Renee Belton, Principal

Renee Belton, Principal

CS 200M / PS 200M

2589 7th Avenue, Manhattan, NY.


  1. Discontinued Teacher

    During my employment in this school, I endured two major incident. One is , when I asked for assistance from the union leader, Ms. Baker, and district representative, Mr. Clark, neither response to my request. However, at this point, I was receiving disciplinary letters on top of disciplinary letters. I repeatedly requested help from the union leader, Ms. Baker and classroom teachers but not avail.

    The second incident I endured was when the union delegate, Ms. Williams, entered my classroom demanding for my teacher assistant, Ms. Perez, to go to her classroom because Ms. Williams wanted a break from her class. She never asked me, she just entered my classroom as if she controlled my class. Stunned by the union delegate’s behavior, I began to inquire if this is an appropriate thing to do. First, I asked the teacher assistant, Ms. Perez. Ms. Perez suggested to speak to Ms. Williams. However, I decided to as the Assistant Principal, Ms. Michelle Peck. I approached Ms. Peck. She asked two questions. She asked the names of the individual involved (when initially inquire, I did not provide the name). Once I provided the name, she then said she will deal with the matter at hand. The matter ended, with me having a dispute with the union leader, Ms. Williams. She was not happy that I approached the Assistant Principal, Ms. Peck. I realized what she wanted me to do is to keep quiet and allow her to take my assistant teacher, Ms. Perez to sit her classroom. And, I should be left alone to handle my special ed class, despite the law says that a teacher should not be left alone in the classroom with special education students.

  2. I’m glad that I read this post because I almost interviewed at this school. I decided to cancel the interview, though, because I had a bad feeling about the young, inexperienced principal. It’s pretty sad that your union representative pulled this nonsense, but I’m not surprised. The UFT is corrupt, all the way down to the chapter leaders. (The chapter leaders are usually favored by the administration and engage in equally unethical behavior.) I’m sorry to hear that the administration was putting letters in your file. The NYC DOE is so awful.

  3. How do you know the principal is young and inexperienced if you never attended the interview?

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