not the honest, upfront teachers who dare to disagree or publicly voice a contrary opinion, but quite the opposite, the ones who feign support, laugh with her, partake of lunch in her office (paid for by petty cash BTW), call her “mama”, “amazing leader” and boast about how we have never had such an “exceptional” principal who are poking at her with letters posted in the bathrooms, hallways, etc. If only she opened her eyes to see how you take pictures of the letters and share them to laugh when she flips out and and sends you, the very ones plotting behind the scenes, to run all about the building to point your crooked little fingers at an easy target(someone she doesn’t like ) when all along it’s who defend her so passionately, so “sincerely”… you who are “outraged” by these “unfair” comments… all along you are the very ones plotting against her. Something about “a house crumbling from within” and “keeping your enemies close” is very much at work here. Poor little rabbit who has never realized she has invited the fox to sit at the table. Always looking around for a target when the answer is right in front of her chubby little face. Yes, let’s all, as a collective community…you forgot to say how we are a “family”- mama loves when we tell her that… keep pretending to love and support the “exceptional”leader. Aw!

    • Tired of this nonsense!

      Thank you for proving the point that you are quit frankily toxic to our school. Your tone says it all, open market has begun please feel free to leave. We do not need you or want you at 28.

  14. Dear Scarlet “F” Letter Writers
    Some things we need to understand. No matter how many comments are written here it is a string by the same 2 or 3 letter writers as before. The major majority of staff are here for the students and continue to understand that easy wins come from easy situations, ours are always great wins! I have always been proud of my school and especially of my colleagues. They are all younger than myself and yet every year I learn so much from them. I have always said that PS 28 has some of the greatest, and most creative educational minds in all of district six and yet these conversations are embarrassing to us all, the way a child screams in public, because they weren’t given ice cream before diner. To make judgement calls on other’s positions, without having held them, especially our chapter leader, shows a lack of intelligence and a great deal of immaturity. Change comes slow and even slower without poitive participation from all. Please understand a few things. First, you are not accomplishing anything by writing letters, less by venting your own personal issues online, about a poor score or criticism you may have received. The best thing you can do is to achieve your own administrative degree and run a school as you see fit, or if you dont have the ability or years left in the system to do that, there are many schools that you can be part of and help move in a positive direction. This isn’t it. Secondly, you are writing on the world wide web, what if our students or parents stumbled upon this junior high school mess, that only PS 28 staff will read. Do we want the children or their parents to question our devotion to our students, school or our ability to work together? Lastly, if you believe yourself to be a mature, intelligent and positive person, who works towards personal growth and team building, question yourself and your reactions, not actions. Again only negative has come of this, and yet we will still come to our career tomorrow and work for students. I say all of this without anger. I have read all of the comments and am suprised of the word “bully” being used from those who can easily stand behind the anonymous internet. Please stop! If you would like to discuss any of this or want to put me down, or if you really want to make a positive experience for the kids or anything you are feeling, I am in room 323. Sincerely Mr. K

    • “If you would like to discuss any of this or want to put me down”- Et tu Brutus? How ironic from the person who has first hand knowledge of the many petty, unkind acts (not to offend your sensibilities with the word bully) against the staff by this principal. Remember your close friend and coworker who was stripped of her position, in which she excelled at for many years, placed in a classroom to be criticized, humiliated, harassed daily and then had to withstand a false accusation until her nerves were frayed and she finally had to retire? Remember the kind, soft-spoken, highly regarded reading teacher who was placed in the gym in order to push her out? And so the list goes on. Forgotten all of them already? Their only faults were being older teachers. Is it only the ones who are younger than yourself that you have learned from and admire so much? Can you even recognize why there are so many young teachers? With all of the teachers harassed right in front of your nose during the unfortunate tenure of this Bloomberg trained tyrant, how sad that it is in defense of malice that you take a stand. What a surprise our buddy UFT rep, who likes to share the business of the staff with his clique, didn’t fill you in on the gory details. Props to you though; so intelligent and mature of you to post your name to win brownie points with our exceptional leader…brilliant! Your plum out of classroom position is secure- for now.

  15. They hate us cuz they anus

  16. It’s “Lord of the Flies” at 28:

    Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome. Group members try to minimize conflict and reach a consensus decision without critical evaluation of alternative viewpoints by actively suppressing dissenting viewpoints, and by isolating themselves from outside influences.

