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  1. Please join the Public Art Event.
    I am orgainizing an event in Mass. titled Massachusetts: Face Workplace Bullying. My idea is for every state to participate. I will help/support anyone who is willing to be the point person for “New York: Face Workplace Bullying”. It is just a matter of having targets send you a headshot and 250 words or less story. Then upload to Inside/Out website. They print posters for you and publicize. This is part of an international movement. We are looking to paste up posters Labor Day 2015. The hardest part is locating a very visible wall to wheatpaste posters up. I am looking into a well traveled subway stop as most open areas in Boston are public parks which do not allow posting. Toriiannbottomley@gmail.com

    • Beautiful project! How about adding blank faces to show how many employees experience learned helplessness from employer bullying and fear speaking up about it?

  2. I do not understand how an AP who has no experience as School Counselor is supervising that department! Does not know how to program, no idea what to do! Yet knows how to bully, demand, barge into your room when you are counseling Sp. Ed students. I am so happy that she is an ATR! I was an ATR and was so nice to others. This ATR AP has worked in 2 schools that have closed down. She is only here until June. I have never met a ATR who was such a bitter bully!!!!

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