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Principal Michael Barakat

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  1. This creep gives teachers no support. He’s a real thug who blames the teachers when the children act out in class. I heard he discontinued a first year for no reason at all.

    • Bronx Law: School in CHAOS under Michael Barakat & Meredith Phelan!!!

      Hey Barakat, I heard from one of your students that you have had to include “QUIET TIME” in the schedule. Your school is in CHAOS. Denial is your first approach. I get it. Deny. Deny. Deny. What’s the matter you and AP Meredith Phelan can’t hold down the discipline for your hallway of a school. What a joke and poor excuse for an Assistant Principal. Unsafe school. Unqualified Administrators who rose to management positions WAY TOO fast. No experience. They will be fired as quick as they were hired by the very system that promoted their incompetence, blind ambition, and greed for money. The Scarecrow from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ sums up you and Meredith Phelan’s sub-par performances as administrators “IF I ONLY HAD A BRAIN!”

      • LOL. You are soooooo right they should both, hand in hand, follow that yellow brick road out the door. No one in this entire building would miss them. Now that is a fact.

        • Save Your Pennies--Barakat & Phelan

          It is disgusting to see how many lives and families of teachers these incompetent pathetic people have destroyed due to their games. Livelihoods destroyed and for what? They must lead miserable home/personal lives to do that in their professional careers to others. What you do to others expect two-fold in return.

    • Bronx Law Staff & Educators DO NOT Settle for this Incompetent Principal nor his Administrative Team

      Teachers and staff at Bronx High School for Law & Community Service do not feel that you have to tolerate nor settle for these abusive and grossly incompetent supervisors–Principal Michael Barakat and Assistant Principal Meredith Phelan. They can offer you NO professional growth opportunities nor worth while professional development. This toxic school environment that they have cultivated and expect you to function in is not worth your time and effort. There are other opportunities in the field of education (and beyond) that you as competent professionals are qualified for. Do not let him demean or question you, your credentials, nor ability to be an effective pedagogue. This administrative tag-team prey’s on educators insecurities and targets the highly competent teachers who are doing their jobs effectively. Research your options, become financially savvy, and leave this unhealthy environment in the rear-view mirror!

  2. This principal has a habit of posting vacancies for jobs that aren’t vacant and not telling the teacher that are still working that position. They find out from others and then they’re gone with falsified accusations. Some educational leader Barakat is. A real professional.

  3. Jusitce Fornyceducators

    Well, this guy and his administrators sure know how to welcome ATRs and Subs! He has an AP, Ms. Geralda Valcene, who thinks she is Fidel Castro! She treats ATR’s as if they were peasants without rights. I heard her in the main office threaten a teacher “I will call your field supervisor and tell them you are refusing to cover the class!” after the ATR explained she was on an early schedule and wanted to know if she would be paid for covering a 9th period class. WOW!

    • Please check your spelling before posting. Always looks bad when teachers misspell words, especially ATR teachers.

      • Hypocrite Michael Barakat

        You should know Hypocrite Barakat. Why did you terminate your entire English Department as well as two Assistant Principals with English Licenses??? New York State found those professionals to be competent. Why didn’t you? If you cared about misspelled words, then why fire experts?? Oh, I’m sorry you are a music teacher! You ONLY know how to read music sheets not resumes, lesson plans, and content material. Oh well. Pity you for your ignorance!!!

  4. Determined Teacher

    Mr. Barakat, Ms. Valcene, Ms. Phelan, Mr. Baxter, and Ms. Joseph have been working together for a while now. They know eachother from Truman HS. Be careful, they are tightly teamed up!

    • Ms. Joseph is the UFT Chapter Leader for Bronx Law & Community Service. She is “in with the administration,” so watch out. She’ll turn the knife in your back as soon as you start expressing your concerns with the administration. She is a disgrace to fellow UFT members, and the Union as a whole. She needs to be removed immediately.

    • Mr. Barakat’s style was encouraged at Truman by administration. Many were happy to see him go.

  5. Justice Fornyceducators

    Mr. Barakat gives his students a half a day on Wednesday’s, in order for the teachers to have their contractual PD and communicating with parents session in the afternoon. Since Wednesday is a shortened day, the third period does not meet. The problem is that teachers are verbally encouraged to do lunchnlearn sessions with pd 3 students M, T, TH, and F. Not sure if he pays his staff for this lunchnlearn pd, but either way one looks at it, is this legal?
    I attended one PD session and couldn’t believe how it could even be considered PD. The teachers have a scheduled appointment to participate in meditation sessions as Professional Development, but not ATRs. This is not the kind of professional development I have seen at other schools!