    Groupthink requires individuals to avoid raising controversial issues or alternative solutions, and there is loss of individual creativity, uniqueness and independent thinking. The dysfunctional group dynamics of the “ingroup” produces an “illusion of invulnerability” (an inflated certainty that the right decision has been made). Thus the “ingroup” significantly overrates its own abilities in decision-making and significantly underrates the abilities of its opponents (the “outgroup”). Furthermore, groupthink can produce dehumanizing actions against the “outgroup”.

    Antecedent factors such as group cohesiveness, faulty group structure, and situational context (e.g., community panic) play into the likelihood of whether or not groupthink will impact the decision-making process.

    Groupthink is a construct of social psychology but has an extensive reach and influences literature in the fields of communication studies, political science, management, and organizational theory, as well as important aspects of deviant religious cult behavior.

    • Clearly not Flor!

      Really that’s what’s you do on a Saturday night! Copy and paste groupthink

      No wonder you’re so miserable at 28 you have no life…

  17. Blind Followers

    “Mobbing” involves a group of people whose size is constrained by the social setting in which it is formed, such as a workplace. It might seem to the target as if many people are involved but in reality the group might be small. The group members directly interact with a target in an adversarial way that undermines or harms them in measurable, definable ways.

    In a mobbing situation, the ringleader incites supporters, cohorts, copycats and unenlightened, inexperienced, immature or emotionally needy individuals with poor values to engage in adversarial interaction with the selected target. The ringleader, or chief bully, gains gratification from encouraging others to engage in adversarial interaction with the target. Many people use the word “mobbing” to describe this pack attack by many on one individual. Once mobbing is underway the chief bully foments the mobbing into mutually assured destruction, from which the chief bully gains intense gratification – this is a feature of people with psychopathic personality.

    One aspect of psychopathic bullies is that they home in on Wannabe types – non-psychopathic lesser bullies – and then empower these individuals to gain the positions of power and authority they crave. Once installed, the Wannabe’s lack of competence makes them dependent on the chief psychopath, which means they become unwitting but willing compliant puppets. They also make perfect corporate clones and drones. A characteristic of the Wannabe is that as well as lacking all the competencies necessary for their position, they also lack the intellect to understand the nature and manner of their compliant subservience.

    Throughout the mobbing experience, the target is deceived into fighting, blaming and trying to hold accountable the minor bullies of the mobbing group rather than the chief bully. The main reason a psychopathic chief bully gets away with his (or her) behaviour repeatedly is that no-one wants to believe that s/he could be the monster s/he is. Psychopathic chief bullies are very likely to have everyone in human resources and management in their pocket, who are then manipulated into further mobbing, victimising and persecuting the target.

    The golden rule when tackling a mobbing situation is, I believe, to identify and focus exclusively on the chief bully, and concentrate on holding this ringleader accountable. Expect an immediate increase in mobbing activities, and a rapidly-expanding web of deceit to be concocted against you. Alternatively, the best solution may be to make a positive decision to leave and refuse to allow these people to continue to ruin your career, your health and your life. In the unlikely event that the psychopathic chief leader is exposed and then leaves, the dysfunction, aggression and negative feelings fostered by him or her are likely to linger for years.”


    Heinz Leymann’s The Mobbing Encyclopedia

    Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace, Davenport, Schwartz, and Elliott, Civil Society Publishing, July 1999, ISBN 0967180309.

  18. Become an advocate

    Our system is unfortunately plagued with countless Special Education violations. Our neediest students suffer and often times their teachers and paraprofessionals are gagged from speaking up. Although there are avenues to report such violations, history has shown us that none of the methods through 311, the UFT and State Education Department have protected these special ed whistleblowers.

    UFT Solidarity is committed to assisting these members and children.

    Email and we will work with the administration, the UFT and DOE to remedy the situation while keeping your name a secret.


    Staff member or parent contact with information on the alleged violation or concern.
    UFT Solidarity Special Education task force contacts administration on member/parents behalf. Five days are given to remedy the situation.
    If situation is not remedied in a week, the UFT, school superintendent, deputy chancellor and 311 are contacted.
    If the violations are not remedied at this level, the NYS Education Department and media are contacted as well as Special Education advocates.
    ***We are also there to assist and help with ANY special educaton issue whether you believe it is big or small! If you have a SESIS question or a legal question etc message us!***

  19. Strength in solidarity

    “New York City teachers and students recently endured a decade of bullying micromanagement under the dictator Michael Bloomberg, a mayor in control of the schools, a nationwide experiment which has yielded low achievement results but a much higher degree of yes, bullying.

