Principal Pauline Shakespeare PS 34

Principal Pauline Shakespeare PS 34

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Here is a transcript of Principal Pauline Shakespeare committing perjury stating she never made a comment about the fact that the ” UFT can’t protect bad teachers.” Followed by the audio of her actually saying it to a teacher she targeted and discontinued after the teacher requested support.



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  1. Please be aware Principal Shakespeare is also under investigation for doctoring the quality review at PS34Q for removing children from overcrowded classrooms and only allowing hand picked teachers to be observed.

  2. Who is this principal? She sounds like shes trying to hypnotize you with her voice. as if she were some type of svengali

    • she is a good principal iam 10 and i go to her school we are in 2017 i am still in her school i have been there since 2nd grade now in 5th gradeshe is nice she gives awayher personal stuff to meand my friend trinty so dont get it twisted

  3. Please Add the reviews of this school.

  4. The principal Pauline Shakespeare is a bully. The staff is a revolving door as so many teachers cannot take Mrs. Shakespeare’s verbal and mental abuse. Some new teachers do not even last a full year and some leave after a year of her verbal and mental abuse. She has made teachers retire before they were ready to leave the teaching profession.

  5. Kevin GalliArd is an intensely poor teacher. He interacts with no connection with the students, has been teaching wrong and behind schedule and, is an impostor. He acts like a gentleman and during the state ElA exam pressurized children by saying and I quote from my daughter” 40 of 90 minutes left you should be on question 42 of 42. The were fifth graders and the passage was 3 pages long !

    • What’s the solution? Should he rush the content since he’s behind? What pressures come from above that cause this? I’m just asking.


  6. Karma is a Witch.

    I have to say, this does not surprise me at all. For years Pauline Shakespeare has been a “Bull in a China Shop.” When she is upset, bothered, annoyed, or pissed off…you better watch out. She makes you believe that she is supportive and helpful when in reality she is vengeful and calculating.

    I am a former teacher of P.S.34 which really saddens me to say. I worked at that school for many years until Dr. Jekyll turned into Mrs. Hyde. and I had to leave. Before she came to this school, the teachers and staff were like family. We did things together, collaborated with each other on a regular basis, came in early and stayed late into the evening.

    Unfortunately, when Pauline Shakespeare became the principal of P.S.34, things took a drastic change. She created problems within the staff by being very divisive and messy. She micromanaged every little thing as if we were robots instead of teachers with degrees.

    She favored your white teachers because she said that, “They know how to listen and follow directions.” She constantly commented on our attire, saying that real teachers wear “sweater vests or cardigans and slacks” not jeans with glitter on the pockets. She was paranoid, thinking she was constantly being taped or videoed. She was very opinionated, controlling, and judgmental which destroyed the fiber of our beloved school.

    She berated teachers in front of their colleagues and students. She threatened and taunted teachers who she felt were not good enough to be in her “clique.” I kid you not, ever since she came to that school teachers, including myself, who have worked there for years, have left one by one and sometimes in groups of five or more. The only reason some of the older teachers put up with her foolishness is because they make too much to go to another school, so that are just hanging in there until they retire.

    Now to her credit, she knows her stuff when it comes to curriculum, but that’s about it.

    She is very regimented and unable to old-fashioned. It’s that “Speak only when spoken to” mentality. Her egotistical ways are personified by the larger than life portrait of, none other than, herself that greets you as you enter her office; which belongs on a bottle of syrup rather than in an academic setting.

    I bet half of her staff went on the Open Market this year hoping and praying that they could get a teaching position somewhere else in September.

    I could go on and on about her crazy and psychotic ways… but don’t have the time nor space on this website to do so.
    Karma is a Witch.

  7. Karma is a Witch

    I have to say, this does not surprise me at all. For years Pauline Shakespeare has been a “Bull in a China Shop.” When she is upset, bothered, annoyed, or pissed off…you better watch out. She makes you believe that she is supportive and helpful when in reality she is vengeful and calculating.

    I am a former teacher of P.S.34 which really saddens me to say. I worked at that school for many years until Dr. Jekyll turned into Mrs. Hyde. and I had to leave. Before she came to this school, the teachers and staff were like family. We did things together, collaborated with each other on a regular basis, came in early and stayed late into the evening.

    Unfortunately, when Pauline Shakespeare became the principal of P.S.34, things took a drastic change. She created problems within the staff by being very divisive and messy. She micromanaged every little thing as if we were robots instead of teachers with degrees.

    She favored your white teachers because she said that, “They know how to listen and follow directions.” She constantly commented on our attire, saying that real teachers wear “sweater vests or cardigans and slacks” not jeans with glitter on the pockets. She was paranoid, thinking she was constantly being taped or videoed. She was very opinionated, controlling, and judgmental which destroyed the fiber of our beloved school.

    She berated teachers in front of their colleagues and students. She threatened and taunted teachers who she felt were not good enough to be in her “clique.” I kid you not, ever since she came to that school teachers, including myself, who have worked there for years, have left one by one and sometimes in groups of five or more. The only reason some of the older teachers put up with her foolishness is because they make too much to go to another school, so that are just hanging in there until they retire.

    Now to her credit, she knows her stuff when it comes to curriculum, but that’s about it.

    She is very regimented and unable to old-fashioned. It’s that “Speak only when spoken to” mentality. Her egotistical ways are personified by the larger than life portrait of, none other than, herself that greets you as you enter her office; which belongs on a bottle of syrup rather than in an academic setting.

    I bet half of her staff went on the Open Market this year hoping and praying that they could get a teaching position somewhere else in September.

    I could go on and on about her crazy and psychotic ways… but don’t have the time nor space on this website to do so.
    Karma is a Witch.

  8. I had the pleasure of working at P.S.34Q. It saddens me to see Mrs.Shakespeare attacked on this page.Mrs. Shakespeare puts the needs of the children first and foremost! Sometimes we must take the time and evaluate ourselves and our actions. I am no longer teaching at P.S.34Q however I would not blame anyone for that. Sometimes your a perfect fit and other times you are not and that is OK. Those of you that have moved on use your experiences to grow. Life is to short for bitterness and hatred. Lets be the Adults we claim we are and stop hiding behind pages such as this.
    I struggled with the decision to post but I can’t sit back and watch a Principal as hardworking as Mrs.Shakespeare bashed.

    • Hiding behind pages! Obviously you were one of Shakespeare’s evil minions and you know in your heart that Pualine Shakespeare is pure evil. No-one here is hiding. The recording and testimonials here are fact. I can only hope that The truth will continue to come out about Pauline Shakespeare. It is only a matter of time. Shakespeare is a vile lowlife and the school is a pathetic mess with a constant turnover of staff and a 23% pass rate on the 2014 ELA for the school.

      Let’s be adults here. If you worked there, you know that Pauline Shakespeare is a sadistic sociopath who enjoys torturing her staff. She is the bully in the playground and the disturbed child burning ants with a magnifying glass. One-day karma will knock on her door and I am sure there is a warm place in hell with her name waiting for her.

      • I knew that was coming! I am not Mrs. Shakespeares little minions or anyone elses for that matter. I am sorry
        if you disagree with my opinion of Mrs. Shakespeare as you have that right. However stating she tortured her staff is a bit exaagerated don’t you think? Don’t get me wrong Mrs. Shakespeare has high standards and everyone is held accountable. I am just curious in what ways were you tortured? Was it the morning announcements where she took the time to celebrate teacher successes in the classroom? Was your name not mentioned enough so you felt slighted? TYou sound deeply hurt from your experience and quite bitter. My bigger question for you is why didn’t you voice your concerns while there? Oh wait you were afraid.

        • Oh, give it up. You’re Marisa Frederick. It’s not like that’s not obvious to everyone here. We all know who you are. On Monday, you’re going to be the laughing stock at work after all the shit you posted here.

  9. If you think Mrs. Shakespeare is so great then why don’t you post your name. If working with Mrs. Shakespeare was great why did you leave? Also why does nearly 1/3 of the staff leave every year?Why have 4 teachers quit since September? Mrs. Shakespeare is the most unprofessional administrator I have ever worked with. If Mrs. Shakespeare is so nice then why has the union had to come to the school twice already since September. You can’t deny the facts.

  10. Mrs. Shakespeare is such a horrible principal even the reading consultants didn’t want to come to 34. Didn’t one of the consultants quit mid year because of Mrs. Shakespeare inappropriate comments and bullying.

    • No the consultant did not quit because of her. She supported the 2 consultants gave them what they needed. Her leaving had nothing to do with Mrs. S I know the facts of what went down

      • Standing Together

        Yes, I believe one of the consultants left after witnessing Mrs. Shakespeare tear apart a teacher after a shared reading lesson. I believe the consultants words were “I’ve seen what Mrs. Shakespeare’s idea of PD is and it’s unacceptable”. I also know that Mrs. Shakespeare made inappropriate comments about the consultants outfits.

      • That’s correct the reading consultant did not quit because of her. It had nothing to do with her at all.
        Why will never become public knowledge

  11. Post my name but your anonymous your funny. What I don’t understand is if you are so miserable why don’t you leave? Why slander her name? Do you think she is losing sleep over you?
    I don’t know why four teachers left since September maybe they too were being adults and realized it was too much for them. One can easily feel overwhelmed by the high expectations. Every school isn’t for everyone.
    As for the Union coming in is because of people being fake simple as that. Why is it in faculty conferences these concerns are not addressed? If you felt disrespected speak up for yourself! If she is such a bully stand up to her! I am almost certain you smile in her face every morning while driving your knife deeper into her back. I think that is what disgusts me the most.
    Why are you upset that someone is speaking in her favor. There are two sides to every story. I didn’t have the same experience as you I see a Principal who wants the best for the children in her building.

    • This is written word, not spoken. Hence, slander doesn’t apply. The word you’re looking for is “libel.” As an educator, you should know the difference. That you don’t says all we need to know about you. (Most of us know who you are, though, Mrs. F.)

  12. Lol. Your the one upset. I’m just speaking facts. It’s a fact that 4 teachers left already. It’s a fact that every year severel teachers quit before the school year is over. The rate of teacher turnover is higher than any school. Maybe some people need to reflect on why so many people are running away from that school.

  13. Am I the only one who thinks that the person writing as disbelief is most likely the principal herself.

    • I truly believe it’s Shakespeare herself as “Disbelief”. Who else would spend so much time responding to everyone’s negative comment? No one, not even her minions (A. P.) would speak so highly of Shakespeare. I believe her minions or A. P’S only tolerate her nonsense because they have to. THEY don’t want her to unleash the beast on them.


  14. I assure you I am not Mrs. SHAKESPEARE!

    • DISBELIEF, since you are obviously hiding your identity, you have zero credibility! Post your name. Come forward and put your money where your mouth is.

      High expectations are wonderful, however when only 22.1% of her 4th grade passed the NYS ELA she is obviously missing the mark. I want to believe that deep-down there is a human being inside Shakespeare, unfortunately that human being is Hitler! As I said before there is a warm place in hell waiting for this sick sociopath!

      If you are a new teacher to the DOE or on the open market BE WARNED! If you ever hear the name Pauline Shakespeare P.S. 34Q John Harvard —run like the devil is after you, because that is exactly who Pauline Shakespeare is.


    • No, you’re Marisa Frederick. Either way, you’re incompetent, useless and damaging to the school.

  15. Ha ha ha. Disbelief. That even sounds like Shakespeare. You are so right.

  16. DISBELIEF, since you are obviously hiding your identity, you have zero credibility! Post your name. Come forward and put your money where your mouth is.

    High expectations are wonderful, however when only 22.1% of her 4th grade passed the NYS ELA she is obviously missing the mark. I want to believe that deep-down there is a human being inside Shakespeare, unfortunately that human being is Hitler! As I said before there is a warm place in hell waiting for this sick sociopath!

    If you are a new teacher to the DOE or on the open market BE WARNED! If you ever hear the name Pauline Shakespeare P.S. 34Q John Harvard —run like the devil is after you, because that is exactly who Pauline Shakespeare is.

    • u are doing the same thing and the rest of u i am the only person that has my name so u shouldnt be talking yuh chat to much nuh man
      if u dont know what dat means then go to jazmaica and l;earn so pawtwah i am talking to all of u except for the person u keep calling ms lambert

  17. How could the students perform on grade level. They are too busy practicing handwriting with shaving cream. What a mess.

  18. My name is Hakuna Matata which means no worries!

    • Hakuna Matata, DISBELIEF, Shakespeare or whom ever you are or claim to be, to make a joke shows you are not real. No one else here is making a joke. Shakespeare is no-good and must be removed. Her name comes up constantly at the NYC PEP meetings. Shakespeare only cares about her power to be the principal tormentor!

      You have still not responded to the schools ELA scores. Those scores are at the bottom of district 29, only 22.1% of her 4th graders past the 2015 ELA how do you explain this.

      Facts are facts. Turnover of teachers last year was 25% and several teachers have already left this year.

      If Shakespeare is such an amazing principal where is the data to back it up. Why the constant turnover? Why the excessively low test scores.

      Your words are as empty as your head is.

  19. So now numbers mean something and should be used in evaluation of a Principal but not teachers? Teachers leave because they have that option.
    I believe scores dropped across the board due to common core. If your concerned about students scores and the success of your school how about bringing some ideas to the table to achieve those goals. Maybe create a team to evaluate school data and come up with strategies to help the school move forward.
    Uh but I am the one with the empty head. Let say for instance you get a new Principal and things remain the same who will you blame? All I am saying use your energy to be a solution! Or be miserable the choice is yours!

  20. A new principal would get a new reading program. One that actually is aligned to common core. Also the new reading would come with books. Unlike mondo that is outdated and not aligned with common core. The mondo books at 34 are so old and torn they are useless. most of the books are missing pages. What kind of principal doesn’t use a reading program that isn’t aligned with common core. That doesn’t sound like she’s putting the children’s needs first.

  21. See how easy that was…now present these concerns with Mrs. Shakespeare maybe meet with her with suggested materials.

    • As you well know, Marisa, Shakespeare is entirely non-approachable, nor does she have any use for anyone who questions how things are. She targets everyone who does that, bullying them until they leave.

  22. Didn’t the chancellor recommend a new reading program after her visit. If the principal doesn’t take recommendations from the chancellor I doubt she will listen to a teacher.

  23. Doesn’t the DOE have a list of suggested reading programs? Why isn’t the principal using one of those?

  24. If I am correct your general concern is the use of Mondo as It is not aligned with Common Core. I am sure you realize that reading strategies havent changed. If your books are torn ripped etc ask for a replacement.
    Also many schools have done away with reading books as they don’t want Students staring at a book but actively engaged.
    You realize reading occurs throughout your day not just during that block of time like S.S. think of all the higher order thinking questions and experiences that can be explored! Here is another suggestion wording your classroom test using the language of Common Core..yes your scores will suck at first and you will wonder If you taught anything but It is the language of the test our children struggle with. Start slow use Common Core language throughout your instructional time you will see your Students achieve.
    I know time is a major factor trust me I get It between checking hw.grading assessments meetings your days nights and weekends are filled. When your planning throw in two questions aligned to Common Core for each subject there is a way to squeeze it in it just takes creativity and communication.

  25. Once we move beyond our held on hostility only then can real issues be explored and possible solutions suggested and that was the point of me responding. You don’t have to like her it is not in your job description. However the children are. Look how the post on this page has changed Once we moved our personal feelings aside.

  26. Uh I noticed one of your teachers were mentioned on this page are any of you going to speak up for him! Just wondering?

  27. Teachers are not responsible for writing curriculum. That’s why we purchase reading programs. Teachers constantly asked for new books. They are not supplies. Also some grades need to share the same book. So the goes from one classroom to next so each room can use it for shared reading. Ridiculous. Administration is aware but obviously they don’t care or they would have purchased some books. It’s kind of stupid of some people to put all the responsibility on the classroom teacher while at the same time absolving the administration of all responsibility. It makes me question your motives.

  28. All I know is that that school is a mess. Administration does nothing but harass and bully teacher. They provide zero support. No one wants to teach there. It is sad that those poor students have a reviving door of teachers. I mean are there any kindergarten teachers there this year or did everyone quit.

  29. I never said create a curriculum I simply stated how you can incorporate Common core in your curriculum since it is about the children. Give them a fighting chance because at the end of the day they are the victims of this.
    Don’t get me wrong it is a lot of work involved with working there and I would not negate that. You keep mentioning bullying can you be specific because I am confused.What do you consider bullying?

    • Bullying would be her listening and singing her gospel music praising the Lord and just before the teachers pick of up their classes she turns the music off and says let me go catch somebody.

    • Wow! Is this Ms. Brown-Walker

  30. I just find it hard to believe that Adults are allowing themselves to be bullied. What are they afraid of? What can Administration really do that can make you so frightened to speak. Letter to file? Unsatisfacory rating? I just can’t imagine it. Especially with open market I just don’t get it. Too many schools need good teachers and to stay somewhere I am bullied and tortured by choice is a bit sadistic wouldn’t you agree?

  31. Wow! You sound as nasty and heartless as the principal. No wonder you like her so much.

  32. I am heartless because I don’t understand why people subject themselves to torture and abuse. Even the poor ants under the magnifying glass try to get away. Surely they are smarter than the ants.

  33. Interesting to be proud of being heartless. That tells a lot about the kind of person you are. Very sick.

  34. I assure you I am not sick at all. They have so many options and opportunity to leave but they stay that baffles me. I guess some people love being miserable.

  35. Okay this is so amusing to me because from what I have read so far Anonymous is by far the “sicko” and they are leading by a long shot. To be as naive as you may and not see the options that are right there before you is just baffling. Why are you choosing to place yourself under a large magnifying glass and be burnt. Isnt it easier just to exit? To think I leave my children’s future lives in your hands. WOW!!!

  36. It is ashame that once suggestions are given that are practical we revert to name calling. I believe we are all pass that stage of life.

  37. Proud to be heartless = sick in the head.

  38. Repetitive just a little you think? I guess your tantrum has subsided.

  39. I’m a little worried that someone who is heartless and proud of it teaches children. Shouldn’t a teacher be kind and understanding. Those poor children in that school. Between that scary principal and the heartless teacher it seems those children don’t have a chance.

  40. I Appologize if I seem heartless as that is not my intention. However it is my intention to inform them they have choices and I don’t see anything heartless about that.
    The most important lesson I can teach the children in my care is too use their voices even if it means standing alone. I don’t want my students to jump on the bandwagon but instead process and analyze information before acting and speaking. In short I want them to be thinking individuals. Sometimes that means standing with the unpopular side and that is ok.

    • You said you were proud to be heartless. I guess now you realize how horrible that is so you are trying to smooth it over.

  41. I am totally amazed by the time that is spent calling people names and not searching deep within one self to identify the issues that you sre having personally. It is obvious that this has nothing to do with school, principal or students but instead someone’s personal ploy for attention.

  42. I’m not amused by an incompetent principal. It is impossible to run a school effectively with a revolving door af teachers. Seems pretty scary that she is still a principal. Although I’m sure that she is being watched now because of all her bullying and harassment. I just feel bad for those kids.

  43. Remember one thing when all you are fed is negative about the person you will believe that. Has anyone mentioned that she takes time out of her schedule to teach classes? Has anyone mentioned the time and effort her and her Assistant principals put in to help move scores such as teaching entire grades in the auditorium? Or lunch time quizzes and reviews in math spelling etc done by them? Of course not because they want you to see a calloused monster who bullies them and everyone around. Dont take my word visit for yourself.

  44. They have to teach because all the teachers quit. You make it seem as though they are doing it because they care but they are teaching because so many teachers leave.

  45. Anonymous it seems you are determined to see everything in a negative. Nor do you want to give credit when credit is due. As I previously stated you dont have to like her but hostility is the worst. As you and others continue to work with all of this hostility the improvement you seek will not happen. There is obviously only one solution That you become Principal. It is easy to see this is the only way you will be satisfied.

    • I totally agree with you. When the opening comes available anonymous should go for the position. I will be the first one in line to get you out

  46. It’s seems like principal should just be removed. She sounds completely incompetent and unable to run a school effectively. Disbelief you must be under a spell or you are completely delusional.

  47. Horrified and Afraid

    This woman is a bully. She makes up things for your observations. One teacher can do a lesson but another does nearly the same and it is poor work. She has frequently been known to yell at teachers unprofessionally (and in front of students and parents). She gossips in the office about the teachers and parents openly. We are afraid to speak because she has the ability to destroy our careers. This woman employs the divide and conquer technique. As soon as you become friendly or work well with another she changes your grade. One year she rates you highly effective. The very next she will give you an ineffective. This woman has no conscience. She says it’s not personal but don’t believe her. It is all personal with her. Did you give her a birthday gift, how expensive was your Christmas gift, did you tell her before your parents about your engagement or pregnancy? You must have a strong positive self-esteem to work there because they will try to break you down. Not to build you up again but to control you. Reflect on everything that is said to you and decide is it truth or vindictive behavior. The three of them are known to lie and make up things to put in an observation report.

    I commend you for coming forward and giving specifics on how or in which ways you are mistreated. Finally something concrete to work with. First let me begin by stating if you dont agree with something in your observation you dont have to sign it.
    She can’t destroy your career if you keep proper documentation. I never experienced the whole gift thing but then I never bought anyone a gift.
    I am a little disturbed when you stated She becomes vindictive if She is not told First about your personal life such as marriage pregnancy although I know these things mean a lot to her. She is very traditional with her views in this area.
    Again I have only experienced her expressing joy of these events and having babyshowers etc for the expecting parents.
    No one should have to work where they feel uncomfortable.
    My only question is why would anyone share an engagement etc with her since She is dreaded by all. What happened to doing your job and leaving. You are not required to converse with her about your personal affairs. If question are asked you can invite her out your business being politically correct of course.

    • DISBELIEF! (I mean, Marisa), the fact that you are a teacher disturbs me. Not only are you sycophantic and disingenuous, but you’re also a poor writer. Almost all of your posts contain typos–random capitalization, bad grammar, incorrect or missing punctuation, etc. How can you educate students if you lack basic writing skills? I’m very glad my three kids don’t go to your school.

  49. This principal is completely unprofessional. Between her constant comments about teacher’s pocketbooks, lunch bags, outfits, jewelry and personal relationships it is a wonder that any school related business gets done. It is harassment and inappropriate. She needs to focus on aligning the curriculum to the common core and getting a reading that might actually have books the teachers can use. Maybe if she spent more time researching reading programs and less time shopping online then the school might be successful. Yes, she does do personal shopping online at work. I personally have seen her screen open to the LLBean website and The Loft website during school hours.

  50. I am still a bit puzzled by some of the recent posts. For example Horrified and Afraid you stated one year you can be rated highly effective and the next year an ineffective, how is that even possible with everything so transparent in the DOE. Mrs. Shakespeare would definitely have to submit documentation to support this drastic decision especially if She is as paranoid as stated in previous posts.
    Secondly the accusations of her shopping on line during official hours which was stated by scared did you mention it to her? I mean it takes more than a glance to notice where She was shopping. For her to feel so comfortable with you seeing it were you once part of her clique and now For some reason or another your not. I am just asking because again She was described as being extremely paranoid.
    Last but not least I cant imagine someone of her caliber concerning herself with someones lunch bag. As For commenting on attire, jewelry, shoes handbags etc is natural and everyone wont admit it but we have all participated in such conversations. If the above conversations occurred did you let her know you felt uncomfortable or did you join in? I just dont see how Mrs. Shakespeare can converse with anyone besides herself because She is not liked by her staff and everyone is miserable.

  51. Disbelief, It seems you think it is acceptable to do online shopping at work using a DOE computer as long at the principal does it in front of someone she thinks is a friend. That makes no sense.
    Maybe you should read the Chancellor Regulations regarding use of DOE computers.

    • In support of anonymous

      Disbelief. I was forced by ms brown walker to teach at least 5 reading groups a day in 45 minutes. Then that nasty bad wigged idiot would collect my notes and write insulting comments.