  6. Determined Teacher

    Teach More, you are absolutely right! He does not provide teacher support! He finds a way to get rid of them and files a letter in their file!

  7. Determined Teacher

    A couple of years ago, he also removed a tenured teacher with an untenured teacher.

  8. Told the staff the first day of school 2014, that he would U rate any teacher who was absent more than 5 days. He also told us we had to wear dress clothes – no jeans, sneakers or tee shirts.

    • Wow that’s crazy. Did he really U rate teachers for 5 absences? Can he do that? I have to say, I agree with the dress code thing. I know it’s not in the contract, but I hate when teachers dress worse than their students.

      • Oh Really? Hypocrite Michael Barakat

        Then why, Barakat, do you allow a former Truman High School colleague of yours to wear ripped jeans and flannel shirts to work???? Surely this is not appropriate professional attire for a high school educator, but then again reviewing the image of you above I can see you have no idea what appropriate professional attire is. Mis-matched suit.

  9. Ms. Valcin is the WORST I HAVE EVER WORKED WITH. Very Ghetto, unprofessional, classless administrator I’ve EVER encountered. She has her Principal wrapped around her finger and seems to follow whatever she says without really looking further into complaints.

  10. He still has a job? REALLY!!! New Year New Principal NEEDED ASAP!!

    How does this ineffective unsatisfactory individual still have a job?!? A music teacher turned principal! LOL Could the DOE not find anyone more unqualified to run a hallway? Where is your original administration team Barakat???? They all ran away from you. Threats of career derailment, harassment, and the use of snitches on your staff have worked well for you so far. How long can you keep up your incompetence as a failed administrator? You know how the DOE works one day you’re in and the next it just maybe you that are OUT of a job. Karma.

      • Tired of the Haters

        I have worked at Law ever since Mr. Barakat got there. He is the reason why the school is still opened and thriving. He is always fair and tells it like it is. Some people don’t want to hear that they aren’t doing their jobs or that they are incompetent. Thankfully he is still at the school and we continue to get better. The haters need to stop these ridiculous posts and FOCUS ON STUDENTS! Mr. Barakat is focused on students and that’s why some teachers didn’t do well at our school. Some people, like Mr. Barakat and the majority of us at Law, work in schools because they are passionate about helping students learn. Other people stay in the profession for summer breaks, vacations, and sick days so that they can work on their other interests. My mom taught me not to say anything if you don’t have something nice to say. I teach my students that lesson. Some adults should take that message to heart. Karma works both ways. Spreading lies and hate cannot result in good karma, but changing the course of a student’s life always will.

        • New & Qualified Principal NEEDED at Bronx Law ASAP!!!!

          All perspective candidates for principal of a NYC DOE school should have a content area on their resume. Fine Arts does not count as a content area. Nor does being a special events coordinator at Truman High School for longer than you have been in the classroom as a teacher Barakat. If Barakat cared so much about the success of his school and students he would teach at least one class or step down as principal. Instead he locks himself in his newly furnished office with DOE funds and only comes out of his ‘closet’ to complete observations with disciplinary intent. This is not nor ever should be an acceptable standard for a principal, Barakat. To all applicants: Please send your resume for principal of Bronx Law to Fordham Plaza 8th floor Superintendents Office. We demand qualified professionals running our schools.

        • The Bronx Law Student

          Im a student, the student that dresses proper and business casual everyday. ive got in trouble before, but i agree with you wholeheartedly.
          Thank you for telling the truth about Mr. Barakat

        • Systematic Failure

          There are many things done at this school “in the best interest of the students”, graduation rates are boosted because teachers are forced to give bogus and inflated grades. The principal has been heard to say “that is a lesson they can learn in the real world” with respect to teachers feelings about students needing to complete work in order to receive credit. This principal has also been heard saying “I’m not here to save little black children, at the end of the day I go to my nice Westchester home, with my nice Westchester family”. It’s hard to believe the news hasn’t caught wind of the corrupt grades, techniques and policies enacted at this school to superficially pump up the stats. There is a litany of legitimate corrupt practices at this school, and one can only hope the ‘”fake it ’till you make it” practices will one day go away, and this school can see some actual academic growth. Maybe is funds are being spent on legitimate supports for students, instead of parties where administrators pat themselves and their friends on the back.