    Within systems bullied by the policies, mandates and officials, there’s the quotidian assault inside the schools. Teachers, bullied to conform their instruction to the authorized perspective, are forced to teach against their own judgment, even enduring the insulting constraint of scripted lessons to be recited exactly, or risk being bullied by administrators who threaten their jobs. Here, in fact, at this ground zero, is the bedrock, in-your-face culminating essence of bullying, distilled to perfection by many principals. Enabled through the hierarchy with no accountability–as enjoyed under Bloomberg–helpful cronies in high places, or both, principals are the bully teachers face everyday, abusing their immense power to determine the lives of teachers and therefore students, and with impunity.

    These days, many principals answer to the description of authoritarian sociopath, and the petty data collection that’s taken the place of real education has matched their zeal for nitpicking harassment. As a teacher in a high-poverty school, the unspeakably difficult kids were far less challenging than fending off the bloodthirsty administrators; the merest assertion of independence was seen as defiance, and as such, incurred a reaction more Joseph Stalin than John Dewey. Even as a Dignity For All Students Act has been passed and all teachers are required to be trained in anti-bullying, no such protection exists for teachers. Hounding out teachers systematically through trained tactics like relentless fault-finding and guaranteed-unsatisfactory ambush observations, those charged with supporting teachers are in fact the secret WMD of the so-called reform movement. With no justification necessary, these capricious tyrants can do what they will. No matter a teacher’s experience or ability, their job, mortgage, child’s college and pension are all subject to the principal’s bullying whim.

    This veritable pile-on of bullying at all levels has had the effect of driving thousands of teachers out of the profession. But that mass exodus, of course, is the desired outcome for many of the worst bullies of all, the media and policy wonks that bash teachers and their unions, as well as plutocrats like Bill Gates and the Koch brothers, whose bullying-by-checkbook has been more effective, and more tyrannical, than any method we’ve experienced till now. In an age when teachers are publicly shamed, their ratings published in newspapers(notwithstanding the defective, discredited Value Added Measurements behind them), bullying is reaching new nadirs, as developments in North Carolina and other states have shown.

    Now is bullying’s long-deserved fifteen minutes; if beating us up after school or stealing our lunch money is no longer acceptable, than neither is robbing us of a profession, or our nation, of a future. As we go forward, our only hope against bullying is not our fists, but our feet: teachers standing up on them, together, as one.

    What do you think? Is it time for teachers to stand up together against those attempting to bully us?”

    Laurel M. Sturt taught for eleven years in the Bronx. Her new book, Davonte’s Inferno, Ten Years in the New York Public School Gulag, shares in close detail her experience working in a high poverty school under the Bloomberg regime.

  20. Clearly Not Flor!

    Ten Key Indicators of the Almost Psychopath:

    From: “Almost a Psychopath” by Ronald Schouten and James Silver.

    1. Are they superficially charming and glib, with an answer for everything?

    2. Is there a lack of empathy, i.e., an impaired ability to understand and appreciate the emotions of others and the impact of their behavior on other people?

    3. Confronted with a difficult moral choice, do they more often than not rationalize and arrive at a decision to act in their own self-interest?

    4. Do they lie repeatedly, including when it is unnecessary or for minor reasons?

    5. Are they conning and manipulative?

    6. When they get criticized for something, is it always someone else’s fault?

    7. When they cause harm or hurt to others, is there a lack of true remorse?

    8. Do they seem to have limited capacity to experience and express feelings for others or maintain relationships?

    9. Do they find it easy to ignore responsibilities?

    10. Do people and situations exist solely for the purpose of gratifying their needs and wants?

  21. This was such a supportive, friendly school environment. It’s a shame that many terrific teachers have left for fear of losing their careers to this selfish, unqualified, insecure, micromanager of a principal. Only the ones who can stomach her manipulative, bullish personality and who pretend to like her and agree with her have survived her attacks. Soviet Russia would be a relief.

