Tami Flynn, PS 193K

Tami Flynn, PS 193K




  1. I've noticed that....

    Several parents and students were targeted for opposing Tami Flynn’s removal of the school’s credo, “be respectful be nice”. The French program was removed from the school without talking to parents. Parents are not welcomed into the school. Tami Flynn hired her under qualified friend to be assistant principal. Tami Flynn promotes and encourages the bullying of the staff and students who disagree with her views. Children were forced to urinate and defecate on themselves because Tami Flynn told teachers which students had parents that proposed to her changes.

  2. The day the new ineffective and in over her head principal is removed, will be the day that this school will return to its greatness. The enigma must be fired. This principal Flynn has been responsible for removing all of the programs that once made this school notable. She has replaced all of the great staff with unqualified and uncertified to teach certain gifted programs. She combined 4th and 5th grade classes. Most parents fear her retaliatory tactics. I most recently became aware that she and her staff did not follow basic protocol to notify a parent when the child soiled their clothes when the child was not allowed to use the bathroom even though he said that it was an emergency. Can you believe that not one staff member contacted the parents. The child was forced to sit in his own fecal matter from 9:30 AM until afternoon dismissal at 2:20PM. Not 1 call to the parent and the parent is always readily available to volunteer in the school, is a member of the PA, and SLT. This is a damn shame. When the parent picked the child up at dismissal and immediately noticed that the child was soiled, he went to the Prinicpal who in turn laughed at the parent and had him escorted out of the school. This is ABUSE!!!!!! She must go!!!!

    • Wow Really!!! This is completely hard to believe. The child may have soiled himself and may have been embarrassed to say anything and now the parents are blaming every teacher at the school??? This story is totally out of control. Get it together people.

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