    • The Bronx Law Student

      Are you jealous that you dont have his job position? Get over it.

      • You 'THE STUDENT" Should DEMAND More of Your Principal & Education!

        Tell your FAKE Principal to stop threatening teachers to “dumb down” their curriculum’s because he does not place your education as a priority. Your grades are all inflated gifts of 65 or higher so that he can qualify for his bonus/paycheck. Wake up! Barakat has explicitly stated to teachers, in staff meetings, cut out topics in your curriculum. Who the hell does he think he is to make that decision? Does he have a Phd.? No, he does not. He is left over Truman High School TRASH! He is doing you a great dis-service ‘The Bronx Law Student,’ demand your right to a quality education!

      • You have no idea what you’re talking about sonny. When you get older maybe you’ll understand.

      • Sooo Sad! You Won't Even Make It to Barakat's Alma Mater The Julliard School!

        Dear Bronx Law Student,

        Have you passed ALL of your NYS Regents Exams? What is your GPA? Do you participate in any extra-curricular activities to place on your resume? Have you applied to or have received early admission into any higher education college or university outside of the community college or CUNY system? News flash, with your inflated grades that Barakat threatens educators into giving student’s those are your only two options. The CUNY system will quickly bounce you out if you cannot read or write on a collegiate level.

        • You must be the same person who posted on July 10, 2016 because you spelled Juilliard wrong twice. Mr. Barakat and the people at our school helped me and my friends get accepted to a lot of good colleges with scholarships this year so I’m not sure who you are, but you really don’t know what you’re talking about. #liar #spelling #findjesus

  11. So then don’t go on this site idiot!

    • Justice for Students

      Ignorance usually resorts to such tactics when faced with an alternative viewpoint. Name calling? Seriously? So much for civility and maturity. You make the rest of us look bad and expose this site for what it really is, a wasteland of bitter and jaded commentary by a bunch of borderline personalities who don’t want to do the work that they are paid for. I’m going back to grading papers. This is just sad.

  12. lick my balls cunt rag!!

  13. Barakat's List of Principal Atrocities Against Educators & Students of Bronx Law

    List of GRIEVANCES that Call for this Principals Investigation & Grounds for TERMINATION:

    1.) Use of physical and psychological harassment
    techniques on male & female educators & staff.
    He calls for meetings in his office where a
    teacher is outnumbered 2-3 administrators to 1
    2.) Bribing & coercing the UFT Representative to
    gain information about issues that educators
    have expressed in confidence involving
    Barakat’s harassment & use of intimidation
    3.) Hiring an unqualified Payroll Secretary based
    on Barakat’s favoritism and not resume
    4.) Terminating and ousting Bronx Law Teachers in
    order to replace with former Truman High School
    5.) Verbal Threats
    6.) Fraudulent use of NYC DOE school money/funds
    that are meant for the students in order to pay
    for restaurant celebrations throughout the
    school year. He schedules the restaurant event
    during a school day and requires the teachers
    and staff to attend his end of the year self
    glorification meal
    6.) He calls for random and sporadic staff meetings
    that are not agreed upon by the UFT nor
    teachers therefore are ILLEGAL. Teachers are
    NOT financially compensated for this theft of
    their time
    7.) He DOES NOT adhere to general education/special
    education class size limits. The number of
    students with disabilities in an Integrated
    Co-Teaching class may not exceed 40 percent of
    the total class register with a maximum of 12
    students with disabilities. Barakat ignores
    this UFT law and still does observations of
    8.) Empowers and encourages students to actively
    disrespect their teachers and staff with the
    full backing of his office as principal. He has
    developed a culture of reward among students
    with no academic or behavioral merit.
    9.) He ignores classroom management issues that are
    occurring in classrooms directly near and
    across his office because he is unqualified to
    assist any educator. Instead he stays in his
    office and ignores the issue unless that
    teacher is on his hit list to be harassed &
    10.) Schedules teachers to teach during preps and
    lunch breaks (uncompensated) while he takes
    full advantage of coming in to work often
    late and takes his breaks. Teachers all arrive
    before 8:00 am, while Barakat is a no show.
    You would think that the leader of a school
    should lead by example and be the “first one
    in and last one out.”