    • Could not agree more. Everyone knows that principal Baez is an ineffective administrator who loves to harass teachers. The moment someone says no to her you become part of her target list. We have a UFT representative who does not represent the teachers at all. A UFT rep who has sold his soul to the evilness of this principal and to the rest of the administrators. In exchange he gets away with not doing his job. Teachers complains or concerns go unheard. If you are in need of UFT representation don’t bother thinking that you will be represented at the school level (seek for district representation and good luck).
      Paraprofessionals are treated wrongly, harassed and humiliated by the entire administrative staff constantly ( No Respect ). Paraprofessionals are placed in classrooms where the behavior of students is extreme and dangerous (with no support from the administrators). In cases where crisis arises supervisors Do Not support the teacher(s) or the paraprofessionals. The school does not have protocols in place when it comes to crisis in the classrooms. Instead, teachers are blame for creating the crisis. The truth is that principal Baez orders her administrative staff to place all troubled students in one single classroom to get back at teachers. Another issue happening in the school is that this unskillful principal gets rid of teachers (ex: gets them fire, forces them to retire or gives them excess). She claims that low student enrollment forces her to excess teachers ( not true). Yet, She has three assistant principals with a total of like 600 plus students ( anyone knows that 3 assistant principals are not needed to run a school that has that amount of students). How is this possible????
      “Hmm.. How about letting go of one assistant principal”.
      How about opening your eyes to the reality that one of your AP’s is known for doing absolutely ” nothing” ” nada”, ( his behavior has been going on for YEARS) Wondering the halls on his phone, in his office sitting around, getting pay while being out of the building during school hours, who disappears while the principal is out of the building, who comes in late and does not get mark late… The list goes on and on. Let’s stand together!By standing together we can put a stop to all this BS.

    • Team player 4 life...

      You idiots are used to Nunez who stayed in her office and kept her blinders on while the inmates ran the Asylum.
      Now your working for your money and it shows that your really not qualified to hold the positions your in. If you can’t handle the work step aside and let someone who’s educated do it.Bunch of two-faced imbeciles. Baez is the best principal 28 has and will ever have.

      • Oh, the irony of it all!
        With some practice surely you can be trained to use contractions and possessives correctly:
        1. you’re (contraction for you are)
        2. your (possessive form)
        3. maintain tense
        4. asylum – common noun
        For example: “So, you’re finally leaving for the dog walker job that is within your skill set?” and “Who let Awilda out of the asylum?” See, it’s not so hard.

        Yes, “step aside and let someone who is educated do it”.
        You are ( or you’re) a funny one!!

  22. Misuses danielson to intimidate and control staff. Threatens with low ratings. Always have phones ready to record harassment.

  23. Effective leader?




  24. Staff warned not to respond to posts. Ideas, independent thoughts, truth squelched under tyrannical leader’s thumb. Even blind followers prohibited from self expression. Keep up the pretense if nothing else opens up, trust no one.

  25. chapter leaders will be receiving a survey from the union asking them to report the turnover rate at their school and, if the school has high teacher turnover, to pinpoint the cause ( harassment, lack of support, pressure to change IEPs, fudge mentoring logs, loss of preps, micromanagement, fudge ESL services, increasing paperwork, pressure to keep low referral quota, monitoring absences,etc.)

    In cases where poor management is to blame, UFT would like the issue to be openly discussed in those schools next year ( not going to happen with puppet rep so write to the union directly).

    Mulgrew urged chapter leaders in schools where turnover is a problem to broach the issue at the first consultation committee meeting with the principal in the fall. But, unless there is change in UFT representative, problems will be swept under the rug as usual.

  26. If you are a prospective teacher, look elsewhere. It’s as close to being a school community as the game show “Survivor”. The friendly tone and camaraderie won’t last. Unless you are weak, unethical, and void of professional integrity, you won’t survive the year.

  27. There are still some decent, self-confident administrators who encourage true collaboration, innovation, allow independent thoughts and ideas to grow without feeling threatened. However, those are schools with low turnover so it’s hard to get positions. If stuck at p28, it’s about not causing any waves to keep out of the warpath. The tyrant is due to retire at the end of next year and if she has any shame left, she will leave before causing any more damage.
    There is hope yet.

  28. Strength in Numbers

    Her bullying should be reported to the NY Healthy Workplace organization. Use your technology, make videos, take photos, open your laptop and make I-movies. By standing together, we can disband this pack of mean, ineffective, abusive, unethical psychopaths and their chief bully.

