Sherry Tannenbaum, Principal

Sherry Tannenbaum, Principal


6006 23 AVENUE


  1. Moral of this school very low. There has been about 50 people who transferred or were told if they don’t transfer she will give them unsatisfactory. Speaks to teachers and other workers with no respect if she after you. The harder you work the worse it is I don’t know why. 3 ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS LEFT BECAUSE SHE ABUSED THEM. One teacher had some much stress had to wear a heart monitor she transferred lots more info when you contact me

  2. Many of the teachers in this school either left because of abuse or were pushed out by administrator by threatening them. This is been going on for 6 years not only teachers but 4 assistant principals were harassed and transferred by this principal. I myself was harassed for NO REASON i always do my job she must have wanted my spot for one of her friends. Will further discuss if yo call me Moral in this school is low everyone walks on pins and needles not good for students . Please help. Also she unfair her friends have the out of class nonsense jobs jobs and everyone else are slaves. She is not a nice person.

  3. The principal openly displayed personal issues with coworkers in front of students & staff. Often, personal vendettas were her agenda, rather than the benefit of the students. She regularly handed out pay checks as if she was employing the staff, in order to conjure feelings of power and intimidation. Overall, in my opinion, has some deep emotional / personal issues and was unfit to be a principal, & it is upsurd that she remained at ps 226 given the amount of investigations and complaints about her. It unfortunately, speaks to the deep rooted problem of connections and favors that the DOE extends to their friends. The students should be the priority, and teachers need to supported not scrutinized.

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