Yira Salcedo

Yira Salcedo, Principal (left) with AP on right.

I TEACH NYC's portrait.


Westchester Square Academy

School Number:




School Hours
Student Enrollment:
Grades Served:

09, 10, 11, 12, SE


Parent Coordinator:

Diosamaria Rodriguez

Police Precinct:
Geographic District:








Family Leadership Coordinator:
Irving Roman
Family Support Coordinator:
Amy Mendez
Education Council President:
Farah Despeignes

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Rumors went around the Lehman campus about the mass exodus at this school. The turn over is quantified as only 6 out of 40 teachers remaining at the school under this new principal.
Concern about transparency and reports of harassment and abuse, ageism and retaliation, nitpicking and humiliation of teachers. This post is to say buyer beware. A pattern is beginning. Document everything.


Hi, just wondering if this comment is specific to the actual Westchester Academy?

Thank you.


OmG they let Yira Salcedo be a principal!

She comes from failed Samuel gompers cte Hs …. she was a Apo who was useless and incompetent.had no clue what she was doing and followed that ridiculous principal Joyce Kittrell around like her personal butler …. despite how they were destroying that school.

She was once a shop teacher (Ms. Pimentel)who couldn’t control her class . Geez …. setting the bar low…..


Yira clearly has connections and couldn’t have been appointed principal because of skill. She has turned a once great school into a place where incompetence rules the day, and you are punished unless you fall into line with her bizarre way of doing things. She does not trust teachers, assumes the worst about every adult and child she meets, and should feel ashamed of what she did to destroy this school.


Wow. It’s all true. She is a viper bent on destroying good teachers with U ratings, lying about them and driving them away or getting them fired. Students are either really scary or really scared. They hate the admin and all the new teachers. Very oppressive atmosphere where fights rule almost everyday.


The two APs at this school should also be looked into. They have colluded with Yira to destroy teachers and to clean out the school’s per session for themselves. Add Kristen Schaefer and Simone Hartley to the ANOI lists- they deserve nothing less.

Maximus Exodous

Westchester Square Academy turned into Who Selected Administration HS

Salcedo aka Pabla Escobar – Takes over a grade A school with great structure and destroys it within months. I heard she even found a way to push a Big Apple award winner out the door. No care for good hearted staff, just soldiers that will fall in line. Not surprised to hear about her failures as a teacher, APO and currently Principal (Half of a human brain)

Hartley aka Pabla’s Sicario – The worst of the three headed monster. Had no problem lying or deceiving staff. Not effective at communication, so she can get a bit nasty like her weave. (Half of a Reptilian Brain)

Schaefer aka Pabla’s Spy – Probably just happy to be an administrator and has been forced to follow the vision of destruction, set by Salcedo. Probably the only one ashamed of having to be a part of the destruction of WSA. Guilty by association. (Full poisoned Human brain)

Hoping the previous administration and ex-staff land at GREAT schools!

Vox Veritas
It seems like the last poster (& a few more) have been there & done that (like me). I call salcedo, hartley AND schaefer the Trifecta of Terror. Awful awful smear campaign against new & veteran teachers alike. I was new to the field but have been around a while and have 2 different very successful careers to show for it AND 2 CEOs to vouch for me. So I have credibility, a track record, stellar rep and longevity on my side. When a cpl students threatened me, I tried just asking the administration to talk with me to the kids just vying for attn, albeit negative. I didn’t want to report them at all but salcedo felt threatened that I just asked for support for some stupid reason so she started targeting me. About 99% of the kids loved me (the others were failing bc they never showed up or didn’t do any homework) & pleaded w/her to give me more support with certain students who were mutinous & derailed the classes (only 2 out of 5 classes were like that, but still). She told them she’d help me but then would turn the screws on me and get… Read more »

Test post

Crystal Rivera
What happened to The once awesome Westchester Square Academy is atrocious and whoever brought Yira Salcedo and her flunkee staff should be ashamed of themselves. The entire once outstanding staff left before the 2017-18 academic year began and whoever remained left by October. It was so sad seeing such a wonderful and amazing staff leave this great school, and has been even more sad to watch an incompetent imbasil destroy everything in a couple of weeks. There is no more anything at this school. No morale, no drive, no care, and no Principal. Who is the Principal anyway? Does anyone know who she even is? Does she even exist? Her person resembles her skills – absent and invisible. What a shame. I pray the DOE wakes up and gives the school to someone who actually likes children. I often wonder why Salcedo is a Principal at all. She is clearly in the wrong field. She doesn’t even like children and she could care less about a school or anyone in it. She has zero knowledge of who anyone is there at all and doesn’t want to know – faculty, staff, students, parents. I guess she’s there for the paycheck, because… Read more »

It really is falling apart after she came I hate it and feel so sorry for the kids younger than me left here.
She’s manipulative towards us and even in staff interactions, you can tell the teachers have no idea what to do. She ran out some of my favorite teachers by stressing them out and disrespecting them and is destroying the support system here, What are even WSA values towards her. The students don’t know what’s going on and neither the teachers. If you have to choose a campus school go to anywhere but wsa.


You guys should consider consulting with an attorney. You might be able to file an age or other kind of discrimination complaint or a PERB case. The PERB case can also be filed against the UFT as well if they violate the contract. I use Bryon Glass, the teachers lawyer. He’s not that expensive and he can also help you file a case on your own so you can save money.


And for those new teachers, don’t wait until it’s too late. Go and get a consultation with an attorney. If you are being harassed and targeted, you have to have evidence that you filed complaints otherwise once you are discontinued oftentimes there’s very little that can be done at that time.


Also, the attorney costs are tax deductible since it’s being spent to protect your employment.


TY Sally. I spent quite a bit with Glass already. I didn’t know it was tax deductible. I’m filing Monday.


If you itemize your return, it’s tax deductible. If you have attorney fees from previous years, I’d try to find out if you can file an amendment for those years as well.
I used TurboTax and it popped up on the screen during my itemized deductions, with an explanation.