    • Additional Illegal Actions Made By Michael Barakat That You Forgot To Add

      You forgot the time when Michael Barakat held a UFT Union Vote during a self-glorification luncheon at Michaelangelo’s Bronx Restaurant (paid for by NYC DOE funds which should have went to the students of Bronx Law). He had his spies compromised former teacher Mr. Pah, Ms. Joseph & Mr. Baxter collect the Union votes from teachers and report back to Barakat on how each teacher voted. This action was completely illegal but the Union Representative at the time Ms. Jiel Joseph did nothing to stop a corrupt and unscrupulous Principal Michael Barakat. This incident was reported to the UFT Office District 10 but no consequences were enacted. This showed that the UFT Union promoted this type of behavior against teachers in support of administrators. Veteran teachers, new teachers, (future) interviewing teachers of Bronx High School for Law & Community Service be careful with this corrupt administration. YOU ARE NOT PROTECTED NOR ARE SAFE BY THE UNION DUES YOU PAY!

  14. Adjectives That Describe Principal Michael Barakat & AP Meredith Phelan's Lackluster Leadership

    Incompetent. Abusive. Careless. Callous. Cruel. Deceitful. Detached. Dishonest. Cowardly. Foolish. Greedy. Harsh. Impatient. Impolite. Inconsiderate. Inconsistent. Intolerant. Irresponsible. Jealous. Lazy. Machiavellian. Narrow-minded. Nasty. Pompous. Resentful. Rude. Ruthless. Sneaky. Sarcastic. Self-centered. Stupid. Tactless. Unreliable. Vengeful. Vulgar. Vain. Weak-willed. Unrealistic.

  15. Outrageous that a good man’s reputation can be smeared like this. The one or two teachers posting these comments under various pseudonyms need to move on with life. Yeah, I had crappy admins in my career. But Barakat early on zeroed in on my weaknesses and coached me to success. Today I am a great teacher because of him.

    We are all flawed. And we are all God’s children. Think about that before publicly thrashing a man’s reputation.

    • No! Shame on Michael Barakat for Not Putting Students & School First!

      Michael Barakat’s harassment, intimidation, threats, discontinuation, and termination of highly qualified administrators, teachers, ATR’s, American Fellowship teachers, and support staff is what has lead to the perpetual chaos and instability of Bronx High School for Law & Community Service these past years. Barakat should be ASHAMED of himself for ruining the careers and livelihoods of hard working and dedicated professionals along with his minion Assistant Principal Meredith Phelan/Johnson. These individuals have caused and are responsible for over 95% of the turnover rate in this NYC DOE mini-school. Novice and future administrators, teachers, and support staff need to be warned, educated, and protected from this callous principal’s destructive style of leadership. Barakat’s reputation on his own school campus is notorious and horrific. Ask ANY professional in the building about this principal and the response is overwhelmingly one of NEGATIVITY & DISGUST. He himself has stated in multiple public school meetings that education is a back-up career for him due to his failure as a singer and graduate of The Julliard School. He stated that he needed fast cash and that teaching/administration was an ideal back-up career. He does not care nor is in the field of education to help students learn nor mentor educators to be more effective in their classroom roles. He is a con-artist, opportunist, and sell-out to the ideals of education. Individuals who have worked closely with him in Truman High School and Bronx High School for Law & Community Service have OVERWHELMINGLY agreed that he has NO administrative talent nor fortitude for the position of high school principal. He is only in it to collect a paycheck and the students, administrators, teachers, support staff, janitors, and school safety agents ALL KNOW IT! How sad that this is his sixth year in the role of NYC DOE principal! The higher ups will eventually read this blog and will catch onto all of the destruction and negativity that he has placed into motion. It will be interesting to hear this con-artist’s defense.

    • Shame, Shame, Shame I don't EVER want to TEACH at Bronx Law! There is a MONSTER running that school!

      How could he have ‘zeroed’ in on your weaknesses, when he has less than 5 years as a classroom teacher himself. Your comment is such complete and utter bullshit. Barakat is a performing arts graduate. He went to high school in Connecticut. His mom was a school secretary. Even-though he made his first payroll’s secretary life a living hell until she left his ass flat. He couldn’t make a living on his first interest, so he went into education as a fall-back career. Next time listen when the idiot holds an illegal staff meeting. Obviously, you don’t. He couldn’t wait to get out of the classroom. You don’t know who you are working for. God has nothing to do with the evil that is in that school. This is NYC Public Education, ever heard of separation of church & state?

