Rudolph Rupnarain, CFN 608 Network Leader


CFN 608 Network Leader


Previously of:

Intermediate School 131

BRONX, NY 10473

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Lori Evanko
Could the old adage; “promoted to higher levels of incompetency” fit this situation? I dare say this was true? Rumors surfaced that Rupnarain, rarely came out of his office, when he was principal, brought his children to school when the babysitter cancelled, left work early, and delegated more often than not. I was very hesitant to believe any of this, as I have learned to take everything with a grain of salt. I also wanted to judge my network leader on his performance and interaction with my staff and me. Unfortunately his shortcomings as a network leader were not the only ones I found and research corroborates this. The case with CFN608. Take for instance, Mr. Rupnarain the leader, The New York State School Report Card: Accountability and Overview Report, for the 2005-2006 school year, for JHS 131 Albert Einstein Middle School in District 8 led by Rudolph Rupnarain, principal indicated that he was not up to the task of network leader. Why am I saying that? Because the proof is in the numbers and the numbers are students. JHS 131 was a fairly large middle school with over 1100 students, with a very small English Language Learner population of… Read more »
Lori Evanko
What data is Farina looking at to put a failing Cluster Leader Jose Ruiz in charge of the Bronx? What are the odds, of all these schools declining under Cluster 6 leadership of Jose Ruiz? If your still not convinced look at the NYS Failing School Report for 2015. Please note, that this is not a complete list of Failing Schools for Cluster 6, but I became so disgusted by the failure I could not bring myself to continue. Out of 90 failing schools, a quick check revealed that Cluster 6 under Jose Ruiz leadership was accountable for a minimum of 20 failed schools. District 8, under Tim Behr is accountable for 4 failed schools and Rudolph Rupnarain, is accountable for 3 failing schools. This does not include the many closed schools under their leadership. And now he is going to lead the Bronx. Wow! NYS Failing Schools Report PS 107 Cluster 6/District 8/Behr MS 301 Cluster 6/ District 8/Behr Bronx Mathematics Prep School Cluster 6/ District 8/Berh CFN 608 Hunts Point School Cluster 6/ District 8/Behr Herbert H Lehman H.S. Cluster 6/ District 8 Samuel Gompers Career & Technical Education H.S. Cluster 6 Performance School Elementary Cluster 6 MS… Read more »
Oh He's a Failure!

Rudolph Rupnarain is the Network Leader of CFN608, and is one of the worst Networks in the city. He is not to be trusted. He did not want JHS 125 Henry Hudson to succeed. He wanted me to U-rate all three of my assistant principals and many teachers. When I refused, he threatened me. I told many people about this, but too many are complicit and working together, including Timothy Behr, former District 8 Superintendent, and Jose Ruiz, Cluster Leader 6. It is disgraceful that this has been allowed to go on.

Funny AP

You should remove these posts they were made by a former principal, Lori Ann Evanko, who was FIRED. Evanko has a personal vendetta with all the named employees. Guess she should not have swindled all that money from the school budget.


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