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Quality : HD
Title : Logan
Director : James Mangold.
Writer :
Release : 2017-03-01
Language : English.
Runtime : 135 min.
Genre : Action, Drama, Science Fiction.

Synopsis :
Logan is a movie genre Action, was released in March 1, 2017. James Mangold was directed this movie and starring by Hugh Jackman. This movie tell story about In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X in a hide out on the Mexican border. But Logan’s attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are up-ended when a young mutant arrives, being pursued by dark forces.


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  1. File a EEO complaint. Start using your phone as a recorder. Good luck.

    • I keep thinking that with all the new technology these days workplace bullying will drop. I guess not enough people are using their smartphones to stop these people in their tracks. I do think more people will document with their smartphone in the future.

  2. This is such an outrage!!!! We must save this teacher’s career!

    • They treat all of the teachers in the new York City schools like pieces of crap… all of the administrator are trained to lie bully .. the school s are Jails for all teachers! I hope that the has a good lawyer. . We all need to sue the colleges for our tuition. . This career is slavery for teachers .. being harassed everyday by administrators who can’t teach themselves . Just got were they are from all of the nepotism that goes on ..

      • I understand your outrage one this and other incidents. What ever happened to free speech. The Powers that Be are effectively silencing our educators with fear of retaliation and termination. From what I have experienced, it is working because people are afraid to speak out. Just to let you know I was a Principal that refused to bully by staff even though my supervisors bullied me for protecting them. I can’t believe that I am the only administrator that has gone through what I have, I just wish they would speak out because they are not alone. Together all of us educators must stand up for our rights, otherwise what are we teaching our children. Do what is easy not what is right? This teacher and many others deserve to be treated with respect, professionalism and decency. She was brave to speak out in public and I support her freedom of speech.

        • Do you have any more ideas of how the corruption at PS30X can be exposed? The Administration just continues to harass their teachers. It is an environment that is surely not right for the children. The corruption is all through the system.


    • Most of the schools are bad .. the kids come to school if they come at all .. unprepared and dirty .. they don’t give a crap a out learning.. how can they when the see there parent getting everything for free… they tell me every day .. curse lie steal and the teachers are on the front line with the bully administration gunning them down everyday

    • Most of the schools are bad .. the kids come to school if they come at all .. unprepared and dirty .. they don’t give a crap a out learning.. how can they when the see there parent getting everything for free… they tell me every day .. curse lie steal and the teachers are on the front line with the bully administration looking to break them down everyday

  4. There are so many bad schools!!!!!!

  5. I am so sorry to hear about your story. I wish I could assure you that everything will be ok, but unfortunately I know first hand that this may not be the case.

    Make sure you print your emails and back them up. Keep them for years to come, you never know when you may need them. Once they terminate you they shut your account down immediately and you cannot retrieve anything. Thankfully, many of us back up everything we say and do with hard copy and other forms of documentation.

    If you can it is very important that you try to document from memory as much as you can of every conversation and observation you had. You will be surprised how much you recall when you think about it. You may also recall any other people that may have overheard any conversations.

    In addition, take copies of your students work to prove that their work was rigorous. Nothing is quite as compelling as samples of students work.

    Think hard about any feedback you may have received that was positive for anything you may have done. Use a calendar and think about things day by day. You will be amazed at how much information you recall.

    Did you tell anyone about what the principal said? If so document who, what, where and what time you told them.

    You say the AP found 2 witnesses that heard you raise your voice, you find 2 in the same area that did not hear anything. If they will not put it in writing document it on your own.

    Smart phones are amazing tools. They may be the one tool that stops these people who unfairly target and bully others to stop.

    Keep up the faith; the children need educators like you. I am sending positive thoughts your way.

    • Lori, we have hours upon hours of documented and legally recorded audio from targeted educators and their supervisors, OSI and SCI investigators.

  6. Please email me with your contact information. I will refer you to a great group of people who can help or lead you to help.

  7. I think the treatment at PS30 is disgraceful

  8. You deserve to be cherished, not made to be the bad guy! I went through a similar scenario of being set up by my Principal, who had her a.p.’s as slaves. They are small people, and they are spineless: stand up to them, as they will eventually be “outed” as the phoneys and haters- YOU are in the right!!!

  9. Your story mirrors my own. Ten years later I view the departure as a blessing witnessing the torture that goes on. Best wishes to you. Your health comes first. Don’t let them take that from you.