  52. Finally she is getting what she deserves!!! Karma is a witch!! The woman is a bully and tortures teachers. She micromanages every holiday. Especially Mother’s Day. She has screamed at teachers in front of other teachers about a project coming out horrible. The children are in kindergarten and first grade. It should be the children’s work. Everyone is afraid and no speaks at union meetings afraid of being the next one to be tormented. Shakespeare does gossip about what teachers wearing. She wants to be the first one to know if a teacher is engaged or pregnant. She loves gossiping about teachers after they leave the office with the Assistant Principals and secretaries. The turnover rate at 34 is unbelievable. Six teachers left 34 this past summer. Finally the union came to try and do something. Where have they been all of these years? So many teachers have left and been bullied why now. She better watch herself as they are finally coming after her. About time!!!!!! Now she is playing nice to the staff as she knows her job is on the line. I can’t wait for her to crash and burn:) Hopefully sooner than later:)

    • So your annoyed because she has standards for kindergarten and first graders. Mothers Day is in May at that point of the year the students should be able to glue cut and color neatly. If handwriting is such a focus the card should be legible.

  53. Confused I was actually questioning the accusations since the Ptincipal is a paranoid tyrant. Why would she let her guard down unless it was someone who was close to her at some point.Thus causing me to question their motives. I am not stating shopping on DOE time is acceptable it should not occur under any circumstance and If She knows She is being watched like a Hawk I doubt She would take such a risk.

  54. Anonymous can you explain how She is playing nice with the staff? Well maybe now would be a good time to request those reading programs the children so desperately need. Maybe now the staff will no longer be frightened to speak with her regarding their concerns! I guess everyone is happy now!

  55. No!!! They are not happy. They know a leopard does not change its spots. Shakespeare will go back to her old ways and hopefully she will be taken down. She will get what she deserves finally!! Waiting patiently for this to happen:) Hopefully the Assistant Principals who follow her lead will also be gone. Sooner than later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Anonymous you sound anti-administration why is that?

  57. Most teachers that work in that miserable school are anti administration. The way they verbally and mentally abuse people. No one should be abused tge way the administrators do at 34. Teachers either cry at work or go home crying from tge administrators. The same teachers receive all of the praise and the others just can’t teach. The special education teachers are the only ones that can teach. Ridiculous!!!
    Just waiting for her time to come when she will get what she deserves. The woman is a bully. All tge teachers who have left now enjoy teaching once again. She has forced teachers to retire that loved teaching. I could go on but I think my point has been made.

  58. If you feel the Special Education teachers are the only ones who can teach how about visiting their classes or working collaboratively with them? Incorporating some of their techniques in your lessons. If it meant keeping this tyrant away I would.
    Those who are driven to tears at work or at home need to find a school that better fits their personality. Like I said previously every school isn’t For everyone.
    You stated Those who left are happier maybe it is because they found a school that is a better match for them.
    It does not sound like a leadership issue at all it sounds like a big pot of jealousy. To bash the Special Education teachers because they are fulfilling her expectations is rediculous. I don’t feel Mrs. Shakespeare is praising them to say they are better than anyone else but to provide a benchmark for her staff of her expectations.
    Do something to stand out you too may get that praise you are seeking!

  59. i know who you are Disbelief you were the math coach. You are a Shakespeare’s minion. You can pretend all you want but you are as bad as Shakespeare.

  60. Lmao Anonymous ok If you say so….

  61. Laugh all you like I know who you are! you have zero credibility just like your pal Shakespeare. Now go back to what ever whole in hell you crawled out of.

  62. Instead of trying to figure out my identity how about using some of the suggestions since the children and their success is your primary concern. Oh wait that might cause the scores to increase and make Mrs. Shakespeare look good! We all know that is not the outcome your seeking.

  63. Shakespeare is doing a great job! I can’t imagine how she ended up on this list.

    You were a horrible teacher Brownwalker and very evil person. I’m sure your roommate in hell will be Pauline. she made you a coach so you could max out your pension. The best thing you ever did for that school was retire. Now go back to wherever it is slime like you go

  64. Again like I stated lets focus on the children Instead of seeking my identity. Lets find what is benificial for them.The back and forth on this page has put the needs of the children on a back burner. It is the children we are servicing not Administration. It doesn’t matter where a person works you will always have someone you dislike but adults work around it and gets the job done.

  65. I couldn’t wait to punch out so I can get up to date on the recent topics of today. Don’t mind me I am just here for entertainment 🙂

  66. If you think she’s doing a good job you must need your head examined!!! Someone who gets their satisfaction putting others down would be no friend of mine. Why is the turnover rate at 34 so high every year? It’s because of the leader in charge. Why is there always am opening at 34? Why do new teachers leave after only 3 weeks? Why do teachers leave in the middle of the year? You need a wake up call.

  67. People leave for different reasons how about you survey Those who left? People leave jobs regularly to seek other options there isn’t anything wrong with that. You are focusing on Those who have left for one reason or another what about Those who stayed. They all cant be gluttons for punishment and abuse and I am excluding the Special Education teachers since they are always praised. Bigger question what is reason for staying?

    • It’s scary that someone with writing skills as poor as yours hasn’t been fired from a job in education.

      • Uh what happened to this page is for educators who believe they are being bullied? Now it’s grammar 101. I guess poor grammar and spelling is only allowed when bashing Mrs. Shakespeare.

      • Yes I know there are grammatical errors I wanted to occupy you a little!

        • That response didn’t even make sense. It’s scary that you are an educator. I weep for the kids in your school, Marisa.

  68. *your reason for staying.

  69. Do not know why anyone stays at that jail of a school. It is like prison inside that building with that administration. All of them are bullies!! I don’t think they would want their children treated like that by a boss but they sure know how to abuse and mistreat teachers. Anyone that stays at that school either cannot get out or thinks they are on the good list. Everyone will have a chance on the bad list. We have seen teachers go from the A list to the bottom. If you want to defend her go ahead but you are alone. Most people are haters and ran for their lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Horrified and Afraid

    I have asked many of the teachers that have left, why they did. Majority of answers correspond to the responses of anonymous. 100% of teachers I spoke to said they left because of the strong arm tactics of the administration. Some were not bullied directly but witnessed the distress of coworkers. One woman actually said she was physically sick due to the anxiety she faced going to that school daily. The asst principals appear to follow the principal’s bully tactics. Whether be design or choice, I do not know but have my suspicion. When you defend an observation or show evidence of meeting standards they dismiss it. We all know that an administrator can say whatever they want regarding observations. They can see something once and say it was an abomination of teaching but the next time they come in you might be praised for using the same technique. No consistency at all.
    Nothing against the Spec Ed teachers, I am sure they are fine teachers. However you cannot compare a class with 8-12 students and 2-3 adults to a class with 30 and one adult. It is not physically possible to do the same things with the differing quantity of students. Time just does not permit. Disbelief, I am disappointed in your denial of an administration issue. When turnover is this high a rational person asks themselves what am I doing to contribute to this problem? They do not simply accuse their subordinates of being weak minded. People who tolerate such abuse may not have a choice. They have responsibilities that depend upon their continued support. It is difficult for teachers with longevity to transfer. Even for young teachers. Take step back and think about your part in this schools crisis.

    • Please have the teacher experiencing abuse and retaliation …Francesco Portelos will vouch for my integrity and my commitment to expose abuse and corruption…I have an upcoming weekly radio show and will keep your names anonymous if that is requested..I have been a victim of retaliation by the NYCDOE…I endured the wrath of their powerful sword for reporting non compliance with certain laws that protect children’s safety and the fraud associated with the funding of these email is…I have two federal lawsuits against the NYCDOE and just survived my motion to dismiss for the violation of my civil rights…so they will have to answer some questions that normally they do NOT answer or lie and are taken at their word…Whistleblowers are needed in the NYCDOE, but the current system to protect them in non existent..This needs to change,,it can ONLY change if we come together document the abuse and report it OVER and OVER again and demand change..with MANY voices we will be heard alone we are helpless…contact me and spread the word..Thanks Kathy

  71. I sympathize with you Horrified and afraid but I wonder why you feel this is such a high turnover rate for a school. Have you researched this? Are you talking high turnover rate in comparison to other schools in the district.
    Secondly you can incorporate the strategies utilized by the Special Education teachers in a class of thirty. This is where differentiation data and group work comes into play. During your work period utilize Those strategies focusing on your bottom five percent and maybe your ELLS who can benefit from it. While the rest of the class continue working independently on their levels.
    Lets face it Administration is not going anywhere at the moment so you Have to work with what you Have in the mean time.
    Those with longevity will do what they need to survive. Younger teachers my advice is do what you can with what you Have. Get the experience you need and learn and apply as much as you can.
    Everyone has responsibilities and I know it is not easy for everyone to leave. This is when you do some self evaluation and see how you may Have to scale back and re-evaluate your lifestyle smaller home etc. It might mean leaving and taking a pay cut. However If you stay then you might as well brainstorm ideas to make your stay more manageable until this Administration change everyone is hoping for occurs.

  72. Disbelief you are living in a fantasy world and you need to wake up. 34 has has the highest turnover rate in the district. No other schools have 3 or 4 teachers quit in 4 weeks of the school year and teachers that leave during the school year. What hole or rock are you hiding under? They are watching her and she will get what is coming to her and the rest of her administration.

  73. Let’s not forget to mention that monster troll AP Vera Tomaselli at PS 34Q John Harvard. That maniacal piece of garbage should be up on this list.

    Shakespeare and Tomaselli are acting on their best behavior these days. They are being watched.

    It has taken way too long for the UFT to get involved, but the undeniable fact is that this is a school in crisis.

    I love it! Karma is a bitch! Farina is hearing about this school monthly at the PEP meetings. I only want wish I could hear the full conversations with Shakespeare and the doe.

    The other day I was waiting outside Shakespeare’s office to speak to her and I overheard Shakespeare speaking to someone at the DOE, you know how loud she is, she was denying this and defending that. By the time I walked in Shakespeare looked like she saw a ghost she was so white.

    Ask Joyce Schwartz district 29 rep. She will tell you how this monster has destroyed probationary teachers careers. How she has pushed almost all of the veteran teachers out. The union will tell you she is the absolute worst admin in district 29.

    Time to exit Shakespeare we have the numbers. No Confidence is coming,

    Let’s not forget to mention the shell game she plays rotating students in and out of class logs so that she can claim to be in compliance with IEPs and ELAs. I hear she is already being investigated for this.

    The time is now! The DOE will be a better place without these two!

    My fellow teachers it’s time to stand up! Let’s end this low life’s reign of tyranny and terror. No one should ever have to work under theses conditions

    Shakespeare and Tomaselli deserve to be inmates together. No librarian no library no art teacher but budget for 2 AP.

  74. Until this removal you seek occurs the children need to be able to attain the standards set forth. I have given ideas how to accomplish this but all I see so far is this group bashing and slandering her name. Student success depends on you your quality of instruction and building moral. #childrenfirst

  75. I see we Have moved from Mrs. SHAKESPEARE to her AP wow. Who is your target Anonymous? Who will be next on your list. It seems you just want to sit on a soapbox and complain.


    Where is Shakespeare’s moral compass.

    if you look at the studies of battered women and yes I am directly conparing battered women to teaching at 34. Working for Shakespeare is to live the life of a battered woman, there is no way you can function normally. Those who can run those who can’t Leave either have too many years in the system or they are too damaged by Shakespeare. It’s who Shakespeare is. Somewhere or at sometime someone did something to make her this way.

    She is pure evil so pleae don’t stand on your soap box to defend an a abuser of women

    If you are a woman how can you defend

  77. Disbelief how can you defend an abuser of women? She is only happy when someone is her target!!! She gets her thrills from watching people suffer. Everyone should email the district 29 rep and the chancellor. Stand up for yourselves. Her time and the others in her group is coming! We will all be cheering!

  78. Mrs. Shakespeare is far from an abuser. She is a strong woman Who knows what She wants for the students in her school. She stands her ground and She should be respected for it.
    The staff at 34 sound like spoiled children having a tantrum when they cant Have their way. The administration goes above and beyond to help the staff through PDs and grade meetings. They micro-manage because they have too.
    Work with them not against them

  79. Disbelief you must be her friend or an administrator to defend her the way you are. The staff is a revolving door and she rules by bullying. Micromanaging is the only way for a tyrant. Other principals do not have to micromanage everything. The staff is far from spoiled they are battered and beaten down. Wake up!!!!

    • I truly believe it’s Shakespeare herself as “Disbelief”. Who else would spend so much time responding to everyone’s negative comment? No one, not even her minions (A. P.) would speak so highly of Shakespeare. I believe her minions or A. P’S only tolerate her nonsense because they have to. THEY don’t want her to unleash the beast on them.

  80. DISBEIEF Shakespeare Brownwalker or whoever you are…
    why the need be so defensive. If we were talking about a decent human being Shakespeare’s name and all of this would not be here

  81. I am not defensive but all I have read are very vague complaints. Minus the concerns about Mondo I haven’t heard anything about the children. The children are Who you are there for. What about using this wonderful page to brainstorm ideas and put them first. You feel beaten down because you Have lost focus.
    Look how this page has taken off since my arrival! Unfortunately we spent to much time slandering when we could Have exchanged ideas on how to move our students to success.
    Instead we focus on administration and their bullying tactics. But the members on this group are not concerned with that. It is more interesting to to attempt to identify disbelief.
    Sorry I dont see Mrs. Shakespeare being removed because She made comments about your clothing or your lunch bag. As you stated everything is being investigated so lets see how that pans out.

  82. Unfortunately I am part of this nightmare soap opera

    Disbelief…or should I say Ms. FREDERICK!!!!!!…y don’t you just identify yourself, since u sound like her best friend..u r living in a fantasy land because she not only hired you as a teacher (since you are her son’s best friend!!!!!!…remember it’s WHO you know, not WHAT you know!!!!), but then was able to pull reign and hire you as her second AP!!!. What elementary school with under 500 children need two AP’s??? Only Shakespeare’s fantasy land (along with yours and Tomaselli, and Brown-Walker). Disbelief, I think you are wrong. I think this whole administration is hanging by their last thread and only being nice to us because of it. Their days are numbered. We are great teachers, regardless of what this administration says. We are here for the students, and care about their success. Imagine how much more we could accomplish if we were not in “jail” everyday and being bullied by Shakespeare and her three amigos! (Frederick, Tomaselli, and Brown-Walker). All of the teachers who have left have been successful in their new schools. So Disbelief, how can you say it is not Shakespeare’s fault? No school is perfect, and yes, the teachers who have left have small complaints which are normal. PS 34 is anything but normal with this Tyrant and her three amigos. One would think that an administration would want their staff happy. Not this administration. They get thrills by watching people suffer. I have even heard them singing “Another One Bites the Dust” after a teacher as quit, and make bets with each other, how long other teachers will last. That is just sick. The whole office is one big gossip scene. The National Inquirer could have 100 years of magazines with all of the gossip that is discussed in that office. Ahhh back to the children….elementary students should not be given hours of homework each night. How can they be children and play and participate in after-school activities if they have 1-4 hours of homework each night? So Disbelief, yes, let’s focus on the CHILDREN… Can you please tell Shakespeare and her three amigos to leave us alone and just let us teach????BTW, look at some of the parent comments on various PS 34 pages…most are not good and have similar complaints to the staff. (Many parents have confided in me and have taken their children out of the school for these reasons as well)……

    Let the comments begin…I poured a glass of wine and am waiting for this “commercial break to end” so this soap opera can continue on here, unfortunately, I still have to deal with the nightmare soap opera in real life…..

  83. It is hilarious how my identity has changed throughout these posts!
    Any who as for the homework I feel it is a bit extreme to say they go home with 1-4 hours of homework. I would average it around 1hr at most. I also know for a fact that the parents expect homework and demand it.
    You are the only ones standing in your way. You seem very knowledgeable about how people obtain their jobs etc. Were you part of the clique and kicked to the curb?
    Last but not least how much of that juicy office gossip did you partake in? Did you speak up on behalf of your colleagues? Probably not!
    I agree there are several great teachers at P.S.34 and I would not deny that. How about using your talents to benefit your students. We can spend the rest of the year discussing why administration isn’t liked etc. Our focus however should be the students Who sit before us each day. We as educators are accountable to them.If you are in the classroom and giving them your personal best everyday than that is all anyone can ask from you. Who cares about being praised? My students growth and movement on stadardize test is all the praise and acknowledgement I would need.

  84. Disbelief, when you were a 5th grade teacher your students had the lowest math test scores. Now you are an AP and you continue to fail these students. Ps 35 continues to have low test scores. Also you admitted in your last post that Shakespeare has a clique and also kicks teachers out of her clique. You are a joke.

    • So you admit the staff will turn on each other! What was that about a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots? Hmm

    • LOL. My fifth graders did not have the lowest score. That is a dam lie. And the only reason your upset that Pauline have a clique is that your not part of it.

  85. Disbelief all of us present or past who teach or have taught at 34 know that the students come first. This website however is not about “the students” it is about administrators in need of improvement. The people who are speaking out have either been bullied, tormented, or know someone who has been bullied. We are trying to rally everyone to stand up and finally fight back. Disbelief whoever you are? Stop defending her and realize what is going on around you. Most people are not happy with the way things are or have been and this is a wake up call to the administration, district 29 reps, Queens rep, superintendent, chancellor and UFT President. You are all on the radar. Watch out they are all watching and laughing as your time has come!!! Again all of the teachers spend hours at night on weekends away from their families working on lesson plans for their students. Most teachers at 34 neglect their own families working on planning. This is not about the teachers. It is about administrators who are nothing but bullies that are in need of improvement !!! Disbelief you are one of the people in need of improvement!!!

  86. Let me guess…the Queens UFT office is of zero help. Or they make believe they are doing something. Careful with them.



    How can you call the staff at 34 spoiled children? We are doing our best working with an abusisive administration, a student population that is not getting their state mandated services, and seeing the students we care about live in a world of abject poverty and neglect.

    You make is sound like, to quote Shakespeare, we are ‘having our pity party.’

    I promise you every word that has been written here is truth and factual. When the time comes that the chancellor’s office comes to see what is happening at ps34 that there are 20+ of my fellow teachers that will be lined up to give testimony that Pauline Shakespeare is abusisive, abrasive, and completely out of control. She has lost the respect of her staff long ago and it’s about time we take back our school.

    Let Shakespeare know, no more will we sit quiet, no more will we watch our fellow teachers be abused, no more will we be afraid. We are taking back our school!

    I am looking forward to be first in line to speak to the chancellor’s office of the intolerable cruelty that stems from Pauline Shakespeare.

    Perhaps you should lookup where the term principal comes from. It’s origin is principal teacher, not principal admin. Pauline had 4 years as a teacher prior to becoming an admin. Hardly enough time to know what good pedagogy is.

    Tell Pauline if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen!

    You know who I am and I am not afraid of her anymore. Come and get me. Pauline there is nothing you can do to me anymore.

  88. If you chose to neglect your family for planning that is on you. I never heard or seen Mrs. SHAKESPEARE demand this of anyone. She encourages family time and often tell staff the importance of partaking in a hobby something to release stress. Planning effectively is time consuming and every teacher I know including myself sympathize with you. This may be the reason She encourages collaborative planning amongst your peers.
    Sometimes as teachers you Have to set aside some for yourself and breathe. Prioritize do what is most inportant.
    The work load involved with teaching is a lot and this has nothing to do with administration. There are several teacher friendly materials that can lessen the burden of planning seek them out.
    The more I read these post the more I realize the staff is overwhelmed by whatbis expected from them by DOE not administration. However I admit this Administration makes sure it is being done. You can’t just say its done they want to see it.
    They make sure assessments are given, take time to analyze classroom exams and data to measure student growth it is their job. Yes they want you to send progress reports etc and contact parents regularly again it is their job.
    It is a lot but think of how this information can help you it is not just documentation to make them look good but to assist you. We all Have had that parent Who didn’t receive anything the documentation collected by Administration throughout the year can help you If needed.
    I am sorry If you believe you are being bullied but the Administration is only doing what is required of them.
    All I am suggesting is sitting down with administration personal feelings aside and address these concerns..After reading and re-reading the post I heard to valid concerns Mondo and time management. I strongly believe If a true discussion took place maybe with a mediator these issues can be resolved.
    I understand the staff is overwhelmed and feel it is not enough time in the day to get everything done. On top of that Administration. MRS SHAKESPEARE and her Assistant Principals are not collecting writing math reading samples to target you but to gage the quality of instruction in the building.
    So when the scores come in She or they can say we realized our students showed deficiencies in and we made the following adjustments / suggestions to staff. As educators we know teachers are always first on the chopping block when it comes to instruction.
    All I am asking is that you look at the other side of the coin and see how these things are beneficial to you and the school community as a whole.
    It is not personal they are doing their job!

  89. Disbelief, enough of your bs. You personally are part of the problem. There is zero chance that a mediator could resolve the years of abuse. Trust is a precious commodity and we don’t trust Pauline. She can pretend all she wants and she does play a good game but the truth is a leopard can’t change her spots and a scorpion only knows to sting!

    We are not allowed to collaborate as to quote Pauline “I want to know which of you is the weakest link.”

    You could bring back the reincarnation of Gandhi and he would throw his hands up and walk out the moment Shakespeare starts getting defensive. She is a sociopath and you are her henchmen.

    The truth is coming out and you three should be very afraid. Looking forward to the chancellor’s visit. This time we will make our voices be heard.

  90. Disbelief again this website is about administrators in need of improvement. Read the posts and realize that the staff is finally fighting back and they have been abused, bullied, tormented, and seen their colleagues abused, bullied, screamed at and forced to leave or retire early.

    It is not normal to have 8 or more reading groups. It is not normal to have 3 or 4 different homework sheets. It is disgusting to have handwriting books collected and then to be screamed at in front of your colleagues. The woman is out of control and so are her three amigos. She gets her thrills seeing teachers cry. It is sick that when a teacher quits or resigns that she plays over the loud speaker a song like “Happy”. So many teachers have left and if you ask them it is about the administration. Every single one of them will tell that to the Chancellor. She is pure evil. Myself and most teachers go to work miserable and come home miserable. The administration dictates how to write and what to include in a lesson plan. The union fought for us to write lesson plans however we want but not at 34. There way or the highway.
    Disbelief you need to believe and understand the staff is unhappy and tired of being beaten and abused. The Mondo reading program is not common core aligned and most books are torn. No other school in the city uses Mondo as it is not common core aligned. Every math lesson has to have partner work and lets not forget no technology for the students. Most schools have smart boards. The students at 34 are going to be so far behind. Stop defending her or yourself! We are united!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Pauline this is for you!


    We know you are reading this. Take a good look around. There is not one teacher who will stand with you. They say it is lonely at the top but with you, Pauline, I’ts even worse at the bottom.

    Reckoning day is coming!

    The chancellor is coming and this time unlike last year we are going to be heard.

    AP Vera Tomaselli you are too smart to lie for Shakespeare. Pauline you better watch every word that comes out of here mouth. She is not going to risk her career over you.

    There is no loyalty amongst theves How does it feel to be alone Pauline?

    Frederick if you are smart start meeting with Tomaselli and get your stories straight.

    Only the captain goes down with the ship.
    You two are bad eggs but maybe if you tell the truth you can redeem yourselves.

    As us teachers we will do what we must to get rid of Shakespeare. We are already calling for a no confidence vote and we wrote the chancellor last year about the quality review and how Shakespeare lied and manipulated it.

    Now we will be very clear with the chancellor, we will be heard.!

    Shakespeare your reign of terror is over!

  92. It is apparent anonymous that you desperately want the attention of your administration so much that you believe I am one of them.
    Look how long your page was dormant until my arrival? Why was that? All of your supporters would Have come forward before my arrival.The staff of 34 strive and live for drama. It is obvious All of you know who one another is and thus you became intrigued by this intruder named disbelief.
    You are so confident that you Have identified who I am..three times to be exact.
    By the way it is very possible to Have 8 reading groups If you are really trying to meet students where they are.
    3 or 4 homework sheets uh do you mean differentiated homework If so I say Kudos to Mrs. SHAKESPEARE for realizing everyone doesnt require the same homework.
    As for common core alligned materials Have you looked into them. If you did you would realize they are the same thing you should already be doing in your classroom the only difference they say common core.
    Lastly you seem very confident that the staff is supporting you on your stance…the same quiet church mice that quietly sit in faculty conferences are going to transform into roaring lions!
    If Mrs. SHAKESPEARE doesn’t allow collaborative planning it is probably because one your supporters complained to Mrs. SHAKESPEARE how they are doing All of the work and carrying the grade! The one thing I learned while There was trust no one! Don’t say you were not warned!