  29. Initially comes across as supportive and friendly and as long as you are a programmable robot, you will be in her good graces. That comes at high price as you have be willing to sacrifice professional integrity. For example, teachers in ICT classes can only recommended it for ELA and math. Full time ICT is not allowed so she has the option of pulling us out of the class at her will. So many special ed violations that the school placed on an improvement plan. UFT does not protect teachers who tell the truth. Chapter leader is in her pocket. Disgraceful really.

  30. Paraprofessionals are used as decorators; constantly pulled out of the classroom for clerical duties. Targeted teachers get all the most academically and behaviorally challenged students with no support. The APs typically respond with “that is not my grade” and “what do you want me to do?” The AP has been collecting a paycheck for no work for years with every principal looking the other way because he is well connected. The teachers he is assigned to observe won the ratings lottery. He will call them before he visits so they are guaranteed a good rating. It’s a sweet deal for them but so unfair for everyone else. Nothing will change until the chief bully is gone. Already she has set a negative tone. The UFT is useless to fix this nightmare.

  31. Knowledge is Power

    Knowledge is Power!
    The excessive paperwork standards apply to educators and related service providers alike. No member should have to “perform redundant, duplicative, unnecessary or unreasonable amounts of recordkeeping.” Additionally, the creation of binders and other paperwork strictly for a school’s Quality Review is no longer permitted. Other aspects of these standards apply to special education teachers and service providers and SESIS work. Data system and attendance concerns also are covered.

  32. Que poca verguenza tiene esta quasi líder. Con su pelo de estropajo, suits de salvation army, ojos de racoon, zapatos clearance de target, risa de payaso, quiera aparentar que sabe mas que todos. Lo unico que sabe es humillar, decir balsa de mentiras de los maestros que no le gustan, maltratar a los trabajadores como una dictadora barata. Hasta los APs le tienen terror, menos HR porque lo deja andar de flojo, llega tarde, sale temprano, no hace nada mas que decorar. Sale bien en los survey porque intimida a todos y nadie se atreve a decir la verdad- que vergüenza!

  33. What a bunch of pussies….give your names if your not afraid asswholes.

  34. Marco/TeamPlayer:
    It’s your inability to properly use “your” / “you’re” and “hole”/ “whole” exactly the reason you are among the favored by our amazing leader. It’s the low IQ, Wannabes, incapable of analytical thinking, bottom feeders, who have to resort to insults and crude language, for lack of proper grammar and adult vocabulary, that she places in top positions in order to feel superior and capable. Hopefully, you can get reimbursed for the mail order diploma from the bottom tier school that did not provide you with the remedial instruction or ESL that you so obviously need. Too bad, so sad that mama can’t help you with spelling, basic grammar and sentence structure because she is so deficient herself. No wonder it’s the semi- educated, incompetents who find mama to be such a great leader. You can’t be expected to know the difference between a good or a bad leader when you don’t have a basic command of the English language. Apologies for all the big words that you probably don’t understand. If you continue to be such a good team player, maybe your teammates will create a rubric so you can spell check your writing. Poor little Marco, not afraid to reveal his lack of education in a public forum whilst working in a school. How brave of you little Marco.

  35. ICT classes should always be staffed by two teachers; it is a violation to pull one of the teachers in an ICT class, to pull speech improvement teachers, mandated service providers such as ESL teachers to provide coverage or perform other duties, such as lunch duty, bus duty, proctoring or scoring exams. These violations must be reported.

  36. File a Special Ed and ESL complaint with the union.

  37. File a Special Ed and ESL complaint with the union.

  38. The time of the year approaches when the admins’ offices get filled by Santa’s elves (aka- brownnosers) with shirts, ties, perfume, lotion, jewelry, edibles, bottles of wine, cigars, gift cards…on and on goes the list. Just part of the cost of survival at P28!

  39. Once again Awilda Baez has proven to be a disgraceful leader along with her puppets (AP’s). The new norm at 28 is ” do things only when visitors are coming”. The lack of instructional support coming from this group of unskillful administration has the school going down hill. The so call “grade leaders” do not support the teachers on the grade. They pretend they know it all and they know nothing. Yet, they want “leadership roles”.