  10. It makes me very upset that the DOE and our great union does not step up and support their own. We are the ones that know the students better than any body else. I wish they (network, politicians and the behind the scenes doe crew would try our jobs (cluster, classroom, music, art, science, etc) to see how they perform. Recently retired as a music teacher I felt betrayed and lonely hoping that some time in life someone (Principal) will apologize for the hardship they have caused. Totally unfair. I wish you lots of inner strength and do not lose your self esteem. No one can take away that.

  11. You are a gem, unfortunately, a gem in the crap heap known as the DOE, an incompetent banana republik engaged in pedagogicide with their administrative terrorists! They are supported by the faux union, that fakes helping out teachers placed in trouble by inept administrators-gone-wild. Be not deceived! They will not help you, no matter how good, prepared or well-documented you may be! They are legalized criminals! I know since I had to sue their asses; the principal, Chancellor Joel Klein, the Panel for Educational Policy and the Union – all as a pro se complainant and a whistleblower! And I fully expected that they would come after me with everything in their arsenal! They failed! I exposed them, but did that change the system or make it better for teachers? No, not really! They are so firmly entrenched in their madness, supported by so many corrupt monkeys and psycophants, that they believe themselves to be invincible by virtue of the fact that they sre infamous for having no inegrity – and no virtue! Yes, of course, and just by daring to challenge them and expose them, you are now in effect, permanently black listed throughout the US and beyond. They are soulless and heartless cowards! But be of good cheer, GOD sees all and will ultimately exonerate you and exalt you for your valiant effort to do what is right! They may not have any shame – but you will walk proud and upright in your being supported by good upright people and the very almighty God who is keeping you right now! If I can help you fight these monkeys, let me know. My name is not anonymous.

  12. I’m sorry, you made a mistake when you confronted your AP without a union rep or at least a tenured teacher with you. Rule #1, never discuss anything with administrators w/o an eye witness present taking notes.

    • How gracious of you to add salt to the wound! You don’t know the truth yet, do you? Don’t be so damn naïve. No matter what you do, the union is only there to go through the motions to pretend they represent you. That’s why I chose to represent myself. At my 3020-a they showed their true colors in the name of their NYSUT lawyer, Tim Taylor, who backstabbed me as I expected. Still, they were not able to prevail. It doesn’t matter how good a teacher you are? Just ask “Teacher of the Year” David Pakter! Instead, why don’t you offer this young heroic teacher some encouragement?

      • I agree with you about unions to a degree. I am sure that some people work for the union with the intention to make things better for their colleagues, school and educational systems as a whole. I know that my school was blessed with our teacher union representative. She worked with us to make the environment better. However, her union supervisor could care less about our school JHS 125, her politics kept her agenda from helping our school that so many people wanted closed.

        For example: The Proposed Co-Location of New Middle School 08X562 with J.H.S. 125 Henry Hudson (08X125) and P.S. 119 (08X119) in Building X125 Beginning in 2012-2013, clearly states “some administrative staff, teachers, and non- pedagogical positions at JHS would be excessed over the course of the enrollment reductions. This process would take place gradually as student enrollment declines with each successive graduating class. With fewer students the schools staffing needs would naturally be reduced. 08X562 Blueprint School would hire personal to support the schools phase in. The new district schools follow the hiring process consistent with the procedures set forth in the collective barganing agreement between the DOE and UFT.”

        Unfortunately, even after I reached out to the 08X562 Blueprint Middle School Principal T. Harrington, our Superintendent, Mr. T. Behr, my Network Leader of Children First Network 608, Rudolph Rupnarain and tried to get Blueprint Middle School just to interview our teachers who were being excessed it did not happen. I quoted word from word from the educational impact statement and the union agreement which states that the new school is supposed to hire, I believe 40% of my teachers but they never did. They did not even pretend to be interested. Ms. Harrington would not even discuss it with me. My union representative teacher reached out to her union head and no one helped us.

        Not one of my teachers and there were many who had to be excessed were ever given a job or interviewed by Ms. Harrington. No one cared, My Superintendent Mr. Behr condoned Blueprints principal Ms. Harrington not following protocol.

