Susan Green

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Susan Green, Principal (on right) with AP Jackie Colon (left)


PS 208M




  1. Be aware of Susan Green , she mistreats special education students and ignores the legal ratio of 12:1:1, she often has more than the allocated amount of students in a class. She has unrealistic expectations of special education students and will make them feel bad for not meeting her expectations.

    • Susan Green actually has high expectations for all students, regardless of mental capability. Not only does she, treat special education students with the utmost respect, she truly leads and protects them, like a true capable educator would. She truly loves and adores all her students; the results clearly show. Thank you, Susan, for all you do.

  2. Be aware of Susan Green she belittles her staff and berates them and creates a good work environment where she puts teachers against each other. The moral is so low at P.S 208 and she thrives off of yelling at teachers in front of others . She has discontinued 23 teachers !!

    • She creates a *poor work environment

    • What Susan Green does is push and lead her staff to excellence. Anything less will not be tolerated. She makes sure that her school has the best teachers who are passionate and serious about educating the next generation. As we all have seen, the education system steadily declines, as do the quality of educators. Ms. Green is a beacon of light, as she truly does watch and care what goes on before/during/after school hours. The parents display full confidence that their children are fed, watched, taught and respected.

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