Principal Liza Ortiz

M.S. 302 Luisa Dessus Cruz

Principal Liza Ortiz

Principal Liza Ortiz


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Cluster 06

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Bryan D’Ottavi

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  2. Discontinued Teacher

    Liza Ortiz is a very disrespectful, rude, and crass human being that operates under the Stockholm syndrome management system. She calls out teachers that question why she does anything that she does and then sends one of her goon APs to observe the teacher that questioned her judgement and makes sure that the teacher is rated unfairly. You can read the lawsuit that was filed against her if you do not believe that she is extremely disrespectful (
    Since she took over M.S. 302 five years ago the staff has been completely turned over. She did everything under the sun to get teachers to quit. She discontinued a science teacher that had three years of satisfactory service. She discontinued another teacher that had eight years of satisfactory teaching but was never given tenure. This teacher with eight years of satisfactory teaching was also injured on the job when she was hit by a student and needed to have surgery to repair a bulging disk that was a result of being hit by a student. Liza Ortiz discontinued three first-year teachers because they question educational practices that went against what they were learning in their Masters Programs.
    Liza Ortiz creates teaching practices that have no basis in human development and then mandates that her teachers follow her magical teaching practices. Ortiz created a practice called the seven-day teaching cycle where Science and Social Studies teachers have to teach all lessons in a seven-day cycle. The practice leaves no room for teachable moments. Also, when the teacher is observed they have to have a lesson plan that indicates which day they are in the cycle. Ortiz has her APs collect lesson plans and teachers are so scared that they do not file grievances. Ortiz was even able to attack the chapter leader of the school.
    Another common practice in Ortiz’s administration is to create classes of low-performing students that are extremely difficult to manage and giving that class to the teacher that is on her hit list. She gave a class to an ESL teacher called section 15 that included 22 students that all had at least one superintendent suspension in the previous year. Two of the students had six superintendent suspensions during the year of section 15 each.
    Liza Ortiz also speaks down to the students and regularly disrespects them in front of their classmates. During graduation practice, she makes the students that are not going to graduate sit off to the side and lets the rest of the students know why the students are sitting off to the side. She will say things like “They have to sit over there cause they do not deserve to graduate,” and “Take a look at them now because they will still be in the ghetto when they grow up.” She will also tell students to drop their dreams of being actors or athletes cause they do not know what it means to be a real star.
    She mandates teachers to keep assessment binders with vast amounts of paperwork in them and then does not let the teacher use the binder as proof that the students are growing. Liza Ortiz will tell the teacher that it is their job to keep the binder and that it is not proof of student growth. Most of the information in the binder is useless, but the teachers have to complete it. The union has done nothing to stop her abusive paperwork practices even though a paperwork APPR complaint was filed.
    Liza Ortiz had her son sit in on a test prep class for the specialized H.S. test and he does not even live in NYC. When it was reported to OSI they did not even conduct a real investigation. The class cost 800 dollars per student and her son took the seat of another student that actually attended the school.
    Liza Ortiz violates special education mandates left and right. The ICT classes rarely have two teachers in them and when they do neither teacher has a special education license. Liza Ortiz also had IEPs of students changed so that the students did not have to have a special education teacher for any class other than ELA and Math. When teachers filed special education complaints nothing was done by the DOE or Union.

    • I’m not sure if you’ll see this, and it’s probably a long shot, but might it be typical of this principal to to make discriminatory, aggressive, and/or fairly vicious or hateful comments, especially towards men or LGBT people? I encountered someone named Liza in an online comment forum and I saw her tell someone that she worked in education in New York, and I’m not sure I have ever encountered someone so horribly vicious and mean-spirited as she. If she is truly an educator or works in the education system, I can’t bear to think of what that would mean for the way she treats anyone around her. If this doesn’t sound like it could be this principal (again, it’s a long shot), that’s fine and my comment can be ignored.

    • I agree she is my principal and she acts the way u speak about her

  3. Discontinued Teacher

    This is a letter that Liza Ortiz mailed to the UFT when a teacher filed a special education complaint. Liza Ortiz does not care about the students and the test scores have plummeted since she became the principal of 302.

    Luisa Dessus Cruz, Middle School 302

    681 Kelly Street, Bronx, New York 10455 Telephone: 718-292-6070/ Fax: 718-292-3412



    June 4, 2015

    To Whom It May Concern:

    In response to the special education complaint recently made, “Students
    with ICT mandates are not receiving their full mandate as is detailed on the IEPs,” the following actions will take place for the upcoming school year:
    • The principal and the PPC team will ensure that the students in the ICT classes will receive instruction as per the IEP with one regular education content teacher and one special education teacher.
    a. Based on the projected register and the 5th grade list notice we began matching staff members with the special education license to serve the IEP students. Next year we will have four self-contained classes. Three out of the four classes is a 12:1:1. The 12:1 class will be a bridge class with students who are no more than 36 months apart.
    b. Currently we have 10 special education teachers. One of the ten teachers is the peer instructional coach. She will work with the next year’s ICT 8th grade class.
    c. Students in the ICT classes will receive the number of instructional periods as stated on the IEP.
    • In June, the PPC team and the principal will review and discuss the students receiving Special Education Service to assess whether students can benefit from a least restrictive environment, or if the goals for the IEP need to be amended.
    a. The PPC team will review the report card grades, the IREADY data, and the teacher observation to make determination for a least or more restrictive setting.
    b. The PPC team will review the IEP program and use the data aforementioned to determine the schedule/program each student will need.
    c. Outreach to parents will be made by the IEP teacher, the social worker, and the school psychologist.
    • In August, the PPC and the principal and the IEP committee will review the program and the students IEP program to ensure that the programs meet the needs of the students as stated on the IEP.
    a. By funding the IEP committee with per-session, outreach will be made with parents regarding the IEP and the needed to program to serve their child. This process will be the follow-up of the June PPC end of the year meeting.
    b. With regards with flexible programming, once this review is made, the programmer and the STARS manager will program students accordingly.

