Let’s Make the NY Healthy Workplace Bill A Reality!

Targeted educator

This is from Prof. Gregg Morris of Hunter College,

There is a NY Healthy Workplace Bill to make workplace bullying illegal. [DTOE members] adding their voices/support to the bill – and encouraging others to do so – not only will help the bill become law but also to be a law with teeth. In the past there was support to bring the bill to the floor for the vote, but it stalled because of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who wanted some concessions regarding increasing lawyers fees. The NY Healthy Workplace Advocates, who want fees low and want a law that would allow employees to pursue redress without lawyers and unions involved if the employees so choose,  are hoping that with him gone there will be support to pass the bill this spring. NYHWA, of course, doesn’t want to be public about Silver and the behind-the-scenes stuff  those were some of the issues.

There is still time to share your story! If you are interested in sharing your story of workplace bullying, please forward it to info@dtoe.org.


NY Healthy Workplace Bill

Workplace Bullying Initiative

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