  93. So now you admit that 34 is a hell hole “The one thing I learned while There was trust no one!” All this time I thought you loved it there.

  94. In support of anonymous

    Yes I will stand with anonymous. Disbelief if you think it is possible to effectively teach 8 reading groups in 45 minutes then you are defiantly confused about how to teach reading. This just proves to everyone on the site what an incompetent fool you are! Keep following Shakespeare right down the road to removal.

  95. I loved every minute I was at 34 but I also witnessed how quickly staff turn on one another.

  96. In Support of Anonymous

    Anonymous we are in support of you!! Keep answering Disbelief as they are in disbelief. 8 reading groups is not normal and 4 homework sheets is madness. If you go to visit any school on Long Island or in Queens they do not have 8 reading groups to teach in 45 minutes. Nor do they have 4 different homework sheets. Differentiation is good but up to a point.
    Yes the staff does turn on one another as everyone always wants to be on Mrs. Shakespeare’s good list and everyone will rat on each other but that is normal. But how Mrs. Shakespeare encourages this is not normal. She loves to change a teachers grade just when teachers are working well together and become friends. This is how she gets pleasure. Everyone does need to watch their back and be careful. But this time we are all together and standing tall. We just have to speak out to the Chancellor for this visit and not put on a show. Someone needs to reach out to the union and make sure that does not happen. Disbelief you keep egging on the teacher’s to respond to you. If you didn’t respond maybe this would end. But the more you defend her the more we will all fight back. The school is nothing but pure misery the minute you walk into the building. Her time is running out!! Now she knows how it feels like to be verbally and mentally abused. It doesn’t feel good does it?

  97. In support of Anonymous it saddens me that once again we have resorted to name calling.
    As for 8 reading groups this is how it can be done effectively in 45 min. Mrs. SHAKESPEARE is not asking you to teach eight separate lessons because that would be absurd. This is what She is asking for…Direct instruction which should not be longer than 10-15 min on a specific skill. Then lets say another 10 min working with the skill taught that particular day. So we can say that is roughly 20 min 25 most. Now since you know your children and their data your students are already grouped based on ability. Your reading groups will focus deficiencies of each group. Now if your super organized you can have everything in a basket they will need to work with that skill so they can work independently of you. Of course you would monitor each group to assure they are staying on task. Somewhere in the basket there should be a short assessment to gage students accomplishments. Try to meet with two groups daily during this time nothing extensive quick check in how is it going kind of thing. Most of your time will be dedicated to the group that needs your support the most. The others are working independently and applying three before me strategy.
    Students should also have a checklist where they assess themselves these can be discussed during conferences or the next time the group meets with you. After 4 days you have checked in with each group at least once that week. As you continue and you see more and more of your students working independently you may then be able to see your stronger students every other week and others more often again this would be dictated by assessments and other data collected. But I am incompetent so you might not want to take this suggestion either smh!

  98. In Support of Anonymous

    Disbelief this website is not to teach teachers who already know how to teach reading. This is to discuss and vent about an administrator who is in need of improvement. I guess you have not read all of these posts. The staff is fed up and want to take back their school. Everyone is sick and tired of the abuse both mentally and verbally. Once again everyone needs to reach out to the union and make the Chancellor’s visit this time meaningful and let her see a staff that is united and tired of being bullied and tired of seeing their friends bullied and harassed. The more you defend her the more we will fight back!!!

  99. Oh I am sorry I keep getting confused this is page where we say how much Mrs. Shakespeare bullies us about what we wear and our lunch bags. Due to this abuse I can’t tolerate going there..and to top it off she wants me to do my job!

  100. In Support of Anonymous

    Are you crazy!! It is more than just about what we wear and about our lunch bags. I guess you nor a friend of yours has every been a victim of hers. If they were you would know what all of us are talking about. Screamed at in front of our colleagues screamed in classrooms with doors open so others can hear. Screamed at in her office so even the security guards can hear. The woman does not know how to speak in a calm voice unless she has taken her meds. It is the mental abuse and being treated inhumane that everyone is tired of and of her three amigos following and not stopping as they also like to bully. That is what this website is all about. The other principals on this list are just as bad but we have to work at 34 so we live her torment and torture every day. Our families all know how crazy and disturbed she is all all of the APs. Our family time and lives suffer because of this abuser. Keep defending her and we will keep defending ourselves. Her time is over!!!!!!!!

    • You act as if the security desk is on the opposite side of the building. Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t directly outside her office?

  101. In support of anonymous

    Disbelief, I was forced by Bad wigged brown walker and that Kiss ass staff developer to teach 5 reading groups per day in 45 minutes. Those two fools actually made my reading groups and schedule. So the staff developers forced me and several other teachers to do exactly the opposite of good teaching. You keep defending these people but you have no argument. If as you say we should only do 2 reading groups per day then why was I forced to do up to 5. I am more than happy to share my reading group schedule with you. It was done by bad wig brown walker.

    • Well actually I stated working with eight groups and meeting with two each day to see each. Now are they asking you to teach each group or asking you to design groups where the students work independently and you focus on let’s say five groups for instruction. I am just asking as you seem as if you are seeking assistance. I am more than willing to assist so over the bashing as no one will grow from that.

  102. I only informed you of grouping strategies because I believe I was called incompetent. However I realize now this page is for tantrums I mean spoiled children,darn venting that is what I meant venting! Continue!

  103. In support of anonymous

    Disbelief go teach Bad Wig Brown Walker about reading groups. She is the one who forced me to conduct 5 guided reading lessons each day in 45 minutes. As I stated I have the proof because she is the fool who made the schedule. It is in her handwriting.

  104. Can't believe this is still going on

    I worked under Pauline Shakespeare for 10 years. The only “nice” thing I can say about her is that she knew her stuff when it came to curriculum and data analysis. Her treatment of just about every teacher, paraprofessional, cafeteria worker, and most of the custodial and office staff was simply appalling. She was also extremely disrespectful to the parents. I am honestly surprised that some mentally unstable parent hasn’t attacked her. I had parents who told me they hated her and wouldn’t bother to come to her with any problems they had because of the way she spoke to them. DISBELIEF can say what she wants (I think I know who it is) but the fact is that Pauline Shakespeare (and her buddies Vera and Brown-Walker) take pleasure in hurting people. One day I watched as she laughed as a teacher ran crying from her office. She thought it was great. Vera of course joined in. Lies were also told — teachers were told that certain parents complained about this or that but when the teacher went to explain or apologize to the parent, the parent had no idea what the teacher was talking about. Comments were made about what we wore, who we dated or married, if we gained weight, and who were friends with. We were told not to help certain teachers (we did anyway behind her back) and not to talk to others. Nothing was ever ever EVER good enough. The children were yelled at if they didn’t perform to her expectations during the poetry recital, dance festival, and/or school plays. The teachers were yelled at if they didn’t plan or teach EXACTLY the way PS would — hello, there is more than one way to skin a cat. Yes, she taught classes but we made it a point to look at the math scores the following year for the classes she taught and didn’t see anything dramatic. The teachers at 34 look like shell-shocked zombies. Hardly anyone smiles. Hardly anyone stops and eats lunch — there is too much work to do. Many expressed how defeated they felt or how the workload was affecting their marriage. I have personally worked every night and all weekend on many occasions to meet demands — to the point that I made myself sick. How many more teachers are going to leave the school or the profession because of PS? How many more careers are going to be destroyed? By the way, all the HW that was piled on these children did not make a difference when they entered middle school. Very few are selected for special programs (this information is available on the DOE site) because all they know how to do is take tests. When I was there there was no gym, no art and not a single computer in sight. No smart boards. I also heard that 4 teachers left this year. Every year multiple people leave mid-year or are shuffled around to different assignments — it’s bizarre and chaotic. Before DISBELIEF says I was probably one who couldn’t cut it, I wasn’t pushed out and wasn’t singled out for poor performance. I was never personally systematically harassed but I watched it happen again and again. Normal people don’t go around trying to destroy other people — be it emotionally or career-wise. At my current position at another NYCDOE school, no one is ever yelled at. No one is belittled or made fun of. Our professional opinions are valued. And no one leaves at the end of the year unless they are retiring — and we have three times the number of teachers at 34. I just can’t believe this is still going on.

  105. anonymous, I stand with you too

    Mrs. Shakespeare and the 3 blind mice know nothing about education. They do not put the children’s needs first. All they care about is making fun of teachers and betting on when teachers will quit. I actually heard Mrs. Shakespeare say “Let’s see who I can make cry today in the Main Building”. What kind of sick individual makes that kind of statement so proudly. I guess it’s no wonder that Disbelief likes Shakespeare. Disbelief said she was proud to be heartless. I guess Disbelief and Shakespeare are a match made in heaven.

  106. Who am I?

  107. Can't believe this is still going on

    Be honest. Are your initials M.F.? Maiden name initials because I heard M.F. recently married.

  108. Can't believe this is still going on


    I am going to say that I don’t agree that PS knows nothing about education. I think once upon a time she was probably an effective teacher. My issue is with her treatment of the staff as an administrator.

  109. Continue with your venting!

  110. Supporter of Anonymous

    YmDisbelief you are the person who is spoked as you were ineffective when Ciani was the principal and not on the A list. You became an ass kisser and that’s what got you in. If you want Shakespeare for a friend you need to look in the mirror. Would u want your daughter to be friends with the devil I mean a bully. This website is about administrators in need of improvement not about teachers. Her ship is sinking!!! Finally her day is coming and her three amigos:) We can’t wait for her to fall and crumble. She is the one that is spoked and has tantrums. I have personally witnessed her screaming at a teacher in the office. Bullies are cowards like you disbelief. The administration this is your wake up call

  111. OMG. I left P34Q in 10 years ago ONLY because of the psychotically unbalanced “leader” and the year I left I know at least 4 others who moved on to other DOE schools. Looks like nothing has changed. I am an administrator now and I base how I treat my staff on exactly the OPPOSITE of what Pauline demonstrated as a “leader.” She is a racist bully.

  112. We have been hearing more and more about PS34Q all year. Unofficially, we are limited in what we can directly do. However, as a school you have the ability to call for a no confidence vote in your Admin Puailine Shakespeare.

    You can also go and speak at the NYC Doe pep meeting next week in manhatten at Murry Bergtraum High School, 411 Pearl Street. The meeting starts at 6pm and signup for general comment is from 5:30-6:30. You wil have 2 minutes to speak directly to the chancellor.

    Good luck

  113. I have taken the time to review the post on this page and you have participated in the very behavior you are against. As a colleague yours who sympathizes with you has been called the following an
    Evil minion,a person with an empty head and incompetent all while trying to have an open dialogue…hmm just something to think about!

  114. Disbelief, what is it, are you our colleague now? Or to quote your original post
    ‘I had the pleasure of working at P.S.34Q.’

    Just curious your motivation? Unless you are Shakespeare, Vera, or Frerick you are not hearing the constant discussion we are having, or how the UFT is in constant communication with us.

    I want to personally thank you. You have been the very lightning rod that has brought the teachers of 34 together.

    You have my gratitude

    • Your very welcome

    • My motive was to get you to focus on our most precious commodity that sit in front of us daily. I wanted this group to move beyond bashing Mrs.Shakespeare and find,explore possible solutions.
      Sometimes the hardest thing to do is hold a mirror to ourselves and reflect. I sympathize with all who felt bullied by Mrs. Shakespeare. Sometimes personalities clash that is normal. Can you deep down in your heart say everything about MRS. Shakespeare is evil? No because she is not. She is approachable otherwise their wouldn’t be staff standing outside her door to see her.
      I wouldn’t have witnessed teachers sharing new ideas with her or lessons and student work they were proud of.
      Maybe what happened was that possibly you we’re given constructive criticism and your feelings we’re hurt. Trust me I have received it from her and it is a tough pill to swallow especially when it something I felt I did well. Once I put it perspective I learned from it and moved on. Like I stated in my initial post life is to short to be bitter.
      I will not hold on to hostility and let it fester and make me an angry bitter person.
      Look what it has done to this page I was attacked from the beginning because I shared a different view. If you want a working environment where you don’t want to be attacked for your views stance etc why is it ok to do it here.
      It happened because you are passionate about your beliefs and you were not swaying. Maybe just maybe it is Passion that drives Mrs. SHAKESPEARE and she like you refuses to sway and thus your current standoff. In the meantime possible solutions are over looked like the suggestions offered here by disbelief because of stubbornness on both sides.
      It was brought to my attention over and over again this page is for people who felt bullied mistreated to vent. However hearing only what you want to hear feeds the ego. However facing a difference of opinion is where true growth occurs. I wish all of you a peaceful resolution where hopefully you can all use your passion for the children and work together.

  115. Let the venting continue maybe you might figure out the identity of Disbelief. Oh sorry you have three times!

  116. Disbelief Mrs. Shakespeare is the one who needs the mirror to reflect. She needs to ask herself why do 3 or 4 teachers leave her school every year. Why do teachers leave during the school year? Why do 3 new teachers all quit on the same day? Any “normal” person would realize that it is them and change. But no Mrs. Shakespeare refuses to realize that she is the problem. The doors should be changed to revolving doors as teachers constantly leave. She rules by being a bully and that is not going to be tolerated anymore. The union is watching as well as the superintendent and Chancellor. Her reign of terror is coming to an end. We all cannot wait for this to happen. Disbelief you can praise her all you want. The rest of us do not want to hear it!!!!

  117. It is obvious you don’t want to hear it that is why this page is dedicated to people such as yourself.

  118. This page is dedicated to administrators in need of improvement and she should be at the top of the list. Everyone needs to call 311 and the union and to email the chancellor. We are done with working in a hostile environment.

  119. Yes I know what this page is dedicated too! Continue with your tantrum!

  120. So which one of you told Mrs. SHAKESPEARE about her new fame?

  121. Anonymous, I stand with you too

    The only way to fix PS 34 is to remove all three administrators and start fresh. Mrs. Shakespeare is an abusive dictator who treats teachers as if they are less than human. Vera and Marissa are equivalent to Tweedledee and Tweedledumb. The only thing I have seen Vera do is walk around the school eating popcorn and make rude comments about teachers. The only thing Marissa does is avoid work and gossip in the office.

    • Those two accomplices need to get kicked out as well! Disgusting… forgot other rats as well- as someone so perfectly said-bad wig brown walker and horseface perrone who instead of helping “ratted”out people every five minutes. That’s why she got demoted this year because she did such a great job RIGHT? lol

      • Ms. Kim we all know you’re just jealous because you applied for her position and didn’t get it. You’re so tough that you like to bring other people’s names into this that have absolutely nothing to do with it, but you won’t even state your own name. If you’re still teaching I hope your students parents see how their child’s teacher acts like a child, hides her identity and resorts to name calling. Now you’re just making yourself look dumb.

  122. Anonymous, I stand with you too

    I have so many post-its with nasty comments from Bad wig Brown-Walker. That bad wigged idiot even put her initials on them. How stupid!

  123. Pauline good luck restaffing the school. Anyone who googles ps34 or Pauline Shakespeare sees this forum come up as the first hit. I only wish there was a forum like this to warn me before I ever even came to this hell on earth school.

    And btw. what a flattering picture of Pauline, and this was after the thousands she spent on plastic surgery. Maybe the DOE shou

  124. I too at one point worked at 34 and I have to agree with what is being said here. I didn’t even know I had anxiety until I started working there. I felt so nauseous going to work everyday that I lost an unhealthy amount of weight because I couldn’t eat..not that there was time to eat anyway from spending prep and lunch checking hours of homework from every student. Everyone still at 34…God bless. I don’t know how you’re still doing it.

  125. Yes there’s lots of work There that’s true and yes some if what has been posted is also true. But i will still stand by her no matter.

    • You must be a very sad and lonely person that you would want to stand with her. Perhaps you are so broken and beaten down by Pauline’s never ending abuse that you think it’s your fault. Please ask yourself would you want your son or daughter to work for this lunatic.

      Manny battered women often blame themselves for what is happening to them. Perhaps you can find a good therapist.

      Every word that has been written about Pauline Shakespeare is 1000% true, not some, ALL!

      It really doesn’t matter to us if you stand with her. we have enough of the staff to vote no confidence. There is no way she is going to last the year. I’m betting she retires before Farina fires her. Let’s hope by Christmas she will be out with the trash.

      The Queens UFT is coming in again. Mark that as the third visit since September.

      The Chancellor knows all about what is going on and I have been told that we are going to be allowed to speak with the chancellor’s office without the three of them monitoring us.

      Good riddens to bad rubbish Pauline.

      Better frisk each one of us for our phones because if she or her henchman say anything I will personally upload the audio.

      Pauline’s your days at 34 are numbered.

    • ALL of what has been posted is true. She’s got to go.

  126. I worked for her, and will continue to support her no matter what. Yes I know it can be tough some days I do not disagree with that. I will continue to be loyal to her…… No matter what

  127. Shakespeare is not fit to work in this or any other school. She is rude, arrogant, incompetent and inconsistent, and she bullies a lot of teachers, which is why so many leave every year. Practically the entire staff can’t stand her. Only her two or three majordomos have any use for her (her A.P.s), but even they only like her because she blatantly plays favorites so there’s an advantage to supporting her. Her elite know where their bread is buttered. Everyone else sees her as a tyrant and a jerk, which is why she keeps getting in trouble with the union and the superintendent. She brings religion into the school, where it has no place, by telling parents to pray for their misbehaving children. She makes racist, bigoted comments and discriminates. And anyone who ends up on her bad side for even the smallest mistake remains there until they either leave or are fired. Meanwhile, she has no idea how to run a school or supervise teachers since she lacks empathy and kindness. She is the worst thing to ever happen to this school, and when she eventually leaves, there will be celebrating.

  128. My initials are not MF. Not anymore. So you obviously don’t still work there.

    • Uh apparently someone hijacked my name as disbelief I am supporting Mrs. SHAKESPEARE ALL THE WAY!

    • Uh sorry my name disbelief may have been hijacked but I support Mrs. SHAKESPEARE and all that she has done. Please read all of the post from Disbelief.

    • The only reason your Forum is a page of interest is because of that intruder Disbelief! Everyone became intrigued with trying to identify Disbelief! Lol your attempt at a forum was a joke. Since you like data and stating facts check for yourself October 10, 2015 The initial arrival of Disbelief! For the future I the box that says name is for what you would like to known as not the person you are answering. As I see several users as Disbelief.

  129. Disbelief you are alone in your support of the tyrant, bully and dictator. No one else supports her at that hell hole of a school. What goes around comes around. How does it feel now Pauline to know the truth of how your staff really feels about you. Disgusted!! Waiting for you to pack your things and leave. The song Celebration will be played over the loud speaker when you are gone. The celebrations and parties will begin. Counting down the days. Your time is running out!!’

    • Marisa (Disbelief) supports her because Shakespeare gives her preferential treatment. Everyone else at the school can’t stand her.

  130. Apparently you have not read all of the posts their are others who are in support of Mrs. SHAKESPEARE!

  131. Anonymous, I stand with you too

    Yes we know who will stand with Mrs. Shakespeare, Vera the troll, Marissa the nasty gossiper and bad wig Brown walker.

  132. Why would she even want to continue leading a school where she is so despised?

    Power corrupts and absoltute power corrupts absolutely! No matter how this all plays out her reputation is worthless. No-one will ever work for her after reading this forum.

  133. Anonymous I can’t believe you just asked that last question. The real question is why year after year you continue to return to abuse. Your issues are deeper than Mrs. Shakespeare I hope you are getting the professional help you need.

    • That’s exactly what I was told by Shakespeare! That I need a psychiatrist- is that you Shakespeare? The real person who needs to be locked up in a looney bin is shakespeare! What authority do you have to talk to teachers like that! YOU ARE NOT GOD!

    • I HATE Pauline Shakespeare!

      Disbelief, since you have all of the answers tell me should I quit my career because Shakespeare is Hittler. So you think I should walk away from doing what I love because Shakespeare is a complete psychopath? Please don’t say talk to her there is no way to have a conversation with that lunatic!

      Should I just not make a living? Perhaps welfare is a better option.

      I have tried on the open market, I’m somewhat expensive at this point and many principals don’t even want a teacher who once had a bad rating on their record. They think you must be a bad teacher, and I am not! So that’s two strikes. So what’s the answer, should I starve. Since you have all the answers and life is short please enlighten me with your infinite wisdom.

      Sincerely, a battered teacher

      • I hate Pauline Shakespeare I sympathize with you. But believe it or not there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is about doing what is healthy for you at this point. Continue to seek employment on the open market negotiate salary with future employer. Try a temp agency, it may mean leaving something behind that you love doing but you have to live right. I left with two unsatisfactory ratings and numerous letters to file. I lived off my TDA as I did maximum contribution the entire time I taught. I had to cut back on expenses but I survived and so can you! Best wishes!

        • So someone should tap into TDA because the principal is abusive. How about get rid of the principal?


          Let me understand you Disbelief, since at first you speak about Shakespeare as if she is the second coming and the next you say she gave you two u ratings and numerous letters in your file, you retired and lived off your Tda.

          I don’t understand your advice? Is it better to walk away than to take a stand? Isn’t it better to have the courage to stand up to a bully.

          It’s just a matter of time before she starts targetting me again. Now that all the easy targets have quit she is going to be looking for someone she can go after. I only pray it’s not me. Not that I would wish this hell on anyone else.

          No this has to stop. So glad my colleague showed me this site. I had no idea how many of us at 34 are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

          I don’t let my students bully one another.

          I can no longer sit and watch this institutionalized brutality. Please count on my support. I’ve kept my mouth shut and my head down for too long. My conscience needs to be cleaned.

          Every year we get new teachers and I think to myself fresh meat for Shakespeare to target. Now the new ones are gone she is going to look at who hasn’t been on her bad list and wham it’s hell all over again

          No I can’t do this. I can’t have this on my conscience anymore if I keep my mouth shut.

          If I have been unfriendly I am sorry. It was just easier to not become friends with you all. I didn’t want to get to know you as I thought better you be her target than me. I thought self preservation was better.

          I’ve been beaten so low I may not always know which way is up anymore but I know I am a good person. I won’t let Shakespeare play her cruel sick games anymore. I am with the rest of you. How do we do this no confidence vote? I have heard the union is coming back. If we all stand together maybe we can put an end to this hell.

          I am sick and tired of feeling like this. We need to all stand together. I may be a coward but this has to stop. We fear her, but we are stronger if we stand together. This can only get worse if we let it. So let’s take away her power. I will stand up with the rest of you.

          • No I never said I received two u ratings from her I stated I received them but not from Mrs. SHAKESPEARE. Yes I used my savings and TDA to hold me over as I took a much needed rest all prior to working at 34. I looked into temp agencies etc to supplement my income. My point was you come first. Make choices that will benefit you. Only you can hold the key to your happiness.

  134. Yes, I should’ve recorded that conversation for more evidence.

  135. Appalled, You're not alone

    That lunatic Mrs. Shakespeare told me I was bipolar and needed to see a psychiatrist too.

    • Shakespeare is the most inept, hateful and abusive principal I’ve ever had the displeasure to work with. She is a horrible person, and the sooner the district removes her (we all know that’s coming… there’s no way the superintendent is going to keep her much-hated ass in office), the better for not only the staff but the students.

  136. Your attempt at a forum was a joke. It wasn’t until the arrival of Disbelief! that your page received a pulse. Since you enjoy facts and data check for yourself October 10,2015.
    Where was your support prior? I hope they continue their support of you and won’t have you standing alone as they did with your initial post in January 2015. However a friend attempted to give you life on July 4, 2015. Not much after.
    So here is something for you to ponder we’re they supporting you all along or was it that they are intrigued by Disbelief and the mystery surrounding this person?