    Luisa Dessus Cruz, Middle School 302

    681 Kelly Street, Bronx, New York 10455 Telephone: 718-292-6070/ Fax: 718-292-3412

    • If by chance, a special education teacher resigns, takes a leave of absence, or retires in the middle of the year, the principal will exhaust all attempts to hire a special education teacher to serve the ICT class. The principal will seek the assistance from the human resource director to fill the vacancy and/or request a special education ATR.
    If you should need for me to clarify further, please feel free to contact me via email at


    Liza Ortiz

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  5. District 8 Teacher

    The principal is a tyrant that has been through 5 aps in four years. She has discontinued 5 teachers in four years including a teacher that had three years of satisfactory teaching. She has forced 15 teachers out of the profession and in the last two years at 302 32 teaches have left the building. Her philosophy is everyone is replaceable and new teachers are cheaper and easier to control. She does not care about the staff or students. On day she cancelled 5 periods of instruction to hold meetings with the staff to union bust. She held the meetings when the chapter leader was out of the building at a meeting. Before coming to ms 302 in 2011, she closed down MS 44 in manhattan. She was sued by several teachers and you can google the case to find out all the nasty things she did to teachers there.
    She runs the building how ever she wants and if you cross her, she will do everything in her power to make you miserable. She has told people that if they do not like what she is doing they can grieve it or find another school. The morale in the building is at zero. When Ortiz is not in a teacher’s classroom tormenting the teacher, she is in her office watching teachers on the school camera system.
    She once had her son take a kaplan class at the school that was paid for with school funds even though she lives upstate (OSI Never interviewed anyone in the building, but closed the case). Her husband is in the building almost daily and when she orders food for the staff as a bribe, her husband can be seen eating the food.
    She forces teachers to plan curriculum and attend lesson plan clinics. She mandates PD during other professional time and only offers the PD that teachers want during parent engagement. Monday PD is study group run by her people and she uses the peer instructional coaches to act as assistant principals. Im not sure what she does other than tourment teachers.

  6. she is a disrespectful woman as a representative of the union for 302 i feel that she does not meet the qualifications that a principal. she makes decisions purely on opinion. The way she speaks to the students is not how an adult speaks to a child, she tells them that when they grow up they will still be ghetto.

  7. She is now slated to become the principal of M.S. 424 The Hunts Points Middle School. The DOE always recycles Administrative Filth.

    • MS 424 is where Principals are sent to end their careers. The average lasts less than 2 1/2 years, with the exception of one who lasted 6 years (he retired, legitimately). Since 2003 there have been 5 Principals, 7 APs and likely more this year. If this Ms. Ortiz thinks she is going to talk to our students like she is reputed of doing, I hope she has good medical. She is not being done a favor, being sent to MS 424.

  8. There is an expression-“what goes around comes around.”
    I have often questioned the potential reality of this statement but this blog appears to justify the comment
    Liza Ortiz is one of the cruelest and unprofessional individuals I have met in my 60+ years of life-in and out of the classroom.
    I was one of the many teachers who after years of satisfactory and exceptional ratings, suddenly became an Unsatisfactory teacher. excellent math and science teachers were pushed out in the same way. Many written and in person requests by many of us to our Bronx chapter rep were for the most part ignored
    Ms Ortiz frequently made reference to her own success in moving from ghetto to principal but appeared not to want the same for her students,in fact she seemed to want them to fail. Part of that failure in volved bringing in as many new teachers as possible thereby limiting both student of the experience and wisdom of the ma seasoned teachers. She appeared to relish causing disruption and pain to her teachers and had little respect for the role she had fought to achieve. Yes, I was there when her son took the math course to which he was not entitled I was there when she constantly harassed a math teacher both verbally and via evaluations despite the fact that the majority of his students received 4’s on their final State tests
    Several of us submitted requests to the State Bd’s of discrimination but were typically told that while they accepted our statements, there was in sufficient evidence to take action. Most of us were relieved and exhausted from ‘living’with ms Ortiz as well as happy to escape with our pensions intact.
    One of major personal regrets was to watch several assistant principals become a part of her cadre becoming completely different individuals
    than they were prior to the reign of Liza Ortiz.
    If 424 is a sort of last ditch assignment than I am most grateful if she will soon be away from our children.I regret that she will have at least another year to spread her educationally inadequate venom on another group of “our
    future ”
    Kudos to whoever created this so desperately needed site and to whoever made Her transferring
    I hope Everyone who can possibly do so will attend on August 19 for Mr Hinesley, I certainly shall.

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  10. Ms. Ortiz seems like filth. Everyone that she has tormented needs to get the EEOC involved. Don’t go through the union because they aren’t going to do a thing. Also, get together and file a class action suit because she is out of control. Her husband should not be around children especially because he hasn’t been cleared and finger printed by the DOE.

  11. Montien Betancourt

    I am extremely offended because of her lack of response towards gay people. She assumed my gender and criticized my sexuality. As apart of 806 i am so sad rn and gay

    • Tired of LGBTQ's being pushed down our throats!

      To Montien Betancourt:

      You can’t “assume”a gender you idiot. Your gender is a biologically determined factor. Contrary to what many “Social Justice Wannabes” try to shove down peoples throats, you CANNOT choose your gender. Maybe her response was appropriate. She addressed you as the gender you were born as. And as far as being gay, that is simply a genetic defect that you were born with, similar to Down’s Syndrome or genetic predisposition to diabetes. Deal with it. Everyone else has to whether we like it or not.

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