  16. Clearly your experiences with Barakat are non representative of the experiences shared by so many other people on this blog and I would venture to say in the school who haven’t posted on the blog. People have the right to share their opinions and their experiences and if what you are reading is offensive to you than I suggest not to visit DTOE. The question that you may want to be asking yourself is how he got on here in the first place?

    • Michael Barakat Please Stop Lying!

      Michael Barakat this is obviously you. You need to stop lying in public. This is bad practice for a NYC DOE high school principal. Please lead by example. Keep reading 101 guides on how to be a an effective leader in your office because they have not helped you so far. This public blog does you justice on the destruction you have caused throughout your short tenure as principal.

  17. It’s painfully obvious the angry posts are coming from one, possibly two people. Here’s some advice: your righteous anger is not destroying him, it’s destroying you. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move on.

    • I don’t find anything obvious about it. The negative publicity directed towards Barakat and people like him is not so much to hurt him as it is to warn people about the potential dangers of working in a school with somebody like him as principal.

    • Incorrect Again! Stick to singing. Administration and math DO NOT suit you!

      Michael Barakat your hubris and narcissism are getting the best of you it seems. ,You cannot handle simple comments among professionals regarding your leadership style? Interesting. You can give harsh criticism but appear to be too thin skinned to receive it. Barakat you need to read these comments, reflect on your practice of leadership, and strive to become a decent principal.

  18. Thank you for your public service announcement. Imagine having the worst things said about you anonymously, on a public forum, and not being able to defend yourself.

    • #Barakat the Career Ender

      What defense and protection did you ever offer the numerous and countless professionals that have cried and begged for their jobs and livelihoods in front of you. These professionals have had to walk the hallway of your school in shame and disgrace because of your unjust actions. Targets for not reason other than your abuse of power. No you laughed and showed extreme disregard while you have ended careers.

      • I’m not Barakat. I’m a teacher as I stated. I was first reluctant to post ’cause I’m not one to get involved. But anonymous slander kinda bothers me. It’s also interesting to see you pounce once someone makes a comment, using all your “deceptive” aliases. I must admit I’m curious to see where you go next.

        1. Never cry, it’s a sign of weakness.
        2. Never beg, it shows little self-respect
        3. Stop being a pussy, it’s nauseating
        4. Move on, you’re really gonna let one man stop you?

        • Michael Barakat Stop with Your Machiavellian Bullshit!!!

          We all know ‘The Prince’ is above your reading level. It is you who are nauseating. Don’t you have summer school to administer? Surprise, surprise he places students last and himself first. You are a pathetic scum bag. #SELFISHBARAKAT #GREEDY #NEVERBARAKAT #JUSTICEFORBRONXLAWSTUDENTSANDTEACHERS #FINDANEWJOBBARAKAT

        • Barakat you cried and almost fainted when the District Superintendent & Union Heads came at Your Door in front of your entire staff!!! Stop fronting. You are the first to cry, beg, and put on a fake facade in the face of being held accountable.

  19. When you do rotten things to others and hurt others you can best believe that people will reciprocate. Karma works both ways as you pointed out earlier.

  20. Karma isn’t working for you. Try the Golden Rule.

    • The Rules of Humanity Do Not apply to Barakat

      Michael Barakat does not believe that he has done anything wrong. He is in extreme denial. The first steps are reading these comments and changing your practices as principal. The problem is you do not want to learn or embrace positive change. Selfish is what you are.

  21. Shame, you’re so full of crap that it’s unbelievable. What world are you living in where you believe puppet administrators such as the one that you so diligently defend are serving the best interests of our students? The DOE is no career period be it first second or third.

    Don’t think that for one second that your position is secure and that this man won’t come after you. I guarantee you that you are nothing more than a number in Barakat’s eyes and he’ll go after you if he needs to the same way that he went after others.

  22. Maybe this is what saves me; I just don’t care enough. It’s not Harvard.

  23. I’m enjoying egging you on.

  24. It’s “Kool Aid.”

    Clearly you never taught in the Bronx and are some kind of teacher imposter because the ubiquity of Kool Aid (with a ‘K’) is the very first thing you learn when you arrive in the Boogie Down. It may even be in the handbook.

