Job Openings

The Open Market Transfer System (OMT) opens on Thursday, April 13th @ 9:00 AM.

Until then, if you want to get a head start on job openings please send UFT Solidarity an email to or post a comment  to us below this post (make sure you share with us your real email). In the comment, we will need to know what grade level/subject area you teach.

One of our council members has been getting emails from APs and Principals who are seeking candidates.

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  1. kimberly cameron

    Hi, I would like to know if you all can help me, ATR Social Worker from CSE 9 find a social worker position? thanks,

  2. Hello I am a special education who would like to transfer to a different school. I have applied to Midwood High School, New Utrecht High School, Edward R Murrow High School and Brooklyn College Academy (all of these schools have vacancy listings on the open market website. I have sent emails to principals and assistant principals at these schools but I have not received a reply. I am getting nervous because the transfer cut off date is coming soon. I am a hard working teacher with an excellent record with the doe. I just need a change. PLEASE HELP

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