    Teachers are given ZERO respect (perhaps a formal meeting to inform teachers of the visitors, would had been the appropiate thing to do). Teachers are always scrambling around getting things that should be provided to them. Ex: copies, chart papers,a printer that actually works and with ink.

    Memos go out demanding focused items that should be in place. How about administrators doing their job and really supporting teachers with the things we need in the classroom.

    Charts? how are teachers suppose to create them when there are none in the building?

    Book Baggies? where are the baggies?

    Lesson Plans? administrators can not demand a format or where they should be.

    Oops!!!! we forgot! Teachers need to purchase their own supplies.


    • Clearly not Flor =)

      You my dear, need help. Clearly this is not the right profession for you and your prescription is no longer working. Next time, I would advice you to not write your post while angry because it shows exactly why you’re not fit to teach students. Had I had a rubric and was grading your post I would have given you a 1.

      Most would agree, if you want to see a devil you should just look in the mirror!

    • On regards to your comments I have to add that Ms. Baez have asked before which types of supplies are needed in the school. Also, you can not always relied on the lead teachers expertise when they need to help other teachers as well. One suggestion will be to used google. Google is a great place to get all the information you might need it. Especially on anger management and relaxation techniques. For anything else, just drink a cup of tea! Have a great day!

      • Tea with the Queen!

        A competent admin knows which supplies are needed by staff and students;not necessary to take a poll. Lead teachers make extra$$$ to share their “expertise,” they are not volunteers, you dunce. Google would be a good place to improve your grammar skills and get the information you need to finally get your GED so you can take off the hair net.

    • Unfortunately you are 100% correct. The admins are not educators so they cannot relate to classroom teachers. They are quick to offer criticism but incapable of providing a simple demo lesson. None would be deemed proficient if observed, including the out of classroom posers. Grade leaders and quasi admins make the work of the teacher harder with their ridiculous demands and zero support. Impossible to have honest conversations because they are too insecure, unintelligent, narrow minded, to accept suggestions which impedes growth. They want staff to conform, smile, nod in agreement, give false praise, follow quietly not lead, spy and report to commander. Silence, whether out of fear or hunger for power, makes all complicit in the dishonesty and unfair treatment of colleagues. By looking the other way we are all guilty.

  40. Today at church I prayed for those posting negative comments on this blog. Clearly Satan has held you captive. May God give you the courage to show your face and the ability to bite your tongue when your words are cruel. I know it must be hard living in misery, but love can set you free! At the end of the day it is not Ms. Baez suffering. She has a beautiful family and friends that love and care for her. It’s you!! Do you ever wonder why nothing goes well for you? Do you ever wonder why you are so ALONE? It’s because of all the bad vibes you put out. Start being a good person and you will see how things turn around for you. Stop blaming PS 28 for all your shortcomings! Seek God and he will put you on the right path

  41. Hopefully you have made time to also pray for all the unfortunate victims of the bully you defend and for yourself who looks the other way while the powerless are mistreated by an agent of evil. Clearly the witch doesn’t suffer;she relishes ending careers, bulldozing the weak, and using Pharisees like you;slithering in the hallways to gossip and kiss the masters cottage cheese butt. Since you are so brave, share your name or keep your spineless, judgemental piehole shut.

  42. Such a relief to be away from the tyranic,despicable, sociopathic principal. She is driving the school to the ground.

  43. Apparently only administrators can get sick on Fridays and Monday’s. The rest of the staff are summoned by her majesty to be reprimanded even if a doctor’s note is submitted. Better bow your head and promise to do better or risk getting ripped apart at her “observations.” There is no money in the budget for basic supplies or computer equipment for staff but plenty to spend on updating computers for administrators and the favored few. Careful not to use a spork from the cafeteria or you will be chastised. Stands by the clock in the am and the pm like a drill sergeant. Better smile submissively or become a target of the wrath. WTH

  44. Time for true leadership:

    We are all here for the students, and we all have different viewpoints and beliefs on teaching, learning. However, we must find a way to get along, respect one another, and not make anybody feel inferior or threatened because of our differences in teaching styles, approaches to education, personalities, etc.

    Stop trash talking about the staff you are supposed to lead. If you have a problem with someone, go speak to them privately. When you talk negatively about staff, you are only making yourself seem weak!

    Having select groups of people that secretly meet is divisive and rude. What are you discussing that is so secretive? You create division by openly displaying preferential treatment.