  137. When can we conduct a vote of no confidence? Does anyone know the procedure? We need to get the vote done as soon as possible. Can the union help us or do we conduct it ourselves?

  138. Until disbelief showed up no one else needed to share as most of us agree with anonymous. It is the blind allegiance to an abusive principal by disbelief that belittles the real atrocities performed by Shakepeare, Tomaselli, Frederick, and Brown-Walker. Disbelief your diparaging the true and heartfelt accounts of abused teachers is like being abused all over again. I don’t plan to share my story here. However, I will say that what I experienced at the hands of those four bullies can only be labeled as verbal and mental abuse. I did see a therapist to help me understand and deal with unfamiliar hate directed at me. I know I am a very good teacher. And now that my confidence has returned and I better understand that their sick behavior comes from their own disturbed issues, people like this can no longer hurt me.
    I too stand behind Anonymous. I hope you vote for non-confidence. This in-humane treatment of teachers should not be allowed to continue let alone ever have happened in the first place.

  139. That would be the reason you would have showed her support. Through sharing your experiences and not let her feel she was alone. I joined the conversation in hopes of getting everyone to focus on the children!
    I even made suggestions but then realized or should I say informed this was dedicated to venting not to seek possible solutions. Smh!

  140. We already have a solution get rid of Shakespeare and her minions.

  141. What are your solutions for resolving the problems with administration that is the issue here. The teachers there are excellent teachers. That is not the advice or assistance being sought it seems to me. I know you say to speak up and voice your concerns. However, when we did that they simply harassed us even more if that is possible. When you have an administration unwilling to consider the concerns of the teachers and one who targets people to destroy their careers there is not a lot to be done with that. Two options I see. 1- remove the administration causing this problem, or 2- teachers leave. I am sorry to say that too many of us were forced out by transferring or early retirement. It is sad that the Chancellor and DOE have let this go on so long. Good teachers have had their careers ruined and left the profession because of their treatment by this administration. This is what is hurting the children. Not the teaching that goes on in the classroom. That is the one thing that was always outstanding about PS 34.

  142. I see this forum as a way to express ourselves. It can be therapeutic to share common experiences at the hands of an abuser. It is not simply a “bitch session”. It is an opportunity to be heard and a time to release the built up anger and anxiety caused by real abuse and harassment. I welcome all past and present teachers, aids, secretaries, ect. To share their experiences. For those you that have already dealt with and moved on, I am happy for you. Many of us are still trying to accept and understand how good people can be be treated so badly. It may take a long time to release the abuse I suffered there. But at least now it does not consume every minute of my day.

  143. It is scary how every account I am reading is identical to my experiences at this school! Mrs. Shakespeare is an evil woman! When I worked at P.S. 34 I wasn’t a targeted teacher, but knew that could change at any time! I watched as she harassed my colleagues and prayed every day that she wouldn’t turn her viciousness on me! She had Brown Walker in our classrooms every day, reporting back to her if we were off schedule or did anything in our classrooms that she did not sanction. The few years I worked there were the worst of my career. During my last year when I started to find my voice, she would tell me I was being influenced by other teachers’ opinions. All her favorite teachers that she hired left her as soon as they got the chance.

    Here are some of my experiences:

    Sitting in the library during an election day PD and being screamed at because student’s report card grades were so low. Her standard line was “It’s always the teacher!”

    Being told after the staff gave her bad marks on the school survey that we must not have understood the questions, because why would we jeopardize our bonuses by giving the school a bad grade. That was her way of her letting us know that we were just screwing ourselves! The school survey was our only voice at the time and that was a lot more important than money!

    Forced to participate in a book club for fourth and fifth grade teachers. Not your typical book club, but a Shakespeare book club. We were told to read Anna Karenina and were given a month to read 1000 pages. Who had time? All I did every night at home was to work till 10 or work the whole weekend preparing for the next day or week! When we did meet to discuss the book it was pure torture. If she didn’t agree with something you said she would close her eyes and shake her head and humiliate you in front of colleagues. She also told us that if we complained to the UFT about being in a book club she would just say it was a PD.

    Never receiving post observation conferences. If she liked or disliked a lesson you had no idea why.

    Being told by Shakespeare that Brown Walker was a powerful teacher, which was a joke! . It was painful to meet Brown Walker to discuss guided reading for the next week, because you knew that she was incompetent! She once told me, while she was still in the classroom, that she never brought work home.

    For the record, the students are not Shakespeare’s top priority; Shakespeare is Shakespeare’s top priority. Her ego is so huge! She wants the glory for herself. She even shared with the staff that she strived to be a superstar when she was a teacher and didn’t understand teachers who didn’t want to be superstars. That says so much about her. Isn’t it about the students being superstars? Their successes are the way we measure our success!

    I am very fortunate to now work in a school where the administration values their teachers’ opinions. They give me valuable feedback after every observation and don’t have me play the guessing game as to what I’ve done well and what I need to work on. If they have a problem with a staff member they handle it in a professional way. No public humiliation!

    This is the only time in my life that I have continued to hold a grudge against someone! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to gain some closure on this experience. I pray for you all who have survived there this long and continue to work under this tyrant’s control! I hope that your voices are heard and finally the proper action is taken!

  144. Can't believe this is still going on

    For the record Brown Walker was an absolutely horrendous teacher when Ciani was principal. Talk about a sterile room. She walked around all day writing notes regarding behavior on these index cards — anything to get out of teaching. If you walked into her room she would immediately call a child over to where she was sitting to pretend that she was helping them. We saw it with our own eyes. When I worked at 34 and some teacher became upset about something Brown Walker said, I would sit them down and tell them all about her days with Ciani. Shame on you Mrs. Shakespeare for putting this person in charge of teachers. She was your friend and she was given preferential treatment because of that — If I remember correctly she attends your church and was the officiant at your son’s wedding (she’s also a pastor).

    God help anyone who still works there.

  145. And Frederick got hired and promoted to AP because of her personal relationship with Shakespeare. Frederick is good friends with Shakespeare’s son I’ve been told. I also heard that her classes’ scores on state tests were extremely weak when she was a teacher.

    • The hate is real! She also went to school for an Administration license something that is available to anyone who wishes to pursue it! There is this rumor you can even do it online!

      • Can't believe this is still going on

        Cut the nonsense, Marisa. You spent more time in the hallway than you did in the classroom and your scores were horrendous. Those PDs you gave were always confusing. The way was paved for you and you know it.

      • Oh, blow it out your ass, Marisa. No one here is buying your crap anymore. We all know this is you. You’re an army of one here.

  146. Monday is gonna be Great!

    Monday is gonna be great!

    I am so looking forward to seeing Shakespeare’s ugly face Monday. This may be a first! Visits by Farina and the UFT coming up.

    Shakespeare look for me I’ll be the one smiling ear to ear!

    She thinks we are all fooled by her being on her best behavior lately. No one is fooled. Can’t wait for her rats to abondon her.

    Just remember everyone what we tell Joyce Schwartz is protected by the union! Let’s get the no confidence vote.

    We all stand together and we can be rid of this ugly monster!

    ‘It’s been a long, long time coming, but a change is going gonna come’

  147. The writing is on the wall, Shakespeare, and like your namesake once said, the pen is mightier than the sword. The students and teachers will be so much better off with you and your inept minions.

  148. Apparently this needs to be said I am not Marisa or any of the others you have mentioned. I am someone who worked with you and do not share your opinion you have of your administration.
    Since I was distressed by the way Mrs. Shakespeare was portrayed I posted.
    So once again I am not anyone you have mentioned. Since everyone here is anonymous there isn’t any reason to reveal my identity.

    • So what exactly makes Mrs. Shakespeare a good principal. Is it when she says “Who can I make today in the Main Building”? Is it when she throws Kindergarten and first grade projects in the garbage because they are sloppy? (If you know early childhood, you would know how inappropriate that is.) Is it when she creates a hostile work environment when she screams at teachers and publicly humiliates them? Is it when she forces teachers to conduct up to 5 guided reading lessons in 45 minutes?

  149. Disbelief as you have stated you were a former teacher at 34. How can you or anyone support a tyrant, bully and dictator? How can you support someone that gets pleasure abusing teachers? It makes me sad and I really feel sorry for you too. Maybe you weren’t the one bullied but we all know someone who has been the victim from this bully. I guess you get pleasure watching people suffer. As it has been said before we all love teaching and it is not about the students disbelief. It is about an administrator and her bench men who need to have their reign of terror ended. We are ready to take back our school. Disbelief I feel sorry for you supporting a bully.

  150. This was never intened to be a forum, I think the original poster had the intention to expose Pauline Shakespeare for being a lying bullying in-human monster.

    The whole reason for this forum is to warn teachers do not go to a certain school. This one forum was just to say don’t come to PS34q John Harvard! I wish I was warned.

    What started as a warning has grown to a movement. We all now see we are not alone.

    I was most moved by the post by ‘I HATE PAULINE SHAKEPEARE,’ We all have been thinking the same thing for along time! Pualine created this hostile environment to divide us. We may work in the same school but we don’t work together. I see that vey clearly now.

    Who ever you are, I HATE PAULINE SHAKEPEARE, please realize we are all victims of Shakespeare! How many of us have taken out our frustrations on our families? I know I came very close to divorce and am on blood pressure med.

    We need to come together as a family here at 34. We know who her spies are and who we can trust. Let’s all call Joyce Schwartz and get this moving.

    Time to stand together! I want my life back, doesn’t everyone else?

    • Can't believe this is still going on

      I was there before she was hired. We had a wonderful supportive staff at the time. No, it wasn’t perfect (because no school is perfect) but it was good. We had Haitian bilingual classes and teachers from many nationalities and backgrounds. People smiled back then. People enjoyed working there. The children were happy. PS 34 has been completely destroyed by the current administration. I hope they get an entirely new administration soon. It’s enough already.

  151. The only way to get this moving is to email Joyce Schwartz, Rona Fraiser and the chancellor. Just venting is helping all of us who have been her victim but it is not enough. We need to email or call the superintendent as well. Only one teacher who lost her job is pursuing a case against her. We all must file a suit against her. This site can only go so far. We have to go to the next level. We can do it.

  152. I can respect and support Pauline Shakespeare because I do not define her as a bully. I define her as and someone who is strong willed and dedicated to the education of children.
    I respect that she has standards for kindergarten and first graders and wants them to take pride in projects they produce. Lets face it education is changing and a lot is expected from these grades. As we know children will rise to the occasion and standards set forth.
    I admire her because she is exactly what education needs.
    There was a complaint about four homework sheets made this shows a Principal with leadership skills as she is researching ways to make homework meaningful to students for this she should be applauded.
    My heart bleeds for those who work there and who are in support of Mrs. Shakespeare and her vision. I can only imagine how warm you are to them considering how nicely I was treated here.

    • Still don’t understand how Disbelief can justify 5 guided reading in 45 minutes or the developmentally inappropriate practice of throwing kindergarten and first grade students crafts in the garbage. In normal schools if a teacher or administrator threw young children’s work in the garbage it would be considered malpractice or corporal punishment. When someone discards work that a child worked hard on it can often make a young feel very upset and discourage them from doing crafts. Young children are still developing fine motor skills and often make mistakes. It is absolutely disgusting that a principal would throw young children’s work in the garbage.

      • It can be done! Eight is a lot but five is manageable.

        • Wow you really are an idiot! 5 reading groups in 45 minutes. That is 9 minutes per group if it takes exactly 0 minutes to transition groups. If you give each group 1 minute to transition that leaves 8 minutes per group. That is 100% worst teaching practice. I guess you also think it’s OK to throw out young children’s art projects too.

        • Just because it can be done doesn’t mean it should be done. It also doesn’t mean that it is an effective way to teach reading.

  153. Since this grammar 101 I was responding while multitasking.

  154., I have stayed quiet and have been following this since it was sent to me. My guess on who disbelief is? Vincent!!!!!! Shakespeare also brought him over and knew him previously…. That was my guess from the beginning..but everyone else thought it was one of the three amigos… For all of the newbies, Vincent was the reading coach, before Vera was hired as the reading coach and before she became the AP. Vincent was an amazing coach in our school, and really knew his stuff. He was always willing to help as well. This is not a negative post against him. I will say, once he left tho, things got a hell of a lot worse. He was not here to experience this hell that we r all talking about. Anyway, I too was a victim of Shakespeare. I know that many of her former victims are willing to help get rid of her. If the current teachers need any of us to help them in this fight, we can help, but need to be notified as to what we need to do. Many of us are willing to give statements about how we were abused and mistreated daily. I hope Shakespeare, Vera, and Marisa feel abused now by us…and I hope they r all fired shortly..In order for PS 34 to become the great school and staff it once was, we need a clean sweep of these three pieces of sh*t (and that’s being very nice)!!!!

  155. guess..Poserow? (for the newbies he was the data specialist and testing coordinator)…He was also a spy for Shakespeare, and not very well-liked by the rest of the staff. He was given preferential treatment over the rest of us, even though, he was not an administrator. When his relationship with two-faced Tomaselli went sour , he left… So Disbelief…did I guess right this time? o wait a second..u will never reveal who u r because the pack of wolves will tear u apart even more….

  156. Continue with your venting!Don’t get distracted by Disbelief!

  157. Disbelief Why do you insist in making noise?

    I spoke to Joyce at the UFT Queens office today. She told that they are hearing more complaints about Shakespeare this year than in previous years.

    Please everyone call the UFT queens office. We need to be rid of Shakespeare!

  158. In Support of Anonymous

    Disbelief go away you are in the wrong place as this is administrators in need of improvement. No one wants to hear you defend someone who is a dictator, bully, a tyrant and a miserable human being. Disbelief you are alone in your defense of her. I guess you do not know anyone who was the victim of her bullying or screaming episodes. Most of us have been a witness to it all and are tired and beaten down. It is her turn to get beaten down and taken down. Keep emailing Joyce Schwartz and ask her about how we go about with the no confidence vote. Find another blog disbelief no one wants you here!!!!!!!!!!

  159. Talk about bullying! Your miserable because that is all you know how to be! Disbelief was only trying to open your eyes and examine your situation objectively. I admit your job is tough and alot is expected from you but your making yourselves miserable! Bullied because I don’t agree.

  160. Ready and willing to testify!!!!

    Shakespeare, Vera and Marisa should all be removed from the D.O.E. They take pride in making fun of the staff and making them feel bad. I thought administration was there to help and support the teachers not call them weak, crazy and bad teachers. Vera has two daughters and it sickens me that she would partake in bullying people because what goes around comes around. weak would be the two Ap’s who follow Shakespeare every word and command knowing that it’s wrong. Vera weak is making fun of people to get on Shakespeare’s good side. Vera and Marrisa weak is sounding like a little bird that sits on Shakespeare shoulders repeating everything that She say so that you won’t be the next victim, and you Shakespeare are a sad and miserable person that feels the need to tear people down so that you can control them. A staff is only as good as the support they receive from administration so if the teachers are not doing their job maybe it’s because of their leadership from administration. Look in the mirror or is it to hard to face the monsters that you are Shakespeare, Vera and Marisa? Neither one of you “women” deserve to be apart of any schools administration but you do deserve to be escorted out of the D.O.E!!

  161. Listen everyone. We, UFT Solidarity, created this forum to illicit conversation and improve working conditions and learning conditions at schools. As you can see, there are many administrators listed

    Last night Jill Guttman’s husband and I went to speak to the chancellor about the situations at play here and many other schools.

    We are not waiting for the DOE to do the right thing. We are not waiting for the Queens UFT office to do the right thing. I personally don’t trust Rona Freiser. Read how she throws UFT members under the bus. She needs to go too.

    We are UFT Solidarity, we are running against Mulgrew and friends this April and we have your back! We will be outside your school next week handing out flyers to staff and parents.

    Email us at to add material to the flyer.

    This has to stop as the staff and students are suffering.

    Principal Shakespeare and admins, back off with your attacks and support the staff.

    In Solidarity,
    Francesco Portelos
    UFT Presidential Candidate

  162. Don’t mind me just sitting here stirring this big pot of Jealousy!

    • In Support of Anonymous

      You are sick in the head. Whoever would want to be friends with someone like a monster named Pauline Shakespeare they need to be checked into a mental hospital today!!!! Disbelief that includes you!!!

  163. She always liked the white teachers better!

    Disbelief! Any human with a brain will see through your ridiculous comments. You are the only one on this page who supports that bully. I was there 10 years ago and there wasn’t one person working there who didn’t see how evil PS was and how she received pleasure from hurting other people. Whoever you are you are clearly way too invested in protecting Shakespeare’s lies, which means you are just as afraid you will go down with her. And anyone who supports that lunatic has done some bad bad things and you’re doing your absolute best to cover it up. You call adults who feel bullied and threatened spoiled brats throwing a tantrum. HOW DARE YOU! You have no right to invalidate anyone’s feelings. Not to mention that most of the posts state that they have been terrorized by or have witnessed her terrorizing someone else. We are educators who are supposed to be examples for our students. Most schools spend a lot of time going over what a bully does, as well as what happens to the victims. You are blaming the victims and it is sickening. No one who has been working at another school for the past 10 years would spend this much time defending this evil woman. All of us who have gotten out know exactly what Pauline Shakespeare is capable of. My only hope is that all of the staff, past and present, are asked by the chancellor what it truly was like in that school. Then we will see where this so called teacher who defends her is.

  164. I assure you I have nothing to fear! I believe the school is full of people who have not accepted that education has changed.
    Mrs. Shakespeare provides constructive criticism. Unfortunately she has an overly sensitive staff who can not take criticism.
    It is impossible to have worked for Mrs. Shakespeare and not receive it at some point and yes it sucks. However,it is what you do after that matters. I always took the”I will show you approach” sometimes doing it her way with my personal twist. If I felt she was asking for something that was impossible I told her and didn’t do it that simple. Was she pleased? No but you can’t satisfy all of the people all of the time.
    When I became overwhelmed I didn’t make excuses I sought employment elsewhere. As I previously stated working at P.S. 34 is a lot of work. Everyone is accountable. Administration is very involved to ensure quality education is being provided.
    There was one thing I learned when I started teaching and I was nervous about my very first observation and that is they have to find something wrong. Once I realized that I used observations to grow implenting what I could in future observations. After all even if I failed at the attempt they had to admit I tried.
    All I have heard on this page is why things can’t be done. Mrs. Shakespeare is providing them with the challenges they seek to show what outstanding educators they are and they are running from it. I respect Mrs. SHAKESPEARE because she gives praise when you deserve it,but she is not afraid to deliver constructive criticism. Hey you can’t be great at everything all of the time.
    Maybe if people put their ego aside they may find joy working at P.S 34. Sometimes the school you onced love is no longer a perfect fit it is ok to move on.
    Take responsibility everyone has had an off day where nothing seems to go right unfortunately it may have been the day Administration stop in. Suck it up learn from it and move on. Trust me Mrs. Shakespeare and her A.P. s know your level of teaching. If your off days are not a regular I wouldn’t worry.

  165. Remember the same boiling water that softens the potato is responsible for hardening the egg. It all boils down to what you’re made of!

  166. Disbelief why did you leave 34 if it was so wonderful? The teachers that have left all left because of the administration and it starts with the top. At other district 29 schools teachers do not leave every year or after 3 weeks. Only at 34 and only because of Shakespeare. At other district 29 schools teachers do not have to call or email the union or chancellor or call 311. Only at 34 because of the leader. She has to go and so do the others. A new administration is needed that directs and leaders without being a bully, dictator and tyrant. Have you been in the office when a colleague was being screamed at in front of everyone. I stood and watched. We would not do this to our students or it is considered corporal punishment. The chancellor knows what is going on and we are waiting for change.

  167. My leaving had nothing to do with Administration as I didn’t have a problem with them. I left because other options that I was pursuing became available. My leaving allowed the flexibility I needed during that time of my life.

  168. Disbelief almost every other teacher left because of them. That means there is a major problem. Teachers leave after 3 weeks? Only at 34!! Teachers leave after a year. Only at 34! Shows there is a problem and finally the chancellor and union are doing something. Would you want your friend or children bullied? I don’t think so!! No one should be treated the way she treats teachers.

  169. No I wouldn’t want them bullied, but I would want them to be told the truth. Don’t praise my children if their work looks like crap. Let them know they could have done better.

    • She always liked the white teachers better!

      So let me understand this…. Throwing a 5 or 6 year old’s project in the garbage is the same thing as saying they could have done better? You can’t think of any other way? That sounds like high expectations to you? Or someone whose imbalanced? I hold my students to high expectations and yes sometimes I am ridiculed for it. However, there is a significant difference between high expectations and simply making people cry for not doing it the way YOU want it done. What you seem to be saying is that every teacher there is just a sensitive spoiled brat who cannot take constructive criticism. If that’s the case how do you explain all the people who have left and are now extremely successful at other DOE or NYS schools? How do you explain similiar areas who are getting higher test scores? Or any area for that matter? How do you explain any school where teachers feel comfortable doing well and do not have a principal like Shakespeare. Are the principals there not as dedicated because the don’t belittle and humiliate their students and teachers?

      And there are no teachers who support Shakespeare. If anyone thinks there are that’s only because they are so afraid themselves to stand up to her that it’s easier for them to smile and say I support you. But come a no confidence vote they will stand up. Pauline is not a dedicated principal. A dedicated principal asks herself what could be done to strength the staff morale. A good leader encourages children by telling them something that was good about their project while also suggesting something better they could do next time. There are so many good and dedicated principals out there and if she was one of them then she wouldn’t be on this list and she certainly wouldn’t be defended by only 1 person.

  170. There is a nice way to speak to someone and Shakespeare does not know that way. She only knows how to scream at and bully teachers. I guess you have not been reading all of these posts. You really should and maybe you will no longer be in disbelief. The chancellor and union are in our side as to many teachers leave every year.

  171. I had no choice most of the post were in response to me. The rest were dedicated to figuring out my identity and of course the venting.

  172. Who Cares Who You Are

    This blog is not about you. But I guess you have not figured that out yet. Read all the posts about the bully principal and all the teachers that leave every year. The chancellor is coming again this Wednesday and our voices will be heard this time especially after receiving all of the emails from past and present teachers UFT solidarity will be outside the school too spreading the word about the bully principal. No one gives a sh..t about your identity. We are all sharing our personal experiences.

    • Uh I guess you gave up after nine attempts or more lol. It shouldn’t be about me. It shouldn’t be about you or Administration. It should be about education.

  173. Lets not put the cart before the horse. Lets be honest the Union and the Chancellor are only doing there job as the staff has raised some concerns. They have to make an assessment of the situation they have not taken any side yet as they need to be neutral.
    Now I have read the complaints on this page and I must say your argument for the removal of administration is weak. I know you want to take my head off right now but listen. Based solely on what I read this is what I came up with..We are seeking the removal of Mrs. Shakespeare because of the following reasons: When talking to us she forgets to use her inside voice. Mrs. Shakespeare makes comments about our attire and lunch bags. We are forced to have reading groups(Which is your job) and meet with them daily for 45 minutes. During math instruction I am also asked to have students work in groups or pairs.(That is why the manipulative was included in case you didn’t know). Mrs. Shakespeare requires four homework sheets in other words differentiated homework to ensure the homework is meaningful. I assure Mrs. Shakespeare is not capable of being principal. Her face is better suited for a bottle of syrup.
    This is just the jist of what I got for your argument. It doesn’t sound flattering does it? Did you notice how I conveniently selected portions of what was said here? I really made you sound horrible didn’t I? That is exactly what this Forum is doing to Mrs. Shakespeare!

    • I think you need some remedial reading instruction if that’s what you comprehended from the posts. No one said they didn’t want to conduct guided reading. They said it is not effective nor it is good teaching to conduct 5 reading groups in 45 minutes. Disbelief this fact was stated at least ten times. No one mention using inside or outside voices. They mentioned screaming and inappropriate comments in the workplace.