  25. Barakat is the Hillary Clinton of Education-#NOACCOUNTABILITY

    After reading all of these comments, how does this man still have a job working anywhere near children??? The politics of education is so disgusting.

  26. Because morons like “shame” are supportive of him.

  27. Oh, come now. I’m a neutral player trying to talk you down from the ledge. It’ll all be ok. Really.

  28. Of course it will. I’m not the one who works there, you are. Remember???

    Pretty steep ledge btw……

  29. Michael Barakat Read Your Five Key Responsibilities - The School Principal as Leader

    Michael Barakat you need to be retrained in your duties and role as a high school principal. Clearly you have missed the mark. Please read the information below as a part of your summer reading.
    Five Key Responsibilities of a High School Principal

    1.) Shaping a vision of academic success for
    all students
    2.) Creating a climate hospitable to education
    Cultivating leadership in others
    3.) A Profile in Leadership: Dewey Hensley
    4.) Managing people, data and processes
    5.) Improving School Leadership

  30. 58 Comments and Counting #CORRUPTSYSTEM

    58 times and counting of comments that demonstrate this principal’s incompetence to lead. Other NYC DOE administrators and teachers have been removed from their positions for far less. Why do Principal Michael Barakat & Assistant Principal Meredith Phelan/Johnson still have jobs? #GREED #Corruption #Someoneisnotdoingtheirjob #Horribleadministrators #Whotrainedthebothofyou

    • 58 times by one, maybe two people in a vile example of cyber bullying at best, illegal defamation at worst. Be brave you lost teacher souls! Use your real names.

      • Barakat Cannot Count Either! Its 70 Now! Keep Counting Barakat 1,2, 3...

        Why did you terminate your entire Math Department as well? You cannot count either. No wonder your NYS Regents scores and graduation rates are on the decline. Keep doing what you do best, terminating effective teachers and eventually the same will happen to you. A negative plus a negative does not equal a positive in your & Phelan’s cases.

      • Please Get Your Facts Straight Even Though You Are Not!

        Please Get Your Facts Straight Even Though You Are Not! It is naive of you to assume that their is only one professional who is viewing your misconduct as an FAKE administrator.

  31. Yeah Shame use your real name!!

  32. I’m not the one who has the vapors- that’s you.

  33. Well considering that you’ve responded to several dozen posts it appears that you’ve wasted an awful lot of your precious summer vacation time.

  34. Thank you for caring. I have a lifetime of summer vacations to look forward to. You, not so much.

    • Arrogance is a VICE Barakat!

      You really need to read your English literature. The downfall of all characters is somehow connected to their arrogance/hubris. Please read and do your homework, Barakat. An uneducated principal does not benefit their staff or students. Out of the classroom does not equal not reading. Study ‘Barakat The Terrible.’ Did you do your summer reading this year? No you were too busy getting that DOE paycheck, which is your ONLY priority. #CorruptEducationSystem #CorruptBarakat

  35. I wouldn’t be so quick to judge. Considering your school and admin’s rep…which one of us is really at a disadvantage?

    Enjoy the rest of your summer and many summer vacations to come spending countless hours in front of your pc defending your POS idols!


  36. I use Mac. PCs are for people who go online to anonymously slander, ridicule and harass.

    • Grievances Against Barakat Need to Be Investigated!

      Hey Barakat, I heard that the NYC DOE is cracking down on corrupt principals/administrators that do not do their jobs effectively. You and Phelan are I’m sure on the top of that list. Your years of corruption are being accounted for.

  37. Anonymous Being Honest

    0 out of 5 stars. Horrible.

  38. This guy is a bully. He will go after you if you don’t agree with him. He will try his hardest to fire you if you don’t resign. I have seen him bully staff and actually physically hit a student. This will be the biggest mistake. He will fire you and/or bully you if you don’t placate to his erratic desires. In addition, don’t think the uft rep at the school will help you because he will not. Barakat made sure they became “best friends.”I beg anyone who is reading this to please not work for this man!

    • Employee you are 100% correct. When did you see Barakat hit a child? This is serious. Have you considered reporting this? You should.

      Barakat is a bully and a useless administrator. Please find a better school to work at.

  39. Do not work for Barakat if you care about yourself. He’s a real creep who abuses his teachers. Get a real administrator to run his school! His numbers don’t come from HIS honest and hard work. They come from the teachers he abuses.

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