An “Oldie” But A “Goodie”: Am I problem coded?


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  1. Thank you…very helpful.

  2. I’m PRETTY sure you also get problem-coded if YOU file an investigation or lawsuit against an administrator. It’s an easy way for them to get out of solving anything.

    • DTOE Queens Steering

      If you file a lawsuit or investigation against an admin, your info concerning the case/lawsuit gets typed into one of Legal’s databases. It may not be visible on EIS but Legal does have a record of it on either OSI’s databases or Office of Labor Relations or Office of General Counsel.

      • This is extremely helpful. If you file a lawsuit or investigation against an admin aren’t you already in legal’s database? Will they send screenshots or copies of emails a principal has sent out or received about me?

  3. who is Baranello? how do i send him an email. and who will i send the FOIL to?

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  5. Hello,

    What is the Union UFT doing about this? I was just asked for information so I could be put into the Galaxy system. What is it? Why now?

  6. So I just called the the number and the person told me to send an email. This is a big mess. Thank you for the info.

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