Principal Kim Outerbridge

I.S. 339


BRONX NY 10457 Map
Phone: (718) 583-6767
Admissions: Application, interview and audition
Principal: Kim Outerbridge
Neighborhood: Claremont Village
Grade range: 6-8
Parent Coordinator:Ramon Echavarria
This principal is a bully who ignores Ed law and bullies staff members who advocate for their students. Outerbridge is discontinuing a ridiculously high number of staff members this summer.


  1. I’ve worked in 339 for the summer I got discontinued – it wasn’t a very pleasant experience and I got the impression that students came last. And this shows in her action of discontinuing a half dozen teachers.

  2. Bigger & Brighter

    A terrible administrator. Came into 339 and by the end of the year, 75% of the staff moved on. Plays intro AND outro music for her 10-minute long, droning, poorly expressed morning announcements. Attempted to fire up staff by comparing us Jeremy Lin. No clue.

  3. Left the Titanic Just in Time

    What a terrible person. She and her minion, Earl, drove out and alienated good staff members for her own crazy agenda. She promised that in three years she would bring the school up to an A+ rating. It really is hard to do if over 50% of your staff leave every year. The school is run like prison camp. She is a certified bully who shouts and screams nonsensical hackneyed quotes that are anything but motivational. She was close personal friends with the former superintendent. Let’s hope the new superintendent sees what is going on and put her where she belongs; in a padded cell somewhere.


  5. Kim Outerbridge is a menace to education! It is difficult to comprehend how someone so evil, malicious, vindictive, childish & bull-headed has lasted so long. Kim Outerbridge has to have it her way, always! If you challenge Kim Outerbridge in any way, you’re no longer on her “bus”. Kim Outerbridge is motivated by the fear she puts into her staff. Kim Outerbridge uses her brainless assistant principals to carry out her harsh demands. She only hires people that are easily manipulated. And once you show a hint of individuality, you’re off Kim’s bus. Kim Outerbridge, the saviour, claimed that she would improve CIS 339, she’s dug it deeper into a failing hole for four years. Why hasnt Kim Outerbridge been held accountable? I just hope that Kim Outerbridge’s dictatorship is ending because the children deserve better. Kim Outerbridge is a bully.

  6. Yes the Bitch is completely CRAZY Yes Bitch it’s me your daughter’s father!! If your Boss new how you are living they would terminate your funky ass tommorow !!! I hope they read this e mail You are an unfit Mother so I know you are an unfit Educator! God Don’t Like Ugly and you are going to Hell in a hand basket guaranteed !!! For deniying my daughter to know her father who always loved her.And one day she will know the truth and how you lied to her her whole life mark my word !!!!GOD IS GOING TO DEAL WITH YOU ITS ALREADY IN THE MAKING DUMB BITCH !!! YEAH I I HOPE YOUR WHOLE STAFF PAST AND PRESENT READS THIS E MAIL……..DIDNT THINK IT WOULD CATCH UP WITH YOUR FUNKY AS DID YOU ????

  7. Stanley Parker

    Thank God this crazy person who happeneds to be the bio receipent of my precious daughter is being revealed… Yes she is pure evil hateful selfish malicious vindictive and simply nuts…. God answers prayers what goes around comes around. I hope she will be terminated ASAP …..

  8. Stanley Parker

    Kim outerbridge maniac

    • Agreed sir. Anymore stories?

      • Yes I have enough stories to write a book on it! Are you ready ??

      • Concerned observer

        Who can love a minion in sheeps clothing? The rotton apples never fall far from the tree! Now he’s up stairs at 313X doing more of the same. Cowering from parents, hiding behind danielson and causing hell for dedicated teachers! He says the same thing 5 times but never answers the question asked. You are so right our children deserve more. A principal who care AND knows how to properly deal with children. Sad how “shit floats to the top.” Earl lacks a spine of his own. He will never or can’t model what he preaches.

    • You are a jackass.So it didn’t work out between you and her.Blasting her on social media is not the way to go.You need to grow up.You are just mad because she left you.

  9. Kim outer bridge is a good person.She might be sloppy,but she knows what education is all about.She is dealing most of the time wuth rude and disrespectful kids and sometimes the only way to deal with the situation is to be strict with the students.I know she’s not a dictator or wicked as all these people make her out to be especially her baby’s daddy.

  10. Stanley Parker, please tell more that you know about this evil princpal, Kim Outerbridge. This woman tried to come after my license, gave me several U’s for no reason, discontinued at least 2 teachers while I was there and caused over a dozen to flee. She is absolutely unstable and it is scary that someone so evil and inept can be in such a powerful position. I would love to hear your first-hand experience with this lady…specifically about her “funky living” let it out Stanley Parker. We are here to listen!

  11. @Taiwo How could you say she knows all about education when students state exam are falling. Her philosophy about how kids deserve “effective teachers” is a sham because she has a history driving out all of the highly qualified teachers. She is hurting the teachers and your children!! Just check the students state scores for the past 3 years. Shes definitely crashing this bus no wonder good teachers left, just wondering if the superintendent waiting for the kids to start leaving before they finally address that she can’t drive the bus!! Do not send your kids to this school.

  12. Advocating for Kids always!

    The extent to which our new “president” tweets is just but one example of the ignorance that has become rampant since the induction of social media. To Stanley, I don’t know your business and I don’t care to know. Since you have put it out there though, I will just say that I hope things work out with you both as parents. In your effort to disclose your anger, did you think possibly how your daughter may fee one day if she has the unfortunate experience of reading what you wrote about her mom? To the disgruntled former staff, have you ever considered possibly confronting your experience in a different, more professional manner? Even though you may not agree with the way the school is operated, how might children who must attend feel about your words against a place in which they go every day to gain an education and, in many cases, much needed encouragement and counseling. This is not to judge or condemn anyone, I hope though that more people would be more reflective of the repercussions of their own behavior as they react to the behavior and actions of others.
    Peace and love…

  13. To advocste for children, children grow up to be adults and should be told the truth from the time they can understand. The principal Ms. Outerbridge is truly insane and needs to be exposed. I see you directed your comment to the teacher who life she ruined. I also see clearly you are not paying attention to the comments of other peers who have come in contact with this ignorant principal READ you cannot talk to this out of control woman who has no business leading our youth with this horrible bullying mentality. IS339 have enough problems with bullying, we as parents have to stand up against this type of behavior so stop asking others to cover for someone with this thuggish actions. As for your comment for the father of her child I think if she didnt care enough for her child to have a stable loving environment by knowing both parents love her then why should he. I have a problem with adults hiding the truth from there children to paint a false picture for kids so when they grow up there shattered by all the lies they were fed. For the teacher and the father continue to live in your truth about this unfit women trust me.

  14. Ms. Outerbridge is playing with people lives and there means of supporting there families for her own selfish reasons. She also have the nerve to be a educator and dont seem to know the harm she has done to her child. This is a clear sign of a unstable @nd unfit person.

  15. Former 339 teacher

    Kim Outerbridge with her “motivational” quotes that “Failure is not an option” sets her teachers up to fail. She is abusive,and paranoid. For some reason she has gotten away with violating our rights as an employee, teacher and human being.
    For those defending this woman –watch it she can turn on you in a minute.

  16. I don’t know this principal, but my question is how can 90% of teachers claim to trust Ms. Outerbridge on the 2016-2017
    Survey? Are the teachers to tell the truth?
    My last principal is horrible. Only 43% of teachers claim to trust her.
    Something isn’t right! Teachers have to tell the truth in order to get rid of this monster!

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