Tanya Drummond, Principal

Tanya Drummond, Principal

PS 211X, 1919 Prospect Avenue, Bronx, NY.


  1. This IA principal seems to be making all kinds of deals with the Children’s Aid Society a charter school in our building. Somehow she has two UFT members working during the day under the CAS as well as the DOE. She is very secrertaive and extremely rude to our teachers. She orders us around to move furniture and has been threatening teachers saying things like” if you don’t like it get out. I have plenty of people to bring into this building .” She ignores our contract and micromanages everything including the color of the bulletin board paper!

  2. I told Mulgrew she was in need of improvement , but she must have the traits that Carmen likes in a principal . I didn’t write this comment it might have come from one of the over-worked crushed souls left in the building . You know , not one of her friends that she has hired , but I’m glad to see that someone spoke up!

    • I was forced into an early retirement due to her mission of destroying me. After 23 years of satisfactory service she rated me as an ineffective teacher. She assigned me as a cluster teacher covering grades Pre-K through 8Th grade all in one day.?i never had a schedule so anything could happen at any given time. As the CL for 18 years she had the nerve to tell me not to run . I ignored her and won the election. At this point , she went into over gear with her harassment and it was impossible for me to run around with no schedule and no help in sight. She destroyed my spirit and will to teach. I ended up in the hospital with what was like a mini stroke from the stress. That’s the thanks I got from my union after 18 years as the CL. My D.R. Also said ” maybe I should step down” thanks for the advice.

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