Yvonne Marrero, Principal

Yvonne Marrero, Principal

P.S. Q222 – Fire Fighter Christopher A. Santora School. 86-15 37 AVENUE, QUEENS, NY 11372



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Targets teachers and parents. has targeted a teacher every year she has been an administrator. caused teachers to lose their licenses with false allegations of all kinds. lies outright to the parents. has had a mentor for too many years and allows her to run the show. her mentor has physically handled children for misbehaving, she has removed disruptive children from the classroom and put them in the basement under the care of whomever was there when she has visitors so they do not see the truth in the classes. she has an assistant principal who lies for her and agrees to do whatever she asks because she feels threatened, she has told the teachers to change grades even though its an early childhood school and finally she has had the IEP person write false information on IEP’s because she wanted to special education sector out of the building. I have more info if you want it,.


She is a bully. Ruins people’s careers when she feels you are a threat. People work in fear. No one has trust in the administration. Follows staff who move onto other schools and makes negative and unjust remarks to new employers. Along with her mentor they target staff and demand unrealistic tasks to be completed. Every year staff leave the school because of the unfair treatment. Is surprising how she is still principal in that school after forging budget cuts and laying off a handful of teachers. Its unethical!


I was brought up on bogus charges in order for her to eliminate me and my salary. I suffered intense humiliation and abuse at her hands all the while she had the audacity to ask me to do all kinds of odd jobs in the school since I was taken out of the classroom at her request but stuck in the school for another 15 months. She made sure I was put on display in the nurse’s office and I was exposed to everything that came into that office. She walked around with her mentor who she has had now for 8 years and doesn’t know much on her own. Her mentor makes the decisions and orders the staff around at will as if they were at her disposal. I have a lot more I can tell you regarding how the children are treated. She also had children taken out of the classroom when she had visitors and placed in the basement and then conveniently kept out of the way as well as other maneuvers unheard of.