De Blasio’s Chancellor Fariña “Increases” Attacks on Nontenured Teachers.

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  1. Heartbreaking post, but so true. We have to stand up for each other. After teachers spend all this money on education, if they don’t make it what do they do? Is teaching for everyone, of course not, but as educators we must support, coach and respect the profession by giving our new teachers a chance to learn and grow into their roles.

  2. It's happening all over

    Thank you for an informative post. This unfortunate trend is happening in Westchester County as well in a school that serves vulnerable, and often neglected or abused students with little parental involvement. Without protection from the teachers they are often victimized again by a superintendent who sees them as dollar signs rather than individuals. Check out the posts on ANOI regarding James Gaudette at Mt. Pleasant Cottage School. Over 300 comments regarding his misdeeds. It is terrifying how little protection teachers have when attempting to advocate for their students. NYSUT and AFT seem more concerned with sustaining their organizations than the real human beings they are supposed to represent. I give great credit to Mr. Portelos for the creation of this site and hope more teachers will be brave enough to stand up for what is right. It isn’t easy, but it’s a lot better than the alternative of knowing you did nothing when you could have.

    • Gaudette’s actions were mischaracterized by the group of disgruntled teachers. The law requires appropriately certified teachers for the discipline they teach. Don’t vulnerable kids desire a highly qualified teacher just like the rich ones? Gaudette place squally certified teachers in the classes and the results were a dramatic increase in student achievement. She me tenured teachers did lose jobs but aren’t we here for the kids? The problem with these angry people is that they are really trying to protect their six figure salaries while using kids as their human shield. Their contribution was self centered as was their focus. At the end of the day Gaudette prevailed over entitled teachers and the kids are better for it.

  3. I am not going to say weather this is right or wrong but how many of the 200 teachers dismissed in NYC were truly bad and should teach? WHat were the reasons givien for their firing? The ones that got dismissed for the wrong reasons or becasue of bad principal or admin policy should fight back and be renstated, at the very least put into ATR until they are fast tracked to a new school.

    • The reality is… Most teachers are not speaking up about their experience. To be frank “the fish stinks from the head”. There is no teacher that can not be taught and administration should show that they have exhausted their resources to help a teacher before being aloud to fire them in an arbitrary manner. Educators who have been written up for misconduct or had ineffective ratings most often seek retribution and rehabilitate themselves. No teacher should be terminated without a fair chance…

  4. This doesn’t mean much without explanations for why they were fired. If they truly deserved it and it was before they got tenure, I say “good riddance”.

    However, I don’t think it should prevent you from woking in the DOE, that is overly harsh.

    • Teachers are terminated without just cause. Corporations are required to use progressive discipline. Employees get a warning, then a letter, then suspension, then termination. Teachers are just terminated before that can leave the school they are being pushed around in. There is a huge grey area in doe policies that fails to protect “at will” employees and allows principals to abuse the system.

  5. For any person on this blog or otherwise to assume a teacher does not have the capacity to do better is ridiculous! Any teacher entering the system these days must be either actively getting trained or completed an extensive training program. Teachers spend a lot of their own money to get educated and this should not be discounted Lets not fool ourselves. This upturn in discontinuance has everything to do with money and the horrible fact that unlike before the principles are now in control of it. A wiser, more experienced teacher has little to no chance anymore at the NYCDOE.

  6. Does anyone know what the 2015-16 numbers are?

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