  174. Correction *their jobs assure you..

  175. In Support of Anonymous

    She is horrible!!!!!!!!!!! She verbally and mentally abuses teachers. I guess you are not reading these posts. She belongs on this website because she is an administrator in need of improvement. The staff is a revolving door. My friends who work in other schools do not have 4 homework sheets and do not get screamed at in front of other teachers and told who and whom not to be friends with. Teachers leave during the school year due to her abuse. The only one who is horrible is you as you support a bully. You need to look in the mirror. I guess you have not been one of her victims. Teachers leave after 3 weeks. The union and chancellor have been overwhelmed with emails. We all love teaching just not at P.S. 34 with a bully and her AP’s stand by and watch. They all need to be gone. No one will ever want to teach at 34 and I do not blame them. You support a bully how about supporting the staff and all of her victims. The way she speaks to teachers is unacceptable. We stand together and disbelief you are in disbelief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  176. I am not the one you need to convince It’s the Chancellor! Oh yeah and the Union.

  177. I was going to dress up like Shakespeare for Halloween. Does anyone have a really horrible personality and a devil costume they can lend me.

    Maybe someone will want dress up like Vera and go around house to house eating up all the candy. She can dress up as the Goodyear blimp. That nasty backstabbing bitch!

  178. Disbelief wow you are finally right about something, she does look just the woman on the syrup bottle! Too bad she doesn’t have the same sweet disposition!

    I would suggest you put her head on the bottle of arsenic instead. You can put the number for poison control on the bottle, I knew after 30 seconds working at ps34q for her she is toxic!

    I know you are reading this you piece of garbage Pauline, and yes we have heard through you cronies you are not happy we are writing about you. If anyone ever reads up on you they will know don’t come to 34. It’s career suicide!

    Pauline enjoy Halloween, you can go out today and no-one will notice how ugly your really are, both inside and out!.
    You the most unprofessional piece of garbage on the planet. Eventually diabetes or heart disease will catch up with you and you will get exactly what you deserve! I wish you nothing but long term pain and suffering!

    How come no one asks what happend to all the African American teachers that used to work at 34. Seems she discriminates against her own. Oops my bad she considers herself East Indian!

    • Really? Wishing disease on people? Doesn’t say much about you as a so called professional now does it?

      • Those two nasty heffers deserve what they get in life. I am just happy with the knowledge that those two will have the life expectancy of house flies.
        There is only so long people will take the abuse.
        Please think of you the children, what are we teaching them? That It’s ok to be gluttonous despicable pigs!

      • Thanks for saying it for me.

        • Sorry that was not for you as u don’t agree with you. What are your actions ft teaching the children?

      • As I do not work there I can’t answer that question. However I would think they retired, or left because they have that option. This is America.

      • I wanted to say thanks. It is unfortunate that adults would wish illness upon someone.

        • Yes it is. I agree let’s stick to the issues not name calling not wishing sickness on anyone. Really? The very things you say you are against you’re now doing.

        • Yes it is. I agree let’s stick to the issues not name calling not wishing sickness on anyone. Really? The OK very things you say you are against you’re now doing.

        • She always liked the white teachers better!

          Yes it is unfortunate and despicable to wish harm on someone. You agree disbelief!? Well I was witness to Shakespeare wishing horrible things on not only one but two individuals. One whom she knew nothing about. And another who was a teacher at her school. Sick isn’t it!?! That conversation has haunted me to this day. I could never understand how someone could actually wish terrible things on people. At least the people here have been beaten down and abused. What was Shakespeare’s excuse?

    • Who was arguing? I thought we were having an open dialogue.

    • People are so brave on this page!

  179. Here we go again? Focus people focus!

  180. Hey disbelief you never answered what happend to all the African American teachers that Pauline pushed out of 34? what nothing to say when it’s the truth

    • My comment to your question was posted in the wrong place. Maybe the retired, took positions closer to home, or decided p.s.34 was no longer a perfect fit for them. It is America. It is not stated you have to return to a school if you don’t want too.

      • Can't believe this is still going on

        You obviously weren’t there when they were bullied, harassed and pushed out. Nobody wants to deal with constant harassment. Once upon a time the school was very diverse. We had White, Haitian, African, Hispanic and Asian teachers. Where are they all now? I recall only one Haitian teacher who held out for retirement. We lost good teachers with ties to the community — talented teachers who made a real difference in the lives of the students at 34. Teachers who attended the school themselves as children. Teachers who still live in QV and would rather commute to another neighborhood than be treated like garbage. The chancellor should survey the teachers who left 34 since Shakespeare arrived. At least 90% left because of the way they were being treated.

  181. The truth is that gluttonous pig Shakeaere pushed them out. They did not retire. They ran as far away from that racist pig Pauline! They went to good schools where you don’t work for a NAZI

  182. Some of us are losing focus about the point of this website. Don’t fight back and forth with DISBELIEF!, as what she/he says has no bearing on the matter at hand. Don’t stoop to her/his level and argue. It makes this read like a childish back and forth he said she said, and this is actually a very series issue that needs to be addressed.

    I hope that when the Chancellor comes, she sees the school for what it really is. When the union comes in, everyone stays silent in the fear that the truth which was told to the reps would get back to Shakespeare and our lives would be made even worse than they currently are. The real unbelievable shame here, is that after all of the letters and phone calls to the union, to the chancellor, by parents and teachers, this woman still has the privilege of being called a Principal in the NYC school system. She completely abuses her power, and for that abuse to be tolerated by the superintendent and Chancellor is completely unacceptable. A true leader leads by inspiring and by gaining respect, not by threatening and putting fear in his/her staff. To say that this is a hostile work environment is not even doing it justice. I know that there are teachers who have stories that they are afraid to share on here, specific, awful things that have been both witnessed and tolerated because we didn’t want to be the next one targeted, but given the proper forum and the promise that we would be listened to and taken seriously, I know teachers from both the past and the present would come forward to share their experiences under Mrs. Shakespeare’s rule. The fact that all of these posts echo the same treatment and experiences from both previous and current staff members is a true testament to the fact that not only should she not be in power anymore, she never should have been in the first place. One moment of verbal and mental abuse to her staff should not have been tolerated, let alone 13 years worth of it. 13 years! This is an atrocity. The turnover rate speaks for itself, and the only common denominator of the dozens who have left over the years is the administration. I believe in justice and that in the end, right always wins. So let’s remember the points at hand. We are professionals. Let’s act that way, regardless of how much anger and resentment we hold inside. Together, we can take a stand, make our voices heard, and let the chancellor see the reality that lies within the school.

    • You mean we were not conversing?

    • Can't believe this is still going on

      She arrived in April of 2004 when Dr. Bryson was removed for refusing to provide her certification paperwork so that’s 11 and half years not 13. Eleven and half very long years. The teachers are not the only ones were felt anxious and stressed. Think about how many children have been affected by this administration! Eleven years without smart boards and without access to computers. How many children had to shove a slice of pizza down their throat for Lunch and Learn?? Children need a well-rounded education! Children need time to be creative! They need a break, too! We had years with no gym and no art. With no technology. With horrendous mass preps. The kids are bored to death with drill and kill and the outrageous amount of homework assigned. That’s why they acted out, especially in the lunch room.

      • Can't believe this is still going on

        When I arrived at my new school and saw how happy the children were I wept for the children of 34. I wished I could have taken them all with me along with all the teachers. Pauline Shakespeare doesn’t deserve any of them.

        • I experienced very happy children while I was there. They we’re always happy to see administration.

          • Can't believe this is still going on

            The children were not very happy. They had happy moments for sure but overall they were overworked and bogged down with too much homework when they went home. They were often afraid of Mrs. Shakespeare because she would yell at them about the state of their penmanship (a developmental issue) or if she felt they weren’t being energetic enough during dance festival practice or when they did move to improve. She yelled when she did random notebook checks and if they didn’t do well on practice exams. The kids (much like the teachers) were often made to feel like their best wasn’t good enough. They were yelled at if they didn’t speak loudly enough during poetry recital practice.They were yelled at and belittled if they didn’t answer her quickly enough when she did those math mass preps Go to a normal school and see true happiness in children. Where was the kindness and encouragement? Why did she have to be so nasty to very young children? You can say what you want but I had to console more than one child after one of her little tirades.

      • What children are you talking about? I saw students running and playing in the yard when the weather permitted. Yes there were some teachers who had lunch and learns but the children wanted to participate. They were not forced to rush and eat. Many brought their lunch back to class to participate.

        • Can't believe this is still going on

          I’m talking about the children who were on the cusp of being a level 3 on either the ELA or the math test — those children were forced to do lunch and learn. What kid would choose more work over the playground? Poserow held the first lunch and learns. Study after study show that children NEED recess. They need it. Do you understand that?

          • No one forced the kids to do it. they wanted to go back with the teachers. You really don’t know the half of it.

          • They get recess do you understand that?

          • Can't believe this is still going on

            I worked there for years and saw it first hand. Most did NOT want to go do more work when they could be outside running and enjoying the sunshine. A child needs to PLAY. They need it. Even if one or two wanted to do work instead of being with their friends they should have been encouraged to do what is in their best interests — more test prep is not in their best interest. It’s in the administration’s best interest. They should have been encouraged to get the extra exercise and to have fun with their classmates. Daily recess is what they need — even if it’s running around or jumping rope in the small cafeteria.

  183. We must stand up to the hostility experienced there. This person Disbelief is here on this site to anger and discredit the people who post here. Ignore the distraction and stay focused on the purpose. Justice is the goal for all the abusive treatment that has been dispersed by the hands of the administration. Share your stories. Call/email both the chancellor and the union. Let’s all (past and present teacher/staff) unite to let our voices be heard. This should not be tolerated any longer. We know there is so much more to our common experience than what Disbelief tries to reduce it to. This person, no matter their experience is only here to distract us from the real problem. We are all good teachers that have been seriously mistreated, know someone who has, or witnessed it. Disbelief has an agenda that extends beyond defending someone he/she respects whether it be to protect his/herself, mislead from his/herself part in the harassment, or to help a friend. He/she has a malicious intent. Remember your purpose and do not lower yourself to the level of this person trying to take away from the reality of the hostile environment that has existed at PS34 since Pauline Shakespeare showed up. Call or email both the union and the chancellor. Let them know why you walked away from working at that school whether by transfer or early retirement. If you are still there share your fears and experiences with them. The only way to correct this problem is to tell what YOU know and experienced at PS 34. Stay focused!

  184. Everyone on here needs to stick to the issues. The name calling wishing illness etc. Is out of hand not professional and wrong.

  185. Excuse me I do not have a malicious bone in my body. If I did I would have stooped to your level of name calling.
    As I stated before I was trying to open your eyes to possible solutions. Not once did I insult you or your teaching. However, my competency has been questioned.
    I was trying to offer suggestions to help you resolve your issues but to no avail.
    I hope for the children sake some kind of resolution can be found.

  186. As we clearly stated several times, this is not about teaching the children. It is about ineffective leadership. A leader that bullies is no leader at all. You may not have experienced what so many of us have. If that is the case, you are very fortunate. However, it does not give you the right to call us spoiled brats that are jealous of each other and overly sensitive. Obviously, when you have so many adults coming together sharing a common experience some credence must be given to what is being said. To ignore it and belittle those feeling is to be obtuse and ignorant of the situation. If you are ignorant of the situation and cannot assuage the problem then you should not offer advice that does not speak to the problem.

    If our problem were with instruction, some of what you offered may be effective. Our problem is that we have no faith in a principal that fosters verbal and mental abuse. As I see it, if the majority of the staff feels this way, then they are not the problem and should not be the ones to leave, move on, or retire. The cause of the problem should resign along with her assistant principals, once she has lost the faith of her subordinates. The two assistants are as guilty as she for they follow her guidance and have also harassed, bullied, and abused the teachers. They also do not have a moral compass to determine right from wrong and blindly executed her nefarious methods. So if this does not apply to you, your presence is not needed. It is no wonder that you were thought to be one of the administrators, you seem to have the ego that you accused us of having. You keep trying to lead us off on a tangent that is not relevant to the issue. But we are standing strong and united.

  187. I know I’ll be attacked for this because that’s just what happens here but I fully support Disbelief. It’s quite obvious that the majority of these comments are coming from Mr. And Mrs. Guttman. Everyone knows how you feel. You’ve made your opinions public. But that’s just what they are, your opinions, not facts. You and whoever claims to agree with you no longer work at P.S. 34. Your opinions don’t matter. Speaking for myself and other teachers who currently work there and who keep returning year after year, we’re happy. Our school or admin isn’t what you are saying it is. You don’t work there anymore so like the song says, let it go.

    • I agree with had enough. Not everyone was/is unhappy. As I stated before I will remain loyal I just might email the chancellor to give a different side to this. Attack all you want. There are 2 sides to every story.

    • Can't believe this is still going on

      it’s an opinion until you play the recording at the top of the page lol

      my mother told me to record what was being said and I stupidly didn’t listen

    • Bullcrap. The vast, vast majority of teachers at this school are miserable because they hate working for Shakespeare and her inept personal Gestapo. It’s pretty clear you’re one of them.

  188. Thank you anonymous and had enough I appreciate your support. I am with you when it comes to writing the chancellor.

  189. How can anyone blame Mr. & Mrs. Guttman for all of this? We all should have stood by her side as she lost her job for no reason. Just because Pauline Shakespeare hated her that is why!! She did nothing that warranted her being fired. All of the posts are recent posts and from people being bullied and we are trying to stand together. Nothing is going to happen at 34 unless we are all united. The woman needs to go and no one should be blamed as we are all of her victims. If you choose to stand by someone that bullies people than you are a bully yourself. I have been bullied and watched others who were on the “A” list fall to the bottom and have their turn. No one is free from her reign of terror. I feel sorry for all teachers who work at 34 presently and for those who have had to work at 34 and been bullied. She is a heartless human being that only cares about herself. Email the chancellor, Joyce Schwartz, Rona Fraiser and someone should call the news. This blog could be made into a book. It would fly off the shelves.

    • She lost her job because she could not teach plain and simple so this is her get back. Not everyone has heard both sides they are just hearing one. Remember people there’s 2 sides to every story. Mrs. Guttman has this vendetta i get it. Perhaps she should self reflect. As far as Joyce Schwartz. I had run into her once at a meeting she is the biggest gossip out there she makes you think she’s on your side but truth be told she needs to retire.

    • Stand by her side. She was always out for herself cared for no one. Really she would not have stood by anyone

    • Can't believe this is still going on

      Guttman was a new teacher. She made mistakes — she was an inexperienced teacher who needed guidance. The admins set their eyes on her early in the school year and it was over. Directives were given by PS and Vera that contradicted each other and then Brown Walker would get involved and really confuse everyone. I saw Guttman give up. She had this IDGAF look on her face. Why bother to try if everything you do is wrong? They wanted her to teach like a veteran teacher with 2 months experience. From what I could see they never really gave her a chance and it seemed like they were trying to get her to quit. She’s still out there suing or whatever. She’s got more balls than I thought. She didn’t really seem like a fighter to me.

  190. Please don’t feel sorry for us Craziness. We’re all pretty happy with our highly effective ratings. Did you know that almost all of us who still work there are HE? I truly don’t think that could’ve happened with awful leadership. They don’t bully us they help us. Sorry if you or your friends or cronies just couldn’t keep up with the rest of us. Maybe the people who are here to vent about a principal and school that they left years ago because it was supposedly so hostile, just need a friend.

    • She could teach and was not even given a chance. How do you know she couldn’t teach Had Enough. Some of us have had enough of people defending an admits tractor who bullies and screams at teachers. Why did 3 teachers all quit after 3 weeks? Was it because they couldn’t teach? Defend a bully and you are a bully too. If you are happy at that he’ll of a school enjoy yourself. You or one of your friends will end up in her bad list and you will see her turn on you. So many teachers leave 34 and the reason is 34 and her minions. Glad you are happy and stand and watch her bully and torment people. Ask anyone about 34 and they all know.thise that are happy enjoy the bullying and torture of your colleagues. Doesn’t say much about you.

      • We are very happy! Maybe you should find some happiness too!

      • She was given chances and opportunities. She was a difficult teacher and co-worker she did not like or speak nicely to the children either

        • Can't believe this is still going on

          There were more than a few who didn’t speak nicely to the children. That’s what happens when teachers are stressed to the breaking point. It trickles down to the students and to their co-workers. I got into a screaming match with a very stressed fellow teacher — in front of both of our classes. This doesn’t happen in normal schools. 34 is a toxic environment for teachers and students

    • What a sad way for an educator to speak to a person suffering the abuse of harassment. You probably do not know their story. I hope for your sake you never receive the abuse many of us did. You may be a highly effective teacher or maybe Shakespeare likes you. How well did your kids do? Did they get highly effective scores? I was once highly effective too with highly effective scores until she targeted me for questioning an ineffective practice put into place by administration. I hope your day never comes. But try to be compassionate even if you do not support their position. Do not be insolent. It does not become anyone young or old.

  191. Had enough I could not have said it better myself. I am happy to hear that others feel Mrs. Shakespeare provides an environment that encourages growth not hostility. This person definitely needs a friend. Had enough let me warn you this is for principals in need of improvement and our comments are not welcomed lol!

  192. Glad you’ve had enough. You are a bully yourself so you are on their side. No one that works at 34 present or past believes that Shakespeare encourages growth and not hostility unless they are living in a bubble. Read all the posts. They are about a hostile work environment. Glad you are happy working in that kind of environment. Most were not and left to find other teaching jobs within the doe or retired early because of her. Talking about how others teach or didn’t teach us being a bully just like Shakespeare and her accomplices. Why did the brand new teachers leave after only 3 weeks? Ask yourself that question. Does not happen at other schools. The staff needs to stand together and not talk about other teachers. This website is about administrators in need of improvement. Her ugly mug is on this page. The other two need to be added as well. Enjoy being at that miserable hostile work environment. Glad you are happy seeing others bullied. You are the bully and coward. Stand with your colleagues.

    • People leave jobs regularly. Maybe other opportunities became available. It happens it did for me!

    • Go away with your bitterness and hate! You are entitled to your feelings but we don’t have to agree! Teaching isn’t for everyone! Move on find your happy place.

    • Teachers leaving after three weeks happens trust me! The expectations for a new teacher can be overwhelming. Student teaching can only prepare you but so much.

    • We are not bullies or cowards.If we were we would not be standing up to you. We know who the real bullies are!

    • No thank you! Not on this issue!

  193. If anyone is the bully here it’s you. You’re trying to get us to band together against administration. But the problem with that is that many of us don’t want to be against them. If we work there every day and don’t have a problem with Shakespeare then why would we join you? My point is simple I understand that you were unhappy and you might want to get her back for whatever distress you feel she caused you. But what you need to understand is that you aren’t the voice of the current staff. You don’t speak for me or many others who agree with me and you should be ashamed of yourself for trying so hard to cause so much drama. What gives anyone the right to bully other people like this? Just like you don’t want a principal to bully teachers, we shouldn’t try to bully principals either. This forum is hateful and many of the comments are racist. Tread lightly because karma is definitely a witch and all this hate comes back around.

  194. Thanks for the warning Disbelief! I know our comments aren’t welcome here in this forum but I couldn’t let some loser speak for me anymore.

  195. Disbelief you are the loser for following a bully. Why does the staff leave every year? Glad you are happy working a bully. I guess you do not know anyone whose been her victim. Ask all the teachers. They all know someone who was or still is her victim. No one should have to suffer at the hands of Shakespeare.

  196. Insults again! Seriously this is getting old. I am not the loser. The losers are those who are gone and still whining! You no longer work for Mrs. Shakespeare move on be happy,let it go!

    • Disbelief I agree its done move forward. The insults the racial slurs on here all not necessary. Like I stated earlier Mrs Shakespeare has my support. I’ve never wavered she knows she can count on me.

  197. I know many teachers still at PS34 that are unhappy. Many are thankful that someone had the strength to stand up for them. Though you may not be one, several are united to change the reign of fear. We are not speaking for the ‘happy HE’ teachers. We are here to unite those who have felt or watched the sting of an ineffective leader pushing good teachers out. Many of whom have gone on to be HE elsewhere. Some who are still there. There are more than you are willing to admit that still suffer under an administration in need of improvement. I hope the chancellor does speak to everyone past and present. Then she can get an accurate picture of the hostile environment at PS34. She will find out just how many teachers are seeking assistance to make a change. And of course she will have an opportunity to see just what you find so attractive about your work experience. I’m very sure there will be more teachers that are unhappy than those such as yourself who find it so pleasant. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

  198. This Pauline Shakespeare flyer was sent to us. Does this summarize what has been occurring?

    • Seriously?You’re not going to distribute this are you? Can’t stop laughing sorry.

      • Is it not true?

        • Morning announcements are necessary and they are not long. They usually occur while children are unpacking and getting ready for the day. Instructional time not lost.
          Technology is obviously being addressed.
          Overcrowded classrooms are an issue throughout the city. I am just stating my opinion.

        • Everything in the flyer is true. But why not use the GoMath workbooks? They are part of the program. Yet teachers are not allowed to use during instruction.

          • Maybe administration feels it is a better use of time for them to demonstrate what they have learned through the use of manipulatives and dialogue. The pages can be used as extra practice.

  199. Yes there are paperwork violations!!! 8 guided reading lesson plans a week. Tells you what to include in a lesson plan. No time to eat lunch as we all spend our lunches checking homework. Glad you think this is a joke. You are a bully and you support a bully. Happy you found employment elsewhere but the way we are all treated is not a laughable matter.

    • I do not believe so. If your using your lunch to check homework that is your choice. Administration doesn’t make you do it. I always took my lunch. If time permitted then I may have taken care of some clerical duties but it is not forced.

      • As for lesson plans suggestions are made to assist with ensuring common core objectives are met. Again Administration is not forcing you they are guiding you. They are actually trying to lessen your work load.

    • I believe it was stated that your groups and schedule was created for you am I correct. That doesn’t sound like a horrible administration in most schools you have to use your data and do it yourself. Are you given the materials to use during guided reading? I am just asking because it was given when I was there. All I had to do was stick to the schedule.

      • No the materials that were given were not adequate for the class. Also the books were mostly ripped and missing pages. Also as stated numerous times 5 reading groups in 45 minutes is inappropriate and ineffective. What part of that do you not understand disbeleif? Are you stupid or just a bad teacher?

        • Neither but you obviously don’t understand guided reading. You are not teaching full lessons to each group. You are reviewing deficiencies with each group. It could be a game, sentence building vocabulary review, most of your students are working independently while tour attention is dedicated to your most at risk students. Yes it is able to be done because I have done it.

        • Name calling is so unnecessary. It is apparent you are disgruntled because of guided reading groups formed for you. You are overwhelmed I get it but attacking me will not help. It is very easy follow the schedule given,document difficulties encountered then speak to staff developer or administration about them. Venting here is not going to make your guided reading groups go away. At least if you take my advice you can say you tried. If all else fails ask for a demonstration lesson.

          • It is apparent that you don’t understand guided reading.

          • I have been trained in guided reading from many places. I have never seen any video or read any book where it says to do 5 guided reading lessons in 45 minutes. Disbelief all of your advice is completely useless. It is obvious that you don’t know how to teach.

    • Anonymous you are not forced to check homework during your lunch so please don’t blame administration for your choices. If you are having a hard time with the guided reading lessons speak to Administration. I am confused by what is making it difficult as your groups and schedule was already done. There is not a limit on how many guided reading groups a person can have. Data dictates that. Soon you will be able to merge groups as they improve.

  200. FPORTELOS I am not trying to undermine what some have said on this page however there are two sides to every story. I am annoyed because they act as if Administration is making them do things that go against our contract and they are not. A lot of teachers decide to check homework during their lunch so much that it became the norm. I actually felt guilty when I had a lunch. Others decide to bring students back to work on assignments missed or as a tutorial time again by choice. I will not stand by and watch administration blamed for what individuals decide to do!

    • Absolutely correct. There are 2 sides to every story. These are grown adults who make their own choices whether its checking homework or bring kids back. I’m sorry anonymous had a hard time but it wasn’t like that for all of us

  201. Anonymous it is apparent you did not understand guided reading during your training. Maybe you need a refresher speak to the staff developer please. I am sure I can teach circles around you especially in Literacy!

    • That must be why you got two U ratings.

      • No it’s because I actually worked for a horrible administrator! So they were eventually over turned. It is not my fault you would rather complain than do your job!

