Stacy Walsh, Principal, Brownsville Collorborative Middle School

Stacy Walsh, Principal, Brownsville Collaborative Middle School



  1. Karma knows your address

    Stacey does a lot of things wrong:
    1. she lies about everything
    2. She curses in-front of students
    3. She yells at teachers (“you’re a horrible teacher”, “you can’t do anything right”) in front of students, in front of classes
    4. She encourages students to spy on teachers and report back to her, what teachers do on their preps and at lunch
    5. All but one teacher transferred out at the end of the first year the school was open. 2 teachers claimed psychological abuse and received waivers from TFA in order to transfer out.
    6. During year two, 2 teachers transferred out, mid year. This included the UFT chapter leader
    7. She does not believe in Special Education, YES she has said this very many times in many meetings. So the school does not offer SETTS.
    8. Although the school does not offer SETTS, SETTS students are there. The school receives the money for these students but the students do not get the services. Instead Stacey spends the money buying technology, that she keeps locked up and hidden until guest come to visit.
    9. The students run the school. Teachers are yelled out, cursed out and even pushed. Stacey’s stance is, well you have to be a strong teacher.
    10. Students are only suspended if there’s blood involved AND the parent pushes for suspension
    11. Stacey had new teachers doing “Breakfast duty” and told them not to tell their chapter leader. She did not pay then per-session. She didn’t pay them at all for it
    12. She lied about being a UFT chapter leader
    13. She talks about teachers with students
    14. She has favorite students who do a whole lot wrong, but never gets in any trouble
    15. She lied to NYPD about a student who shot someone on his way to school. She said the student was in school the whole time. He was not. He came in AFTER he did what he did.
    16. She has students sit in the hall on the floor for “Town meeting” where she cries, yells and disparages them. She tells them “no one cares about you except me”. “I protect you, I feed you and this is how you repay me”. “this school is going down the drain because of you”.
    17. She will often over ALL schedule teacher for 27+ teaching periods a week. She will then say “the school doesn’t have the bandwidth for you to have a prep on this day or lunch”. Then she will say “I didn’t make the programs speak to the AP”.
    18. She asks teachers for an inordinate amount of unreasonable paper work that no-one ever looks at
    19. Teachers are blamed for EVERYTHING
    20. Teachers are not observed, but given observations to sign
    21. Stacey prefers to hire brand new, don’t know your rights, teacher…Then she bullies them
    22. Her best friend taught ELA there and was amongst the group of teachers who left in year one.
    23. She takes over teachers classes WHILE the teacher is teaching and says “No, no you’re doing this wrong. Let me show you how to teach”. She apologizes to the students for having a “bad teacher” and promises to get them a new one.
    24. Did I mention she offers teachers no support. She’s a tyrant. When she’s absent the whole school feels better.
    25. The co-located school downstairs…they ALL hate Stacey AND they are very candid and upfront about it.
    26. She gives the students money and tell them to go buy that “KFC” that ya’ll like so bad. (isn’t this against DOE policy ?)
    27. She encourages, and coaxes students to write up false allegations against teachers, that then have to go through OSI.
    28. She is physically, verbally and emotionally abusive against the students and teachers alike
    29. She “acts” like she has a mental disorder…she twitches and stuff…it’s really weird.
    30. She uses school money to hire her friend Rene from cambridge to come in and do PD with teachers. I know I wanted to eat my feet sitting in those PD’s they were that bad. She (stacey) sent around a questionaire asking teachers what PD they wanted and she still hired Rene, despite what teachers wrote.
    31. If you’re an ELA teacher, this is for you…Stacey was an ELA teacher in the Bronx (so she said). She changes the ELA curriculum and map every week. She wants the lesson plans written a special way and she checks the ELA teachers grade books frequently. She treats the ELA department like imbeciles, idiots incapable of doing anything right.
    32. Math is not her thing. She doesn’t to much mess with the math department, that is unless you’re a teacher on her hit list. Then all gloves are off. She has an AP that’s a math person, but she (ughh), that’s a whole other story.
    33. Encourages cheating on the NYS exams.
    34. Incorrectly codes students in ATS so she won’t get hit with special education violations
    35. VERY RETALIATORY (she will smile in your face, even laugh with you, while cutting your throat and stabbing you in the chest at the same time)

    ** if you value your sanity, then this is not the school for you. If you’re seeking support, this is not the school for you. If you’re seeking an environment where you can just be yourself and teach, NOPE this school is REALLY not for you. If you’re a strong willed teacher with a voice and a backbone, apply elsewhere, this is not the place for you either **

    Understand me when I tell you that this lady has no business working in a school in Brownsville Brooklyn. She shouldn’t be any ones administrator. And yes she came through the Ronald McDonald land principals academy. She has lived up to everything she was taught to do to embarrass, demean, denigrate, and destroy teachers..
    Oh yes and this is funny…The network people who visited the school on numerous occassions said don’t like her and have said so publicly. They said they don’t know how to get rid of her.

  2. Karma knows your address

    About # 28 on the above list:
    Stacey pushes, shoves and slams students to the wall. She told a student he was a “retard”. A SE student who desperately NEEDED his SE services, but weren’t getting them was , by another student, body slammed against a wall then hit the floor. The student was bleeding from the head and twitching while laying on the floor in the hall. Stacey stepped over him and kept walking down the hall. A teacher called 911. It so happened that this student was the one she called a “retard” and slammed him up against a wall. The student who assaulted him was one of Stacey’s favorites.

    • first off she is not the way you say she is ms.walsh is an amazing person who loves and cares for her students so stop hating on my principle like that because all your saying is lies just lies about her and you don’t even know her or how she runs her school so cut that out with the stupid lies .

  3. hi ms.shade im so sorry that miss you I go my new school

  4. Ms.Walsh is nothing like that dont lie on my principal u guys just do that because you guys think that ms.Walsh is wrong for working with black kids in our community but having miss Walsh is the best have of her students got picked for there first or second round high school choose also ms.Walsh help and educates us so stop lieing on my principal

  5. Like what ms.Walsh and my mother thought me if you have nun nice to say keep it to yourself

  6. I think it’s cruel of someone to state those things about Mrs.Walsh, which are not true. She is a Great person and Does her job very well. I recommend that those comments be deleted its unapproiate and Lies.

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