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  1. Well right now is facing a 3020a case.
    Well the doe just does not know when to stop with their terrorist actions in forcing teachers to quit and or retire. Well here is a yuk yuk for everyone, complimenting a student is sexual harassment. Better still a student throwing crayons is acceptable because reprimanding said student constitutes verbal abuse and corporal punishment. The ten days we have is conditional to the does discretion. Do not get sick because you’ll get charged with neglect. Your medical notes do not count. And please do not be even 1 day over the ten because it will be excessive. I am being charged with all the above mention and the doe is now seeking my termination. It would be comical if it were not a reality of being an elder ATR. Anyone have advice and or suggestions to combat these charges. Oops forgot to mention the sexual allegation was from 3 years ago. Why was I not charged with a 3020a then? Now??? If I had the funds I would forgo the unions lawyers. Yuk yuk. I might even retire because of this. Just letting all know how surreal our situation has become.

  2. And why isn’t the union helping its members?= the NYPost has had many articles about this=and if union members elect the same people then nothing changes.
    Principals are getting away with fabricating charges against staff and the union does nothing. Why?
    Harassing. bullying , intimidation= not to be condoned in the school setting= so why are principals getting away with doing what kids can’t.

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