        • Sure, or maybe you were conducting 5 reading in 45 minutes, or throwing out student’s art projects, or wasting time using shaving cream on useless handwriting lessons.


    • I haven’t said anything mean but I hope Mrs. SHAKESPEARE HAS YOUR HEAD ON A PLATTER AND PLAYS ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST JUST FOR YOU! My only regret is that I won’t be there to watch you leave. Be miserable elsewhere 34 doesn’t need your energy!

  203. Anonymous it is obvious you were not rated highly effective or you wouldn’t be here and you definitely would have figured out Guided reading by now. I may or may not know you but you sound old and miserable! I only interacted with you on this page and I can’t stand you! Stop your whining and do your job or get out the way so someone else can…you are a wasted salary!

    • You are right I was not rated HE but I was rated effective by Pauline. I also never received a U rating from any administrator. I am sorry that you can’t say the same. Perhaps you should watch some videos on line that will help you become a better teacher.

      • Says the one whining anonymously about Guided reading. At least I stood up to my Administration face to face and foughtwas able to prove my administration was actually attacking me thus having my unsatisfactory ratings over turned. You could only hope to be successful with your extremely weak argument seeking the removal of Mrs. SHAKESPEARE!

        • No one cares that you were rated HE. Probably spend most most off your day up Shakespeare ass and the rest of your day kissing up to tweedledee and tweedledumb. I actually find it disturbing how you r in denial about what happens at ps 34.

  204. Why I was actually rated Highly effective!

    • And I can actually handle multiple guided reading groups effectively in 45min as I have done under Mrs. SHAKESPEARE but continue being miserable!

      • Disbelief if you were doing that many reading groups in 45 minutes then you were doing your students a disservice. Perhaps you should watch some online videos on guided reading. Good luck when Shakespeare leaves. You will be ineffective under any other administration if you conduct 5 reading groups in 45 minutes . It’s bad practice. Also teachers college gives very good PD on guided reading. You should look into it.

    • Are you asking why you were rated HE. Maybe because you are one of Shakespeare’s evil minions. I know it’s not because of your teaching because 5 reading groups in 45 minutes = poor instruction.

  205. Disbelief, I am confused do you still work at 34? It seems like all of your claims don’t add up. If you don’t work there anymore then why do you care so much about what happens there?

    • I care because you are wrongly attacking administration. You are stating your opinion as you have that right. The audience on this page have the right to hear a different view. Not everyone who was there, like myself and some that are currently there share your opinion.
      As I stated before you are miserable by choice.
      Your issues are much deeper than Mrs. Shakespeare as you would not invest so much time and energy to discredit her and her vision for P.S.34.
      I worked at P.S.34 and yes it is a lot of work but I managed to have lunch and smile!

  206. Disbelief is here to try to discredit all of you. That is her function. Don’t argue with her. Ignore her. Let her go be friends with Shakespeare. Who cares? That doesn’t change all of the atrocities that go in that school. It doesn’t change the fact that for years, our students have been disadvantaged by a lack of technology. It doesn’t change the fact that she imposes lesson planning formats that take hours upon hours to write. It doesn’t change the fact that she humiliates, belittles, and degrades her staff to the point that they leave. It doesn’t change the fact that students are not getting the best education they can because the teachers are under constant stress and duress and excellent, caring teachers are being pushed out. The teachers that grade during lunch or take students for extra help during lunch…it’s one of those situations where yes, you’re an adult and you have a choice, but you really don’t have a choice because if you don’t do it, you know you are going to be the next targeted victim. Which is worse? So Disbelief, your comments are no longer wanted, welcomed, or hold any bearing here. There is nothing defend, and trying to spin this in a way in which the teachers look like they are complaining about doing their job is insulting and wrong. Some one who tries so hard to spin wrong-doings into a positive light and who tries to make a hostile work environment seems “not so bad” must have some stake in the outcome, so it wouldn’t surprise me if you are part of this administrative team. All schools are not run this poorly. All teachers don’t feel this sense of dread coming to work in the morning. This is not a normal administration. These are not normal expectations. This is not a happy place to work or to be. Everyone there knows it. The union knows it. Hopefully the Chancellor now knows it. Now let’s just hope something is done about it.

  207. All because of comments about jewelry, clothing,and lunch bags. Lets forget Mrs. Shakespeare and her Assistant Principals are bullies and don’t want to be our friends!
    Lol..Because I’m Happy….

  208. She always liked the white teachers better!

    ‘Time For A Change’ I couldn’t of said it better myself! Good for you for being so articulate and making it clear that anyone who has so much to say (DISBELIEF!) has a stake in the outcome. Good for you for sticking to the facts. And like you said, everyone does know the truth of the atrocities that go on at ps 34, the question still remains though, what will be done to rectify all this wrong doing?

  209. I have nothing to gain or to lose. I just like to keep up with the latest post while sipping my Ginger tea. These post are as hilarious as Fox News!

  210. I have an idea! Since P.S.34 has addressed the technology issue, A staff Dojo should be created. This way you can earn points for a job well done! It would also help Mrs. Shakespeare keep track of who she has praised and those she needs to praise more! At the end of the month she can have a luncheon for the teachers who earned a predetermined amount of points! Hey at least you will get to have lunch!

  211. Disbelief you are a bully and you should be ashamed of yourself as you think this is hilarious:( we are not amused by your defense of a monster and her two assistant principals are just as in humane. It is not her talking about pocketbooks and lunch bags that got her on this list. Enjoy your ginger tea we are laughing at how you can support a bully.

  212. Anonymous, just think how sad of an existence Disbelief must be living if this is how she gets her entertainment. She spends so much time of her time on here trying to make all of these matters seem trivial, when in fact, they are severe issues that have a direct impact on the students who we teach. Some one who spends her time defending inequities, injustice, and harrassment, and trying to persuade people into thinking that it’s nothing, definitely has a personal stake in this, and although she claims to be laughing on here, I’m sure she is extremely worried and nervous about what else will be uncovered in her school. Teachers tend to stick together, especially when they are being treated in inhumane manners. The very fact that you defend her to this extent makes it quite clear that you are part of her current circle. None of us believe that you are an outsider. Things you’ve said don’t add up and they contradict one another. You should be ashamed of yourself for lying and for trivializing all of these wrong doings. It is not about lunch bags, comments about clothing, or even about guided reading groups. It is about the fact that every little thing is micromanaged to the point of teachers feeling that they are being treated like children. What administration makes up guided reading groups for a class? What administration throws away student work? Do you know how damaging that is to a child? Chancellor’s regs would say that is corporal punishment, as it is humiliating. What administration, in this day and age, doesn’t provide her students and staff with technology? What a disadvantage these students will be at when they go off to middle school, high school, and college! What other school in the city doesn’t have ICT classes?! Or has teachers that quit after a month or teaching?! These are the issues, Disbelief. Not to mention the psychological and mental anguish that comes along with constantly being scrutinized, whether you are one of her “favorites” or not. You never know when it will be your turn to be the target. These are issues that should not be trivialized. To work in an environment such as this is unhealthy and it should not have to be tolerated.

    • That is because you behave like children. Tantrums and name calling when frustrated really? You are adults use your words!

  213. OMG this group loves going in circles I am not part of administration. I am an outsider who is amused. It is funny how all of a sudden the children are being mentioned.However I was told it was not about the children. Talking about contradicting statements. It is obvious you will say and do anything to support your stance. Yes your argument is that trivial.

  214. Go Away Disbelief

    Disbelief you support a bully so you are one of her inner circle or cronies. It makes us all upset to hear anyone who can support a bully. You are not understand the problem here as so many of us have stated. We love teaching just not at 34 under the constant micromanagement of a bully who gets her thrills tormenting and abusing teachers. It is corporal punishment of teachers. The staff is a revolving door. She is I humane and would not want her family treated this way. She is bipolar and needs to be removed along with her assistant bullies. I’m glad you find this all amusing. You need to find more enjoyment. Friends of mine who left were the lucky ones and they love teaching and don’t dread coming to work. Some of us still suffer everyday at the hands of this abuser. Glad you find this entertaining. .

    • Would you like some cheese with your Whine? Corporal punishment really? Soon you will say she has a secret chamber….

  215. I guess you have no life except defending this horrible abusive principal. It is not whining it is the truth and you are in denial or disbelief. We are all stating the facts of what we or our colleagues have gone through at the hands of this bully. Being screamed at in front of your colleagues and the whole office staff is corporal punishment. Read up on the union facts. If you or any other teachers yells at a child we are written up on corporal punishment and it is investigated. What rock are you hiding under? You are a bully and you support a bully and it is very disturbing and upsetting to those of us who have or have seen our friends screamed at and yelled at and come and go to work crying at the hands of this woman and her bullies. Go and find something or someone you can defend that is not a bully. You are just as sick as she is and need to get a life or find someone as you are obviously lonely and desperate for attention.

    • Uh can you get your own name please. Oh and by the way you’re the ones in need of attention so much that you will say and do anything to get it. As a whole you don’t even know what your argument is. Who goes to work crying? If the torment is that horrendous why report to work day after day year after year? I was just giving you the attention you are obviously seeking. Tomorrow is Monday so you might wanna get some lesson planning done!

  216. Mrs. Shakespeare is a bully

    I have heard Mrs. Shakespeare proudly and loudly announce “let’s see who I can make cry today”. She actually takes pleasure in making teachers upset and goes out of her way to try and make teachers cry. That is abusive and disturbing.

  217. People that have a mortgage and a family don’t have the luxury of just “not going to work”. If they did, PS 34 would be vacant. What kind of ignorant person even makes that suggestion? It just shows your insolence.

  218. Shakespeare is a monster

    Shakespeare is – and always has been a monster. Its only amazing we have allowed this bully’s reign of terror to go on for this long.

    I give credit to the Guttman’s for standing up for their beliefs, I imagine this must be very hard for them. At least thet have the courage to stand up to a bully

    It is by staying silent that we enable Shakespeare to be the bully!

    If your child, your sister, you mother was treated cruely by Shakespeare would you stay silent.

    Why are we staying silent when she is doing it to us?

    Everyone of us who have witnessed or have been a victim of Pauline Shakespeare’s cruelty must call the chancellor.

    We must all stand together.

    We must stand united.

  219. Don’t forget your cardigan and your smile tomorrow. Because your never fully dressed without a smile!

  220. Disbelief do you have a problem?

    Disbelief, for someone who no longer works for Shakespeare it seems very odd that you make so many comments.

    Do you have some weirdo crush on her? Or perhaps you dont have a life outside of the we hate Shakespeare fan club.

    Do you realize you have made 13 comments just today? Seems you protest way too much for any sane person.

    Maybe it’s time for you to come forward like the Guttmans have. You can go to the next PEP meeting and publicly proclaim your love for Shakepeare.

    • Lol…No it’s just I know she is a damn good administrator who goes above and beyond for her students and staff. I am annoyed when I see administrators such as herself harassed for doing their job.
      If you can’t take the heat get out the kitchen!
      The sad thing is your supporting someone who would not have supported you! Maybe Gutman has the crush because she can’t let it go!

    • Why because you are secretly in suspense of who I am….loser

      • Now it’s back to name calling? No one cares who you are! Real mature on your part. ‘Loser’

        Togther we are strong! We the teachers of 34 are uniting. The only thing we have to lose is Shakespeare and the psychological damage she does to us everyday. We have the right to work in a non-hostile environment.

        Our school is a mess, why else would we have a rate of teacher turnover twice the city average.

        Shakepeare and her cronies are an infestation, they are a malignancy that needs to be cut out!

  221. Disbelief do you have a problem?

    Interesting Annie reference. If you remember the ending of Annie it’s doesn’t end well for Ms Hanigan. I’m sure Shakespeare’s ending won’t be so different.

  222. People that have a mortgage and a family shouldn’t spend so much time trying to get rid of administration just because they don’t like them. Pre-k centers all over the city are still hiring. If you don’t like where you work you have the freedom to look elsewhere. I feel sorry for you if you are sick over coming to work. If that’s the case then it’s clearly not the place for you. But you choose to stay and keep complaining. what gives you the right to dictate who your boss is? You must’ve never worked in the corporate world or understand how the real world works outside of P.S. 34. It may be time for a reality check because the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Just ask teachers who have come from there and are happy at 34.

  223. No administration has the right to act cruely and to take pleasure in destroying lives, teachers have the right to vote no confidence in an admin for a reason. Read the newspaper every week is a new admin being removed for the same things that Shakespeare does. the reality is Shakespeare has just has not gotten caught yet, that is until now, we have proff, time to go bye bye Pauline. we have every right to rid our selves of the bully Pauline. the doe gave us the right. Now we need to use that right!

  224. Disbelief you are a bully and it is no wonder you side with a bully. You probably sat in her office behind closed doors and said who can we make cry today. Had enough I guess you are also living in a bubble and don’t realize how many teachers leave 34 every year. They leave because of the bully running the school and her name is Pauline Shakespeare. The lucky teachers run as far away from 34 as they can but the unlucky ones still suffer every day. She is nothing but an evil mean person who gets her thrills by making others suffer. Those of you that stand around watching and do nothing are bullies yourselves. Her time is coming and everyone will ding Ding dong the witch is gone. That school is a hostile work environment and she even has the secretaries act mean and disrespectful to the teachers. Get a life and someone to make you happy and stop defending this piece of garbage.

    • I am very very happy. You need to find your happy place and someone to make you happy. Or someone who enjoys being miserable like yourself.

    • Now the secretaries are mean. Maybe it has something to do with your personality that no one likes you. Maybe your the problem!.

  225. Still whining at your age really?

  226. Disbelief you call this whining. OMG you are really a bully. Pauline Shakespeare is only happy when she is tormenting people. She creates a miserable work environment. I guess you have never witnessed a colleague being screamed at in his or her room in front of another colleague with the door opened and in the office in front of teachers and office staff. You are in disbelief how your friend can be such a piece of garbage and an abusive administrator. You are the whiner who needs to get a life and stop supporting a tyrant. You are a bully yourself and obviously have a lot of free time on your hands. Find a hobby disbelief, read a book, go outside in the real world. Life sucks for all of those who work at 34 under Pauline Shakespeare. Life is good for the lucky ones who left and can now enjoy life and be happy again.

    • I have several hobbies thank you. Maybe if you had a hobby you wouldn’t be so filled with hate and anger. Try purchasing a coloring book and crayons I heard it really soothes the soul!

  227. Pauline Shakespeare Is A Penis

    gobble gobble.

  228. Pauline Shakespeare Is A Penis

    In all seriousness though, what would the parents of the poor children at this school think if they were privy to the level of mistrust and animosity exhibited on this blog between administration (disbelief) and teachers. There is obviously a level of dysfunction that does not make for a healthy environment for learning. It’s tragic really because everyone loses, including the kids. Think of the kids people.

  229. I am not the most tech savvy individual but if there is anyone out there who knows how to send this link to all the newspapers, I would be interested to see which one would jump at an opportunity to expose the truth about 34. Anyone reading these posts will see how horrible the administration is. Disbelief! And her comments make the abuse and bullying even more clear. Anyone reading these posts will see the anguish that the staff and students go through and this at the very least should warrant further investigation. We need to expose this situation and get justice.

  230. I must add that if you are reading the posts made by disbelief! I know that it angers you and that’s just it. Why would someone who has no personal stake in this be so cruel to people that they do not even know? It makes no sense. Everyone is trying to stick to the topic and she keeps making it about our lunch bags and jewelry, saying we r spoiled brats throwing tantrums. What adult…. Let alone an educator…would say that about people they don’t even know in situations they also know nothing about. Disbelief! Says she posts because she believes Shakespeare is an excellent administrator- well then post what she did specifically that impressed you so much (so much so you chose a different career). None of it makes any sense and we all can see through that. If disbelief! Is a person who truly valued Shakespeare this much then she should have a lot more to say about the positive things that were implemented under her reign of terror. Instead she does the same thing that Shakespeare does -tries to make the victim feel bad. Let her continue!on this rant because it only makes it more clear that even if it isn’t anyone who is in her current circle, that the people who support Shakespeare are just as awful. It takes one to know one. I can say with the utmost confidence that any person who went into teaching to make a difference or even any person with a heart would never say the things that disbelief! Is saying because no one (unless you are like Shakespeare or disbelief! Or Marisa or brown walker or Vera) wants to purposefully hurt someone , especially someone that they don’t even know.

  231. Agreed. No one would spend so much time commenting on every single post, trying to negate what was said.
    There is clearly so much of a problem here that Disbelief! feels the need to try to make the teachers look like they are the problem in an effort to take the focus off of the real problem. The number of teachers who have left year after year, as well as the amount of grievances, phone calls, and letters to the superintendent and chancellor speak for themselves. Disbelief is one of a very small number of people who can find anything to defend. The majority is where the proof is.


    I am sure you are a person who hears about a rape and will say it’s the victims fault for getting raped. ‘She should never have worked in 34 if she knew she couldn’t handle the abuse of Pauline Shakespeare’ that about sums you up.

    All Pauline Shakespeare knows how to do is create an atmosphere of bullying, fear, and intimidation.

    No one knew what a monster Pauline Shakespeare is when they interviewed at 34. Perhaps there there should be a warning about ps 34q.

    Oops my bad, it’s right here!

    If you are a new teacher or on open the open market be warned! Ps. 34q is the worst run elementary school in the district.

    • Now you have gone too far. 34 is not for everyone. If you can’t handle it leave. If you already left then move on already the comments on this blog and the language is disgusting and you call yourselves professionals? Enough is enough now. I worked for her and as I said I will defend her always. Say what you want all I see now us a bunch of vulgar nasty people. Cut it out move on already

  233. Hey everyone today makes a month since my arrival! Sadly your posts are rather repetitive. Now you have raised some questions regarding disbelief! Let me start by saying my career change had absolutely nothing to do with Mrs. Shakespeare. Although I have a passion for teaching it is not my only passion. When other opportunities became available I took it! As you know people Change careers often it is not unheard of.
    For one reason or another you despise Mrs. Shakespeare and that is your it is my choice to disagree.
    If I seem heartless because I am saying you have other options then I will accept that I am heartless. When you touch a flame what happens? Exactly you get burned now if you decide to to keep touching the flame who do you blame for being burned?
    I don’t feel anyone should work where they are unhappy. However if you worked in the corporate world what would you do? Like I stated before you are in control of your happiness. You are lucky because you live in a country of choices and opportunity. Life is to short and precious to waste time being miserable.

    • Considering closing down additional comments on this blog for now. Point is to move towards positive change.

  234. Disbelief this blog is not about you and who you are. No one cares we all just cannot fathom how anyone can support a bully. Yes we live in a world with choices but it’s jot so easy to change schools or careers. Some people made the choice to leave and others have made the choice to stay. Supporting a bully and a person who treats people the way Pauline Shakespeare is appalling and hurtful to so many of us who have suffered and still are abused by this tyrant. You obviously do not understand or care about anyone but yourself. You are evil and heartless like her. The only solution will be a fresh start for 34 and all of its teachers. Change is coming!!!!

  235. Disbelief or should say Gwendolyn Brown-Waker, you are not fooling anyone. I don’t give a damn who you claim to be or not to be. You gave yourself away a few times and you are busted. Deny it if you want, I am not fooled. You really need a life, hobby, man or woman to occupy your time. Aren’t you tired of living in Pauline’s butt? YUK!!! To think that you are actually a Pastor makes my stomach turn. Why don’t you go spend your time preaching the Lord’s word or joining a gym or something, rather than doing what you do best which is being in everyone else’s business. Perhaps you can even go wig shopping. I’m sure that’s better than being all the way up Pauline’s butt.

  236. Disbelief is not giving an accurate portrayal of PS34. Children are expected to be unpacked and on the carpet by 8:20. School starts at 8:20. Hmmm! It is announced that kindergarten should be on carpet ready to begin by 8:23. This is not possible without beginning before the contracted time. Announcements can be long and drawn out often and usually begin around 8:30 not while children are unpacking. If teachers are expected to begin lessons at 8:20, they do cut into instruction time. As for lunch time homework check, teachers are told it is by choice. However, to check and give feedback on up to 32 students is impossible during preps. I was not able to do it. If you do not use your lunch or do not complete every child every day or question administration about time allotted for this activity, you become a new target for harassment. Suddenly, your room is being visited every day and letters are going into your file. What if you need your prep to meet or prepare materials. . .too bad. No additional time is given for homework check or review. Unless you want to be targeted. Reading groups are another issue. Highly effective teaching cannot be done in a 9 to 10 minute reading session. But each group must be met with at least twice a week so it is done. And when a group NEEDS extra time then your whole schedule is thrown off and you are berated for not sticking to the schedule. Disbeliefs description of reading groups is not what is expected. It may be what she did but it is not what the other teachers are directed to do. Administration says one thing to protect themselves but then follows another set of rules. Also, why does the GoMath program come with a workbook? Teachers are told NOT to use it during instruction. Doesn’t it match the curriculum? Aren’t there hands on activities included in nearly every lesson. Why does the school buy into a program that is not aligned properly? If it is aligned properly, why not use it. It has been said many many times over the years that teachers may not use workbooks or worksheets for instruction. Aren’t they designed to enhance or reinforce the lessons? Partner work is great most of the time but sometimes independent work is necessary. Not at PS34.

  237. I disagree with your statement. Your instructional time is not expected to start at 8:20. However, they are expected to have settled in by 8:30. When it’s more like 8:40 and you haven’t started then administration will definitely say something regarding sticking to the schedule.
    As for checking the homework and comments it is a lot. However, I was never targeted regarding homework unless a parent questioned why their childs homework wasn’t checked. Administration will follow up with the teacher regarding the matter. As long as you could justify it they didn’t make it a major issue. Now if it was more than one parental concern then a longer conversation may occur. I struggled at first with keeping up with the homework and I asked administration for assistance. They provided me with quite a few suggestions. I never felt targeted because I asked a question.
    I have experienced the increase of visits from administration if there was a concern but only to ensure I was growing. I never felt they were targeting me because I knew my weaknesses and they never said anything I didn’t already notice myself.

  238. Get a Life Disbelief

    Disbelief, Gwen, Marissa or whoever you are stop defending this miserable human being. Face it she is a horrible administrator and everyone who could leave that he’ll home ran. Run Forest Run!! Every day going to work at 34 is worse than having a root canal. The school is a miserable hostile environment. The only people that like it are do far up Pauline’s butt. They need a life and to find a school where teachers are treated lik professionals. Disbelief find a man, woman, hobby, good book, go on a vacation and stop defending this ineffective principal. Find a different blog. Look at yourself in the mirror. Stop licking her ass and find someone to luck yours. Find someone or something to make you happy. Get a pet. Find a friend besides Pauline. We all feel sorry for you. We are all laughing at you. We are enjoying your performance.

  239. Well at least your laughing now! Laughter is very healing. Misery only leads to Strokes and high blood pressure and I wouldn’t want any of you to endure such strife. Sorry if you feel harassed but I never did.

  240. Ginger tea anyone? It’s very relaxing try some before work tomorrow it will help with your misery!

  241. Disbelief drunk the tea with someone and get a life. You are obviously a very lonely and sad person. Why do you have to comment on every post. Ps 34 is a miserable place with ineffective leaders who only know how to lead by bullying. Maybe Pauline was bullied as a child or teenager and she is getting back at people for being bullied. We all can’t wait for her time to come and for her to get what she deserves. You are in disbelief and need a life or a job. Stop defending a bully. Drink your tea and mind your business.

  242. I keep answering because you insist on asking me questions. It would be rude of me not to respond.
    I am happily employed. You’re only telling me to mind my business because I keep poking holes in your already weak argument. Apparently Mrs. SHAKESPEARE isn’t keeping you busy enough.

  243. Maybe you we’re told how wonderful and outstanding you were that when someone disagreed you can’t handle it!

    • Couldn’t handle it!

      • Disbelief is just stating her opinion. Remember not everyone had a bad experience there. I liked it there. A I stated previously I stand by her if disbelief had a good experience then so be it. It seems to me that whomever it might be is now being bullied for stating how they feel. So now what?

