Stanley Moise, Principal, PS 213K

Stanley Moise, Principal, PS 213 New Lots



This Region 5 principal fails to give teachers adequate support when students misbehave.

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That guy

He also harasses staff and uses intimidation to get teachers on his “side”. The use of our evaluation system wreaks of favoritism and is used to bring down hard working staff. Nepotism rampant there as well. The network leader has made Stan hire all of his family and friends. He offers no help to teachers and you could forget the poor students. He doesn’t care.


students have no after school program or pull out for reading and math . No plan of action to support teachers with misbehave students.

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Lisa Garas

I was there for two weeks last year and it was horrible. I was put in a 1st grade class that hadn’t had a teacher since September and this was November! The students had no textbooks and I was told I was supposed to have lesson plans for programs I was never trained in. I asked the other 1st grade teachers for help but they didn’t know what to do either. A letter was put in my file because I was unfamiliar with their writing program. I ended up with a U for the year even though I spent the rest of the year with another school that loved me. I got the U removed thank G-d.

love.come foever

always dont know what you talking about go sit down or i call police on you cause you mean