        So, I do not want to label all union people as doing nothing, because I am, oh sorry, I was wrongfully terminated, so I was an administrator at NYCDOE who stood up for my staff’s rights and do not like being lumped in with “bad administrators”, but my union never helped me, only hindered, they were part of the plan to close my school and the teachers union did not help us ever.

        With that said, we are the ones who vote these people in. We pay our dues. We are the only ones who can change this by expressing our displeasure how they are leading us. This means even if you are tired, going to union meetings and voicing our concerns. If we do not start talking about our concerns and building a cohort of people ourselves who are outraged with the state of education this will never stop. The people we vote in must know that they will be voted out if we are not happy. If they remain in power one can only conclude that people are happy with them.

        I know that this is not the case, but if we are not willing to take risks and question the system, it is our right as an American citizen to question and speak freely, then those of us that do speak out will continue to suffer alone.

        Thank you to all educators who work each and every day with integrity and fairness. Your students and community are lucky to have you all.

  13. keep a running record of all DOE email correspondence
    do not meet with the administration without a union rep present
    secretly take audio recordings of all conversations/meetings
    submit written log of harassment summaries to the UFT and document that you submitted it to the union
    submit written log of harassment summaries to the EOE and document that you submitted it
    start seeing a psychiatrist/psychologist and keep all prescription sheets
    do not use any of the union attorneys at your hearings- hire a private attorney or paralegal (e.g. Betsy Combier)
    file an article 78 once you are discontinued
    do not sign any resignation agreements
    if you decide to resign, write your own resignation letter summarizing what was done to you and how it effected you mentally, emotionally, and physically
    ask your psychiatrist/psycholgist to support you in this regard
    do not say much of anything at any meetings with the administration
    do not say much of anything to your union reps (they are busy trying to save their own asses/jobs)
    write a complaint to the human resource director and document that it was submitted
    document document document (with certified return receipt proof)
    join organizations that can lead you to contacts/lawyers
    seek free legal advice from an education attorney (theres an organization called CCLP that can be helpful coalition of concerned legal professionals)

  14. I forgot to mention
    respond to all lesson evaluations/disciplinary letters
    keep copies of your lesson plans and student work
    request demo lessons and sample lesson plans in writing

  15. Connect The Dots of Leadership

    It is time to connect the dots so that everyone can clearly see how our Governor’s negative attitude toward teachers has actually fostered a culture beneath him where administrators within the Department of Education (aka Board of Education) knowingly and incessantly engage in the abridgment of the basic constitutional rights of teachers, students, and parents.

    It is time to connect the dots so that everyone can clearly see how our Governor’s negative perception of teachers has produced an administrative culture where it is permissible to ceaselessly intimidate, bully, and harass teachers; where they are blasé about disrupting lessons and depriving students from a sound education; where they are not interested in facilitating a safe and nurturing learning environment and community building but a hostile and authoritative institution which closely resembles correctional facilities; where they engage in many other immoral and unethical practices with complete immunity against any form of accountability.

    It is time to connect the dots so that everyone can clearly see that these antiquated “Get-Tough/Scared Straight” tactics, as indicated by many controlled scientific studies, are destructive to the learning environment, toxic to the developing mind, facilitates anger and alienation in children, and teaches children to resent authority.

    Is this what we want for our children around a time that more prisons are actually being built in comparison to schools? Is this what we want for our children around a time that the amount of juvenile court cases has reached the millions? Is this what we want for our children around a time that we are openly experiencing hardship between communities and law enforcement?

    You cannot teach children better social skills by being aggressive toward them, their teachers, and their parents. So Governor Cuomo, I implore you to connect your dots of leadership because the adversity Public Schools are currently experiencing is exactly what you will clearly see. Much love to you all, always.


    Luis Angel Perez
    Middle School Science & Mathematics,
    First Grade, Fourth Grade Educator & Advocate

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  18. à—‡à¤‚à¤¤à¥à¤°à¤œà¤¾à¤‚à¤¨à¤¾ उच्चार जमले नाहीत म्हणूनच तर सगळी नांवं बà¤5a8¦à¤²à¤²à¥€ गेली. पण हिंदी मधे वेगळं नांव का? धुळे चं धुलिया? किती विचित्र वाटते ते नांव..

  19. I sure do hope “James Phelan” is thor. Nothing is more delicious than watching thor, with his self-styled genius intellect, forced to tether himself to submoronic gashes like timb in order to find a sympathetic ear.

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