  244. Parent who also stands with Anonymous

    ok so I read almost all the post and Disbelief is Mrs Shakespare . The way she talks and the words she uses definitely sounds like her . I read a comment by Disbelief stating homework takes like an Hour . That’s a total lie because my child does homework from the time he comes home till 7 and sometimes to 9. because their is so much. I have seen teachers of p.s 34 and they all look sad. I really wish our zoned school was not p.s 34 . It’s hard as a parent when you want to enroll your child to a great school but you can’t due to living , transportation , etc . I wish I could take my child into a private school but it’s expensive . Reading all of this saddens me that this kind of stuff is going on in my child’s school . I googled the school name to find the school website so I could get the site for the book fair but then I find my self in here scary . Anyways I really wish the best to the teachers because their job is not easy . And I have witnessed the principal bully a teacher outside in the playground. I was terrified and felt really bad for the teacher . The school does need a new principal . Also when a parent goes to talk to the school about bullying they make it seem like the child is lying or is at fault for being bullied . I guess because they are bullying teachers they don’t take it seriously . I really do wish they bring in a new principal like seriously. I have seen mrs shakespere and she always has this mean look on her face like she’s ready to get you and her fake smile isn’t fooling anyone . Anyways good luck to all specially the teachers and although I was very saddened that one of the teachers who teaches my child’s class left and always wondered why and prayed everything was ok in her life . Thought she probably had a lost in her family and had to take a break but reading this am guessing she left because of the principal . But Iam glad you left and didn’t have to continue with this nonsense no one should have to deal with that in life . Your supposed to work in a happy environment and specially when their is kids around and they feel the vibe . I really do hope their is a change . And I want my children to have a great learning environment but not if this is going on between the principal and staff .

    • Please call the superintendent and chancellor and tell them what you have witnessed. It would be appreciated to have a parent involved with what we are trying to do. Your children are our children, and our children deserve to go to a properly run school. Call and ask for the removal of Pauline Shakespeare from PS34.

  245. Good Morning! Lets make it a great day everyone!

  246. Disbelief I guess you didn’t read the post from the parent whose child goes to 34. They understand but somehow you cannot get it through your thick head what it is like to teach at 34. The current and past staff at 34 almost all feel the same way read all of the posts. This is not a blog to defend administrators in need of improvement. Yes most teachers who go to work are sad going, while at work and going home. The amount of work expected of us is unrealistic. My friends who work at other schools do not have to redo the Go Math curriculum to include mental math and partner work. My friends do not have to plan for shared reading and then 8 reading groups. Only at 34. Mrs. Shakespeare is a bully and anyone who knows or has seen their colleagues bullied by this disgusting person can only be a bully themselves. Teachers leave after 3 weeks and during the middle of the school year and after teaching at 34 for only a year. That tells you something and it is all because of Pauline Shakespeare. The chancellor is coming on Thursday with other people and it is time she knows the truth about Pauline Shakespeare. Email the chancellor and tell her you want to speak to her in private. Let’s not make this another horse and pony show. Mrs. Shakespeare is on her best behavior being nice to all of us because and only because she is being watched. Parents tell other parents about this blog and how miserable and unhappy the teachers are at 34. It is our time to get rid of this miserable person who torments people and is putting on a show. Maybe she is taking her meds to help her be on her best behavior. A leopard does not change its spots and lets not forget what kind of person she really is. Drink your ginger tea with whatever you put it in because you are living in a fantasy world defending a bully who gets her pleasure from seeing others upset. She needs to look in the mirror and realize that it is because of her that teachers leave every year. Let’s tell the chancellor the truth this time!! Our voices need to be heard and we need to stick together this time once and for all!!!!!

  247. Good Morning! Make it a Fabulous Friday!

  248. A Leopard Doesn't Change Its Spots

    The chancellors visit is over and Pauline is back to her nasty mean self. How dare she tell us what to wear. The union says we can wear what we want but look professional. How dare she tell us not to wear and how to dress. All of the new teachers this is your wake up call to the real Pauline Shakespeare. Now is our time to document everything she says and email Joyce and Rona. We have to stick together and not let her go back to her old ways we have to stay strong. We are only united if we are together. One person cannot fight her abuse.

  249. I doubt she told you what to wear. What were her requests?

    • I am aware she doesn’t allow jeans. Did she add leggings tights etc.? As long as you are dressed appropriately then I don’t see a problem. Most teachers at p.s.34 dressed appropriately.

  250. Listen everyone, while this was a good read (as usual), let’s just agree to disagree! Look out for DOE’s emails for open transfers in April and seek employment elsewhere. I became a teacher for a love of education and children. While that admiration has seemed to have gotten lost during my time at 34, it is without a doubt that I will be desperately seeking to retrieve that love and passion. I want to get my happy back and sounds like you all do too. As previously mentioned, not all schools are for everyone and reading this blog clearly states that. Therefore, I will make it my business to leave. Just do the same teachers and stop stooping so low as to insult one another on a blog where none of us would ever have the audacity to reveal such personal disgust in person. We are all women with class and should not allow others, who differ from our personal views, cause us to use our words in such distaste.

  251. While you are partaking in your Thanksgiving Feast with your students please remember to give thanks for all that you have. Happy Thanksgiving!


  253. Thoughts on today’s PD???

  254. Let’s have a Terrific Tuesday!

  255. Get a life disbelief. You are pathetic. Pauline is back to her nasty self. She is done being nice. New teachers be aware and run away as far as you can from 34.

  256. Awe you hurt my feelings…not have a Terrific Tuesday!

  257. Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

  258. Enjoy your Thursday!

  259. Good Morning! Have a Fabulous Friday! Remember Tis the season to be jolly….

  260. How can it be fabulous or jolly when you have to come to work at 34. Working for a dictator and bully can never be happy especially the people who are being bullied. Disbelief I hear coloring is the new hobby for adults. You obviously need a hobby as you defend this piece of garbage every day. You are in need of psychiatric help. Do you defend rapists and terrorists too? She’s on this site for a reason so take that and have yourself a great life. Her time is coming and she’ll get what she deserves.

  261. Why such ugly comments? Are you capable of saying anything nice or returning a gesture of kindness? Why are you letting your issues with administration steal your joy? I heard self-help books are very common for adults. Maybe you should purchase one and find your happy place. I am sure people don’t want to be in your company because you are such a Debbie Downer. Unfortunately there is not an app for that. Have a wonderful weekend!

  262. You are the downer I’m happy with my life and don’t spend every second defending a bully. You are a sick individual who defends an individual who is happy putting others down. We know you need a new wig do go wig and coloring book shopping. Find a man or woman to make you happy and don’t defend a bully. The staff is a revolving door. Why don’t you start your own blog defending bully principals. This blog has a purpose and you are to dumb or stupid to get that she’s on the list as she needs improvement like you as well defending a bully.

  263. It’s a hard knock life for us, At 34 we can’t breathe won’t you help us please? It’s a hard knock life! Instead of leaving we cause grief!It’s. A hard knock life.

  264. Yes it is a hard knock life for teachers at 34. That is the reason teachers run as far as they can to get away from the hell and unhappiness st 34. All of my friends who left 34 are happy and treated with respect and not bullied and told who or whom they cannot be friends with. Keep defending her you sicko. Get a life. You should have been a lawyer defending criminals.

    • Now it is clear you’re blaming Mrs. Shakespeare because you don’t have any friends. The only logical reason is that she instructed “adults” not to be friends with you. Are you by any chance a kindergarten or early-childhood teacher? If you are it explains why you behave and sound like them.

  265. Hi-ho Hi-ho off to work we go..

  266. Have a Terrific Tuesday!

  267. Happy Wednesday Everyone

  268. That’s the spirit! Have a Wonderful Wednesday.

  269. Happy Thursday everyone! Remember be the change you want to see. Lets make it a great day!

  270. Pauline Shakespeare is on this page for a reason disbelief. Wake up and look at the revolving door of 34. Most teachers at 34 are miserable and the lucky ones ran away to schools where bullying is not tolerated. Why do you insist on defending a bully? You need help and a life. There is Pinteres, coloring, a gym a list of hobbies. But obviously you have no life or people in your life to make you happy. I really feel sorry for you. Grow up and get a life and stop defending a micromanaging bully. Count how many people have left that miserable school. This does not happen at other schools. You are a bully as well. I think you belong on this list too.

  271. Anonymous apparently you are not using your reading skills. If you were you would realize I haven’t posted anything but well wishes for you and your miserable followers. Give it up already! How many times are you going to repeat yourself. You don’t like her i get it move on.

  272. Disbelief I would call the person who started this and added you but I guess u are her friend and to scared to tell us your name. This is not a page to defend principals. It is for principals who need improvement. Find or start your own page. Get a life and someone to make you happy instead of defending a bully and tyrant. Look at the schools track record. You need to improve your reading schools as you have not read the posts. Have a good day and get a hobby!!!!!

  273. You need to move on a get a hobby instead of defending a bully and tyrant. We all feel sorry for you you a lonely miserable person.

  274. Have a Fabulous Friday!

  275. Lets make it a Marvelous Monday!

  276. Seven more days! Smile!

  277. Disbelief go back to wherever you came from as you are not wanted and no one cares about you. You really are a sick individual who has no life, man,woman, hobby, job, interests,family or hobbies. Try reading or going out with friends. Life is to short to keep defending this bully and tyrant. I guess you have never seen any of your friends and 34 bullied and made cry. I have and it is not pleasant. You are out of line and as bad as your friend. Go wig shopping or meet a friend or spend time with your new husband. She is on this site for a reason. I don’t understand how you don’t see that and understand. You need to have your reading skills checked. Climb into whatever hole or rock you came out from. Pauline Shakespeare is a BULLY!! Did you understand that Disbelief!! Enjoy the rest of your Monday as I am. I don’t defend bullies and you shouldn’t either. Look at the rate of teachers who leave 34. It is because of the bully in charge. She is on this site and I’m talking to the person who is in charge of this blog to place you on the top of the list. We are smiling and I am for sure.

  278. I’M getting nothing for xmas cause Shakespeare and her A.P.’s are mad….

    Please add me I am curious to find out who I am!

  279. I hope you’re having a great Thursday! Don’t Worry, Be happy….

  280. Bully I mean disbelief you should get coal for supporting a bully. She’s bipolar and so are you. Find someone or something in life to make you happy. Oh I forgot you have no life because all you do is support a bully. Have a nice life.

  281. How can you call someone you don’t know bipolar. Mental illness is very serious and is not something to make light of.However I can call you a sadist because you enjoy being humiliated and tortured. Deep down it gives you some inner pleasure. Or maybe you suffer from a displacement disorder where you see Mrs. Shakespeare as a parental figure in your life and thus you stay because deep down you seek her guidance and approval.Whatever it is there is help for you. Venting and repeating what has already been said will not help. Please seek professional help so you can actually live what’s left of your life. Happy Holidays!

  282. Angelia Dudley Nelson

    I worked with Pauline Shakespeare in the 90’s in private school. She was an excellent and effective teacher. It is obvious that she has set the bar too high for her unprofessional and lazy staff, who find it difficult to raise their standards who have parked themselves at public school until they reach retirement. Pauline, I am encouraging you to stand your ground in raising the standards and weed out the ineffective teachers who have problems with working hard to create a high standard of education for our children.

    PS: My daughter Kirby is in her final year of premed. How are the boys? Goof luck!

  283. Thank you for you addition to this post! I am happy to hear that someone else feels she is beneficial to education.

  284. Angelia your friend and former co worker is on this list for a reason. Her staff leave every year because of her bullying. Three new teachers left at the beginning of this year. Read the posts Angelis. How dare you write about teachers being lazy at 34. We work harder than most teachers. No wonder you support her you are a bully as well. Disbelief you are pathetic. Keep supporting your bully principal. Disgusting. Angelis read all the posts. Your former friend is a bully, dictator and not a nice person. Read all the posts. Happy holidays.

  285. This school is very tough to work at as a teacher. Takes the fun out of everything and every holiday.

    • Those darn standards of hers! What does she want? What child can write and color neatly by May. Oh it’s from the child it shouldn’t matter.

  286. Pauline, reckoning day is coming!

  287. Here we go again! See you next year! Hakuna Matata

  288. Stay away from PS34

    Free at last.

    Anyone on the open market, for the sake of your career, stay away from P.S. 34!
    Worst run school in the entire city!

    It’s a beautiful summer now that I never have to see those three morons again! Goodbye and Good riddance!

    • Please tell me you are retiring because children should not be subjected to hostility! Good riddance to you! Enjoy your summer!

  289. Also Leaving P.S. 34Q John Harvard!

    I want to confirm ‘Stay away from 34’


    P.S. 34Q John Harvard is a concentration camp for teachers! Watch out for the the Obiese AP she is absolutely a Nazi! Cruel and inhuman, a bigoted racist.

    It is impossible to teach there.

    The Principal, Shakespeare, and her two hench-women AP’s are maniacal sociopaths who really get-off on making your life a living hell.

    The school really needs revolving doors!
    Every year turnover is unbelievably high.

    4 teachers quit by October of 2015!

    If you are thinking of interviewing there ask why the turnover rate is so high for such a small school.

    Look at the nysed website, 9 teachers left according to the last published data (amazing considering they only list 28 teachers working there, literally 1/3 of the staff)

    Most of the teachers who are still there are desperate to get out

    Contact the Queens UFT and ask Joyce Schwartz. She will confirm everything!

  290. When I was a student at ps34 our principal Mrs.Shakespeare was nice. She helped all the 5th graders study for math as a group. She was loving.,Albert what you guys say is true..I don’t know how she treats adults but she respects her students.

  291. Transfer teacher

    Thank you, all of the brave teachers that have commented on PS 34q. I just spoke to the Queens UFT office and they have confirmed what has been written. When the UFT tells you to stay away from PS 34 you really need to stay away. I really didn’t think there were worse places to teach at than my current school but if 25% of what I was told is true, than I am better off with the devil I know! i still cannot believe the the uft calls the principal the devil.

  292. UFT has done nothing at all to help the teachers at 34 but they have to help themselves. They deserve what they get for not sticking together to help each other. The mentality at 34 is to kiss up to Hitler and to pray you are not her target. Disbelief we know who you arre and we all feel sorry for you being related to a bully. New teachers looking to transfer to 34 run as far as you can or you will be miserable.

  293. There is proof you are so stop being in disbelief. You never even taught at 34. We can blow your cover if you want. You don’t know what it’s like to be tortured by a bully and monster. We all feel sorry for you being related to such a monster. We all hope your children never have a boss like this piece of garbage. If you are a new teacher at 34 run as far as you can. Teachers leave ever year.

  294. Run Run As Fast As You Can

    If you are a new teacher working at 34 you still have a chance to run far away. Good luck at the school that has a reputation of having a revolving door staff. The principal or should I say monster and her gremlins are mean and mentally abusive. The staff does not sick together. Run and find another school when you still have the chance.

  295. I can’t wait to see how many new teachers quit before the year is over. I am guessing at least 2 will quit by October. Anyone else want to take a guess?

    • Why are you beginning the school year with such negativity? Gee I wonder why you’re miserable?#raisethebar

      • I agree let’s end all the negativity #raisethebar.
        A new year is exactly the time for Pauline to retire.

        Pauline if you really care about the children as much as you claim then say your goodbyes.

        We can teach the children to sing another one bites the dust, just for you.

        Playing gospel music in your office has not made you a decent human being.

        Perhaps this note will show you the light!

        I’ll be nice and only name 2 of the cardinal sins you are guilty of: Pride and Wrath

        Pride = excessive view of one’s self without regard to others.

        Wrath = uncontrollable feelings of anger and hate towards another person.

        #raiserhebar! This year no teacher will be forced to suffer your cruelty.

        #raiserhebar! All teachers will be treated with respect and dignity.

        #raisethebar! Pauline retirement could be the greatest thing you will ever do for ps34.

        Pauline please #raisethebar. Take the hint, it’s time to go.

        • News flash: There is news thet Superintendent Lenon Murrey will be investigating irregularities at PS34Q. The chancellor has recognized there is a pervasive problem at PS34 John Harvard and has instructed superintendent Murrey to conduct an investigation into Principal Pauline Shakespeare’s failure to improve the abusive climate at PS34. Rumors are circulating that Principal Shakepeare may be removed from the school while the investigation takes place so that teachers who are interviewed will not be retaliated against. Teachers who would like to be interviewed should call superintendent Murrey’s office Tel: 718-264-3146

          Hey hey! Ho Ho! Pauline Shakepeare it’s time to go!

          • Newsflash…This is nothing new. It is called procedure. The chancellor would have removed her already. Like teachers she has rights. The cchancellor may have some concerns and wants to address them accordingly. It is a shame she must endure this because adults can’t conduct themselves as such.#IsupportPaulineShakespeare.

  296. Run Run As Fast As You Can

    I hope all the new ones quit. 34 is a miserable place to work. You are treated with no respect and bullied every day. Teachers leave every year to get away from the 3 disgusting administrators. The school is doomed. You have no life working at 34. I feel sorry for all of the teachers left at 34 and for any new teacher who is working at 34. Plan on having a lot of sleepless nights. Find another school!!!!!!

  297. I can’t wait to see that bully removed! Let the investigation begin!! #removepaulineshakespeare

  298. I hope this is true and that Mr. Murray finally removes Pauline Shakespeare. We all hope she gets what she deserves. She should have been removed a long time ago along with her 2 henchmen. They deserve to be investigated as well.

  299. Most of you that were/are unhappy have already left Why is it you can’t seem to move on? Is she perfect no but who is? You have jobs get on with life this is ridiculous.

  300. Interesting comment, ‘is she perfect NO’ Pauline is the lowest, most vile, lying, hypocritical, immoral piece of trash I have ever had the displeasure/misfortune to have known in my entire life.

    I’m still at 34 and almost all of us despise the three of them. Yes, there are a handful who have their heads so far up, her unbelievably large ass that you can’t tell where Pauline ends and where they begin, but again it’s a very small minority.

    Let’s see is she perfect? She makes up observations and lies. she gives out negative year year end ratings because she can, not because they are deserved, but the incompetent suck-ups like Marisa, Tomaselli Brown-walker (when she was here)they got promoted. she had a probationary teacher fiired/discontinued ending her career, she terrorized the kindergarten teachers last year until 3 quit in October. she can’t keep teachers, It’s turnover city here at 34!

    she is a vile racist, all the while pretending to be this gospel singing fraud.

    You posted why can’t the teachers behave like adults, perhaps you are looking the wrong way.
    This is what happens when you treat your teachers like they are sub-human.

    No one should have to endure this horrific treatment! Don’t wait newbies, as soon as it starts, and it will, I promise you, it will, stand together! Let’s all wear red! Call Mr Murray, call the union, speak up at the PEP meetings. Let’s make this the year the year we rid ourselves of this vile cancer.

    Pauline you are a lying hypocritical piece of garbage, and now you are the laughingstock of the district if not the entire NYC DOE.

    It’s time Pauline, get the hint, it’s time to go!

  301. Amen none of us could have said it any better than you. Don’t know how you can still work at that hostile work environment. She will get what she deserves and we will all celebrate. Her henchmen are just as disgusting. I hope they get what they deserve as well. Karma is coming to 34 to get them for abusing and mistreating so many teachers. We all have families and they all hate her too!!! I will wear red in support of the survivors.

    • Really? Are we still doing this? If you are unhappy leave. It really is not that difficult. You had an entire Summer to go elsewhere! Leave or keep your negativity to yourself. New teachers please don’t be discouraged and please stay away from the negativity!

  302. Disbelief is back! Still waiting for my identity to be revealed since you can prove it! It is nice too see you are as miserable as you were when I left. At least that is consistent unlike your weak argument against Pauline Shakespeare.

    • I haven’t heard any weak arguments against Pauline. All the arguments have been pretty solid. I guess disbelief should try to find something based on actual facts.

      • You’re right she talks about our clothing and she doesn’t want to be our friend is a solid argument for five year olds! My apologies.

  303. So now it’s weak arguments, is this the best you have? Really, since every new teacher at ps34q reads this daily let’s up the ante.

    We can name every teacher who has ever had to leave the school because Pauline is a maniacal sociopath who enjoys destroying people’s lives. She pulls the wings of bugs and burns ants with a magnifying glass when she is bored at home! No teachers to torment.

    Show us facts, not your rediculous opinion.

    Me personally I don’t care who you are. If you are Pauline, Marisa, Veera, Brownwalker, or one of Pauline’s family (which I highly doubt as what kind of mother can a lying lowlife sociopath be).

    Should we start with the beginning when the children were forced to eat off the floor? Yes it happend.

    Or maybe we should post the link to the nysed website that details the unbelievable turnover numbers at ps34 every year after year after year!

    Remember 4 teachers quit last year by September. I don’t hear you saying it didn’t happen.

    Please enlighten us. Your wisdom is undeniable.

    New teachers who are reading this, let the 2016 hunger games begin!

    Take some advice, when it starts and Mark my words it will, your first move is to call the UFT queens office tell them ‘it’s happening here again’ demand that the district rep come every week with the superintendent.

    Keep a journal, every time you are observed make sure you write a rebuttal. The letters In your file will come fast and furious.

    The entire NYC DOE is well aware of what A sick bunch who run the school. Maybe it will be you or the teacher in the next room that will have to suffer their maniacal sick game! she will play with your life and career. That’s the sickest part, she knows she can replace you tomorrow. And when you are packing up your stuff she will play ‘another one bites the dust’ You are the ants and bugs get it!

    Let’s make this the best year ever. Let’s send these three morons packing

    Have you gotten the hint yet? I’m sure your make believe church friends know all about what you do. You can’t hide what you are. God don’t love ugly!

    This will never stop, get it! You reap what you sow!

    • It is apparent you like attention thus you keep returning. You are miserable by choice. All you have to do is your job that’s it. You do not have to like her nor be friends with her.
      To the new teachers stay away from the foolishness. The teachers at 34 are united until they are called to the carpet then it was everyone elses idea but not theirs trust me I speak from experience. You could just be having a difficult day and the very people you are confiding in will sit with Mrs. Shakespeare and regurgitate everything you said during your moment of weakness.#donttrustthem…they are coworkers not friends…

    • So you will name teachers who have moved on but wont name yourselves!

  304. Let’s start with eating off the floor, were you there? You have no idea of what you’re talking about. you have choices you could have left but you didn’t. So now you come on here and are trying to get everyone on your side, do you really think anyone is your friend? Do you really think people who have moved on want to get involved? Stop the nonsense get a life and one more thing stop the personal attacks she happens to be a wonderful wife and mother. Leave the family out of it. Move on you’re so filled with anger and hate you’re just destroying yourself but blaming others. If it’s not the right fit move on. But as you say someone has to bear witness. If you were that unhappy you would have found a way out by now so please stop playing a matyr.

    • Like I previously stated the staff at 34 eat live and breathe drama. It is unfortunate Mrs. Shakespeare has to deal with such a miserable staff. I am not understanding why this person has not left! Hopefully this too will be resolved in Mrs. Shakespeare’s favor and maybe then this person will move on and get a life!

  305. I am going to be a bit vulgar so please forgive me. I normally don’t allow anyone to bring me out of character but I feel it is needed.Again I am apologizing ahead of time. The problem at P.S.34 is that it has to many women! Yes I said it! What makes it worse is that they are at different stages in their lives. Many menopausal. Damnit get some natural remedies and get it together please! I know personal summers can get the best of you, but please dont subject the rest of us to your misery. We will be there in due time.
    For my younger folk…Relax relate release. Do whatever it is you need to do because this right here is ridiculous!
    Stop the gossiping! If you are not woman enough to say it to administration when you see them everyday several times a day then please remain silent.
    You are adults! If you disagree with something open your damn mouth when it occurs that simple. If you feel disrespected say something!
    There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Now I am going to sit down in a nice comfy chair and wait for the attack! I am not worried unlike you I have a spine!

  306. I am super excited to see someone up here speaking their mind like it should be spoken. Someone without a string attached to their puppetry device. I am in totally agree, if you see something say something. Change begins with you and it begins now. Stop the bickering and open your mouths. Anonymous you said it best and hopefully everyone will follow suite.

