Rosie Sifuentes Rosado, Principal

Rosie Sifuentes Rosado, Principal

PS/MS 194

2365 Waterbury Ave, Bronx, NY 10462


News 12: Parents Demand Removal of Principal Rosado


  1. She also has gone by the first name Rosa but the NYC DOE lists her as “Rosie.”

    She has done so many bad things to my co-workers from discontinuance to bad ratings.

    Sifuentes may have been pulled over for driving drunk in the past. Recently she disappeared from 194 around May and came back in August. Another person was sent in to cover for her as principal. Supposedly it was a DUI case. Without proof it’s nothing.

  2. I’ll never forget that November 15, Friday afternoon when Sifuentes pulled me into her office about half an hour before the school day ended. Her and her AP Venzetta broke the rules and badgered me out of nowhere. I was nervous because they made sure I was. They had plenty of practice at creating situations to set people up. Sifuentes was the dominant aggressor and made me incriminate myself many times. I was never any danger to any kids in that building but Sifuentes was a danger to the well-being of the staff. Some people can’t handle their power and should live striped of it. That day ruined my life and I’m still traumatized by my experience in her office. Her life should be ruined by her own case. But that’s not the NYCDOE way. This is why I hate bureaucracy even more than ever, especially the one called The City of New York. I hate the NYCDOE and Sifuentes. I gave 194, so much, too much. Sifuentes and those other APs,like her buddy Venzetta, take advantage of nice people and ruin them as part of a sort of game: they make themselves look necessary when in reality they represent bureaucratic fat that needs to be cut. I hope she gets locked up like she deserves. I’ll even visit her to say hello. I’m one of her ghosts. Vindicated,you must be a former co-worker and I hope your situation played out well. I wish I could have said goodbye to the staff and kids. Be sure to share the dtoe link with the others so they can be informed. I don’t think I could ever work with kids again. I’d rather work on cars.

  3. If you’re thinking about working here, be prepared to work in a very unhealthy and hostile environment, where there is a “My Way or the Highway,” mentality. While the students are well behaved and there is structure, that’s all it’s got going for it.

    Allow me to elaborate. It’s unlike anywhere I’ve ever worked before and I’ve worked at a lot of schools/places. You can do 99% of the things right, but will be crucified for that 1%. You will be spoken to in a manner that you won’t be accustomed to, specifically like a child and a moron. You will be chastised and the goal is to break to till you cry. Don’t fall for it. There’s a reason that the Principal and Admins have such a low rating on the Quality Review report, especially on trustworthiness. They love to gang up on you and tag team, trying to make you crack. It’s like being in an interrogation room with the white light shining in your eyes. You’re being jabbed at and accused of something you didn’t do and they want to mess with you. I know it sounds sick, but they’re sick. You are not supported or guided. You will constantly here it’s the 194 Way, whether it’s right or not. The APs will side with the Principal every time, so don’t even bother talking to them. They are puppets that write up observations, and report every minor infraction directly back to the Principal. There is no wiggle room here. They are out to get you, so be prepared to be screwed with and talked down to.
    You can sense the tension and low morale in the building immediately. At first, it will be hard to put your finger on it, but after reading this, you will notice that everything I’ve shared is 100% correct. There are eyes everywhere happily waiting to rat you out at every level, so beware. Everyone is on guard, as there is a sense of fear at every corner and some of the teachers are really slimy. More specifically, the ones that have been in the building the longest and who have cushy jobs. Normally, teachers will befriend you, but not much here and not for a long time. They’re too afraid, which again, I know happens in many work places, but this place is again unlike any I’ve ever experienced. I can’t stress this enough. I’m not a disgruntle employee, just trying to help you make sense of things. You will hear about the “Mean Girls Club,” and yes, it exists. It’s petty, but it’s real.

    The building is beautiful and has A/C, so that’s a big plus. If you have any doubt that the above isn’t true, the District 11 UFT office is down the block. Call the rep, in fact, always call the District Office to find out about a school. You will get confirmation on the above to the 1,000% and much more. One of the reasons the school is not united is because the UFT Rep is useless. She doesn’t do her job and can be nasty.

    So, take the job, because, we’ll it’s the Bronx and you have few decent choices, but be forewarned, your opinion doesn’t matter, the UFT contract doesn’t matter, your happiness doesn’t matter, your career doesn’t matter, as long as you are in “that,” building. Put on a smile, play the game, pay your bills and keep your mouth shut. Best of luck!!!

  4. This site is intended to bring factual information for the purpose of improving situations. Please keep to facts. Thank you.

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