Shawn Mangar, Principal

Shawn Mangar, Founding Principal

Baychester Middle School




New Action: Mangar brags, “I’ve been investigated many times!”

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Last year, the 8th grade classes were overcapacity. The title I limit is 30, and some of the mainstream classes were at 34. Additionally, the SPED self-contained class had 14 kids, and it was supposed to have no more than 12. Some of the teachers spoke to admin about the situation, but nothing was taken care of. Then, since nothing was being done about it, the school was reported anonymously for being out of compliance. Mangar proceeded to hold an after-school meeting where he yelled at all of us like we were misbehaving children. Actually, I think he speaks in a nicer manner to misbehaving children than he did to us. He went on and on about how the school didn’t have trust and they were going to resolve the situation, but that someone chose to back stab the school by reporting a compliance issue. The situation had been going on for a while and it was already late December when the problem was reported. A lot of staff members were horrified. God forbid we should, as a school, follow the laws that were put in place in order to protect and help children. As a result, 10 people left… Read more »
Billie Joe

Shawn Mangar is in ads on all the subway cars!


Yes, those ads make me want to gag.

Former AP

“During the 2013-2014 school year, Mr. Mangar discontinued four first year teachers without giving them notice that they needed to improve and/or proper mentoring. He and his protege, Meghan Boova, admitting to faking mentoring logs.

Mr. Mangar also routinely does not intervene in disciplinary issues. 8th grade students may be running around the hallways, cursing at teachers, or wielding scissors and he will do nothing to help support teachers.

Mr. Mangar and Ms. Boova decide which of the OORS (incident reports) will be entered into the system and which ones won’t. Incidences of sexual harassment against teachers and/or students fighting in the classroom have been thrown in the garbage. Only certain teachers get their OORS reports taken seriously and put into the official tracking system. “


Mr. Mangar is incompetent. He frequently makes teachers do HIS job. Last year, he had Boova take on many responsibilities that he should’ve been doing, like speaking to parents at school events. Even the simplest of tasks he’ll hand over to someone else, which makes people wonder, what exactly does he do all day?

He also has a habit of passing the blame for every problem onto teachers. Meanwhile, the students have little respect for him. He has little respect for the staff as well. He frequently speaks to the staff with a tone of disdain. Teacher turnover will continue to be high until he learns how to treat people.


No real mentoring for first year teacher’s. When asking for help Shawn doesn’t support and Liz Leebens is very incompetent. I was rated inefficient on more than one occasion after she denied meeting with me when I expressed I did not know how to teach math. I also expressed this in the interview and they agreed to hire me anyway. None of the students respect the admin and nothing gets reported when kids get into fights. On one occasion a student was threatened with a knife and the school failed to notify the parents of both sides, which lead to a fist fight between parents in the office during school hours.


These inaccurate tidbits of information have been provided by employees that did not invest time, energy and pride in creating rigorous lessons for students, did not meet deadlines, made excuses for laziness and complained to deflect from incompetency. Notice the use of the word employee versus the word teacher or educator bc this type of behavior cannot be categorized as teaching or educating, as it is an insult to the profession. This school is a friendly, collaborative and warm environment where children are nurtured and pushed to meet high expectations both academically and socially. The absence of the employees that commented above are a welcomed favor to the teachers and educators that call this school their own. Thank you for taking your toxicity with you upon your leave.