  307. Who may I ask are you supposed to open your mouth? When Payline Shakespeare and her 2 henchmen are after you watch out!!! Usually the uft rep does nothing and one has to go to district rep. Where did opening your mouth ever get you? A letter in your file. She is a bully and so are the two Assistant principals. No one sticks together. Same old thing at 34. Revolving door. Everyone happy it’s not them being bullied. Get out while you still can newbies.

  308. Open your mouth to those who have offended you! Yes I received letters to file but my dignity was not compromised. You’re afraid of a letter to file but you are asking others to put themselves at risk. Stand up! Or Shut up!

  309. How dare you tell someone to stand up or shut up. People at 34 have tried to stand up and no one stands with them. Being bullied by 3 administrators and no one does anything is disgraceful. Plenty of us have called the union on her and some of us the lucky ones have left 34. The ones left at 34 and especially the newbies we all pray for you. Your time is coming to be a abused. Karma is coming and they will all get what they deserve !!!

    • So if people are not standing with you what does that tell you? It tells me they are doing what they have to do to keep the peace. Or maybe they are not as unhappy as you may think. Teaching is a hard profession and I haven’t worked in a school yet where people didn’t complain. It could just be they are having a difficult day and they feel like venting. They go home sleep it off and keep it moving.
      My advice to the newbies become a selective mute. If you feel overwhelmed go for a walk during your lunch and shake it off. Dont trust anyone! If you are extremely overwhelmed speak to Administration they are not the monsters and they are more than willing to help. May the force be with you!

  310. No one will stand with them most people have left so for the ones that are unhappily there you have an opportunity every April through Open Market. My question being why do you stay? Yes people were unhappy but they picked themselves up and left I give them credit for that. It is not the right fit for everyone. But I feel this way if it is not the right fit just get up and leave all this union calling, name calling, where did it get anyone? You are not tied there leave. Let us all be adults here the personal attacks, name calling sounds very unprofessional to me. Move on Move up get out you have choices.

  311. Sending well wishes your way for “Meet the Teacher night” I hope none of the parents have stumbled across this page because as a parent I would be very concerned about the learning environment you are creating for my child.

  312. They should read this page and then they will understand why so many teachers leave every year. Many are already pulling their children from the school. They know what kind of a bully she is and why teachers quit after 3 weeks of school. The uft tells teachers not to work at 34 and all the principals in the district know about her and the revolving door staff at 34.

  313. Everything is beautiful…

  314. i have never, never, heard of a bigger bunch a crying pathetic babies than the teachers working at PS 34 John Harvard.

    Oh big bad Ms.Shakespeare she makes me feel bad, boo-hoo.

    Big fat discusting Ms Shakespeare only wants the best out of her slaves, oh I mean teachers. Remember worker bees, I mean selective mutes, ‘work will set you free!’

    So what if she gives out multiple bad ratings every year just to try to make herself look good, so what that 25 to 30%+ of the teachers leave every year. So what if she has teachers fired, ruins people’s lives, Ms Pauline has high standards. Ms Shakespeare demands respect. Ms Shakespeare is a master teacher. Remember she taught public school for a whole 4 years before she became a AP then a principal 6months later. Who in their right mind would appoint a train wreck like big fat discusting Ms Shakespeare to Principal, oh yah Joel Klein and Bloomturd whose agenda was to destroy the public schools. My god she drove the gym teacher out of the school blaming him for the children for being so obese, talk about the pot calling the kettle black! The woman is a Big Mac away from a heart attack. Let’s all chip in and order her happy meals for the rest of the year and watch her her arteries clog. Would anyone even call for help when she drops dead of a massive heart attack? Probably not until someone notices the smell. Gonna need a fork lift and a flathead truck just to move the gigantic oversized coffin.

    Pound for pound Pauline and Vera could be the worst tandem in the entire doe. Let’s not leave out Marisa, you pathetic suckup, was it worth your sole to get promoted?

    Seriously, when is this going to end.

    • Don’t you mean soul? Smh those darn homonyms…

      • Wow you didn’t even catch that one..homophone yeah there are better things you should be doing.

    • Well I see your English is not proper and you call yourself a teacher. It’s flatbed truck not flathead and soul not sole
      So if she finds you ineffective small wonder

      • I agree..smh

        • As far as the gym teacher is concerned had he done his job there would be no question. I hardly think making children sit on the floor or March up and down the stairs qualifies as a gym period. The reason this was done because they would not be quiet in as he put it his gym. No one blamed him for the children’s obesity. But once again an ineffective teacher and admin gets the blame. Get your facts straight.


    God don’t love ugly Pauline. Kids don’t lie but you do Pauline!

    QUEENS SCHOOL DISGRACE. Outrage as Haitian kids have to eat ‘like animals’. ‘THEY PUT ME SITTING ON THE FLOOR. THEY PUT ME TO EAT WITH MY HANDS’

    ‘school officials tried to bribe the kids with ice cream to deny the incident happened! An April 1 note written by one of the children, Ronald Destine, backs that claim: “Today after questioning my friend and I for the fourth time, the principal [Mrs. Shakespeare] sent the guidance lady [Mrs. Gilbert] to get me in my classroom while I was reviewing math. “When we got to her room, Mrs. Gilbert asked me what the school could do to have us change my story. “I answered, nothing because I want the truth to come out! At this time, she offered free ice cream to us so we could say something else. “I have a big math exam coming this month, and I would like for the principal to stop harassing my classmate and I. Please do something’

    Get the hint Pauline it’s time to go!

    • Ok you are desperate! This was already investigated and Mrs. Shakespeare was not found guilty of doing anything wrong. She followed protocol and reported the incident in a timely manner. Please find a hobby….

  316. So how is that investigation going? More importantly who is disbelief? Inquiring minds want to know

  317. Someone in Shakespeare’s family who thinks she knows how we all felt as abused teachers. No clue!!!!

  318. P.s 34 teachers are the best . I stand with you.

    Yesterday I witnessed Shakespeare looking and said something like “should have chosen another student and now ur not getting ” to a teacher with disgusted because a student didn’t move faster to give her the mic and flower . I don’t understand why she talks in harsh manners. Teachers are not her children that she has to try to raise and hurt them with words . Like am always looking at her behavior around teachers and she acts like the bully and the teachers always look sad and abused . I see the teachers faces and feel so bad for them I don’t think I would be able to handle having someone constantly put me down . I know a lot of teachers have left p.s 34 and am begging the rest of the teacher please don’t leave our children they need you . I see so many great teachers in p.s 34 . If this continues where am witnessing more teachers leave am seriously going to have to pull out my kids and I will start talking and having other parents pull their kids out as well . I want my children to learn in a respectful Environment . I don’t want to witness one of my child’s teachers put down . Children notice that as well even if Shakespeare smiles and laughs and acts everything is ok . We still see through you(Shakespeare) and to the teachers you guys are the best . We as parents love our children teachers and respect you and are greatful for all your hard work . Please don’t let a bully put you down. I stand with you teachers . And to sheakespeare please don’t continue being a bully your not going to make teachers teach better by being harsh to them and disrespecting them as humans . You need to learn a new way to communicate nicely . Teachers are humans you can’t control another human being like that .

    • Being that it was an Assembly wouldn’t it make sense to put your best foot forward and select a student who can enthusiastically handle the task. It may sound harsh etc. but an Assembly is when you put forth your best.

      • P.s 34 teachers are the best . I stand with you.

        And shouldn’t it make sense for you as the principal to treat teachers in an assembly in front of parents and teachers with respect . Everyone is looking . Not only do you make the teacher feel uncomfortable but parents and children . and just because a student couldn’t handle something quick enough for you doesn’t mean that student lacks on handling a task . He just didn’t do it as quick as you wanted him to . And it was just a school play . There’s no reason to be harsh . And all STUDENTS are the best . I don’t like how you comparing one student to be the best and not the others . This is insane seriously can’t believe am reading all this post and knowing what’s going on in this school .

        • I agree all children are the best at something just not at everything.Every child has a unique talent and gift and an educator skilled in their craft will match students to their natural gifts and allow them to shine.
          Mrs. Shakespeare is Mrs. Shakespeare she is not going to put on a show. If she is unhappy she is going to let you know. I question why the teacher didn’t address her comment? The students were w
          atching what better real world experience could they get about handling conflict in a place of employment! They learned to just take it and move on. They didn’t learn to voice their opinion nor did they learn to speak up for themselves.
          The teacher could have simply responded with”I am more than willing to discuss my decision at your convenience but not at this time.” Not disrespectful in anyway and allows students to see how you handle conflict at work with grace and class.

          • P.s 34 teachers are the best . I stand with you.

            Oh now it’s the teachers fault for not responding . Seriously That would be very uncomfortable for me as a parent to watch when the teacher and principal are arguing before the play . Also the students are going to be watching and they well also feel a certain way . The teacher was strong enough to drop it and move on . I commend all teachers for dealing with MrsShakespeare and ignoring her arrogant ways . You can not address it after what you (am pretty sure your )mrs Shakespeare spoke in that matter. Specially when you mumbled it . And didn’t want anyone to hear but the teacher . But I was close enough to see and hear your words . If she did respond like the way you said you would probably comment back with Something that you want to look big and tough . This not only time you spoke about something that made me uncomfortable . During graduation you spoke about the Bible and church etc . Am so glad your religious and love g*d but what happened to separation between church and state ? I always overlook it and ignore but why should I ? Other parents probably have the same religion as you I don’t know but when you speak about that parents around me say amen and bring in Jesus Christ etc it doesn’t make me feel like am in a school makes me feel like am in a church and your the priest preaching . I must say I may agree with your points when you speak about having faith etc but we don’t all have the same religion and I don’t feel comfortable and I feel like the odd person out . You need to be careful when you speak to teachers and also on assemblies . Teachers are not you enemy . Teachers want to teach kids . And you as the principal should make sure the learning environment is healthy . And work together in a polite manner . We all are adults not animals . Put your self in the teachers position where you are being talked to like the way you talk to teachers . And I don’t want to hear ur respond over here of how you won’t need a principal to talk to you because you would de great job etc . That’s just a bunch of bolgune . Just think about it . Anyways I will not keep coming over this site because makes me so depressed and uncomfortable to see teachers and the principal in this such manner . But if I still continue to see no changes I will make sure parents around me know about this site and they could read for themselves . PLEASE change your attitude towards teachers I don’t want to see ps.34 to be like this . Also for the teachers please don’t make tall kids infront of any assemble or dance am tired of seeing my kids in the back and they tiny. I can’t hardly see them it really annoys me when I record them I can’t see them . so please remember short kids in the front and tall kids in the back . And that’s basically the only issue I have with teachers . Good luck to everyone ! We need to stick together . We all here to have a better life and live comfortable and peaceful .

  319. Thanks for standing with us and supporting us it mans so much. It is much to late as so many teachers and good teachers leave 34 every year. It is because of the bully principal and assistant principals. PS 34 is a sad miserable atmosphere take your children out and spread the word to the superintendent about this bully and how so many good teachers leave every year. Some don’t even make it a whole year.

    • Or they can just leave and make room for someone who is willing to work!

      • P.s 34 teachers are the best . I stand with you.

        But if they do that the cycle is still going to continue . By the way you treat teachers no one wants to be in that environment. I don’t understand why be so harsh and mean ? Can adults talk to each other with respect . Why do people that have power have to abuse it . Instead use it for a good cause .

  320. Teachers at 34 work harder than anyone!!! How dare you say make room for someone who will work. I guess you like being abused and bullied and seeing so many colleagues leave and fund teaching jobs at other schools. This does not happen at other schools. We need more parents to stand with us and spread the word about this website. No one should be bullied and abused on a daily basis.

    • I agree many teachers at 34 go above and beyond and then there are those that complain about everything but return year after year. Everyone knows what Mrs. Shakespeare expects of an Assembly giving her anything less is looking for trouble. It is not like it was assigned a week ago …plan accordingly and stop with the excuses.

  321. Most schools don’t even require teachers to do assemblies anymore. We are not trained drama teachers. These are young children not actors and actresses. It is disgusting how teachers are treated at 34. Yes teachers should plan with their classes but what is expected is unbelievable. They will all get what is coming to them. Call uft and chancellor to complain. Call superintendent. Get the word out about these bullies. Take your children and run as far as you can from 34.

  322. Common branches means you are knowledgeable enough to teach all subject areas including drama. The children may not be Actors and Actresses but they are learning a valuable skill called public speaking. It allows students the opportunity to learn enunciation and projection all skills they will need in the real world.

  323. Here is a thought Assemblies are too much…Collaborate as a grade and agree on a grade musical, play etc. A class could be responsible for stage design another costumes and all students on the grade audition for the parts! Oh I forgot “Mrs. Shakespeare doesn’t allow you to collaborate because she needs to identify the weak link.”
    Smh excuses, excuses. Disbelief has returned and apparently this is a never ending Soap Opera.

  324. Disbelief how do you know anything about teaching when you are not even a teacher and we know who you are. Shakespeare is a control freak and most teachers and I repeat most teachers work hard and do their best. The lucky ones ran away as far as they can from 34 and are respected and treated like professionals. Those of you still stuck at that miserable place get out and you will be so happy. You won’t be bullied, and made to feel that you can’t teach when in reality she can’t lead!!!! Maybe she will retire this year we can only hope!!!!

  325. Lol that fact that you said “I am not a teacher” proves you don’t know who I am. Tis the season to be Jolly so try it just for the season.

  326. Happy Holidays to you all…

  327. And yet another teacher leaves 34 because of the 3 bully administrators. Parents if you are reading this take your children out of 34 as the teachers do not stick together and they are bullied by the administrators. If you are a new teacher looking for a job run for the hills so far away from 34 as it is a miserable place to work at as you can see from what was said above. The day Shakespeare and her 3 bullies retire will be a happy day for so many people.

    • Are you sure that was the reason for them leaving…Maybe they just wanted a change. Maybe a better opportunity came along and they decided to leave. There isn’t a law that says you cannot leave a school.

  328. Does anyone know the teacher who fought back? This is the worst place to teach I could ever imagine! The APs are the worst! They tell me to do one thing, then Ms. S. comes into my classroom and she tells me everything I do is wrong. It’s no win no matter how hard I work. I don’t sleep anymore, I am beyond upset. All I ever wanted to do was teach. The fat AP is an absolute monster! She totally set me up. I would quit but my family needs the benefits and paycheck. I’m in constant fear. This is no way to live.

  329. Transfer if you are so.afraid…or Ask MRS.S where you may have gone wrong.You can always request a demo.

    • Thank you to the person who helped me. I did what you told me, got her on my iPhone. Can’t wait for the other shoe to drop! Let’s just say I won’t have to worry about my rating anymore! Worst administration ever, not to mention dumbest too!

  330. Let’s hope it doesn’t land on you! Make sure to dot all your I’s and crossed all of your T’s. The person who helped you will not stand by you when it gets too hot in the kitchen. Watch and see! Keep me updated!#Disbelief

  331. Worst administration is being to kind!!! They are all a bunch of bullies who live for torturing teachers. So many teachers have left 34 because of the head bully and her 2 henchmen. If you still teach at 34 get out. One of the APs had karma happen after all of her abuse to teachers. She got her her. Parents can giggle 34 and most do not want their children at this school that allows a bully to treat its teachers with such disrespect. Keep defending her as you are a bully yourself. Keep recording her and hopefully the chips will fall!!!!!!

  332. You’re so bitter. Just stop already.

  333. You can agree all you want but to support a bully is disgusting and sad. You should be ashamed of yourselves. How can you agree when the school is a revolving door of people leaving and being bullied. You must be a bully yourself or know someone who bullies people. Shakespeare and her 2 assistant principals treat others with such disrespect and get their thrills by bullying teachers as well. Those of us that were bullied are not bitter we just want her to get what is coming to her and she will get it one day. If you google 34 parents and teachers who choose to teach at 34 can read about what a miserable place it is to work at. Don’t agree unless you know all of the facts or have had a friend who was bullied. Karma has happened to one of them and will happen to them all after all they have done!!!

    • Is the AP you speak of still getting paid? Doesn’t sound like Karma to me. Especially if they are still enjoying life. You know something you should try to do!

  334. Agree!!! The bullies should stop supporting the biggest bully in district 29!! We should all support each other and say stop the bullying!!! All of the principals and district office know all about her. She made it to this list for a reason!!!!!!!!!!!!

  335. Agreed!!! The bullies should stop supporting the biggest bully in district 29!! We should all support each other and say stop the bullying!!! All of the principals and district office know all about her. She made it to this list for a reason!!!!!!!!!!!!

  336. What rock are you hiding under. Even the superintendent knows what a bully Shakespeare is and her two accomplices. Most people are I should say the lucky ones transfer or retire to get away from the Bully like the person defending her!!!!! Bullies defend bullies or stand by and watch others get bullied. No one at 34 sticks together they like to watch people get bullied. Very sad work environment. She will get hers one day very soon. Karma is a b–ch!!!

  337. I believe concrete evidence was requested! Like I stated before there isn’t any just people who want to complain and stay relevant on this page. If they had so much evidence Mrs. Shakespeare and her A.P.s would have been gone already. So please have several seats as we have tests and fun activities to focus on for the children at P.S. 34. Maybe you will get your chance to leave this year also.

    • If only it were that easy to transfer. I have watched for the last couple of years this unprofessional principal shows favoritism to some and an extremely disrespectful attitude and abuse to others. I am sorry to say I still work in this terrible environment. Open market just does not have enough options. I truly enjoy teaching and get such satisfaction from from the progress of the students. It is a shame to work for such people. Life would be perfect if SHE were gone. It is so sad that the superindendent and chancellor care so little for the teachers.

  338. I believe concrete evidence was requested! Like I stated before there isn’t any, just people who want to complain and stay relevant on this page. If they had so much evidence Mrs. Shakespeare and her A.P.s would have been gone already. So please have several seats as we have tests and fun activities to focus on for the children at P.S. 34. Maybe you will get your chance to leave this year.

  339. I stated on here before if your not happy leave. To say karma has happened to one already is disgusting you are no better. move on get a life

  340. People who protect bullies are bullies. Life at 34 is a miserable place and everyone knows it. The time is coming for them all to get what they deserve. Most teachers have moved on or had to retire early. Everyone st the district office and superintendents office know about 34. If you are thinking of transferring to this school stay away.

  341. Annoyed you are annoying!

  342. Disgusting and really sick of people defending a bully who torments teachers. Only a bully would defended such a despicable human being. She’s more like an animal who was always looking for someone to prey upon. Why are you annoyed that your friend is on this list. She’s on it for a reason. We should be annoyed. Those of us that have been bullied or has a friend who was bullied. You should be ashamed of yourself. Everyone including the superintendent know about her. Stay away parents and teachers!!!!

  343. Blah, blah, blah…concrete evidence please or keep quiet thanks

  344. Those of us that were abused stand together. And we won’t stop so deal with it. You are a bullly who supports a bully. The superintendent and our district rep all know about the biggest bully in district 29 and its Shakespeare. Face the facts bully she’s on this for a reason. She will get what she deserves and so will you supporting a bully. Stay away whoever is looking to transfer the open market. We will never keep quiet so deal with it and face reality. The truth hurts!!!!!!!! You google 34 and the proof is in front of you.

  345. More ranting….smh

  346. The truths hurts you bully!! Stop defending this piece of garbage unless you are her or related to her. Get a life and stop defending a bully. You we won’t stop as she forced so many amazing teachers to leave 34. Only at 34 do teachers quit at all times during the school year and so many teachers leave every year. How do u have time to defend a bully. Don’t you have to do 50 lesson plans for this bully. Stay away from this school parents and teachers.

    • Oh the exaggeration is killing me…well if you’re teaching most of the Subject areas 5 times a times a week it is still an exaggeration lol. I have mastered time management so I have time for family and your whining lmao.

  347. Karma is coming for all of them. One by one they will get what they all deserve!!!

  348. Time for family lol no one has time for family or a life if you work at 34. Glad you mastered it should we applaud you for standing up for a bully. You must be in a fantasy world. 34 is a revolving door of teachers leaving every year. No one lasts. Read the definition of a bully And you will find Shakespeare’s name. How do you have time to defend this bully. Yes Karma is the word and they will slowly but surely get what they deserve and we will all lol.

  349. Many teachers stay! People leave schools all the time! Some mid year, some in October. People don’t always put all of their eggs in one basket. Some decide another school or position is better for them.

  350. No most teachers do not leave like they do at 34. The school has been a revolving door for the past few years because of the tyrant in charge. The lucky ones get out or move on in their career. 34 is known to have more treachery leave and it’s because I of the bully this page us about.

  351. When are you leaving?

  352. Why are you such a bully? Maybe I want to but can’t or maybe I did leave or retired. You are a bully and should be added to this website like the bully principal and her 2 APs. Do not transfer to this school and get out if you can. Parents stay away from this school because of the way the bully principal treats her teachers. So many teachers leave every year.

  353. If you want to leave you will…can’t is the only thing stopping you. If you have already left or have retired then you might want to invest in a hobby. Bully definitely needs to be added to the over used list. Just because you may not agree with someone or their actions doesn’t mean you were bullied or are being bullied.

  354. Everyone knows including Mr. Murray that Pauline Shakespeare is a bully. He calls her to yell at her and put the tyrant if you prefer that word or monster in place. You are as bad as her. Those that left have hobbies and can enjoy life but we will never forget the tyrant Pauline Shakespeare. She will get what she deserves one day and you will too. She was placed on this page for a reason!!!!! You need a hobby instead of defending tyrants.

  355. Don’t defend a truant or bully. Think of all the teachers that left 34 because of this principal. Stay away from this school teachers looking to transfer. There is a reason this school always has openings. Everyone quits or leaves.

  356. Think of all the teachers that left 34 because of this principal. Stay away from this school teachers looking to transfer. There is a reason this school always has openings. Everyone quits or leaves.

  357. I hope all of the Mothers Day gifts were fabulous this year!

  358. Thanks for making me and all the teachers lol. Mother’s Day especially was a stressful time at 34. The school is toxic with the bully in charge. Stay away teChers who ars looking to transfer. 34 always has openings for a reason those that can leave.

  359. At least Father’s Day is coming you can breathe during that gift lol.

  360. Parents I hope that your children are not so unfortunate as to feel the trickle down effects of teachers that are harassed and tormented by this administration. They allow some teachers to work in a certain way but then degrade another for the same or similar responses. One of my favorites is —- doesn’t need to take notes because she knows her students. Yet another teachers will be yelled at (literally) for not having enough anecdotes but knows everything about the students both their home life and academic achievement. This is a deplorable school for morale. I know so many that are just waiting for Shakespeare to retire.

    • Knowing about a child is not enough! If it is not in writing it means nothing! It is not just for the students it is also a safety net for you because it shows ways in which you assisted the student to achieve preset goals throughout the year.

  361. With Mr. Murray gone now hopefully the new superintendent will put Shakespeare in her place and force her out. She needs to go!! Teachers do not transfer to this school and parents do not send your children to this school.

  362. Or you can leave? You control your happiness!

  363. Everyone has a choice to stay or go. It is not the place for everyone, if you are not happy leave. To continually come on here to say the same things is ridiculous, If you are unhappy open market is currently open apply away people.

  364. They wont Apply and here is why.It is not because their salary it is because they may discover they are not as great as they thought they were. Imagine how horrific it would be if another administration came to the conclusion as the current? It is easier to blame the current one.

  365. The current one is a monster and that is a fact. Most teachers that leave do fine and prosper under an administration that is respectful of their staff. The current administration only works by bullying teachers. Leave that school and if their are openings it is for a reason. Do not transfer to this school!!!!!!! Get out if you can!!!!!

  366. Teachers all prosper and thrive at other schools where they are treated with dignity and respect. Shakespeare only know how to bully and degrade teachers. That is why almos all of the good or should I say amazing teachers leave or retire every year. The school has a revolving door policy. Get in get and then get out!!! The sooner the better. Do Not Transfer to this school!!!!!!!

  367. Stay away from this school because of the bully principal. Run as fast as it can. Hopefully the new superintendent goes after her and she gets what karma has waiting for her.

    • We will be closing comments for this page. If anyone wants to take real action then they can email us at

      Hundreds of comments here and no action doesn’t do anyone any good.

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