    If you want to talk about teaching, learning, or the business of education then have a respectful conversation about it. Don’t impose your opinions on the teaching staff and then dismiss the opportunity for a conversation. Your approach to communication makes others feel as if they cannot have an opinion for fear of what you might say or do next. People engaged in conversations with you fear you.

    Let that sink in for a few moments. People. Fear. You.

  45. Totally dysfunctional,poorly managed school. Have a phone to record the unprofessional comments; it is the only protection with this boorish,insecure,micromanager posing as an admin.

  46. Here we go again!!!!!!
    Lets get ready for the SHOW!!!
    Our incompetent leaders are getting ready to put on their Best act.
    Teachers are fed up with the nonsense that is going on. Teachers get no support from the puppets (administrators). They demand high performance from teachers and students but offer no support,
    No materials, No supplies, No copies ( yet, each assistant principal has a copier machine), No printers, Nonevworking computers…. The list can go on and on. The principal claims “there is no money”. Yet, assistant principals get a makeover in their office. The parent coordinator gets brand new furniture. For what? She gets rewarded to do nothing ( there is no evidence of any initiative from her). She does nothing to bring parents & parent activities into the school building. She gets others to do workshops for her. She gets upset when teachers ask her to speak to a parent, does not assist parents with paper work ( parents have complain to teachers about not getting support from her, when they need help filling out paper work). She is nasty and incompetent.
    Mr. Ramirez does nothing all day ( gets pay to walk out of the building whenever). Comes in late and nothing happens, leaves early as well, this happens at least two to three times a week. Whenever he is absent his name does not appear on the daily bulletin. Never in his office and when he is , he is on the phone. Teachers on the other hand can’t take time out, leave early or come late. The dictator we have is quick to ask for a certify note from a doctor, she demands for teachers to get docked ( yet, her puppets are untouchable). This school is tumbeling down because of all the incompetent people we have in this building.

  47. The parent coordinator failed to pass certification exams so she takes her loser frustrations out on teachers. She is a low IQ,crass, kiss ass spy for the paper administrators. Only the upper class can get time off. Her highness took off for over a month when she shaved her bunions and allegedly had Lipo on her fat ass;such a hypocrite. Hector has political connections so he Is untouchable. Use foil to request receipts of purchases and admin timesheets. The budget will be audited and the whole lot of incompetents given the boot. Only a matter of time for the fake empire to topple. Get out of Dodge while you still have a career. It is madness.

    • Could not agree more. Everyone knows that this principal has taken this school to the ground. Teachers complains and concerns go unheard. This is the reason why they vent anonymously. There is no respect or consideration for teachers in this building. A perfect example is not giving teachers enough time to complete paper work, e.g. report cards. We all know 24 hours to complete report cards is not enough time. It needs to be reported to the union.
      Teachers don’t have a work station where they can print lesson plans, make copies, laminate ect… Getting supplies is a mission, copies are given weeks later. Forget about getting support for behavioral issues in the classroom, or when dealing with a parent.
      As far as the parent coordinator, everything stated is correct. At other schools the parent coordinator is highly involve in conducting outreach to engage parents in their children education. Increase parent involvement in the school by working closely with other school and community organizations. Parent coordinators are suppose to work very closely with the school parent association. She’s never seen providing workshops to the parents ( unless is done and / or presented by others). Perhaps, someone should give her the “Duties and Responsibilities” for Parent Coordinators as posted on the DOE page.

  48. There are many horrible principals who want to be rid of certain teachers because they may be in a position that the principal has earmarked for a crony, or the principal has a bunch of brown nosers she has promised out of classroom positions in exchange for spying and ignoring contractual rights or maybe the teacher is making too much money coupled with too much seniority, which makes it difficult to hire easily manipulated newbies with their messy buns, phones in the back pocket of their jeans, flip flops, and fairy dust to “save” all the little inner city children while they get the experience needed to land their dream job with a private school or in a suburban school district. Maybe they are vocal about contractual rights as opposed to the puppet chapter “rep”who looks the other way when rights are routinely violated. Any of those reasons are enough to get a principal to trump up bogus charges against a senior teacher. You see, these Bloomberg principals are vindictive, power drunk dictators who will stop at nothing to create a staff of syncophants. Make good use of the recording devices in your phones; it is your best defense.

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